Streetfighter VI

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Okay, NOT the game, but something almost as good… the Sixth episode of College Years’ hilarious send-up of Capcom’s crew, Streetfighter: The Later Years! Still focusing on the Hadouken-less Ken (or is it Ha-don’t-Ken?), this latest installment has drama, a bit of sex and a shocking cliffhanger that changes the face of everything we’ve seen so far. BELIEVE IT!

Check out the latest Later Years here.

Tekken 6 Video Blowout!

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Okay, I found a lot more Tekken 6 vids. The game is now OUT officially in some parts of Japan, so I gather we’ll be seeing a lot more from now on. These are from StridaJin on Youtube, and unlike a lot of other videos of Namco’s latest, these are actually quite good in quality- you can see more or less the quality of the game’s animations which weren’t really discernable before. So check them out! Go to StridaJin’s page here.

As for me, I like what I am seeing. This is pretty much the release version of Tekken 6 in arcades, so I gather this is basically what we’ll be seeing early next year, though the PS3 game will probably have bonuses and extras aplenty. So far, I am liking the action. I like the new animations, particularly the new crumples, which make Tekken 6 FINALLY look and feel different from the previous sequels since Tekken Tag. Goshness, I’m excited! I want this game so, so NOW. Anyways, let’s all just keep scouring the web for fight vids, and hopefully someone uploads really hi-res vids eventually.

Tekken Bosses Revealed!

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SD Tekken has posted word on the Big Bads in Tekken 6! Turns out that, unsurprisingly, Jin Kazama is the sub-boss, entering into Rage Mode as he faces your character. The Final Boss is a being named Azazel- the dragon-like monster shown in the trailers. Just where this beast came from or what he really is remains speculation as yet (well, where DOES Tekken get all its monster baddies..?), but I am thinking it may have something to do with Zafina’s storyline.

Anyways, Azazel is one HUGE bastard, towering over the other fighters almost double size. He’s certainly going to be tough and scary, but you know the saying about the Bigger they are…

Read the full report, plus links to videos, here.

My Impressions: HEY! Who let Night Terror into Tekken 6? Well, he dominates the screen, so that will probably have its ups and downs for the player. Something that big just can’t be too fast… I’d say that a lot of the challenge will actually be figuring out what is going on in the fight- the YT vids linked to SD Tekken are pretty horrible in frame rate (or maybe it’s just my connection?). All three vids end with the players losing, so this guy must be vicious. Which is how I like my bosses. Can’t wait to meet this guy on the PS3 next year. Hahaha!

For the Gamer-on-the-Go

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PSP Slim!

I picked up my brand-spankin’ new PSP Slim over the weekend. Now, set aside all those little perks like the lighter weight, slightly tweaked controls and such- my lovely new toy is awesome for a lot of other reasons. About as homebrewed as a Witch’s Pot, my piano-black portable comes with a 4-Gig memory stick filled up with my fave games

Loaded right now is, pretty much, the reason I got interested in the PSP again- Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. I expect to play this game for a long, long time… as soon as I get over my giddiness at finally having this reborn classic finally in my hands. Also loaded on my homebrew PSP’s memory is Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, pretty much a staple for any one with a PSP. This excellent fighter has the looks, the action, the tons of characters for endless fighting fun. I certainly hope it’ll keep me satisfied till Tekken 6 arrives.
A homebrew-treat for me particularly is Dead or Alive for the PSX, also loaded on my PSP. The game looks pretty awesome on the small screen, with rock-solid and blazing-fast 60 FPS all the way along with hi-res characters. This classic 3-D fighter is the closest anyone can ever get to having Virtua Fighter on the PSP, only with swimsuits. The speed on the PSP gives DOA added challenge and thankfully, comes in the PAL version so there are actually several extra costumes unlockable for the babes and blokes from Tecmo, making this portable version unique from my console copy. Awesome!

Rounding out my PSP arsenal is Jeanne D’Arc (since you can never have enough Strategy RTS RPGs around, especially cute anime-themed ones), Puzzle Quest, Sid Meier’s Pirates and Street Fighter Alpha 3 for some 2-D fighting perfection.

Best of all, it runs without any UMD in the slot, so it’s heavy on the gaming but light on the weight. About a ton of wallpapers and other knick-knacks makes this as dear to me as my iPhone. Cool stuff! I think I’m all set. My movies, music and communications in one gadget, awesome gaming in the other. Perfect! All set for Christmas, I am. Heh.

Slimmin' Down

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Even though I really didn’t spend much time with my first PSP, I’m now thinking seriously of getting a new PSP Slim. There are models around which basically just run games from the Memory Stick directly, which is great for me. Also, these homebrew-run portables can run PS1 games as well as the newest titles. With my iPhone nowhere near as close to being the game console my old Pocket PC phone was, I think a portable gaming machine would not be redundant. Being able to play Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection as well as Dead or Alive PSX and Suikoden II anywhere should be pretty awesome. I think I’ve already made up my mind. Heheh. An early Christmas gift, then.

Mass Effect: First Couple of Hours

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My copy of Mass Effect arrived early yesterday, just as I was headed off to work, so I wasn’t able to get into the sexy space-boots of Commander Shepard until about midnight. Still, I was able to squeeze in about two hours of play time, and I came away from it quite impressed.

First off, the game simple SCREAMS big budget space opera. It’s a sci-fi epic on the lines of Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, with you in the crosshairs as the hero/heroine. Just setting up your character is cool with all the nice graphics and effects. Sure, it’s not as detailed as with Oblivion, and you can’t strip your character down to their skivvies, but it’s hell of a nice-looking game.
Anyways, you play the role of Commander John/Jane Shepard, exceptional human operative who’s looking to join the Galactic Council’s Spectres- some kind of special agent that is Mass Effect’s answer to the OO’s. You start off in the good ship Normandy, get chatty with your crewmates, meet up with your captain and then go off on a dangerous mission planetside. You lead a squad of three at anytime, and can give orders or just let your mates back you up as you run and gun. Just going Rambo won’t win you the day everytime- you have to sometimes pause and use a pertinent power, tactic or special weapon to turn the tide.

I’m still getting into the groove, but I’m really impressed by several things right off the bat- how gorgeous everything is, how cool and seamless the dialogue system is and the pretty flawless voice-acting. The story, which involves a Spectre named Saren going rogue and threatening the human race, is quite engaging. No question, this is what I’ll be sinking my teeth into this weekend.

I’ll try to capture some vids and more before a full review. For now, all I can say is- this game is the real thing. If you own a 360, get it. Get it NOW.

Virtua Fighter 5 Version D First Look!

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Cool new stuff!!!
All I can say is, the more new outfits for Aoi, the better.

EDIT: Okay, according to VFDC, Version D will not have any gameplay changes from Version C. The new item-based/specific poses/animations are just that- poses and animations that are not meant for actual fighting. Version D will introduce a new 1-Player mode entitled Knockout Trial 2 and a mode called VF5 Official Open Battle.

Sega has just posted an update with a downloadable video of Virtua Fighter 5 Version D! The video shows a glimpse of the new KO Trial and item hunt modes, but of course what blew me away most were the new character outfits (A fullbody ‘Stormtrooper’ outfit for Kage! A shorter skirt for AOI!!!) and the new character poses/intros using weapons and accessories! Yep, you read that right… Vanessa is seen aiming and shooting her rifle, Aoi twirling her naginata, Jacky having fun with a drinking bottle… cool stuff! I am assuming these are just for the intro animations or victory poses, but there may be a slim chance that Version D may go the Tekken 6 route and allow certain accessories to be used in-game. Nah… that won’t happen. Or can it?

Version D!

Well, the only thing certain is that I WANT THIS NOW. Fat chance of course, but I do hope that this eventually lands on consoles in some form, whether it be a totally new disc or update to the existing VF5 discs. Of course, I am just so happy that Aoi is finally getting lots of nicer new options for her wardrobe.
You can download the video here.

Femme Fatale

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Keaira the Thief from Age of Conan.
Beautiful and Dangerous.

I’m not a big fan of MMO’s, but I’m quite interested in the upcoming Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Luckily, it’s also coming to the Xbox360 and may have an offline component, so hurray! Anyways, one of the coolest things about AOC, aside from all the customizable stuff, bloody action and deep world based on the Conan Mythos, is a girl. You’ve probably seen her in the AOC trailer- the uber-hot, big-haired assassin chick who first tries to stab ol’ King Con before giving him a status report.

Well, a name has finally been assigned to the face and bod. Her name is Keaira, a thief and leader of a secret network of spies who answers directly to Conan himself. The producers of AOC go on detail about the stuff that went into this saucy siren’s creation, from the concept to the preliminary artworks to the final, fabulous babe who has become the poster girl for the game. We expect to see more of this hottie as the game nears completion. For starters, you can check her in all her nude glory in the December 2007 issue of Playboy magazine, as she appears in the Gaming Girls feature. In-game though, she probably won’t appear naked, but players will surely want to meet this deadly-sexy NPC in the course of their AOC adventures.

Check out all about Keaira in this article. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is set to hit the PC and Xbox360 sometime in 2008.

Too Bloody For It's Own Good?

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Tomonobu Itagaki is primarily known for the Dead or Alive games and rampant, unabashed cheesecake and fan service. But it seems that he’s moving more into hyper-violence with the sequel to his mega-action title, Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden 2 ramps up everything- the scale of the enemies, the graphical flair, the bad-ass ninja moves of it’s hero, Ryu Hayabusa… but it also ramps up the blood and gore, almost excessively, if not totally so, in my opinion.

Whereas Ryu’s lethal sword swings and magic attacks could, if done right, decapitate an enemy in the previous game (and variations), Ninja Gaiden 2 has the superninja pretty much dismembering his adversaries with every swing or attack. It’s gotten so much that enemies actually keep coming even though they’ve been cut in half or shorn of every limb. Enemies can still crawl up to you and explode suicide bombs as a last ditch effort to take you down. Skirmishes are a whirlwind of blood, splashing everything in a radius.

Now, far be it for me to say “Foul!” normally. But this may probably put this game at an even more questionable distance from younger gamers who may have been able to play the previous games. Yeah, NG may have already been a Teen-rated game, but maybe this time it’s pushing the limits. Granted, the action is anime-fast and doesn’t dwell on the gore like Mortal Kombat or such, but it’s still brutal to the extreme. Maybe I’m kinda overreacting… I do enjoy the game and appreciate the violent action… I’m just worried this will just open doors to more controversy for videogames. Then again, if some crazy kid goes psycho in a schoolyard with dual katanas instead of your usual submachine gun, it’ll at least be obvious where he got the idea…

Space Opera

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My latest game purchase (made at Play-Asia, of course) is none other than Bioware’s latest opus, Mass Effect. The game is receiving stellar reviews so far, and I am impressed by the title’s supposed breakthrough storytelling and RPG elements. Yeah, it’s a shooter at it’s core, though with strong RPG elements, but I’m sure I’ll get into it. I’ve also been a fan of Bioware’s past work, such as their PC RPGs and work on the original Xbox. I enjoyed Bioshock (and am still in the middle of that, actually), after all, so I should be into this too. It seems that many shooters are becoming more accessible these days, thanks to really good one-player or offline components/modes… which is great for Hardcore Casual Gamers like myself.

My copy should be arriving either tomorrow or the day after. Next on my priority list are Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Assassin’s Creed. Early December will put Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena into my sights. Should be a cool holiday gaming season before the upcoming fighting game reign in 2008.