Wayward Souls: A 2D Dark Souls on iOS?

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Pixelly dungeon-delving from Rocketcat Games.

It’s been a while since I posted about something from the Appstore, but this looks to be quite a gem. Wayward Souls has just been released for iOS (iPhone 4/iPad2 and Higher) by RocketCat, developers of another awesome RPG action title on the platform, Mage Gauntlet(Also worth a look, BTW).

A Fantasy Action-RPG, Wayward Souls lets the player don the boots of one of six different heroes to explore and battle their way through procedurally-generated stages- which means every time you play you get a different layout and apparent scenario to frame the quest. Each character is unique and has their own equipment, weapons and skills. The graphics are pixelly but hardly retro- it’s a simple but very expressive graphic style, and works well with detailed environments and the wonderfully complementary musical score and SFX.

This game also looks to be iOS’s answer to the notoriously difficult but addictive Dark Souls, wherein once you die, you DIE. Progress however is kept in the form of gold you gather and permanent character upgrades that carry over into consecutive plays. But still, you’re going to have to master your character and know enemy patterns to truly excel at this rogue-like fantasy dungeon crawl.

With killer looks, simple and intuitive controls and frenetic gameplay (tons of enemies onscreen at a time look particularly impressive), surprising interactivity and an amazingly SMALL file size (36 MB?!), this is a steal on the Appstore at $4.99. This is a premium title to be sure, with NO IAP and free expansions and upgrades to look forward to.

In these days of F2P garbage, games like this are things to be grabbed, supported and savoured. Go get this and give it a hallowed place on your iDevice.

Namco-Bandai Reveals New F2P Fighter: Rise of the Incarnates

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Yikes! Here I though Heihachi couldn’t grow any older.

Man. It seems that the days of Namco-Bandai playing around in F2P (Free-to-Play) fighting games hasn’t ended yet… just in is the Announcement Trailer for Rise of the Incarnates, a F2P arena fighting game from the makers of Tekken.
On the bright side, this doesn’t seem to be ragging on NB’s more established franchises, but a new title altogether. It’s apparently a 2-on-2 fighter more in the vein of Anarchy Reigns instead of a standard beat ‘em up like Tekken, Soul Calibur or Streetfighter. The environment seems post-apocalyptic, with some rather unhinged characters with over-the-top attacks.

Oh, and it’s on PC! Wowsers. Anyway, to find out more about this upcoming fighter, check out the game’s official website.

Man, when I hear ‘Rise of-’ in a title, it just makes me think of ‘Rise of the Imperfects’… hopefully this is nowhere near as crappy.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 to Add 8 More Characters, No Mercies!

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Bring back Kim Wu and Maya, Iron Galaxy!!!

According to this article from Shoryuken, Iron Galaxy has just announced what gamers can look forward to in Killer Instinct. Season 2 will add eight more fighters to the game’s bare-bones roster, and will also bring back the ‘No Mercy’ finishers from the earlier games (KI’s answer to Fatalities).

No word yet on just who the eight additions will be, but as of right now there are eight existing KI characters not in the game- T.J. Combo, Riptor, Tusk, Maya, Kim Wu, Cinder, Eyedol and Gargos. Of these so far MIA’s, Eyedol and Gargos were bosses so I doubt they will take precedence over the others. It has already been mentioned that original, all-new fighters like Sadira may be added aside from existing characters, plus we have the new End Boss ARIA to look forward to as well.

I am really stoked for this- sadly the recently-added Arcade Mode and Character Endings just disappointed me more than anything else. This game really needs more, QUALITY content for it to be all that it can be. Hoping Iron Galaxy does their work fast though- I want these updates last year.

Skywind Development Video Feature

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One of the most godly mods ever is coming.

What can I say? The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one of my favorite games ever, and I’m still damn playing it about three years after release. Mods, man. Mods are the culprit. They’ve changed the game graphically so that it looks like a next-gen (or at least now-gen) game, made the gameplay infinitely more playable and immersive than it ever was out of the box, and adds content continually day by day it seems that makes it all feel new. I honestly see myself playing it throughout this year and beyond.

And then there’s THIS mod. Skywind. It’s basically bringing Morrowind, or the Elder Scrolls III, into the Skyrim engine, and it’s looking freakin’ fantastic. It’s a huge undertaking that Bethesda should truly feel great about; is there any other game franchise that has inspired this amount or level of fan-made content?

There’s still no release date of this monumental mod, but once it arrives- man, I really hope this turns out as great as it looks. Will I do a Let’s Play with it? Almost certainly (not Vryll though- perhaps a distant relative? Hahaha). We’ll cross that bridge when we get there though. For now, enjoy the feature video above and dream of the adventures to come.

Ultra Streetfighter IV: Decapre’s Alternate Costume Revealed

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Gladiator Decapre.

Capcom just released the artwork today for new character Decapre’s alternate costume in Ultra Streetfighter IV. The look for the character is an even more twisted, exaggerated take on the masked, psychotic assassin, featuring a full face mask, chains, padlocks and leather straps. Kinky! It actually reminds me a bit of Painwheel from Skullgirls with a little bit of Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

The costume was designed and drawn by Udon, who also did the alternate costumes of the four other extra fighters in USFIV, and is designed to give her a ‘fantasy’ feel.

While these alts haven’t been seen aside from the concept sketches/art, I assume we’ll be able to get these outfits with the game when it releases later this year. I also assume they’ll look a lot better in-game. Hopefully. The game releases in June 2014 on PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

To get a larger version of the artwork, head on over to Fighter’s Generation.

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play: Episodes 9 and 10

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The War on Terror in Whiterun rages on!

WOWZERS! Will miracles never cease? Over last weekend I was able to upload not ONE, but TWO… TWO episodes of my Elder Scrolls V Skryim Roleplaying Let’s Play series. I guess I had a bit more time and the internet connection exceptionally stable at the time. Anyway, it was also fortunate so we can finally get this particular phase of our hero, Vryll Lytharn’s career- his rather prolonged bout of bandit-killing- behind him. Well, I have to say that killing bandit scum never really gets old, but it can get a bit tiresome after a while, if unchecked.

From here, Vryll will be able to do a bit of soul searching and get the opportunity to focus on more important things- like, getting his magical skills upgraded so he can finally be on his way to becoming the badass master wizard we know he can be. And in Skyrim, there’s only one place where one can do that…

Vryll’s War on Whiterun Crime ends with an assault on White River Watch.

Anyway, for now though, enjoy the vids! I am quite overjoyed at how quite a few more watchers are seeing the LP, which goes a long way in motivating me to making and posting more vids. As usual, I’ll try my best to post more episodes more often per week. As we go into the Holiday break this week, I’ll try to post a LOT more vids, so stay tuned. Later then!

Killer Instinct: Who is… ARIA?

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Killer Instinct’s Secret Ending teases the fights to come.

Killer Instinct is still ongoing development, and with the exit of Double Helix as developers with the latest patch and updated comes the entrance of Iron Galaxy and possibilities of the future. In recent livestreams, it’s already been hinted that the game’s recently-added Arcade/Story mode will further be enhanced, hopefully with more cutscenes, rival battles and more, ahem, substantial endings. In any case, the Secret Ending you unlock in KI teases something for the future- an all-new character and possible Final Boss for Season 2.
Known as ARIA, this mysterious being is mentioned in some of the character endings and is apparently the power behind the supposedly-being-revived UltraTech (KI’s Shadaloo/evil corporation, FYI). Who is he/she? What is he/she?
I do hope that whatever ARIA is, it’s not the blank shape that has so far been revealed. Let’s have something/someone with a lot more character and bad-assedness. Plus I am looking forward to the return of more fighters in Season 2.

KI goes on, which is great. Let’s see the goods, Iron Galaxy!

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play, Part 8: Halted Stream

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Be vewy, vewy quiet… we’re hunting bandits!

First off, I’d like to say that I am really, really happy that more than a few people are finally watching our Elder Scrolls V Skryim LP; it’s enough to keep me motivated and wanting to release a new video as soon as I can. I do plan on going for at least two or three vids a week, at least- it’s all a matter of getting past the current busy period at the day job.

In any case, the Adventures of our Altmer Adventurer, Vryll Lytharn, continues with the newly-installed Thane of Whiterun embarking on a crusade to rid the hold of its rampant bandit problem- though it may be kind of obvious that Vryll’s reasons for wanting to slaughter more bandits is more personal than an issue of public service. It’s sure to be quite an action-filled next few episodes as Thane Vryll and his faithful crusaders (AKA Hjoromir the Daydreamer and Lydia the Housecarl) go after bandit camp after bandit camp, working their way to the Godfather of Whiterun crime- The Iron Hand himself.

Vryll Lytharn is a down-on-his-luck High Elf from Cyrodiil who has come to Skyrim seeking a new start. Through spell and sword and luck and wit, he’ll make the long climb to fame and fortune and perhaps, along the way, save the world. If he doesn’t drink himself to death first.

The Skyrim LP is a heavily-modded playthrough on PC, played on Expert Settings and using, primarily, the SkyRe gameplay overhaul mod. Episodes will be posted on the Youtube channel at least once or several times a week. Stay tuned for the next part!

Killer Instinct Story Mode, Season 2 Info! AT LAST!

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Killer Instinct Central just posted information on the XBox One’s DLC fighter’s near future developments, gleaned from the latest livestream on the game from Microsoft.
For starters, April 9 will bring the update that will add Story Mode/Arcade Mode (YES!!!), Fulgore and Sadira’s Classic Costume to the game, as well as a Spectator Lobby and a new Stage for Shadow Jago.

Season 2, which will be talked about more soon, will add a lot more to the existing Story Mode (more cutscenes, dialogue between rivals is being thrown about), including a New and NASTY Final Boss, who will be playable. You can apparently get hints of things to be added in Season 2 from some of the Story Endings. Oh, and depending on how you beat your enemies, there will be multiple endings.

For a comprehensive list of the latest info, check out here.

As someone who bought the XB1 and KI, I am STARVED for content with this otherwise pretty cool and solid fighter. Really looking forward to next week’s additions, and to Season 2. NEED MORE CHARACTERS. BADLY. Oh, and please bring back Maya. Heheh.

Skyrim Mod: Follower Commentary Overhaul

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Giving your Skyrim buds more say in any matter.

Now THIS is a mod I’ve been waiting for a long, long time. Even simply through watching some of the latest Skyrim LPs, the utter repetition of some vanilla followers’ dialogue is incredibly annoying and immersion-breaking. Custom followers like Inigo and heck, anyone from Interesting NPCs just makes the out-of-the-box followers act like robots in comparison. Also, seeing and hearing content locked away in the game by Bethesda is always darn awesome (that’s why the Civil War Overhaul is so interesting, bugs aside).

And so this mod is a godsend; I certainly intend to install it posthaste; thankfully my LP is still ongoing and at this point I am currently without followers- It will be a nice change to experience once I get reunited and travelling with Lydia again. Looking forward to that!
Ah, Skyrim. Still changing, still growing after all these years. Goddamn amazing. I love freakin’ MODS.