Awesome Tekken 6 Preview! Tons o' Footage!

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There’s been a bit of a shortage of Tekken 6 news lately, but that’s gonna change with this awesome find!

This preview’s so bright, gotta wear shades!

Italian gaming site Spaziogames has just posted a 7-minute video feature on the game, showing off a lot of never-before-seen CG footage, cutscenes and gameplay. The included scenes are taken from Tekken 6′s final Opening Intro, showing off character scenes aplenty.

Only Lili can pull off Cute AND Sinister.

Also on offer are tons of in-game footage, showing off various menus, various modes (Arcade, Time Attack, VS, Survival, Practice, Time Trial) and even showing Zafina’s weird extra outfit in action. So far what I’ve seen… No Story Battle. The old-style combo practice dots are back. Lots more!

It’s easily the most eye-opening Tekken 6 preview yet, and has OODLES of stuff and details that any Tekken 6 fan would want to pick apart and enjoy at his leisure as we labor our way to October 27. Check it out here in SD, HD or downloadable format!

Bringing up the rear is a video interview with the Tekken 6 developers conducted by G4TV’s Morgan Webb at the recently-concluded TGS2009. It focuses more on the PSP version of Tekken 6, and talks a bit about the game’s Ghost Character System. Check it out here.

WHEW! Awesome! Thanks to SD-Tekken for the heads up!

Super Street Fighter IV Videos, New Characters in Action

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Juri and T-Hawk show off their moves.

Here are a couple more videos showing off Super Street Fighter IV in action. We finally get to see returning veteran Dee-Jay in action, as well as moves from Native American Avenger, T-Hawk.
We also learn more about all-new fighter Juri Han, a Korean super spy working for S.I.N., SFIV’s resident baddies. Juri’s code-named ‘Spider’ and is particularly wicked, being anti-social and anti-establishment, hating everything that does not interest her. A lot of her power comes from her artificial left eye, which is equipped with a “Feng Shuei Engine” that gives her powerful Ki attacks. I have to say I am loving this vixen’s moves and animations, as well as her bad-ass and sexy personality.

More SSFIV news and info is sure to come soon. The stand-alone game is set for release in Spring next year on PS3 and Xbox360- No arcade release is planned.

Longer trailer video showing off the new fighters, including Dee-Jay and introducing new femme fatale Juri.

Super Streetfighter IV Confirmed, New Fighter Debuts

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Korean Kickfighter Juri makes her debut.

Okay, speculation and hearsay have finally given way to confirmed fact- a new version of Streetfighter IV is on the way. Dubbed nicely Super Streetfighter IV, this stand-alone kinda-sequel will be released as a separate game from SFIV instead of DLC, and will have tons of new stuff including at least 8 new characters and updated gameplay and features.
Already confirmed to be added to SFIV’s roster will be returning SF2 challengers T-Hawk and Deejay- also making her debut in SSFIV will be an all-new female fighter named Juri (seen above). This flexible femme fatale hails from Korea and uses Taekwondo, a first for the series, strangely enough. Juri is supposedly connected in storyline to Seth, M.Bison and Shadaloo, which may make her a villain; which is awesome since bad girls are HOT.

She kicks high! Taekwondo finally makes an appearance in Capcom’s flagship fighter.

Rumored but as yet not yet confirmed to return in SSFIV are Cody, Guy and Adon from SF Alpha, and Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley from SF3.

Anyway, Capcom just released a new teaser trailer for Super Streetfighter IV but it just shows off Ryu and Ken sparring in stylized graphics ala the first SFIV teaser.

If you wanna see actual footage of SSFIV, you can check out this interview with Yoshinori Ono on Gamespot- they have the game running in the background (with T-Hawk and Juri onscreen) but never really focus on it… freakin’ teasing bastards.

I’ve been pretty harsh with SFIV, and that STILL stands- however I am very much excited for Super SFIV; hopefully it will address all the issues I had with the previous installment… Juri looks pretty damn hawt, and the return of SF3 babes Ibuki and Makoto (if true) pleases me to no end.

UPDATE: The official Japanese website for Super Streetfighter IV is now live. It’s pretty sparse as yet, the most content being in the Character page, which has entries for newcomer Juri and returning vet T-Hawk. Apparently the 25-year old Korean kickmistress is an employee of S.I.N, and she will figure a lot in the upcoming SSFIV’s story. Check out the site here.

Anyway, we don’t have long to wait for more stuff on SSFIV- The Streetfighter Blog has revealed that apparently a new trailer which actually shows off the new stuff (characters, a new mode, new stages and new music) will debut this coming Thursday (October 1). Also, the SSFIV devs are going to give updates every week from now on, every Tuesday and Friday… looks like they’re going all out. Good stuff.

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in early Spring 2010.

Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 41: Jack-6

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Jack-6. He’s a lover and a fighter.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament.

And here we are at the last regular playable character in Tekken 6! This lumbering, hulking behemoth may be considered a new character, even though his ‘line’ has been around in the Tekken 6 since day one (other than a notable absence in Tekken 4). Boasting immense strength and power as well as an inexplicable soul living within his mechanical body, this fighter is indeed one of the roster’s true powerhouses. It’s Jack-6.

Distinguishing Features: Inhumanly bulky and muscular with top-heavy proportions. Glowing red eyes, metal-hard chin. Raspy, hollow voice. Penchant for mohawks and combat fatigues.

Strengths: Hits like a tank. Usually it only takes a few solid hits to level any opponent (or a small building).

Weaknesses: Slow as a tank. Will take a bit of practice to get his rhythm and timing down. His huge size makes for a big, easy target. Can’t bring himself to harm cute, innocent girls. Is really irritated he keeps getting mistaken for a commando from Small Soldiers.

Affiliation: Currently affiliated with G-Corporation, with which his creator, Jane, is employed.

Background: The Jack series of combat robots has been in the Tekken series since day one, supposedly an initial creation by Doctor Gepetto Bosconovitch but later refined and continually manufactured alternately by the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation. The Jack gamers have come to know as the ‘hero’ Jack first gained sentience and free will during Tekken 2, when it found itself caring for an orphaned young girl named Jane. This Jack cared for the little girl until he was destroyed by Bosconovitch’s rival, Dr. Abel. Years later, Jane- now a robotics engineer herself- would attempt to revive her childhood friend by implanting his memories into a much improved model known as Gun Jack. However, Gun Jack is soon destroyed by Tekken forces as they tried to break into the Zaibatsu labs.

In Tekken 4, a Jack robot was not among the playable roster, although in the events prior to Tekken 5, a squadron of Jack robots, called Jack-4′s, would attack Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima in the Honmaru Shrine. These Jacks appear to be less durable than the previous Jack models, and include a self-destruct mechanism.

Jane, currently employed by G-Corporation, would again attempt to revive her Jack in Tekken 5, sending in an advanced G-Corporation model into the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. She succeeded and is finally reunited with her long lost friend. As Tekken 6 is announced, Jane hears that the Zaibatsu is manufacturing a new series of Jack models, and thus sends in the latest prototype, Jack-6, to investigate.

Character Analysis: As the original Robot Fighter in Tekken, Jack embodies the Huge, Strong but Slow Fighter. Perhaps the choice for those who value power over all else, a competently-played Jack is a truly frightening force to be reckoned with.
Jack’s story, along with Jane, is one of the more interesting side-plots in the Tekken mythos. There’s a sweet and often tragic vibe to the Girl and Her Robot story, though it seems to have taken a more positive turn recently. I doubt that Jack and Jane will ever have a larger role in the main storyline than right now, but it would be interesting to see where the Jack line goes from here, after the big war between megacorporations.

What lies in the future for the Jack series? Surely the big bruiser will always be around, even if other robots make their presence known in the tournament. How more powerful (or perhaps, more human) it may become is something to ponder for the years ahead.

And That’s IT! All the Regular Playable Characters in Tekken 6, accounted for. Next week, stay tuned for a special entry in this Countdown.

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in late October 2009, with a PSP release to follow soon after.


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Hey everyone. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, the Philippines, in particular Metro Manila, was hit by Tropical Storm Undoy over the weekend. It wasn’t a particularly strong storm, but it basically DROWNED the country with more rainfall than what had hit New Orleans during Katrina. No Shit. Anyway, because of that, most of the city lost power and internet for a while, so I wasn’t able to update or do anything in that time.

Well, today I’ll try to update some and get back on track. Have to post some cool news, put in an entry in the Tekken 6 Character Countdown list that I incredibly missed, and basically get back into the groove. Later then!

Tons o' Tekken 6 Screenshots: Customizations and Cutscenes

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Ever the bad-ass, Kazuya can afford to change hairstyles in the middle of a battlefield.

PS3 IGN has just posted a gazillion (well, it feels like that) Tekken 6 screenshots. These are a real treat since most of them show off the game’s various customization items (as well as the new interface for Character Customization in the consoles) as well as cutscenes from the Scenario Campaign mode.

Plots intertwine as Lars makes his way through the Scenario Campaign story…

Nice way to calm a lady, Lars. Next, tell her Santa’s not real, why don’t ya?

Well, I am really overjoyed that we’ll be able to see what we want to buy first with our hard-earned Fight Money, particularly now that apparently we’re going to have to pay full price (in the arcades, items cost half that of the prices in Japan). There looks to be tons of stuff to buy and unlock- conceivably it will take hours and hours of play to buy them all, but completists and OC players will welcome the challenge.

As for the cutscenes, they look as good as you can expect from real-time stuff, and it seems that Lars will run through the rest of the roster, either chatting with them or encountering them in a combat situation as he goes through his story. I’m hoping that everyone gets to have some good cutscene exposure in their runthroughs of scenario, and not just Mr. Alexandersson. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, check out the mess of screenshots here! Thanks to ZeroX for pointing us to this treasure trove.

Final Tekken 6 Extra Outfit Revealed…

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MarkMan of SD-Tekken finally gave out this cool scan of the last console exclusive outfit in Tekken 6. Who’s it for? None other than Kazuya Mishima, current head of G-Corporation. The Guyver-like costume is apparently called the ‘Dorya Suit’ and has some pretty cool lighting effects going on with it. Pretty slick! Anyway, the artwork/design of this awesome-looking mech suit was done by manga-ka Takayuki Yamaguchi, who created the titles Apocalypse Zero and Shigurui.

Awesome battle-suit… perhaps the latest product of G-Corporation?

In any case, that’s it. No more. That’s it for the extra outfits. So those hoping their favorite gets a mangaka-designed costume will have to wait till the next King of Iron Fist Tournament…

Tekken 6 at TGS 2009: Hands-on Reports, PSP Gameplay and More!

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Good news for those waiting for news about the handheld version of Tekken 6. 1Up and IGN have just posted Hands-on Impressions of the PSP Tekken 6, and it sounds pretty good. Not just positive, but good. All the fighters are available, and apparently the character models were created from scratch for the portable making the transition pretty excellent. Check out the report here and here. Looks like I’d better have my PSP fixed soon, so I can enjoy what should be the best handheld fighter yet, and that’s saying something with T5DR and Soulcalibur BD already on the device. Awesome!

Here are a couple of cool PSP gameplay videos. I have to say, while the action is certainly looking true to Tekken 6, the visuals are really a big downgrade from the console versions- in fact, this is almost DR with Tekken 6 outfits/customizations and moves. In particular, Asuka Kazama looks a lot like her DR model. The graphical limitations aside, this is shaping up to be an awesome treat for those who want to have their T6 fix on-the-go.

Tekken 6 on PSP!

More Tekken 6 PSP gameplay, with customized characters.

Meanwhile, Gamespot also posted a hands-on report on the console versions, particularly going through the Scenario Campaign (which now had all characters selectable) and mentioning all the developments since they last saw the game. According to the article, you may face not just one but two bosses/regular roster fighters at the end of a stage (they cited facing off with King and Marduk in a ring). Also, if your companion is knocked out you can revive them with healing items or power ups. Pretty cool! Check out their article here.

Here’s another Tekken 6 interview at TGS, from a site called GamingAhead. The interviewer actually asked some pretty good questions, so this is worth seeing. Anyway, things made clear again on Scenario Campaign- there will be one basic storyline that every character follows, but with small differences per character. Co-op play is ONLINE ONLY. The mode takes about ten hours to complete (Is that per character? 400 hours of replay value? WOW). Anyway, good stuff!

Stay tuned as TGS2009 continues through into the weekend. Later, people!

Fashion Fight! Tekken 6 Console Costume Combat!

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Lili’s extra outfit was designed by manga-ka Ito Ogure AKA Oh! Great! (Air Gear, Tenjo Tenge)

Roger’s extra tribal outfit was designed by manga-ka Ryouji Minagawa (Spriggan!, Project ARMs).

… and here are the extra outfits IN ACTION!

The first day of TGS seemed to be a pretty slow day for Tekken 6- the TGS2009 trailer posted on the Japanese PSN was just a subtitle-less Gamescom video. Fortunately, the day wasn’t a total loss. The official Japanese Tekken 6 site updated a couple of sections with stuff on the console exclusive, mangaka-designed costumes.

One more extra outfit to go… but for whom?

Apparently there’s still one extra outfit left to be revealed, and very soon (according to SD-Tekken’s MarkMan). For now though, you can check out the cool ‘EX Costume Battle’ above, with Lili and Roger wearing their new console costumes into combat. The manga artists who designed the outfits (Ito Ogure AKA Oh! Great for Lili, Ryouji Minagawa for Roger Jr.) who designed Lili’s costume) were the ones playing.

All I can say is… whoa. Lili’s outfit looks amazing in-game, and is sure to be a favorite. It really IS a kind of bondage wedding dress (I wonder if she can throw the bouquet as an Item move?). So what’s it about? Is her father trying to marry her away to save his company? Heheh…

Who will be the last character to get cool new clothes? Stay tuned, we’ll find out soon enough.

Getting Ready for TGS 2009!

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Jin and Kaz meet at TGS. Photo courtesy of 1Up.

Looks like Namco-Bandai is making an extra-cool showing at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, and it’s pretty easy to see what game is carrying the banner. Fronting the NB booth is a display with life-size figurines of Jin Kazama and his old man/mortal enemy, Kazuya Mishima, clashing as depicted in Tekken 6′s many trailers. The TGS trailer, new information, updates, in-game vids and more are hopefully in the itinerary. This is Project Tekken’s send-off in a fashion, as this is the last big gaming show till the game releases this coming October. Can’t freakin’ wait. I’ll update as I get it, people.

UPDATE: Whoopsie. Apparently the devs were a bit too busy (or lazy) this time, and just rehashed the trailer from Gamescom for TGS. The show has just begun though, so there’s still room for new footage and stuff to be revealed in the next few days. Stay tuned.