Tekken 6 Interview with In Joon Hwang

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Check out this Tekken 6 interview conducted by Coin-op TV with Namco-Bandai’s In Joon Hwang at the recent San Diego Comic Convention.

Not really anything new… but Mr. Hwang does remind us that it’s still about 90 days to the game’s release… gah…

Oh MY! Lotsa Awesome New Tekken 6 Screens!

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Asuka gives her now-evil cousin Jin the boot.

Game Watch of Japan just posted a HUGE article on the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. Though it begins safely enough with the usual gaggle of info about the game and the limited edition bundles, some character profiles and game features… it suddenly astounds with some all-new screens, including some cool stills from the Scenario Campaign’s Intro CG Cutscene!

Lars begins his Bloody Rebellion.

Tekken Force troops gear for combat.

Firefights ensue as Rebel Tekkenshu take on Zaibatsu Regulars.

The CG cinematic apparently shows Lars Alexandersson (Scenario Campaign mode’s default hero) beginning his coup against the Mishima Zaibatsu with an assault on a heavily-guarded facility. Just what is in this base that has Lars interested? Methinks i know, but we’ll see. Anyway, awesome stuff!

Rivals Asuka and Lili team against some mean-looking enemies… including what appears to be an armored Bob?

All that plus yes, there even more screens of Scenario Campaign gameplay and pics of the extra console outfits for both Lars and Zafina.

Zafina’s new outfit in action.

Also, the Japanese are getting their own Limited and Collector’s Edition of the game; once again it comes with The Game and a Wireless Hori Stick plus Art Book. The LE and CE will also be available at Play-Asia, so now everyone can have their extra-expensive and extra-spiffy Tekken 6 this October.

What a great thing to find on a Friday! And you can probably expect more… TONS MORE Tekken 6 stuff to come as the hype for this game heats up. Check out all the exciting goodies here! Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 this October 2009- October 27 for the US, while it’s October 29 for Japan.

Japanese Tekken 6 Site Updated

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Okay, a minor bit here. Namco-Bandai’s marketing for Tekken 6 is in full swing, and the game’s official US website is reflecting that with their weekly Character Matchup Trailers and various sections filled with stuff to keep gamers thinking about the game as they excruciate until October. On the other side of the pond though, strangely enough the Japanese official Tekken 6 site is… less important. This may have something to do with how the game’s sales are 90 percent from overseas markets, but still… there’s no excuse to have a lame official game page for such a high-profile release.

Anyway, the Japanese website devs have finally gotten around to updating their stuff slightly, adding a couple of sections for Game Features and adding some Downloadable Wallpapers. So if you’ve got nothing better to do, check out the Japanese Tekken 6 site and get a nice background for your desktop.

What Makes a 'Deep' Fighter?

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Found this bit from the blog of Richard Li, 1Up‘s resident fighting game guru.

Each game in the top ten Arcadia list provide the player with an wealth of options and possibilities. Tekken 6, for example, is the number one game in japan for over 3 months, and is loved for a good reason. Despite the inordinate cast members, almost every character plays differently, their moves “unique,” their playstyle diverse. Watching match videos on youtube is hard to gauge the amount of metathinking, of weighing options, that the players must go through. Wavedashing backwards to get proper spacing, anticipating counterhits and counterthrows, sidestepping intelligently on the z-axis to avoid setups, waiting as a form of baiting — these are the things most ppl miss when watching match videos, and is sorely underappreciated.

I find it quite refreshing to see (deserved) praise for Tekken 6 from a big game site, something I tend to see far too few of these days for some reason. I was kinda worried about the game getting a fair review from a site that is pretty heavy with SFIV and VF, but now I’m kinda having some hope. We’ll see though.

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion is, BTW, still the top arcade game in Japan according to the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine. The console versions are due out this October.

Wolverine, Anime-style…

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Here’s the trailer to Marvel’s anime version of their adamantium-clawed cash cow, Wolverine. The show is apparently set for a 13-episode run next year, and is being produced by Studio Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust). The trailer has ninja, giant demons and… a strangely bishonen Wolvie slashing arse.

What can I say?

It’s… not right. Iffy, at best. It’s just NOT Wolverine. The tone is off, the look is waaaaay off, the feel is wrong. If this was entitled anything else, it would probably look cool. But for something called Wolverine… no. My take? Too ‘graceful’ and not bloody enough. Wolverine is about clenched muscles, clenched teeth, brutal violence and ripping into enemies. He’s a gritty, angry, bad-ass and wild killing machine, violent and never pretty, who is often as scary as the enemies he faces. Wolverine is NOT about balletic grace or pretty dances of death, not about artistic precision and limpid-eyed stoicism. This thing.. they’ve turned Wolverine into freakin’ VEGA.

Whatever. May be worth seeing anyway, since it IS from Madhouse. But color me iffy right now.

Broken, Barebones Brawling

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Reviews for SNK’s console port of King of Fighters XII are out, over at 1Up, Team Xbox, IGN and Gametrailers. Though a couple of these reviews are a bit too kind to this seriously lacking and terribly thin arcade port, I think the overall low scores are indicative of how this ‘rebirth’ to the classic fighting series is more of a false start.

I won’t be doing a KOFXII review as I won’t be wasting money on this bare cupboard of a game. The simple fact is that this game has NO Single Player Value at all. There’s no Story Mode (throwing to the wayside the so far cool storyline with Ash Crimson and the Orochi saga), no Boss to take down, no extras or unlockables (unless you consider a couple of character pics big rewards), no modes or incentive for players without a Class-A internet connection or a posse of regular fight buddies to call over at the drop of a hat. What you get is a very reduced roster with many of the fighters missing moves, an updated KOF fighting engine and the first (and only) real graphical makeover for the series in about 10 years. That’s it.

Really, what KOFXII basically is a tech demo or a DLC title being sold off as a full-price game.

Okay, what the heck was SNK thinking when they put this game out? That the Hardcore KOF Fans would eat it up despite all the flaws? That they really don’t need to add anything else to the mix aside from two very obscure console exclusive characters (who are among the underdeveloped category)?

KOF has a great storyline running in the last few installments and it’s gotten to a bit of a climax with Ash Crimson and his manipulations of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami… HEY, here’s an idea! Let’s throw all that aside and just have this latest KOF just be about fighting. At least Blazblue did all it can to make a Single-Player experience viable for the home game… this… I am at a loss.

If you’re a hardcore KOF fan who regularly has mates over, then this game may be for you. For fight fans not that much into KOF, if you’re looking for a 2D fighter, Blazblue surely has more value. SNK, you screwed up this one. Take a look at good home console ports to see how they’re done.

Read the 1Up review here, Team Xbox’s review here, IGN’s is here, while GT’s video review is here.

Tekken 6 Console: Scenario Mode Info, Battle Record… Tekken 7?

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Harada-san sheds some light on the much-anticipated brawler.

An interview with Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada at Vandal.net, a Spanish gaming site, revealed some tidbits about the upcoming Tekken 6 for consoles, specifically about the Scenario Campaign Mode. The site is in Spanish, of course, so I took the liberty to use Google Translate.

As we already know, Scenario Campaign is a new, online-capable minigame/mode in Tekken 6 that will allow players to take their favorite Tekken fighters out of the regular arena and battle hordes of enemies in expansive areas and stages. Fight money, customization items and real-time cutscenes are in store for players in this new itineration of the classic Tekken Force mode.

According to the interview, Scenario Campaign is designed to be played either though Offline Single Player or Online Cooperative Multiplayer, and that’s it. There is apparently NO Offline Multiplayer AKA two players playing together on the same console, on the same couch. If you’re alone and don’t have an good internet connection, you play with your chosen fighter and an A.I. controlled buddy. If you’re online-connected then you can play alongside someone from the other end of the world, with them controlling your fighter’s ally.

According to Harada, the mode was specifically designed this way since two players having to play together using one TV will inevitably require split-screen or always restricting freedom of movement for the characters. If you are playing with a friend online, they can be in another room or area while you are in another, with no such restrictions… since you are using two different TVs.

The interview goes on to mention that one of the options/features being worked on (not 100% confirmed, I guess) is the ability to record matches for uploading online, which then can be viewed or downloaded.

Another feature being developed as well is Character Ghost Creation, how to record your match fighting style and use it in some way.

To end the interview, Harada mentions that he is indeed already thinking of the next Tekken, but it might actually not be called ‘Tekken 7′, just to change things up. Eh? Intriguing. Check out the original article here.

Tekken 6 is set for the PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this coming October 2009.

Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 32: Lili Rochefort

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Emily ‘Lili’ Rochefort: Daddy’s Lethal Girl.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken in our hands already.

This week’s competitor is one of the most recent additions to the Tekken roster, and is currently the youngest human fighter in the game. Since her debut in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, this lovely young lady has captured the hearts of many gamers, both for her dazzling beauty and her unique, graceful and extremely effective fighting style. We’re of course talking about Tekken’s Lethal Lolita, the Deadly Dancing Debutante, Lili Rochefort.

Lili Rochefort
Distinguishing Features: Long, lustrous blonde hair, always perfectly groomed and coiffed. Tall like a supermodel, and just as graceful and poised. Designer outfits. Puts the flash in flash kicks.

Strengths: Tons of versatile moves and easy-to-use, effective attacks. Great range and reach thanks to her long legs. Relentless and easily spammable Flips and Cartwheel Kicks. Fast throws.

Weaknesses: A bit slow in close quarters. Some of her more popular strings are easily recognizable and may leave her open to punishment. Has a Thing for Thick eyebrows.

Affiliation: None, but firmly anti-Zaibatsu.

Background: Some years ago, Lili Rochefort, the only daughter of an oil magnate, was the victim of a kidnapping attempt. However, the incident sparked something in the young girl, and she resisted violently against her captors, taking out one of them. Since then, Lili has been drawn to the fighting arena. In the guise of simple vacations, Lili took the family jet to travel to and participate in various martial arts competitions and tournaments all over the world.
One day, she defeated an opponent in San Francisco (many believe that this opponent was none other than Forrest Law) and acquired an invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Realizing that the Mishima Zaibatsu was holding the competition, Lili decided to join with the intention of pleasing her father by dealing a blow to the Zaibatsu (little did she know that the Zaibatsu was in fact a partner to her father’s company).
However, Lili was later crushed by Asuka Kazama, and sent home in defeat. Even worse, her father learned of her activities and subsequently grounded her, preventing her from getting her revenge on Asuka.

Later, when the Mishima Zaibatsu began it’s militarization, the Tekken Force enacted a hostile takeover of Rochefort Enterprises’ oil fields. Lili’s father, trying his best to resolve this new development, collapsed from overwork. Distressed, Lili thought about how she could help her father. When she later learned of the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, Lili immediately decided to join in order to win back her father’s oil fields from the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Character Analysis: Lili, Lili, LILI! Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection truly gave us an exceptional newcomer in the beautiful and deadly Miss Rochefort. In just a short time Lili’s good looks as well as her very effective fighting style won her tons of fans, and many immediately proclaimed her the hottest and cutest babe in Tekken. Detractors though of course cited her being a fan service magnet (and surely, Lili seem to be the developers’ outlet for Loli and Panchira fetishes), and her fighting style being totally unrealistic. But really, in a world with winged devils, animated mannequins, battle-robots and fighting fauna, would a teenage heiress moonlighting as a streetfighter be any less possible?

Lili’s fighting style is characterized by many dance and gymnastic maneuvers- cartwheels, spins, tumbles and pirouettes. I surmise that it is mostly a self-learned, self-developed and innate style created by Lili herself, since I am pretty certain her father would never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. We can only assume that Lili may be some sort of fighting prodigy, a martial arts genius whose latent talent was manifested by the traumatic kidnapping attempt. In any case, as improbable as it may be in reality, Lili’s techniques are among the most graceful, fluid and entertaining to watch (and infuriating to fight against) in the game.

Lili is very similar to Streetfighter’s Karin Kanzuki- both are blonde, both rich heiresses who travel with a butler or attendant in tow and both have a rival in Japan. Certainly both are also proud and headstrong, but while Karin is more vocal and arrogant, Lili seems more reserved and quietly confident.
Lili’s story seems so far very personal and a bit distant from the central plot, however her rivalry with Asuka Kazama is easily one of the more interesting and exciting matchups to look out for in the game. Both fan faves, both hot babes, one hell of a catfight is sure to break out. The only sure winner? Gamers, of course!

What lies in the future for Miss Lili? As the youngest babe in Tekken, Lili is sure to be around for the future thanks to her great popularity. I am secretly hoping her storyline develops more with her rivalry with Asuka- we’ve already seen two rivals become friends in King and Marduk… how about an unbeatable girl team forming once Tekken 6 is all said and done? Asuka X Lili? Mmmmm…

Stay tuned next week and we delve into another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.

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Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 6: Nina vs Jack-6

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It’s Week 6 of Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers’ Online Tekken Tournament. This time, it’s the cold-blooded Master Assassin Nina Williams versus the Brutish Strength of Robotic Soldier Jack-6!

Nina’s the Other Irish Mistress of the Assassin Arts.

Jack-6 takes Brute Strength to the next level.

Now, both trailers are actually pretty cool… but well, by default my vote goes to the hottie, of course! DAMMIT, it’s NINA FREAKIN’ WILLIAMS! In a way I’m kinda glad that Asuka lost last week’s matchup (only by the slimmest of margins by last-minute voting spurts by Steve Lovers, dammit), since then she’d have to go up against Nina, a sentimental fave of mine. Anyway, watch and share the trailers and unlock exclusive Tekken content at Namco-Bandai’s site.

Check out hi-res versions of the Tekken 6 character trailers here.

Tekken 6 X TapouT: Fashionable Fighters!

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Ling strikes a pose in her new TapouT shirt.

Okay, we’ve all heard about the extra console costumes for Tekken 6 from CLAMP and the Naruto guy… but this bit of news actually has me even more excited for some reason.
Just announced at the ongoing San Diego Comic Convention 2009, Namco-Bandai and TapouT have come together to introduce a line of special T-shirts that will appear as Customization Items in the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. The shirts will also be available in the real world this coming September.

Namco’s official Tekken 6 Twitter, TekkenBob just posted quite a few screens showing off several fighters sporting the slick new T-shirts, including Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, both Kings and Marduk. Of course, it’s expected that the Tapout customs will be a common item for all the available fighters, and that this will be in the games by default, and not some crappy, exclusive DLC like that Yoshimitsu Cardboard Tube Samurai Getup.

“As we look to enhance brand visibility in new ways, the idea to fuse TapouT and ‘Tekken 6′ was the perfect approach to introduce new apparel to our core fan base,” TapouT President Marc Kreiner said.

I think this is pretty cool… I’ve always thought that Fighting Games are PERFECT, simply no-brainer ways for particularly edgy clothing brands to show off their lines to a young, very cutting-edge and connected audience. Game characters, particularly in Fighting Games, are the focus of their medium, and often sport idealized proportions (making them perfect fashion models) and have their own fans and followings. I’m surprised this isn’t even more prevalent.

5 different T-shirt designs will be available for the fighting fashionista.

Anyway, check out the screens of Tekken Fighters sporting TapouT apparel at Namco-Bandai’s FlickR Photo Album, right here. Man, I can’t wait to get Asuka into one of those hot shirts. Hey… why not link Tekken up with Victoria’s Secret..?

The deal is the first co-branding agreement Namco Bandai has struck with a major apparel company for in-game and offline gear. Tekken 6 will be released this fall for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PSP system.

You can also check out this article for more details.