Tekken 6 Console: Jin Kazama's CLAMP Outfit in Hi-res, Character Bios and Screenshots!

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Gamespot of Japan just posted a lengthy article on Tekken 6, featuring the bios of several fighters, both new and old.

Jin’s Conqueror Suit by CLAMP is pretty wild. And awesomely bad-ass.

It’s all in Japanese, but if you’re in the mood to read them, Google Translate is your friend. Anyway, the info should be identical or similar to what you can already read on the english Official game site anyway.
Of more interest will be several new screenshots, and some better quality artwork and screenshots of Jin Kazama’s exclusive console costume designed by CLAMP. Also a few PSP screens, but not many.

Apparently wearing oversized demonic door knockers on your shoulder are all the rage these days.

Looking at it now, I think Jin’s new outfit is pretty badass (and certainly a lot better than Lars’ mangaka-designed duds). Very much befitting a Dark Lord (even if it is white) and quite regal. I’m pretty sure this will become a favorite outfit for ol’ Jin when the console version of Tekken 6 rolls in later this year.

Check out the whole kit and caboodle at Gamespot Japan’s Tekken 6 Feature. Or here.

“In my new world, it’s all right to wear white!”

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.

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Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 28: Steve Fox

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This British Boxer is one tough bloke.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken in our hands already.

Part 28 brings us to a relatively recent addition to the roster, a second-generation entrant despite making his debut in Tekken 4. Boasting perhaps one of the oddest back stories in the series (and that’s saying something) and a fair bit of controversy, this master of the ring easily became a favorite thanks to his unique fighting style full of bobs, sways and knockout punches. He’s the genetically-engineered boxing champ, Steve Fox.

Steve Fox
Distinguishing Features: Blonde hair and pale blue eyes. British colours and insignias. Southern English accent. Hands like hams.

Strengths: Has incredibly fast and effective punches and combos. Very strong low attacks. Can lay the pressure on his opponent like few others in the roster.
Weaknesses: Toned down in Tekken 6. Has a bit of low self-esteem due to being a genetically-engineered super athlete who doesn’t know his father and whose mother tried to assassinate him. English pies.

Affiliation: Currently teamed up and training with Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law.

Background: Making his debut in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, middleweight boxing champion Steve Fox had an unbeatable knockout punch that put him at the top of his sport. However, a dark void continued to gnaw at him inside- he knew nothing of his past, his parents or how he got a large scar on his arm.

One day, a syndicate ordered Steve to throw his next fight. Defying the mafia’s commands, Steve became a marked man. Fleeing his native England, Steve was hunted wherever he went. He eventually realized that hiding was pointless- inevitably he’d be found and killed, without ever finding the answers he sought. Laying his fears aside, Steve returned to the spotlight by joining the Tekken Tournament.

Though Steve was targeted for assassination by the deadliest professional assassins, he continued his investigations and eventually learned that he was conceived through vitro-fertilization with Nina Williams being his mother. Later, through the efforts of Lei Wulong, the syndicate gunning for Steve’s life was smashed, allowing him to return to his relatively normal life.

But Steve’s fight was not over- he joined the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to pursue his investigation of the Mishima Zaibatsu and to make sure they would never replicate the experiments that created him. Eventually, he managed to find his way into the Mishima labs and there he found the evidence of his birth. Steve destroyed the lab, leaving it in flames and finally laying to rest that dark aspect of his life.

Some time later, as war and chaos enveloped the world due to the actions of the Mishima Zaibatsu, many boxing events were suspended or cancelled outright. Left effectively without his passion and profession, Steve sank into depression. After a while he was contacted by Marshall Law, who asked him to team up with him and Paul Phoenix for the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. His spirits lifted by the chance to fight again and train in a new martial art, Steve dons his boxing gloves once again…

Character Analysis: Steve Fox AKA Dean Earwicker is surely one of the most unique fighters in Tekken- a true blue boxer and unique proponent of the art of pugilism, Steve is set apart from the rest of the roster by having almost no kicks (save for his lone get-up attack). However, his vast array of punches and various evades and swaying stances more than make up for this.
Perhaps one of the most dangerous fighters in the roster, Steve can turn around a fight with his hard-hitting blows and high-low combos in a flash, and his counter-hits are among the most effective around. Surely, this boxer’s the favorite of players who favor in-your-face offense that never lets up, even if you’re on the ground.

Steve’s story is intriguing, if only for his connection to one of Tekken’s original alum, Nina Williams. It’s just a bit disappointing that since Tekken 4, the tie between mother and son hasn’t been tackled or explored further. No, I’m not expecting Steve to try and hug his nasty-hot mum, but I hope that they do acknowledge this tie at least in a cutscene or such in Tekken 6. Probably won’t happen though, but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised… it will certainly be cool to see Nina and Steve fight side-by-side at least in the Scenario Campaign mode.

What lies in the future for Steve? Tekken’s first and best boxer is sure to remain a fan favorite and hardcore challenger in future installments. Tying in with the wild geese team of Paul and Law surely can’t result in anything good, but maybe the champ’s skills will rub off on that pair of losers. The pugilist has seen better days, but Steve may yet regain his championship stature with his talented fists in due time.

Stay tuned next week as we delve into another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.

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Tekken 6 Manga Update

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The Iron-fisted manga continues this week. On the agenda, Jin Kazama readies his troops and gathers his allies. The dark hero’s girding for war, and he’s gonna need some tough fighters to watch his back. Check out Tekken 6: Dark Stars Rising now!

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Tekken 6 Match-ups Part 2: Ganryu vs King

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Gametrailers just posted the second pair of opposing character trailers. This week, it’s the lovesick Sumo Ganryu taking on the bestial wrestler King.

Once again the trailers are pretty short at about a minute each, and the third ‘Slam of the Week’ vid isn’t worth the trouble downloading (it’s just a ‘slow-mo’ of the last bit of one of the two trailers). A bit too much man-flesh for my tastes, but well… it’s better than nothing. Next week should bring fairer fighters from the lineup. Anyway, if you’re a resident of the US or Canada, you can share the vids and vote for your favorite in this 9-week ‘Tournament’.

As for which trailer gets my thumbs up- well, I’m solid with KING for the way cooler trailer- hot throws on hot babes FTW!

King is a luchadore from Mexico…

Ganryu represents the Art of Sumo from Japan.

Check out hi-res versions of the trailers here.

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.

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Hardcore Casual Tweeting

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Just a little update… I’ve made myself a Twitter account so if you wanna follow my Hardcore Casual Gaming mind a little more, just keep tabs on my Tweets on the site, or follow me if you’re a Tweeter yourself. Heheh. I’ll also be posting updates on the Tekken 6 manga there as well. Later then!

The Lone Gamer’s Tweeter.

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Tekken 6 Console: Lars' New 'Naruto' Outfit!

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A pic of Lars Alexandersson’s new console exclusive outfit has surfaced online at SD Tekken. The costume was designed by Naruto artist Masashi Kishimoto… BELIEVE IT! Check out the pic here.

What can I say? It kinda looks like something from the Sengoku Era, which is to be expected from the Naruto manga-ka… Larsmaru? Not too sure about that crescent on his head… as if his hair wasn’t already wacky enough. Heheh…

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Tekken It Easy Over the Weekend

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Whew! Sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple of days- working on the Tekken Manga has been taking up quite some time and effort, and as well it’s been a pretty quiet time for T6 updates right after the recent Limited Edition bundle reveal debacle. So far I have been able to stick to my commitment of posting at least one page a day. It’s pretty nice to draw and write a comic myself, and it does seem to help get my mind off the waiting… that’s the ticket, I guess… keeping busy. Heheh.

Anyway, the manga will of course portray the events leading up to Tekken 6, which means I’ll be illustrating events like the Tekken Force’s operations prior to the Zaibatsu declaring a world war, as well as Kazuya’s taking over of G-Corporation. I’ll also focus on other fighters and their storylines, some based on the official plotlines for them, and some original and formulated right in the ol’ Lone Gamer’s noggin. There’ll also be ‘omake’ and some light-hearted fun as we go along though, so don’t worry if things seem a bit too serious.

I’ll try to upload stuff as well over the weekend. In the meantime, I’ll also get back to regular game blogging. Later then!

The Lone Gamer Presents: Tekken 6 Fanga Comic!

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Yep, this is my little surprise. A homemade manga, or fanga, based on Tekken 6. The last time I did this was several years ago, when, under my early internet alias Akira, I made the Dead Or Alive Swimsuit Edition Manga as I waited for the arrival of Dead or Alive 2. The DOA manga was so well-received it was actually posted on the Japanese official Tecmo and Team Ninja site. I made a 72-page story in about as many days as I waited for the game. Yeah, I was THAT impatient.

Well, I’m feeling the damn itch again. So here it is. I’m gonna start this Tekken 6 manga comic and keep doing it as much as I can- a page every day or every other day, as we move to our much-awaited console fighter.

At the End of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Jin Kazama defeated his demon-possessed great grandfather Jinpachi Mishima and took over the powerful Mishima Zaibatsu. Since then, everyone lived happily ever after… NOT!

Ominous signs began to appear, rumblings of war rippled across the globe. Though megacorporations and armies gird for battle, this is one crisis that can only be resolved in battles fought between individual heroes and villains. The world’s greatest fighters converge, each with their own agendas as they sense that The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 is fast approaching. Tekken 6: Dark Stars Rising will tell the stories of the many fighters whose destinies are linked to the impending King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, many paths crossing into one another for some colorful results and encounters.

I’m going to have fun with this- this will be as tongue-in-cheek as it is loyal and faithful to the Tekken story, characters and the game itself. Don’t expect me to obsess on any page too much- I’ll be doing this on the fly, writing and drawing it as I go along, page per page, when time permits, as my hand gets to draw. I’ll try to post at least one page a day.

It’s been a while since I last made a comic, and I’m quite rusty. But I think I can do the job and portray the story of the Tekken World going into the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. So, if you’re game, let’s begin!


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Tekken 6 Surprise from The Lone Gamer

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You know everyone… I’m pissed.

It’s still FOUR FREAKIN’ MONTHS till we get our Tekken 6 on console. FOUR MONTHS. In anyone’s book, that’s a considerable amount of time. So what are we going to do till then? I mean, the Character Countdown is nice but it’s just not as impactful as I would like. Plus all these cool trailers and features being touted are all great, but damn if it doesn’t just make the wait all the harder.

So, when I get pissed, I do odd things. Like this odd thing that I am going to do. It’s far out, it’s out of left field, but it’s cool I think… and it has something to do with Tekken 6. It’s no preorder bundle though. No new characters as far as I know. And I have no connection or special relationship with Namco-Bandai or Project Tekken (yet). But this is something I can do, and I’m gonna do it since… I hate twiddling thumbs while I wait.

And I’m giving it to you, my readers and fellow Tekken fans. A nice surprise from me, The Lone Gamer.

Wait for it, right here. Soon. VERY soon.

Tekken 6 Character Trailers, Online "Tekken Tournament" Begins

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Judo Master Paul Phoenix brings the pain from the USA…

… while his old rival Kazuya deals out Karate-based chaos from Japan.

Continuing to build the hype for the upcoming Tekken 6 for consoles, Namco-Bandai has just released two character-specific trailers for the game, apparently in conjunction with the match-ups featured on the game’s official website and gaming site Gametrailers. This is apparently a sort of interactive affair as gamers are encouraged to vote on the trailer of their choice, deciding on the winner of the match-up. The ‘tournament’ will release one match-up (and two character vids) for the next 9 weeks. Exclusive ‘content’ and ‘achievements’ will be unlocked by participation.

For now, the two combatants in focus are Paul Phoenix and longtime rival, Kazuya Mishima. These two have had a LONG history, facing off in the first tournament about twenty years prior to Tekken 6. Since then, Kazuya has been to hell and back, and now stands on one side of a cataclysmic war. Meanwhile, ol’ Paul is in the fight for his life… against debt. Ouch.

Now, this Match-Up series is definitely a good thing to pass the time as we still have quite a long wait to go before we’re all Iron Fist-Fighting on our consoles of choice- I only wish they went all the way and had trailers for every fighter, and not just 18. Anyway, for hi-res versions of these vids and to participate in this online brawl, check out Gametrailers.

Anyway, PAUL gets my vote for this match-up! GO PAUL!!!

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