Tekken Tag 2 Spread in Arcadia Magazine!

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Returning fighters’ CG artworks highlight this new article.

We’ve been waiting for a scan or pic for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from the latest Arcadia Magazine over the weekend, and it’s finally here… posted by Harada-san himself at that! The spread shows off several returning characters’ new portrait artworks, including Lili Rochefort, Devil Jin, Lars Alexandersson and Paul Phoenix.
The few in-game shots show Lili dishing the pain out to her ‘best friend’ Asuka, in one doing a sort of Tag Throw on her. A couple more shots show Paul and Law giving newcomer Jaycee a bit of a welcome… with a tandem attack.

More characters, art and ingame action to ogle.

As far as I can tell, the spread is mainly just a feature to announce the game appearing in the upcoming AOU 2011 Expo, which is set for February 18-19. TTT2 will be playable there, so everyone is expecting videos aplenty to make up for the current drought of media from this much-anticipated arcade brawler.

You can check the original scan over here or at Katsuhiro Harada’s Twipple. It’s not very big, but I’m sure that cleaner, higher-res versions of the art and images in this article should make their appearance online in due time. More as we get it, then.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Boss Fight: Galactus, Baby!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The bigger they are, the hard- OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH! He’s BIG!

Here’s a vid of Marvel Vs Capcom 3′s BIG, bad boss, Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds himself, in the cosmic-powered flesh. You apparently battle clone versions of a boss team before taking the Big Kahuna himself. Like Onslaught and Abyss in previous MvC games, Galactus is HUGE, taking up most of the screen while your teeny-tiny fighters chip away at him with their best. The Big G just may take the cake for the largest boss yet in a fighting game, and if you fail at beating him he takes the Earth! Well, study the vid while it’s up (who knows if Capcom doesn’t have it taken down) so you can do better at defending us all from cosmic doom in a few weeks.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a Character Model Viewer, Mission Mode

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Fast Tube by Casper

X-23 shows off her goods.

What do you get for saving the world? Scratch that, what do you get when you save two worlds? Well, apparently in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, you get a Character Model Viewer which lets you ogle the fighter you just beat the game with. PlayrBitz just posted several vids of the viewer along with the game’s Mission mode. Check ‘em out! It’s only a few more weeks till some Marvel-Capcom Mashing!

Fast Tube by Casper

Every good fighting game needs a Mission Mode!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer has Awesome Checkpoints!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Some pretty slick CG and lots of in-game action abound.

Of all the titles in the large bunch of FF titles bunched up in the highbrow Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy Compilation, this is probably the most mysterious and intriguing. You got a brooding anime-esque emo hero squaring off against squads of armored troops with his telekinetic blades and shun-po flash steps, which then suddenly switches to that same hero kidding around with some blokes, and then lounging with a girl at a high society party. There are cars and guns but also swords and spells and magic. Yeah, your typical Final Fantasy maybe, but the more ‘real’ look of some of Versus’ visuals give it an even more surreal edge.

Well, finally we got an actual trailer with gameplay, right after a pretty impressive cutscene with our hero, Noctis, passing by a guarded checkpoint that seemed to be a blend of both CG and real world visuals. I mean, it’s a totally uneventful, unexciting, mundane scene- but it’s done so nicely! WOWNESS! CG makes passing toll booths an adventure!

Afterwards, lots of running around, explosions, enemy hordes, a dragon with a lady rider, and more cool CG.

But after all that- I still have NO IDEA what this game is about. Who is Noctis? Who is he fighting? Why is there a ‘Versus’ in the title, and why is it also numbered ‘XIII”? With still no schedule or even timetable of when this will be arriving, there’s really no reason to worry about all that though. All we can do is enjoy the nice trailer. So hop to it then- enjoy!

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Hsien Ko and Sentinel Added!

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Fast Tube by Casper

One more Darkstalker in the mix.

Two more fighters are revealed as Marvel Vs Capcom 3 inches its way to the February release. These two fighters surfaced earlier this week via some dubious-looking mag scans, but they eventually turned out to be legit. I find the choices kinda odd- Hsien Ko, of all fighters in DS? She’s a cool design, no question, but the choice seems very left field. But then again, that’s my feeling on a LOT of the Capcom characters- they all seem so ragtag and diverse when compared to the Marvel side, who all belong to one universe. They also all seem so cartoony and underpowered at least in appearance (not in combos and supers, of course). I’m sure though that this won’t be a problem once the players get their combos running. Check out the vids then. I wonder if this is it? I guess we’ve still got Galactus to be shown off officially before the game is unleashed.

Fast Tube by Casper

The bigger they are, the bigger their Super.

Gazing Into My Crystal Ball: Future Fighting on NGP

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I’ll just throw this one into the air. Pure speculation on my part.

Sega will announce Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for Sony’s Next Generation Portable.

Sega is a third party dev for the system, and NGP needs solid fighters to make up the lineup of games, like how the 3DS already has SSFIV, DOA and Blazblue off the bat. One of the titles in the NGP’s lineup of launch titles is something called ‘Reality Fighters’, but that’s certainly not to the level of any big fighting game.

One more guess. Namco-Bandai will port a Tekken title on the Next Gen Portable as well. I’d be happy with an arcade-or-console-perfect port of Tekken 6, but perhaps going further maybe it’ll be a port of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Or maybe even Tekken X Streetfighter. Either it’ll be an actual version specific to the NGP, or the PS3 titles will be compatible on the portable system.

These are just guesses/wishes/hopes on my part. I just really, really, really want a home verson of VF5FS already. And my Tekken fix as well. If these do happen, remember, you read about them first HERE.

Moving on…

PSP2 AKA "Next Generation Portable" Unveiled in Japan

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NGP?? Neo Geo Pocket? Ninja Gaiden Perfect? Not Gonna Pan (Out)?

Right at this very moment, Sony is holding it’s Playstation 2011 Meeting in Tokyo, and presenting to the world it’s new portable gaming device- referred to right now simply as the Next Generation Portable (and not the PSP2, as many have been calling it). Well, it still certainly looks like the PSP, or at least, the PSP Go. But the similarities are only skin-deep, as supposedly this new portable is as powerful as a PS3. WHAAAT? When I read that, my mind began running images of an pixel-and-framerate-perfect, feature-complete Tekken 6, in my hands, on a taxi, coming home from work. Is that possible?

Anyway, this new toy comes with rear panel touch controls, rear cameras, gyroscope/accelerometer, dual analog sticks, a 5-inch OLED screen, built-in 3G and more. The NGP’s community will congregate through the game’s new interface/portal, called LiveArea, where you will be able to chat with friends live. Sony franchise games such as Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone and Little Big Planet are confirmed to be coming to the NGP. It’s not known yet if these titles will be PS3 ports, or all-new versions of these games. It’s also known that digital downloads of existing PSP games will also be compatible with the NGP- backwards compatibility ROCKS!

What about third-party games? The list of supporting third parties for NGP includes Q Entertainment, Ubi Soft, Rockstar Games, Activision, Capcom, Konami, Namco-Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, Level 5 and so on. At this point anything can happen, but at the very least, the event had Hideo Kojima show off a cutscene from Metal Gear Solid 4 playing on the NGP. MGS Next on the NGP? Who knows. We should be finding out more soon as the new device is set for release in Japan by the 2011 Holidays. Looks like Sony’s set to take on the 3DS head-on.

Check out images and spec info for the NGP/PSP2 over at Engadget.

Musing About Tekken Tag 2: Returning Fighters Predictions, Updated

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Regular readers will probably remember that I already touched upon the subject of returning MIA’s to the Tekken arena. Since then though, things have happened (basically the confirmation of Jinpachi Mishima as the first returnee), and I think my list is due for a slight revision. Let’s see if I call out any guess correctly or if my original list was still for the better. Well then, here’s my new list of Wanted Returning Characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s a shorter list, but I’ve thought them out more.

I want the costume she’s wearing to be one of her alts…

Kunimitsu. Still want this hot ninja babe to appear, although the recent introduction of Jaycee means there will be two masked babes in the game if she does appear, which does not bode well. Still, the possibility of her fighting style being very cool and new (a cross between Yoshi and Raven, maybe?) is too tantalizing to ignore for me.

Jun will be back. I think.

Jun Kazama. Yep, I still hold fast that despite everything, despite Katsuhiro Harada’s seeming resistance to her returning, there’s been too much clamor for the original Kazama-ryu style fighter to make an appearance in TTT2. I’m hoping Jun will be significantly different from Asuka, and at least with some nice customizations and costumes. I’m of two minds as to how she will be portrayed- in canon she’s probably in her thirties, so she’s older than most of the female roster but should still be a beauty to behold. But the team may play with timelines a bit in this non-canon game and just show her in her young prime appearance. I am okay with either.
In any case, if she does appear, I expect she may be the last one revealed just to keep all the Jun fans in suspense… that is, if Harada has a nasty streak in him. Heheh…

If she does return, hopefully sans Wolf Demon…

Unknown. Heck, Why NOT, since they brought back Jinpachi? She was the boss in the first Tekken Tag Tournament, so she’s got a history with this particular franchise. How would she look and what would her customizations or costumes be? I hope the wolf spirit won’t reappear, though I’d love for her to be back in her old black goo or ragged dress outfits. Her fight style would be as before- switching from fighter to fighter at random in-game (instead of Mokujin who changes only per round), which would make her a true Tekken expert’s choice of player.

Other possibilities for returning are Michelle Chang- as a probable replacement for Julia in case she turns out to have had an identity change. Devil (and thus Angel) might not appear in a normal sense, as Harada has repeatedly said ‘they are doing something new with him’. Doctor Boskonovitch doesn’t seem to be on Harada’s mind at all. Alex, P-Jack, Tetsujin and Combot are just alt skins. Then there are the Ogres- Ogre and True Ogre- whom I really don’t like but admit have a good chance of being included.

I guess for now, the three babes above are my guesses in this little game. Hopefully at least one or even two of them turn up in the roster soon. With as yet only 42 fighters so far playable (including Jaycee and Jinpachi), I think that it’s perhaps safe to say that there may be up to four slots more for any additional fighters, whether returning or all-new. We’ll just have to wait and see then, eh? What are your thoughts, dudes and dudettes?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is slated for arcade release in Japan this Summer 2011.

L.A. Noire "Serial Killer" Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

In a town this seedy, there’s sure to be lots of weeds…

Rockstar Games, which hit it big last year with Red Dead Redemption, is set to get gamers immersed once again in one of their amazing worlds with this open world suspense thriller, L.A. Noire. Whereas RDR dropped players into an eerily realistic Wild West, LAN recreates in stunning detail 1947 Los Angeles. This open world game puts you in the thick of a mess of murder, mobs, molls and mayhem. The character animation looks superb (the trailer above is totally in real-time), the audio amazing and the possibilities of gameplay tantalizing. This is still a ways off- May- but it should be worth the wait.

DOA Dimensions: Samus NOT Playable

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Players looking forward to a certain space bounty hunter kicking ass in the upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS are going to be disappointed. Although a recent trailer hinted at Samus Aran being a hidden playable fighter in the upcoming 3D fighter, it has now been confirmed that this won’t be the case. According to this article by Eurogamer, Team NInja has said that while Samus will appear to help the player (most probably by taking out the offending Ridley), she won’t actually join in the roster to fight. She will, however, need to be unlocked in some way.

This is, quite frankly, pretty lame. A lot of players interpreted the trailer as hinting that Samus was playable- I myself think that having all this fanfare for the Metroid connection would indeed be warranted by a playable character and not, in this case, a part of the stage. Anyway, too bad. This won’t break the game, of course, but it will leave quite a few players out there with a bad taste in their mouths and DOAD it’s first Major FAIL.