Violence on TV: Mortal Kombat Commercial

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Fast Tube by Casper

Stuff they’re showing these days…

Here’s the first TV spot for the upcoming Mortal Kombat. It’s got some eye-catching action, some hints of some bloody fatalities, and even a teasing glance at one of the game’s much-touted perks (an extra-skimpy outfit for beastly beauty Mileena). MK is out in mid-April. For now, download the demo from PSN free, or just watch the spot above.

Jill and Wesker Debut in RE: Mercenaries 3D!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Bringing the hotness and the pain!

Here’s the cool debut trailer for Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker for the upcoming Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, joining cast members Chris and Claire Redfield and Jack Krauser. But really, these two put the other mercs to shame- Jill brings sexy back, while no one kicks ass more profoundly than The Man in Black. I just may get a 3DS for the RE games, and this is looking pretty awesome.

I just can’t resist Jill in her BSAA outfit. Arrest me, officer! Arrest me!

SSFIV Arcade Edition for Console Confirmed!

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Evil Ryu and Oni are headed your way this June.

Eurogamer has just confirmed something we’ve all kinda-sorta-known for a while; Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition is headed for consoles. Well, at least in Europe, but then if it comes out somewhere it will reach everywhere. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which is the UK’s equivalent of the ESRB, has given SSFIV AE a rating and confirmed a launch in the UK on June 24, 2011.

According to the report, the game will come with some new anime sequences, which probably consist of a new Opening Movie and the individual Intros/Epilogues for the additional characters. SSFIV Arcade Edition added four characters to the lineup- Yun and Yang from SF3 and the super-powered monster Shotos, Evil Ryu and Oni. Also added were various tweaks to character balance and gameplay that may probably irk some hardcore players.

I’m not that thrilled with AE since all the new characters are kinda meh to me (although Oni’s design is really eye-catching). Still, something new is always good, and this is something to look forward to… a nice birthday gift for myself in June, at least. Heheh… More as we get it then.

Tekken Tag 2 Pic: Right Where It Really Hurts

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King gets a greeting from the new Heel in town.

Last week was a nice but slow re-start to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hype, with an english AOU trailer and a Devil Kazuya video. From here on, we have no idea though when or what the next TTT2 updates will be. Fortunately Katsuhiro Harada is still tweeting along, his latest including that painful pic we’ve got above.

It’s not exactly new- this screenshot got posted online about the same time as the AOU show, but the kick in the nuts as well as other bits weren’t actually included in the trailer. They’re of course saving a lot of FMV (which extend pretty much all of the scenes shown so far) for the final, full intro for TTT2 (arcade version). For now though, It’s funny to see the added ‘reactions’ from the guys at Jaycee’s sudden attack, including from her own partner Armor King (guess he didn’t expect that either). Perhaps it just goes to show she really has her own personal agenda in this ongoing wrestling war storyline? I really am intrigued at the character and Jaycee is surely one of the fighters I’ll be picking up first when I get my grubby hands on TTT2.

From here on though, it’s still a bit murky on when or what the next updates will be. Hopefully more gameplay videos will be forthcoming soon- really, the Tekken devs have a lot of catching up to do. Harada will surely make the time to continually leak these little treats to us as they inch their way to the hopefully not-to-delayed arcade release. For now, all we can do is just hunker down and keep our eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter. More as we get it then!

Full Mortal Kombat Roster Pic!

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The gang’s all here. Or not.

Over the weekend, this legit-looking shot of what appears to be the final default roster for the upcoming Mortal Kombat surfaced. Given all that has so far been cascaded to us on the web, this is probably the real deal.

Anyway, characters on the pic look to be the following…

TOP ROW: Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sub Zero
SECOND ROW: Sindel, Ermac, Reptile, Kitana
THIRD ROW: Johnny Cage, Jade, Mileena, Nightwolf
FOURTH ROW: Cyrax, Noob(Elder), Smoke, Sektor
FIFTH ROW: Sonya, Jax, Kano, Stryker
SIXTH ROW: Shang Tsung, Baraka, Kabal, Raiden
BOTTOM ROW: DLC (Cyber Sub Placeholder), Sheeva, Quan Chi, DLC (Cyber Sub Placeholder)

If this is real, then there are still a few characters still to be officially debuted. It’s still quite a bit of a wait till the game is released, so expect a lot more info to be dumped, both officially and non-officially, in the weeks ahead.

Good and Evil Artworks from Capcom

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The Zaibatsu and Shadaloo join hands to cheer on Japan.

Here are a couple of nice artworks from the Super Streetfighter IV Blog. The one above is another ‘Ganbare Nippon’ poster from the Capcom art staff, guest-starring Old Heihachi and a mention of Namco-Bandai. Meanwhile, a more malevolent piece of art also debuts today, the official portrait art of Evil Ryu. Really, not someone you’d want to meet in a dark alley somewhere. Or anyplace, for that matter.

He’s a very, very, very angry man.

These are really nice gestures from Capcom. You can get the wallpaper at the SSFIV blog in various large sizes, so get over there now.

Tekken Tag 2 Kazuya ‘Devil Transform’ Test Video

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Wings, check. Horns, check… blue skin… CHECK!

Katsuhiro Harada has just posted another Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ‘leaked’ video, this time showing off more of Kazuya and his Devil Gene powers. The first vid that showed off Kazuya going Devil had purists screaming bloody murder, saying that it was just Kaz pasted with fake-looking wings. Well, they all screamed far too soon, as that vid, as Harada has been saying all along, was just a pretty early WIP. This latest vid shows off Kazuya in Full Devil Mode, complete with the blue-colored skin, zappy forehead jewel and rad horns. Oh, and he beats up Devil Jin quite a bit with some nasty moves.

Of course, the purists are already screaming “WHERE’S HIS TAIL??! HE’S STILL WEARING HIS PANTS! WHERE ARE THE BEAST LEGS??! IT’S NOT DEVIL!!!” Well, too bad for you… Harada don’t like the idea of the pants disappearing and reappearing like magic. So if the babes can’t have bikinis, Devil can’t be butt-naked too. Heheh…

Anyways, check the vid out over here.

Some posts at Tekken Forums raised a good point. Since now Devil Gene power is part of Kazuya, won’t this result in people just playing him as Devil now, rather than just staying as regular Kaz? I am thinking that perhaps Devil mode is limited- perhaps he can’t stay in it indefinitely (which is why he has to switch back). Perhaps as Devil some moves are slower? I’m sure that the devs will tweak this and balance it so that players won’t abuse the power. Still, it’s the Devil Gene after all- it should be powerful, but of course not enough to make him broken. Even ultimate power has limits… heh…

Kratos Kicks Ass in Mortal Kombat

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Fast Tube by Casper

The God of War shows ‘em how Spartans do it.

I’ll be the first to say that guest characters in general suck. I absolutely hated the Star Wars characters in Soulcalibur IV, and Kratos in Broken Destiny was bland. However, based on the video above, the Angry Spartan is a perfect fit (a flawless fit?) for the new Mortal Kombat. At least here, in the most gory and brutal Kombat yet, Kratos can really show off his skills- remember, this is the guy who gouges out eyes and rips away heads as a matter of course. Also, his name starts with a ‘K’!
Nicely true to his past games, Kratos comes equipped with his arsenal from God of War III, including the creepy Head of Helios that blinds enemies, and the bone-crunching Cestus. Also, some of his combos or Fatalities come with button-press directions like the classic Quick Time Event kills- now that’s pretty sweet.
Looks like PS3 owners got one up over the Xbox crowd with this one. The game is out in April- for now, check out the bloody trailer.

Mortal Kombat Webisodes’ Princess Kitana

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Fast Tube by Casper

Princess Kitana? More like Princess Kicks-Ass!

It’s just been confirmed that the character of Kitana in the upcoming Mortal Kombat web-series by director Kevin Tancharoen will be played by Samantha Tjhia. Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the role of the enchanting (and long-lived) stepdaughter of Shao Khan, Miss Tjhia is also a distinguished martial artist whose prowess you can sample in the video above. WOWERS. If she can deliver lines like she can deliver kicks and flips, this may be perfect casting. The first episode of the MK webisodes is set this April, right before the launch of the new Mortal Kombat game.

Tekken Tag 2 AOU Trailer Translated!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Now in English… but still with mannish Anna.

As we expected, Katsuhiro Harada has just posted the english version of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU Trailer! He uploaded the vid over at his Facebook account, but you can of course just watch the video above.

The footage in the trailer is pretty much the same as before, aside from the translated voiceover and text. For the most part, the main message of the trailer is that TTT2 has a lot more content, but for the most part what I thought the trailer was saying in Japanese turned out to be mostly correct. At the start, it’s all basically harping on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion’s popularity, then moving onto TTT2′s features such as the new Tag Gameplay elements, Returning Characters, Stage Gimmicks, improved Character Models, Customizations and of course the Bana Passport, whose main feature is that all your data (customizations and character info) is on just one card.

Disappointingly, Character Customization isn’t ever elaborated on- nothing extra is said about items or costumes being universal, not is there even any mention of new Item Moves- so all we have are the visuals and footage shown. Finally, the spot just ends with a ’2011 Release’ (the word ‘worldwide’ from the Japanese trailer has somehow vanished). It’s pretty much known that in terms of an arcade presence, TTT2 will be (at least currently) mainly released in Japan, Asia and adjacent regions.

The trailer doesn’t go into detail about customizations, but this pic says it all… it’s gonna be crazier than ever.

Funny though, now that I understand the stuff being said, it doesn’t seem as mystifying or impressive as the Japanese-voiced trailer… heheh… the Japanese voice just sounds so much more exciting. Anyway, check the trailer out for now. Hopefully Harada will leak more TTT2 footage and gameplay soon. More as we get it then.