Sizzling Gameplay from Skull Girls!

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Last Girl Standing Battle!

I’ve been standing off a bit from the Darkstalker-ish, all-female 2D beat ‘em up Skull Girls, since as yet the game is still relatively early in development, with only three to four characters revealed. That said though, what is there looks absolutely off-the-wall awesome. The art style is a refreshing change from the usual anime look of many fighting games, and the character designs look fabulous. The animations are insanely detailed and clever, and the gameplay is looking slick- I particularly like how you can choose 1 to 3 fighters in a round (elimination-style combat as opposed to one KO ends the bout). I can’t wait to see more characters revealed as this game inches towards completion. Anyways, check out the vids from TheBBVlog for a cool look at this upcoming fighter. Skull Girls will be available for download on PSN and XboxLive later this year- I know I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

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Three against one? Talk about one-sided!

The Lone Gamer’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

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Does Bayformers go out with a bang or a clunk?

Here’s the score for me with this series so far. I actually liked the first movie- it had its faults and Bay oddballities, but we all forgave that because- heck, it was the first time and that gave it leeway for mistakes. But I forgave the wacko characters that director Michael Bay insists on populating his world with. It’s a silly world that takes giant robots almost in stride with everyday life, so I guess you need to be a little unhinged. John Turturro’s Agent Simmons was probably the most irritating part of the movie, but hey, the CG effects were awesome even if you couldn’t recognize any of the Autobots (with the exception of the iconic Optimus Prime and mellow-yellow Bumblebee).

Part 2 though- Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen, was a piece of shit. I can go on forever about how horrid this one was- from annoying characters who were either obnoxious, non-funny comic relief vessels or walking racial slurs to once again, those wacko parents- but really, the worst part was how it was now obvious that this series wasn’t really about the giant robots these movies are named for- at every opportunity the heroic Autobots are thrown into the background and never allowed to be developed as characters, and this flick was, even more and more obvious than the first- was a big, freakin’ US Armed Forces commercial. All that plus it had a giant robot with a scrotum. I mean, WHAT THE HELL?

And now, part three. With Transformers: Dark of the Moon, does Michael Bay finally get it right? In a word… Nope.

It’s still a royal mess of a film, with a confusing script that tries to mash in a conspiracy theory movie, a romance-comedy movie and an army action movie all into one- with some giant robots somewhere in there. Once again, the Autobots are little more than plot devices, shoved into the background for most of the film, to show up only to conveniently keep the film’s actual leads- the human cast- from being vaporized at some key moments.

Literally everyone else sees more action, more screentime than 75 percent of the Transformers- most of the human protagonists from the first couple of films sans Megan Fox, plus a division of new ones: Frances McDormand plays the initially antagonistic and apparently eternally PMS-ing US Secretary of Defense, model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely plays Carly, Sam WItwicky’s new girlfriend (who utterly blasts Megan Fox out of the water), Patrick Dempsey plays her boss, John Malkovich plays Sam’s boss, etc., etc… there are so many, you just know some cuts have to be made. Like, screentime of those extraneous giant robot guys.

And what IS it with Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBouf) in this movie? He’s saved the world twice and feels that he’s due for some reward and totally frustrated that he isn’t getting the respect for it. As a result, he’s an absolute ASS for the first third of the film- really, he’s absolutely certifiable in a couple of scenes. Are you on drugs, Sam? Yeah, he’s uptight and can’t get a job but hell, come one… he’s already been rewarded with an awesome girlfriend and he’s still being so dumb. Take a chill pill, dude. Sheesh.

Anyway, things start off odd and stay odd until the last hour of the film, which opens up into a long action parade that has Chicago being the battleground for the Bayformer Armageddon. Like before, after initially getting their butts kicked and with a teeny bit of help from some cool giant robots (the Autobots, I recall?), the US military guys eventually get their groove on and defeat the Decepticons once and for all. OKAY, Optimus Prime and Bee did a lot of butt-kicking as well. The action-packed finale is one long amusement park ride of thrills and spills- you don’t remember all of it, and most was a blur, but you were laughing your head off some parts or just amused and confused most of the time.

And that’s basically it. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is still Bayformers, but it thankfully does away with the worst parts of Part 2, and even with a confusing script with holes big enough to warp a planet through, the action in the final third will at least please action fans giddy. I’d say that it’s at least as good as the first film, and really should have been the real sequel and Revenge of the Fallen should never have existed. If you liked the series from one and two, you’ll love this one no doubt, so go ahead and give Bay even more millions.
Now, let’s all hope someday, if and when this series is rebooted, the one who does it makes an actual movie ABOUT the Transformers.

Tekken and More To Be Featured at Japan Expo in Paris

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Over on Twitter, both FilthieRich and Katsuhiro Harada have posted about the upcoming Namco-Bandai Event at the Japan Expo in Paris, this coming June 30 to July 3. According to the press release, the event will feature everything from Dragon Ball, Tales, One Piece and more.
On the Tekken front, there will be revealed new images of Tekken: Blood Vengeance and the bundled Tekken Tag Tournament HD in the PS3-exclusive Tekken Hybrid Package.

Intriguing though is the part about Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which will be on hand for visitors to play.

“TEKKEN fans can play TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 for the first time on arcade machines, days before its release in Japan.

Is this accurate, or just a typo/PR mistake? Does this mean that TTT2 is on the verge of actual arcade release in July? So far Harada hasn’t denied anything so let’s cross our fingers- maybe somehow Tekken Tag 2 is nearing completion (at least, the arcade version). Maybe. In any case, the upcoming Japan Expo looks to be an event we should keep eyes on before Comicon. More as we get it then!

Mortal Kombat’s Kenshi DLC Trailer

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He’s blind, brutal and badass.

On the heels of the bloody Skarlett is the blind swordsman, Kenshi. This deadly fighter debuted way back in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and now he’s back in the rebooted MK. A gifted warrior blinded by Shang Tsung’s treachery, Kenshi’s story stretched into encounters with the US Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs and battles with various criminal organizations such as the Red Dragon. He eventually fought in and met his end during the final battle during Mortal Kombat Armageddon. But of course, all that is past and prologue- Kenshi’s back and deadlier than ever as the trailer above quite vividly illustrates.
I’m really hoping that these DLCs sell- they’re quite cool and I’m hoping even more additional characters make their way into MK as we wait for the inevitable sequel. For now, check out Kenshi and his unique brand of ass-kickery. The swordsman should be available for download on PSN and Xboxlive on July 5.

Streetfighter X Tekken Vids from NCR9

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Streetfighter X Tekken action from the NorCal Regionals.

iPlayWinner just posted a bunch of nice, crisp Streetfighter X Tekken match vids with high-profile players such as Naps and Justin Wong from the recent NorCal Regionals. The action is pretty fierce, with tons of tag combos, fiery supers and some fast commentating with Capcom’s own Seth Killian. The Crossover Fighter’s been making the rounds in various events and there are tons of vids around online. I wanna see more fighters debut into the lineup though, but I guess we need to wait for next month to see more additions to SFxT’s roster. For now though, check out some frantic, tag-team action from this near-future fighter. Streetfighter X Tekken hits the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox360 sometime in 2012. For even more vids, visit the iPlayWinner Youtube Channel over here.

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The game’s still being shaped, but it’s looking pretty fierce.

The Lone Gamer’s Back from Bangkok!

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Hey there, everyone! It was just a short vacation for me in Thailand, but it was quite sweet. Bangkok is a teeming, beautiful, pleasurable place to visit, wander around in, dine in, soak in culture, people-watch, shop and just chill in a comfy hotel in. I heartily recommend it, if you got some money and time to yourself. But I did totally walk my feet off wandering around, so it’s paramount to bring sensible, very comfortable walking footwear, whether it be sneakers, sandals or what have you.

Anyway, I came back with a bunch of souvenirs, some nice T-shirts, some nice Thai munchies and a load of memories. But it’s time to get back to gaming, and here I am. Funny though- nothing much really happened on the Fighting Game front aside from some incremental updates, so I guess I took a break at the right time. Regardless, once I’m all systems go, articles and posts will soon be back to normal. Stay tuned, people- more as we get it then!

Tekken Tag 2 is E3 2011′s Best Fighting Game

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Namco-Bandai’s upcoming arcade fighter bagged Gametrailers’ award for best brawler, beating out titles such as Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken and the latest UFC game. It’s still a ways off before TTT2 hits consoles but it’s nice to have a mainstream game site like GT recognize the game’s quality. When the inevitable console versions arrive, hopefully by E3 2012 the PS3 and Xbox360 versions will similarly bag such accolades.

Writing this on my iPad from my hotel room in Bangkok. Heheh… More as we get it then!

To the Land of Temples, Tuk-Tuks and Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li!

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Yep, The Lone Gamer’s headed off tomorrow for Bangkok, Thailand! It’s sort of a mini-vacation, where I’ll have a couple of days to just walk around with friends, eat real Thai food, check out malls, cultural shrines and other cool Asian stuff. I’ll wanna make it a point to pass by Panthip Plaza, the city’s electronic Nirvana, to see if I can spot any good deals on gadgets and doohickies. Not really thinking of buying anything in particular- but who knows, maybe I’ll find something really awesome while I’m there.
Too bad there isn’t any Tekken Tag Tournament 2 location test in Bangkok, as far as I know. In fact, I don’t know if there are any arcades of note (I didn’t see any the first time I went there). But then, the last time I went for work. Tomorrow is all pleasure. Time for myself, to kick back, soak in some wellness and just recharge.

But don’t worry, I’m bringing along my iPad so somehow I’ll still try to update and post stuff on our fave games. Gosh, the internet is awesome. Later then!

2-Hit Combo of Streetfighter X Tekken Interviews!

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Oh no, it’s Ono!

A couple of interviews with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono were posted just now, talking up the upcoming Streetfighter X Tekken, the friendly rivalry with Namco and other Streetfighter news in general. They’re quite entertaining reads so check ‘em out. There’s one with GamePro and the other at Joystiq.

Soul Calibur V: Broken Family

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Not all is well in the Alexandra household…

I just learned some new stuff about the Soul Calibur V storyline recently. Apparently the Japanese version of the SCV website has Patroklos’ bio up, and it mentions that he was raised by his aunt Cassandra after his mother, Sophitia, was murdered by a ‘Malfested’ (some Soul Edge-spawned evil, I guess) and his father Rothion perished from a disease. His older sister Pyrrah was kidnapped (again?) early on and is still missing. Now he’s off on a quest to find his MIA sister and perhaps some sort of meaning or destiny in this mess of things.

Meanwhile, Pyrrah, whom we know is quite alive and wandering about, has no idea of her past- ZOUNDS! Yet another blonde amnesiac. Despite not having any memories of her past, she’s still her Mom and Aunt’s image in battle, so hopefully when they meet in an arena, Patroklos won’t stick her with his blade… too much.
Man, those are some hard breaks. Sadly, apparently Sophie’s ‘Happy Ending’ in SCIV didn’t happen (Siegfried’s ending is apparently the canon), and things just went downhill for the longtime heroine and her family, which is quite the downer. I’m of the thinking though that perhaps we may have not seen the last of Sophitia, and perhaps the two Alexandra siblings may somehow reunite and find a way to overturn this sad state of affairs for their family. We’ll just have to wait and see when Soul Calibur V hits in 2012.