SHOCKING! Jaycee’s Secret Identity Revealed at EVO!

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The moment when Jaws Dropped at EVO 2011.

EVO 2011 is winding up, and while so far all we’ve gotten a couple of new teaser trailers from Capcom, how about the Namco-Bandai side of things? Well, apparently judging from this pic posted by SD-Tekken’s MarkMan, the Tekken devs have formally let the cat out of the bag about Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s masked beauty Jaycee’s hidden persona, via the reveal of a new Tekken Kotobukiya Bishoujo figurine based on the character (along with artwork by Shunya Yamashita). A special feature of the Jaycee figure will be an alternate, unmasked head which will reveal of course that she is, under the mask, Julia Chang. Again, while Jaycee is the default character available from the get-go, it has been revealed before that you can use the game’s Character Customization feature to unmask her change her back to the Changster (she will, however, retain all her new moves and lucha attacks).
I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing more customizations and hopefully Item Moves from her on in? We’re inching closer and closer to the arcade release (in Japan at least), so I’m hoping for little bits of goodness to tide us over.
Anyways, there should be a lot more info from the various fighting game panels at EVO 2011 as we go into the week. Let’s hope for some meaty bits ahead.

Two More Characters for Streetfighter X Tekken!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Can you bear the suspense???

Fresh out of EVO 2011 are these two new Character Teaser Trailers for Streetfighter X Tekken. In contrast to the last ones which were a bit hard to figure out, these two are about as obvious as can be. The one above is a mess of monochromatic brown, some bits of fur and claws- heck, there’s only one such beast of a fighter in this equation, and it’s Kuma from Tekken. The second trailer teases a character with gauntlets and foot bandage-wraps, which a lot of Streetfighters wear but only one wields a kunai- yep, Ibuki, the cutest ninja in Capcom’s arsenal is IN the game. Heheh. Still no sign of Asuka and Lili but what the heck, I’m happy as a clam with ninja love right now. More as we get it then!

Fast Tube by Casper

Guess who’s on the scene.

Zombie Gunship for iPhone Lets You ‘Bring the Rain’

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In a Zombie Apocalypse, you’ve got the best seat in the house.

Remember one of the coolest parts of the first Bayformers movie? The part where Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and his crew are being attacked by Scorponok in the desert village, and after some silliness (“LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK!) they manage to call in this awesome aerial gun platform which blows the Decepticon to kingdom come. Well, actually I think about 80 percent of the rounds fired hit sand, and Scorp actually managed to escape sans tail, but it was still pretty cool. Well, picture a game that puts you in the seat of that awesome flying gunship, but this time the stakes are fare higher, the situation even more tense, and your need to hit with accuracy through the roof. That’s Zombie Gunship, a new game for iPhone from Limbic Software.

Set after some Pandemic unleashed hordes of slobbering undead on the world, the game throws you into the gunner’s seat of an AC-130 gunship, tasked with the role of protecting an armored bunker in the mountains from approaching zombie hordes. To do this, you’ve got a machine gun to start, and afterwards you can buy a couple of heavier guns/cannons. As killing zombies nets you money, you can use your rewards to upgrade the various aspects of your equipment, from damage radius, cooling down times and bullet speed, to extras like radar upgrades and a last resort bomb at the front of the bunker.

Complicating things a bit are some still-human soldiers making a hasty retreat to the bunker amongst the zombies, and you have to keep from hitting these poor fools by mistake. Kill two with your friendly fire and your tour of duty’s over. Let one zombie slip into the bunker tunnel, game over. There’s actually no goal, no stopping- you keep shooting and shooting till you fail. And fail you will, since after a bit the hordes grow increasingly relentless and numerous, and among the rank-and-file shamblers are giant boss zombies that take a LOT of fire to take down… try to take out these bad boys early. It’s a pretty simple but compelling game that you can easily jump into and out, and it’s fairly addictive.
The presentation seems Spartan, but it actually does resemble the similar segment in Modern Warfare for consoles, down to the deadpan delivery and commentary of your commanding officer/pilot as you shoot, score or fail. Sound effects are also simple but dead perfect. Play this with headphones in the dark for best results. It may get so tense, you may find yourself strapping on a parachute after a while.

Zombie Gunship is one of the cooler games I’ve recently gotten for my iPod Touch, and at just 99 cents, it’s a great buy for any iOS gamer. So grab it from the appstore posthaste and get ready to bring the rain.

King of Fighters Console Trailer

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Fighting their way to the Little Big Screens.

When King of Fighters XII was released a year or so ago, it was a bit of a dud being so bare bones. Well, the sequel looks to rectify the past rush job with a lot more trimmings in the package. King of Fighters XIII comes with 30 fighters (including fan favorite Mai Shiranui and newly-announced Billy Kane), more modes, customization options (not the Tekken 6 kind though) and a story to tie up the Ash Crimson saga. This comes on the heels of the recent release of KOF on iOS devices, which was pretty sweet so I think there’s a fair bit of goodwill towards SNK-Playmore’s beat ‘em up right now. No release date yet, but PS3 and Xbox360 owners have this 2D fighter to look forward to later this year.

Kotaku Interviews Harada on the Future of Tekken

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Gaming news blog Kotaku just posted a pretty cool article/interview with Tekken’s Main Man, Katsuhiro Harada, on his fighting baby and Namco-Bandai’s King Beat ‘em Up franchise, and prospects for the future. The Iron Fist Tournament’s set to expand into pretty much every console or gaming platform out there, and here’s what to expect. Read it all over here.

Personally, I’d really want to see a proper Tekken on iOS. The Tekken Bowl app is a nice little gift from the devs, but heck- there’s not much to it. Even a turn-based Tekken Scenario Campaign RPG game would be cool. Anyway, we’ll be swimming in Tekken games soon enough. Now’s the waiting time, but it should all pay off in late 2011 and 2012.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue Screens, Art

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Recreate the furious battles in the movie in the TTT2 Demo!

Siliconera just posted an article on the upcoming TTT2 demo, entitled Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, which will be included in Tekken Hybrid.
According to the article, the monstrous ‘Devil’ shown fighting playable characters Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch is Devil Kazuya, albeit with a very different, more monstrous appearance than he has in the arcade version. This new look appears in the Tekken Blood Vengeance CG movie, and was made specially for TTT2 Prologue.

Aside from Ling, Alisa and D.K, there will be one more playable character in the demo, though that is being kept secret for now. The demo will give players access to all of TTT2′s gaming features and mechanics, as well as an exclusive Blood Vengeance costume for the character that is not in the arcade version of Tekken Tag 2.
Check out several cool screens of TTT2 Prologue here.

Hi-Res Soul Calibur V Comicon 2011 Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Crystal clear and sharp as a blade, here’s the SCV SDCC Trailer!

Finally! After a bit of waiting, here’s the latest Soul Calibur V trailer, direct-feed and in high-res! Needless to say, it’s so much clearer now to see what’s going on. Check it out!

• The new Project Soul logo is introduced, which is nicely enough dedicated by the team to the fans of the game who basically brought the franchise back from the brink (The team was disbanded after Soul Calibur Broken Destiny). I like it for the simple fact that it doesn’t take as freakin’ long as the old logo… heheh.

• The opening part shows flashes from SCIV, with the ominous ’17 years before…’ revealing that not all ended well when Soul Edge and Soul Calibur lost their power. Sophitia Alexandra disappeared, supposedly slain by a Malfected. Her husband Rothion perished, and their children were separated- Patroklos to be raised by her sister Cassandra, while Pyrrah was taken to parts unknown.
Now it seems that Sophie’s voice (heard creepily off-kilter) is leading her daughter on a dark path, while Patroklos pursues. Is Sophitia really dead… or worse? Is there a happy ending to be had for the stricken Alexandra family? So the drama!

• Next up we see the newcomer Natsu, explained to be veteran ninja Taki’s disciple. Natsu shows her stuff and surely looks to be a feisty challenger with her wall tricks, agility and explosive magic. Natsu is a ‘Worthy Successor’, or a new or younger version of a veteran character. But if you’re feeling nostalgic, don’t worry- Taki is confirmed to be very much alive and will supposedly be back at some point. Natsu is no slouch however, so let’s give her a chance. She also has a compelling story, as she supposedly holds a great demon within herself.

Ivy is one of the ‘Returning Legends’, but unlike fellow veterans Siegfried and Mitsurugi, the snake sword-wielding dominatrix is now apparently contractually obligated by Project Soul to never age or become even slightly unsightly from here on in, preserving her sexy, mature early-30′s good looks for all future Soul Calibur sequels to come. How’s that for job security?

Zwei or Z.W.E.I. is shown next, and he’s among the ‘New Generation of Souls’, which means he’s an all-new character. His fighting style is pretty unusual- he wields his short sword like a tonfa, holding it by the guard and hitting enemies with the pommel as well as the blade. While my speculation that Zwei was a werewolf might not be spot on, at the very end we do see that this mystery man can summon a wolf-like spirit being named Ein, to attack. As Zwei is German for ‘Two’, Ein means ‘One’… what could it mean?

There’s so much we don’t know about SCV at this point, but hopefully we’ll be seeing more stuff soon enough at EVO 2011 when director Daishi Odashima shows off some more content. This is probably the most exciting chapter of the Tales of Souls and Swords ever- I’m totally excited about this game- 2012 can’t come soon enough.

Mortal Kombat Legacy, Episode 9: Cyrax and Sektor, Series Afterthoughts

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Fast Tube by Casper

The first season of Legacy ends on an particularly strong note.

Aaand it’s back! Now up officially on Machinima’s channel, here’s the finale of Kevin Tancharoen’s groundbreaking web-series. It’s been a ride, with episode being anticipated by MK fans the world over. In the end, I think that the series has been a success- while it has it’s highs and lows, overall it was well-shot and excellently thought-out, with several standout episodes (Raiden, Johnny Cage’s and the Cyborgs). For me, this series worked best when Tancharoen allowed himself to play a bit- what I found so intriguing in the original Mortal Kombat Rebirth. Some episodes played out too predictably, which watered down their appeal to me. This final installment, with a simple, direct-to-the-point storyline, impressed simply from the production values and brutally impactful fight scenes.

Though I understand this series was probably made as a support to the game’s marketing and a prequel series, it would be awesome if it were to continue, but on the other hand as it is, it’s already something special and something that MK fans can always enjoy, and an aspect of the franchise that can always be looked upon as a mark of quality. Whether it continues into a second season or not, this Legacy has already proven its worth.

Soul Calibur V Trailer Debuts Ivy, Natsu and Z.W.E.I. (Cam)

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Fast Tube by Casper

More pieces of the puzzle that is Soul Calibur V’s story fall into place…

Kotaku just scored the scoop with this off-screen camera capture of the hot new Soul Calibur V trailer, the last bit from Project Soul to finish Comicon. The trailer shows off mainly the three newly-revealed fighters in the roster- Ivy, who’s still the domineering dominatrix as usual; Natsu, who’s sporting very familiar but nicely new Taki-ish attacks and speed, and Zwei (or Z.W.E.I.) who’s looking… interesting. Gonna need a clearer, more hi-res trailer to check out everything again, but in all things are looking slashing- er, smashing!

Also in the trailer of course are the Alexandra siblings, and this time Pyrrah is more in the spotlight- bathed in the evil light of Soul Edge’s eye, that is. The flashes of imagery of their missing (and presumed dead) mother Sophitia, and her off-kilter voice talking about ‘living forever’ are surely clues on where this saga is heading. My take? Poor Sophie’s not dead… but perhaps only the faith and strong sword arms of her children may save her from a fate that’s far, far worse. We’ll just have to wait and see then, eh? For now, check out the trailer and think it out for yourselves.
I’ll try to update the vid with a clearer version as it becomes available. Soul Calibur V is set for a 2012 release on PS3 and Xbox360. I can’t freakin’ wait.

Soul Calibur V: New Character Bios, Information

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While newcomers Natsu and Zwei (or Z.W.E.I.) didn’t appear in Gamespot’s Stage Demo, some information on them has been posted on this article over at the Playstation Blog. Check it out!

Ivy, contractually obligated to remain hot for all future SC games.

Ivy apparently stopped aging at some point in SoulCalibur IV, so now she’s eternally in her early 30′s, her voluptuous good looks preserved for any Soul Calibur sequels and time leaps to come. According to Project Soul’s Tago-san, Ivy is central to the saga, so she’ll always be around. WOOHOO!

Beneath the bubblegum-bright colors, Natsu holds a deep, dark secret.

Natsu is, as previously stated, the 17-year old disciple of Taki (who has been confirmed to still be very much alive). She’s fast and nimble as a ninja should, and wields her own blades (Kuzukiri and Awayuki). Furthermore, she holds a demon inside her. This girl has issues.

The Castlevania vibe this guy sheds may be a clue to his fighting style…

Finally, Z.W.E.I. is a mystery man with a mystery fighting style- apparently the short sword he’s holding tonfa-like is NOT his main attack; according to Tago-san, this character will push Soul Calibur being a ‘weapon-based fighting game’ to all-new territory. My take? He’s a werewolf, and he’ll have claw attacks to go with a morphed/augmented form. We’ll see.

Anyways, we’ll be seeing more Soul Calibur V action in a new trailer that will debut on Monday, July 25 that will close out Comicon. The upcoming Evo event will also feature new SCV content to be shown off by Daishi Odashima himself. LOTS of Calibur stuff to come soon! More as we get it then!