Tekken Tag 2: True Ogre Image Posted!

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After Beauty comes the Beast.

Right on the heels of the images of Jun Kazama from Katsuhiro Harada is a pic of the monstrous True Ogre. Yeah, it’s just one image but hell- do we really need to see a lot of this ugly sucker? I guess this pretty much means he’s playable. Which begs the question- what do you customize him with? What kind of T-shirts do you buy in Ogre Stores? What would he wear on his snake arm? What would he look like with pink hair and pigtails??!

Anyways, I’m hoping we see both Jun and True in action soon. More as we get it then! Oh, and to see the pic in full size, head on to Harada’s Twipple.

Tekken Tag 2: Jun Kazama Images Posted!

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Up close and personal with the near-legendary Jun.

The trickle of TTT2 goodies continues from Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter! This time it’s computer renders/art of the mysterious and beautiful Jun Kazama.

With these new pieces of art though we can see what may be her default standing stance- similar foot placement to Asuka’s but with different and more detailed hand positions. Perhaps this means that while her basic style is Kazama-ryu and similar to Asuka’s, she may have more finesse and more refined technique and hopefully, her own unique overall style. It has really been something intriguing for me to see how much they are going to go with Jun. Will she be very fast? Counter-heavy? Strong? Cheap? Will she have ‘magic’ attacks or any supernatural elements?

Jun in the Moonlight. Nice sandals!

Also, given how more detailed TTT2 is in portraying character animations now, how will she act? How will she SOUND? Obviously she’ll be speaking in Japanese (unless they make her mute)- I expect they’ll get some famous seiyuu to voice her (Maaya Sakamoto or such). How will Jin react to finally meeting his long-lost mum again, after all this time? I hope the devs really do their homework in portraying this, instead of just shrugging it off as a simple nod or a bow. I don’t expect Jin to go all crying but I wanna see something that is suitable to the situation and these characters’ history.

What secrets do those limpid eyes hold..?

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Jun in action! For now though, enjoy these latest pics for now. Find them in their original sizes over at Harada’s Twipple.

Tekken Tag 2: Kazuya with Devil Gene Video!

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Fast Tube by Casper

So, Devil’s in the game after all… kinda.

Katsuhiro Harada has just released an ‘Official Leaked’ video featuring Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gameplay with Devil Kazuya in action! Well actually it’s just Kazuya now, thanks to his mastery of his Devil Gene. Though fans have known this for quite some time, it’s only now that we’re shown in gameplay just how much control Kaz has over his Inner Devil. Check out the vid here for some bat-winged, eyebeam-powered butt-kicking!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pulled from Tougeki 2011

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No Super Battle Opera for you, buster!

According to the official Super Battle Opera 2011 page, Namco-Bandai’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been pulled from the upcoming gaming event, since it will not be finished in time for the precedings. Earlier this year, TTT2 had been announced to be among the titles to be played, which include Blazblue Continuum Shift, Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition, Aquapazza and Super Streetfighter II X. However, Tekken Tag 2 is being planned to headline a subsequent Tougeki event that will take place after the main SBO 2011 in September.

I guess after the game’s showing at AOU 2011 Expo, the Tekken development team thought that the game needed a bit more work, enough that the schedule has been altered a bit. This may be disappointing but if it results in a better, more polished, smoother and more enjoyable game, then it’ll be worth the bit of extra wait. Perhaps this round of extra revisions on TTT2 is the reason why Katsuhiro Harada hasn’t been that active on Twitter lately. More as we get it then.

Super Streetfighter IV AE DLC Coming or Not?

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Lately Streetfighter fans have been in a tizzy as some game sites have reported that Yoshinori Ono has said something to the effect that there are no plans to being additional content from Super Streetfighter IV: Arcade Edition home to consoles. However, in contrast to these headlines, Ono has been console-ing (heh) fans on his Twitter account. To a question of one fan asking if it was true that there would be no SSFIV AE DLC, he answered, “Over my dead body! It all right!”

Ono repeatedly tweeted to fans that an announcement of DLC would come after the release of SSFIV 3DS in the US this March, though he gave no specifics. Also upcoming after the current portable frenzy should be more word of Ono’s crossover fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken.

So, SF fans- still pining for Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni? Just be a bit more patient, Ono’s still on it as only he can. More as we get it then.

3DS Unboxing Video, SSFIV 3D Edition Footage

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Fast Tube by Casper

Ah, that new console smell!

The Nintendo 3DS is almost out in Japan. Soon it will be all over the place, and I just may get one for Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition, Resident Evil and maybe Dead or Alive: Dimensions. That’s the reason why I am actually interested in this particular unboxing vid. The 3DS is a lovely thing, although I’ve never really liked the flip-open form factor (the less moving parts for me, the better). I am liking though that the games are in a kind of SD card format, rather than the delicate UMDs that PSP games come with. Not sure when this will be available locally, but I’ll be keeping an eye out. For now, I guess I can enjoy this vid for a while.

Musing About: Tekken Tag 2 Character Customization

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Just a sampling of TTT2′s Customiza- is that a CAT on Wang’s head?

One of the most popular features in Tekken 6 was Character Customization. Now while there are purists out there who pooh-pooh playing dress ‘em up in a beat ‘em up, many are the players who enjoy pimping out their characters with the coolest, weirdest or most badass outfits. It also gave cool incentive for you to fight if you weren’t interested much in rankings or battle percentages, so you could earn that slick jacket or that killer pair of gauntlets. Or that pair or shorts.

Well, to be honest, the original arcade version of Tekken 6 had somewhat limited customization in terms of items, which was kinda-sorta remedied in the eventual sequel Bloodline Rebellion. The final Tekken 6 version added in a truckload of costumes and items and the complete hair customization feature (well, as complete as it could be). Still, the feature wasn’t as voluminous in choices as the most comparable customizable fighter- Virtua Fighter 5 (arcade), and many players complained (rightly so) that several fighters had fairly pitiful stuff to choose from (Alisa, Lars, Zafina, etc).

Well, that looks to be changed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which promised, among other things, a revamped Character Customization feature. A glimpse of this new system could be seen in the recently-released AOU trailer.

Fast Tube by Casper

Tekken Tag 2′s Customization looks CRAZY!

Though it’s in Japanese, we can deduce stuff according to the visuals (as modelled by the lovely Asuka). The obvious is that there probably is going to be a lot more stuff- stuff to customize the various sections of the body- head, face, upper body, lower body, waist, arms, feet, back. The clothing so far shown on Asuka seem all new, but there are hints of old costumes returning again from the previous game.
But as the video goes on, you can see something new- Asuka seems to be wearing stuff that is normally associated with other fighters- particularly in one instance she’s wearing Nina’s Death by Degrees gloves, a vest and shirt normally seen on Julia, and items usually seen on other characters (Bryan’s shotgun, Kuma’s fish, angel wings). Lili is seen swinging a bat (previously only used by male characters). Even hair customization will be improved, with the addition of hair ornaments to the options.

It can be gathered then that clothing and items in TTT2 are universal- as in, most (if not all) may probably be available for use for all characters, though perhaps clothing may be limited to same gender. This may suggest that many costumes from the previous game will be back, as well as having new ones added. If this is true, perhaps everyone will have the same range of options, including basic stuff like options for Bare Hands and Bare Feet, which weren’t available for everyone in Tekken 6. The pic in the official site (seen at the beginning of this article) suggests a lot of new looks available in TTT2.
Having a large assortment of clothing pieces and options available for all characters should certainly solve the problem of some fighters having too little stuff, and should make for some interesting combinations. I am also hoping that instead of having multiple copies of the same item/clothing in different colors we’ll be able to change the colors of each article ourselves with a Color Mixer or similar system, such as that found in SoulCalibur IV.

It’s not known if there will be items unique to certain characters- the vid shows Kazuya using the Hammer Head item to apparently finish off his opponent by literally nailing them into the ground, while King uses an unspecified item to end his match with a sitdown piledriver/3-count pin: both seem unique or suitable only to them.

Though we may have to wait a bit for the english version of the AOU trailer to get a better idea of the new treats in store for us in TTT2, it seems very clear that the devs are planning cooler things for us. More as we get it then!

By Odin! Thor Trailer 2 is Epic! ANOTHER!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Zounds! This Trailer be Worthy!

Okay, I have to say I’ve never been a big fan of Marvel Comics’ Thor, though I did play him in a few RPG sessions in high school, and he kicked ass. I always found his adventures pretty full to the brim with action, which is always good. But the first trailer for this upcoming film didn’t exactly hit me. It was nice to see Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) from Iron Man, but the spot was seriously lacking in stuff. Well, this new trailer remedies that, and then some. You’ve got good setup, the crazy blonde dude mixing in with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster (isn’t she, like, the Wasp?) character, Thor acting all goofy (I WANT ANOTHER!) and then back to Asgard for some eye-catching action. And THEN you’ve got The Destroyer. WOW! Now we’re talking.
The trailer looks both fun and epic. Now that I’ve seen more of him, Chris Hemsworth both looks and sounds like a worthy thundergod, and it’s good to see Anthony Hopkins back in a film (as Odin). Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki looks straight out of the comic. The CG action parts in Asgard look pretty slick. I guess I’m now officially looking forward to this flick. Check out the trailer above and you’ll probably be too. It’s still a ways off though, set for May in the US. We’ll see when Thor lands in our shores here soon enough.

Knights Contract Intro Movie

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Fast Tube by Casper

CG Gothic Horror Awesomeness.

Knights Contract, the dark fantasy action-adventure from developer Game Republic and publisher Namco-Bandai is out. This somewhat bloody and mature hack-and-slash title puts you in the armored boots of Heinrich, a middle-aged bruiser and cursed, immortal executioner who has been conscripted to protect and aid the rather mortal but powerful witch Gretchen as she seeks to defeat an evil doctor and his army of dark creatures. Kinda like a bloodier, more violent Ico, you have to both battle creatures and manage your damsel-like companion. Fortunately Gretchen doesn’t stand by helplessly- she can buff Heinrich with spells, weaken the enemy with her magic and do all sorts of cool stuff.

Anyway, the game just launched in the US, and the trailer/intro above is probably indicative of the quality of the cinematics in the game- which is pretty excellent. It’s horror-fantasy movie good, with some disturbing imagery that looks pretty slick thanks to some non-anime, realistically-featured characters and some pretty lavish blood and gore. I guess this sets a tone for the rest of this moody romp in this dangerous fantasy world. Check it out!

Tekken Tag 2 on My iPhone

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Ready to pin anyone daring to call.

Yep, that’s the formidable and fetching Jaycee, currently adorning my mobile’s home and lock screen. I capped the backgrounds from the recently-released AOU Trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I’ll be picking Jaycee first when I get my hands on TTT2. Now everytime I whip out my phone to text or call, I’ll be reminded of this game. Yeah, it also reminds me that it’s still months away from an arcade release and the console release is even farther away but… heck, that’s sweet sorrow for you. I am a bit of a masochist, I guess.

Jaycee straps up among my folders and apps.

Been quiet over Twitter lately at Harada_Tekken, probably the Tekken team’s busy disseminating all the data and feedback they got from the first showing of a playable TTT2. I’m hoping we don’t need to wait too long for another good look at the game. There’s still tons of gameplay vids online to check out, if you haven’t already. More as we get it then.