Tekken Tag 2: True Ogre Test Footage!

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Katsuhiro Harada just posted another cool micro-update for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This time it’s a look at the monstrous True Ogre! Considered by many fans as perhaps the best end boss in the series, this vile creature was responsible (in it’s first form) for the disappearance and assumed death of Jun Kazama, consigning her son Jin to the dark and moody lifestyle of an emo hunk.
The vid’s pretty short, more of an animation test, looks like. But If you thought this beast was creepy before with his huge, snaky arm… well, he’s upgraded to have not one but a whole nest of squirmy vipers as his right appendage. CREEEPY!!! Even worse, it looks like this guy’s gonna have evil range with his attacks. Supposedly he’s NOT the game’s end boss, which begs the question, what awaits us at the end of the game?

For now, check out the vid over at Harada’s Facebook Page. More as we get it then!

Tekken Tag 2 Update for May

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Hopefully Tekken fans will have something to high-five about in the next few weeks.

Aside from the aforementioned Soul Calibur news to be announced in mid-May, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 front seems eventful as well. According to reports in the latest Arcadia Magazine, TTT2 will have location tests in Japan at this time as well, although at present the exact dates and venue are TBA.

Aside from that, Katsuhiro Harada has stated that he’ll be traveling quite a bit next month. Next week, the Tekken producer will be in Taiwan. On May 9 to 13, Harada will be in Dubai where he’ll be announcing something. What ‘that’ is will probably be something about TTT2. A firm release date on the arcade version? A new trailer? We’ll just have to wait and see… and keep our eyes peeled on Twitter and Facebook. More as we get it then!

Streetfighter X Tekken in EGM Digital

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Clashing for Cover Space.

The Capcom-produced cross-over fighter gets featured on the cover of Electronic Gaming Monthly’s online mag. The article inside is an interview with both Yoshinori Ono and Seth Killian, talking about what their latest beat ‘em up venture is all about. Not too much on the hard info, more rambling, but worth reading for anyone expectant of this Fighting Festival title. Check out the issue here.

The Lone Gamer’s Mortal Kombat (2011) Review

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Forget the short film- you’ve got your Mortal Kombat Rebirth right here.

Developer Nether Realms brings us a rebooted Mortal Kombat (MK9) that’s both gone back to it’s roots as well as taken solid steps into uncharted territory in both it’s canon story and core gameplay. In this current day when the fighting genre is a smaller, more demanding and deadly arena, can this new MK compete for gamers’ hearts?
NOTE: I do not touch online gameplay at all in this review because (1) I focus mainly on the Single Player/Offline aspects and (2) PSN is down and out as of this writing, and won’t be back for the foreseeable future…

MK9′s story begins when the world ends- in Armageddon.

The Story Mode.
The GOOD: MK9′s Story Mode is, bar none, the finest narrative execution I’ve yet seen for a beat ‘em up. MK storylines and presentation have always been strong (particularly in the previous MK VS DCU), but in this case they really go to town with an hours-long, twisting saga that retells the events of the original MK trilogy, with a Star Trek-ish reboot twist. With lavish cutscenes using the game’s assets, the storytelling is polished for the most part from voice acting to scripting to scene direction. Yes, it has some moments of cheesiness but this is as good as fighting game storytelling gets- you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss several hours goodbye. This surely sets the bar for future beat ‘em ups Story Modes to aspire to from now on. Now, WHERE’S THE SEQUEL???
The BAD: The lack of a Theater mode to re-watch cutscenes. The inability to skip cutscenes. The lack of any way to replay chapters without having to finish the whole mode and start it from the very beginning is also a sad oversight.
The UGLY: Way to go, devs, for that WTF single-handed massacre scene that will surely tear out the hearts of the fans of several of the game’s characters. Seriously, did that just happen?!

Cyber Sub-Zero?

The New Fighting Engine.
The GOOD: Finally revamping the gameplay that has been clunky and restrictive for the longest time, Nether Realms gives us fast and playable 2D gameplay which is a throwback to the classic MK, but supercharged and on speed. Combos are open-ended and left to players’ skill and creativity, incorporating launchers, bounces, stuns and juggles for some truly impressive battles. A new power meter adds more depth by adding into the mix enhanced versions of special moves as well as the extra-brutal, Ultra Combo-esque X-Ray Attack- a true spectacle of virtual violence. Best of all, every character is unique, with his or her own feel and style of play, making for a lean but mean roster.
Added as well and beating Tekken Tag 2 to the punch is a Tag Team mode which doubles the beatdowns with 2 fighters to switch in and out of the action. The mechanic works excellently and makes for some mad-awesome matches.
MK is now closer to more competitive fighters like Tekken, VF and Soul Calibur than ever before, and finally establishes MK9 as a fighter that has more to offer than just a cool storyline with lots of gore and spectacle.
The BAD: Combos and fair play go out the window when you face off with the game’s uber-cheap bosses, forcing you to spam moves or resort to exploits and even cheaper tactics to beat them.
The UGLY: Some TVs after controllers are hurled through their screens in frustration after Shao Kahn kills you with his rushing shoulder charge for the 20+++ time.

Expect to see this screen a LOT.

LOTS to do.
The GOOD: Aside from the aforementioned Story Mode, Challenge Tower is what will be eating up your time in MK9. A 300-level monolith of trials which range from fights with hilarious stipulations, one-against-many battles to classic ‘Test Your Might’ button mashers, this will have you playing for hours and hours. Nicely enough, if you find trouble beating a challenge, you can buy your way through.
Rounding out the game are many Single Player modes- Ladder is the standard Arcade mode, Tag Ladder the same thing but with 2 characters at your disposal, Practice (which includes a cool Fatality Training Mode).
The BAD: Some of the challenges are freakin’ EVIL and may lead to frustration. You will learn to hate Shokans.
The UGLY: The prize for beating all the challenges is an almost naked Mileena (well, even more almost naked than usual)… WITHOUT her mask. YIKES!


Graphics and Art
The GOOD: Easily the best-looking MK yet, with large, detailed character models that boast injuries and costume damage as the fights wear on as well as internal skeletons, muscles and organs which appear during the super-brutal X-ray Attacks. Animations are smooth and overall excellent, with every character having unique movements.
Stages boast lavish detail and imaginative settings, reinterpreting classic MK stages from the original trilogy. The overall Horror-SciFi/Fantasy vibe is strong with this game’s art direction, permeating every screen and in particular shown off in the newly redone and atmospheric Krypt.
The BAD: Character models aren’t as polished or as fine as other fighters, with hair in particular looking stiff.
The UGLY: Every fighter’s face after a particularly bloody match. Um, is that exposed BONE I am seeing?

The Blood. Oh, the freakin’ BLOOD!
The GOOD: MK fans who live for the franchise’s fatalities and violence will be in heaven (or hell as the case may be) with this game- no other MK has gone as far as MK9, with some of the most ghastly spectacles of final finishers yet seen. Blood runs freely in this game, literally gushing in showers in one particular stage, painting fighters who pass under them for some impressive, if unintentionally funny results.
The BAD: This game’s gore factor is truly horror movie caliber. NOT for kids and anyone easily repelled or offended by such things.
The UGLY: Your folks’ faces after you show them one of the more graphic fatalities.

Not flawless, but certainly superb.

The GOOD: Gorgeously gruesome with engaging gameplay and impressive action, the new Mortal Kombat should impress any serious or casual fighting game fan who is not turned off or partial against the persistent and truly graphic blood and gore that is this game’s guts.
Despite some little nitpicks (lack of a VS CPU mode, a useless Record function in Practice mode, awkward controller setup) and cheap bosses that may frustrate, this MK is far and away the best game in the series ever and an excellent, full-featured fighting game. Players may be attracted by the uber-flashy fatalities and gore, but they will probably stay for the awesome new gameplay. With a sequel almost surely being hinted at, I can’t wait to see what’s next.
The BAD: The blood and gore may just turn off players who just don’t like it- that’s just the way it is.
The UGLY: Needing to keep myself practiced and decent in Tekken, SSFIV and now Mortal Kombat as well from now on is gonna leave even less time for sleep…

The Lone Gamer’s RATING: 9/10

A Countdown to the Next Soul Calibur?

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Pages flipping away… to the next Stage of History?

Recently, Namco-Bandai of Japan set up this cool little countdown page, with an old ancient tome by candlelight flipping away its pages and counting down to… something. Now, at first I thought this was just for something like a new Tales game, but some, like Versus City, are speculating that this may actually be a teaser to the next Soul Calibur game. I have to say that with the words ‘stage’, ‘sword’ and ‘history’ faintly written on the pages, I am inclined to agree. Couple this with SC’s new producer Daishi Odashima’s recent tweet that he’ll probably be posting an update on his upcoming fighter in mid-May (coincidentally when the countdown ends), the outcome seems airtight. Anyway, we’ll find out then in a couple of weeks!

You can check out and bookmark the countdown to ‘the next chapter’ here.

Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 3: Johnny Cage

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Fast Tube by Casper

Featuring Ed Boon!

The latest episode of Kevin Tancharoen’s web series takes up the story of, as of MK9, my favorite male character in the franchise, Johnny Cage. The lovable douche is comic relief for the game as well as being one kick-ass fighter, and I am glad the new game has him in a more favorable light for the most part. Anyway, this episode of Legacy opens up with a ‘Hollywood True Stories’ type of segment on Cage (I wish they went the distance and actually used E!) with the former martial arts superstar’s career on a nosedive. This is a one-shot gig, which is pretty straight to the point- I wish the Sonya-Jax chapter was as tight.

Next week’s chapter has Kitana and Mileena, which should make for very different imagery and setting.

Thinking of Getting the Mortal Kombat Prima Guide?

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Fast Tube by Casper

A very… heartfelt review.

If you’ve got some cash and are thinking of getting some Mortal Kombat stuff like, oh, the Prima Guide- which comes in a nice hardcover bind and bright, colorful art- think twice. As seen in the video above by Youtube’s Kaworu, the guide isn’t really useful, or well-made. In fact, it’s pretty bad. How bad? Well, watch the vid. It’s quite entertaining, though gets pretty heavy with language towards the end- there’s even a Fatality Scorpion would be proud of. Heheh…

Famitsu Posts Streetfighter X Tekken Screens, Art

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The first two Tag Teams revealed… again.

Famitsu just posted a Streetfighter X Tekken article with screens and character art on their site. Nothing that spectacular or new, actually, but the post does have the fighters’ stories/background info. Anyway, the characters featured are the first two Tag Teams in the game- Ryu and Ken then Kazuya and Nina.

Ryu is described as the perennial wandering fighter who continually seeks stronger and stronger opponents. Taught by the legendary Gouken, he seeks to become stronger in the Shotokan style. Ken is Ryu’s friend, rival and fellow student in the Shotokan style, and despite being born into a life of privilege and wealth, he spares no effort to become as strong as his friend.

On the Tekken side, Kazuya is the son of Heihachi Mishima, head of one of the world’s most powerful business conglomerates, the Mishima Zaibatsu. Possessing the blood of the Devil and mastery of the Mishima Ryu style, he is willing to go to any lengths, even dirty tactics, to achieve his goals. Nina was taught the arts of assassination by her father and is now a professional assassin of renown. She sells her skills to the highest bidder.

Check out the Famitsu article here. There’s actually no set date on the release of the game, although some sites have speculated a 2012 release on consoles. More characters will be revealed as the months pass, so there won’t be any shortage of updates for this game. More as we get it then.

Sneak Peek at Mortal Kombat DLC Character ‘Skarlet’

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Fast Tube by Casper

Babe with a rack, hacked!

One of the projected DLC for the new Mortal Kombat is a character called Skarlet (sp?), yet another character whose origin came from a graphical glitch (she was a glitched red version of Kitana/Mileena). Well, while we don’t know when this babe will be available for download, some hackers managed to pry out a look at her from the Xbox360 version, albeit a very incomplete version sans VS portrait, special moves or much anything of worth. Still, at least you can see her character model and a semblance of how she moves.
Sadly, she’s yet another of the generic veil-and-high-heeled ninja girl school which is, I have to say, tiresome by now. Not really feeling this Skarlet is anything to look forward to, but heck, if she’s cheap (as in inexpensive to buy, not annoyingly unfair in gameplay) I’ll bite. Maybe. Anyway, the footage above is worth seeing, but don’t expect much.

Tekken Tag 2: Heihachi Shoryuken??!

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Fast Tube by Casper


Apparently aside from getting young again thanks to some unspecified ‘procedure’, Heihachi Mishima has also learned a new trick from the infamous Shotokan school.

Nah… this is actually just a little prank by the Tekken team, according to Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter, who specifies that this move is NOT in TTT2. You’ll notice as well that Nina has Chun-li’s stance, which may allude slightly to the possibility that the Chunster will be in Tekken X Streetfighter (as if you could do anything SF-related without her). Anyway, a nice little aside… good to see the Tekken team hasn’t lost their sense of humor. More updates and media from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as we get it then.