Tekken Tag 2 New Customizations and Item Moves Video!

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Fast Tube by Casper

What a wacky way to start of 2012!

Youtuber and Tekken playa aKINGttt just made today even more special with this awesomely cool and hilarious video showing off the Upcoming Item Moves for Tekken Tag Tournament 2! As you may recall, TTT2 was released into arcades in late 2011, and it was kinda lacking in the Character Customization department. Well here’s a look at what players have to look forward to spending their hard-earned millions in Fight Money. Aside from Item Moves that include the already-seen but always-awesome 3-Count Pin moves, there are tons of new ones in the 3+ minute video, and some of them you just have to see to believe (my fave has to be Marduk going apeshit on his opponent and having to be held back by his partner). Also glimpsed are apparently some new costumes, and perhaps the return of stuff from Tekken 6 and other previous games. This is a GREAT way to start off the year with some TTT2 hype- now I can’t wait to see this game both in the arcade AND on my console in the months ahead. Good Job, Tekken Project! Keep it up!

Soul Calibur V: Algol, Edgemaster and… Devil Jin?!

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Apparently Algol got fashion tips from Streetfighter’s Gill.

Famitsu has just posted an article about the newly-revealed additions to Soul Calibur V. First off, we now have images of the returning fighters Algol and Edge Master. Outwardly, Algol has taken a more minimalist type of attire (wonder if he’s still affected by armor breaks..?), although we don’t yet know if there are any changes to his actual fighting style. Edge Master on the other hand still looks as he has always has- a white-bearded but pretty fit-looking old man.

Also of quite some interest is that one of the available fighting styles in the game’s Character Creation mode has apparently been imported over from Tekken- none other than the fighting style of Devil Jin! Yep, wings and lazer beams- THAT Devil Jin. Or, I guess, Devil Gene? Imagine the crazy CAS you can create with that!

Finally, it appears that we may have a glimpse of Inferno, the original Soul Blade boss, in the Legendary Souls/Boss Rush mode. Expect the rest of SC’s bosses and some famous high-level enemies to appear to fight. Awesome!

The Power of the Devil Gene invades the Stage of History?!

Check out the pic-filled Famitsu article over here. Man, this is all too wild. I can’t wait to get my hands on this freakin’ game. January 31 can’t come soon enough, dammit.

Returning Characters, New Modes for Soul Calibur V

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Siliconera just revealed some tidbits for upcoming fight sequel Soul Calibur V. Two more returning fighters are added to the roster- the first is Algol, Soul Calibur IV’s final boss and the ‘Hero King’ of Legend. The other is Edge Master, the mysterious master of all weapon styles and Kilik’s (and now Maxi’s) mentor from the original Soul Calibur. No screenshots or videos yet, sadly. Not particularly happy at this- never really liked Algol save for his story presence in SCIV, and I don’t much care for mimics. I hope more substantial reveals will follow soon.

Aside from this, new modes for SCV will include Quick Match, which just throws you into a fight for fast battles, and Legendary Souls mode, which is essentially a Boss Rush mode. I’m pretty sure Quick Match is similar to the mode in Broken Destiny, and should have you fighting against various A.I. opponents of varying skill and look. Legendary Souls may see the return of various old enemies- will we see Inferno, Charade and Night Terror in this mode? We’ll just have to wait and see as more details emerge.

Soul Calibur V is out on PS3 and Xbox360 in late January 2012.

The Lone Gamer’s Games of the Year 2011

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Game of the Year Special Mention: Mortal Kombat

Fast Tube by Casper

Back from the Brink, from Zero to Hero!

I was never a big Mortal Kombat fan… until this year, when FINALLY Ed Boon and company finally found their groove and reshaped their gore-heavy fighting game into something that had as much substance as it had bloody flash. With a fighting system that was faster, more playable and actually FUN, an innovative Story Mode that could have been boring but was instead freakin’ awesome and a ton of great characters and content, MK rocketed from being a laughing stock among beat ‘em up fans to a solid, serious contender in the now-revitalized genre. Now I can’t wait to see what MK has next up it’s blood-drenched sleeve… even if it’s just to find out how they’ll fix the problem of having killed off more than half their roster…

Game of the Year Runner-Up: Dead Island

Fast Tube by Casper

The TV spot that won a Cleo, but kinda overpromised quite a bit.

Despite some hubbub concerning it’s very emotional commercial which didn’t exactly jive up with the actual game, I found the open-world zombie apocalypse survival simulator- Dead Island- an awesome game that had me running around on plague-stricken Banoi for weeks. What made the game really engaging was the combat; Analog controls made the melee-heavy fighting unique, intuitive and satisfying, plus upgrading and modding makeshift weapons into super-deadly tools for zombie dissection and extermination was maddeningly addictive
The combat was so cool and the satisfaction of slicing zombie scum to shreds with a poison-augmented katana so extreme that this more than made up for the paper-thin plot and laughable dialogue/story cutscenes. I’m actually still playing this, and probably will be for a long time to come given that I’ve still got to try out the other characters.

Game of the Year: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Fast Tube by Casper

How do you know you’re hopelessly addicted to a game? When your in-game avatar is getting more sleep than YOU are.

I would have made a proper Skyrim review, but I took an arrow to the knee. Nah, what else can I say that a gazillion other sites have already said? This game is the real deal.

It came only by the 11th hour of 2011 (well, the 11th month, actually), but still, The latest Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda Softworks- The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim was still awesome enough to capture the hearts and souls of countless gamers and reviewers to make it Game of the Year on many a site, including, well, this one. With a lavishly detailed, wonderfully immersive and believable world setting to live out your Norse-themed sword-and-sorcery fantasies, Skyrim sucked days and nights away, and looks to suck even more given that it’s not even been out for three months!

Even after hours and hours and hours of play I’m still not anywhere near clearing this game- nor will I ever, given that it’s system allows for indefinite playing- kinda like a single player MMO you can just keep playing forever. Inevitably there’s going to be expansions, and a way for players to generate their own content and adventures. Will Skyrim mania ever end? Probably only when the Elder Scrolls VI rolls out, sometime in the future. Well, that’s fine with me, as I’m still quite happy just coasting along in this game. I guess I’ll have to get around solving the Civil War problem and get rid of that nasty dragon Alduin soon… but I think I’ll busy myself first with something more important. Like finding and marrying the hottest babe in the land.

2011 was freakin’ AWESOME, to say the least. Yeah, it had some disappointments… I threw a LOT of time into waiting for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but sadly the game is sorely lacking in various aspects… good thing it’s still a ways off till the console release (literally about a year away!). There are tons of games that I obsessed over that are still to come in 2012, so at least in a few months all this waiting will pay off (hopefully). Thankfully though, the great games of 2011 are still going to be keeping me busy well into the new year. So many games and goodies coming still, I think it’s safe to say I’ll still be gaming and blogging for more months to come. It’s really a great time to be a gamer.

Asuka Kazama Debuts in New Streetfighter X Tekken Trailer! UPDATED!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Kazama-ryu is in the house!

Capcom has finally let the cat out of the bag with this latest CG cinematic spot for their upcoming mash-up fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken. Though we’ve seen bits of this prerendered catfight in early trailers, it’s only now that we’ve seen the whole thing. As even a blind Tekken fan would know, the female fighter under the hood fighting Chun-Li is, of course, none other than Asuka Kazama, the Tomboy Troubleshooter from Osaka. For some reason she’s brawling both the Interpol Agent and Cammy, with her rival/maybe-partner Lili Rochefort apparently just watching on for the most part. While at first glance it seems the SF girls are winning, at least we do see that Asuka is able to hold off both Chun and Cammy with Lili only giving the most minimal of support- come on, get it together, girls!

Anyway, I think this may be a nice lead-in to the impending Hong Kong Asia Gameshow event where Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada are both attending. Perhaps we’ll see a formal reveal of Asuka along with in-game footage very, very soon. Man, I got excited for this game again. Been a while since that happened. What can I say… Asuka fan. Heheh…

UPDATE! Asuka’s Cross Art and Super Art attacks have been revealed in the video below- her Super is basically a chain of her existing kicks, ending with her Falling Towers throw. The Cross Art shows off her aikido-esque skills as she passes the opponent to a Femme Fatale finish from Lili. Good stuff!

Fast Tube by Casper

Asuka and Lili show their stuff.

Eventhubs posted the vid above, as well as several screenshots of Miss Kazama in-game, and her portrait artwork. No actual match videos yet, but perhaps we’ll see some as the Asian Game Show rolls out. More as we get it then!

Soul Calibur V Livestream Stuff

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Just saw Project Soul’s livestream webcast of the latest build of Soul Calibur V. It was an interesting show of the new stuff, and hopefully it will be archived soon for later viewing. Anyway, here’s some of the bits I saw that I wanna share…

They showed off the new characters, of course- Xiba, Aeon, Cervantes and Yoshimitsu. Oh, and Dampierre and the Knights armor were shown off as well. They also played mostly with other characters in their P2 costumes- Zwei’s alternate outfit is pretty badass and cool-looking, plus he has a Red Ein.

There were some Behind-the-scenes footage shown, first some look at the foley work for the game (that’s sound effects) and voice recording. Maybe these will go into the Making Of feature in the CE.

Part of the options is the ability to switch Sound Effects- there’s apparently up to 3 options for sounds, including a more anime-like style of sounds or more realistic ‘Hollywood’ style of hit sounds and such. Pretty nice!

Character Creation mode was shown quite a bit, and supposedly they’re adding even more stuff to play with. The CAS examples shown off included recreations of classic characters, like original red-suited and masked Taki and Cassandra. Using the body build customization they were even able to make a reasonably close-looking Bob from Tekken. Looks like as before, CAS characters can get stripped down to their undies by power blows.

UPDATE: Here’s the recorded version of the stream. Check it out if you haven’t already. Also, Daishi Odashima just tweeted that next week will bring a New Character reveal as well as new play modes. Awesome!

The game is really looking nice. Damn it’s still more than a month away… gonna be a hard wait.


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I didn’t realize it coming in to the ol’ Salt Mines… but today’s actually the Last Work Day for 2011. In just a few hours… it’s Holiday Breaktime for me!

Then it’s ME TIME for the next 11 or so days. That’s a week and a half of time for me to catch up on sleep and games. But not only that, also that may be time to catch up on other stuff that has been neglected all these months. So maybe I can whip up some stuff that’s actually kinda productive, like a comic book script, artworks or whatever. What to do, what to do. Nah, maybe I’ll just spend the whole time sleeping in. MEHEHEHE.

Of course I’ll still be blogging the whole time no matter what. I’ll be doing it from the bed or the game seat, but I’ll be right here. Happy Holidays then, gamers!

Soul Calibur V Dampierre, Knights DLC Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Dampierre, White and Dark Knight get their own proper spot.

Here’s a Japanese trailer for Soul Calibur V’s special preorder bonus, which will give players access to DLC for the infamous Geo ‘Le Bello’ Dampierre. This blade-wielding rogue will be downloadable along with Creation parts for the Daedric- er, Dark Knight and White Knight armor. The CAS parts are also offered in the Collector’s Edition of the game. This is for Japan, but I’m sure there will be similar offers for other region releases.

Dampierre was never a really likable competitor for me, and I’m not that big a fan of heavy armor- but I do want my SCV game to be as complete as can be. Preordering is no biggie, but I’ll probably just pick up these extra content when they’re eventually released on PSN or Xboxlive, or if the Collector’s Edition shows up on local store shelves. More as we get it then.

Tekken Tag 2 Arrives in the Philippines!

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Just got some news online today that some branches of the local arcade chain Timezone have gotten units of the much-anticipated and awaited Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So far I have been told that there are at least two places with the game: Timezone at Glorietta 4 Mall and Timezone Trinoma Mall. So if you’re in the area, check ‘em out!

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get there immediately- this is the last work week for the year, so I may get a bit busy or so… but I will try my best to at least take a gander at the game, if not get myself a BanaPass Card or whatever is needed to play it. Though there are only two places yet confirmed, I’m pretty sure TZ will eventually have TTT2 in most, if not all their arcades- and that’s quite a lot. Philippines is, after all, Tekken Country. We’ll see till then.

Soul Calibur V Gameplay at NEC 2011

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Fast Tube by Casper

Awesome gameplay from an awesome game!

It’s just about a month and a half left to go before we get our hands on Soul Calibur V, but even now my hands are positively itching to swing some blades. There’s no shortage of footage of the game (at least, the latest build) thanks to the recent fighting tournament at NEC 2011 (North Eastern Championships 2011) held by the Soul Calibur fans of 8-Way Run. The Project Soul team was present at the event, including team director/former tournament fighter Daishi Odashima, who played tons of exhibition matches to show off his upcoming fighter (and kicked lots of ass doing it). Also held was a special tournament featuring players of expert to high calibur, showing off impressive action from a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

What can I say but SCV is lookin’ goddamn amazing. I take back what I said about not liking the flashy action- I guess seeing all these vids have gotten me used to all the pyrotechnics. The gameplay looks sleek and sick as heck, and things seem a lot more refined from the previous vids shown off months ago in the France testings. Oh, and the game is utterly GORGEOUS. I want to play this. I want to play this NOW.
Of course, there’s still a ways to go- there may be a few more character reveals yet to be unfurled, though apparently some characters may be kept under wraps well into and after release, as part of the rewards/surprises of the game’s modes. We’ll just have to be a bit more patient… it’s just a matter of time now.

Anyway, there are TONS of awesome gameplay vids for the watching right now at Jaxelrod’s Youtube Channel. Check ‘em out!