Harada and Ono Interview @ 3 Green Bars

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Fast Tube by Casper

The Producers speak up about their recent release.

Streetfighter X Tekken’s been out a while- I have to say I haven’t quite gotten into it as much as I’d have wanted… not enough to write up a real, honest review yet. I like the rosters, the visuals and the general style, but the gameplay is kinda hard to get into as yet. There are just so many games… so little time. Anyways, even after launch and the recent stepping down of Yoshinori Ono as SF Producer (temporarily), media on the game is still emerging online. Up top is a video interview from Hamburg conducted by 3 Green Bars. It’s a pretty chunky spot, with lots of laughs and anecdotes from the premier beat ‘em up makers. Check it out!

Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Direct-Feed Videos

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Fast Tube by Casper

Don’t miss the new ‘Item Move’ with Nina at 0.42… Heheh…

In case you missed it, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited is now out in Japanese arcades (International gamespots will get it later this year), and along with all the new changes and tweaks to gameplay and the added player modes (1 vs 1, 2 vs 1), we got new items and customizations. Among the new items are Item Moves, some of which, like Nina’s Halo, take effect only when you are knocked out in a certain way. This Tekken chapter certainly has ramped up the wackiness (wait till someone posts a vid of Anna’s Dance-till-you-drop Item), which I appreciate… even if the customization has been slightly (and irritatingly) simplified. Anyway, this should be out on consoles this coming Holiday 2012. For now, check out Shintairiku Kumigaya’s channel for more direct-feed TTT2U matches.

Mystery Game Teaser Site has Me ‘X-CITED’!

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Okay, a new Teaser Countdown Page has just been set up by Namco-Bandai of Japan, with a pretty basic ‘X’ pulsating to some unknown cadence. WHAT could this be about? I mean, it’s not like NB has anything with an ‘X’ coming up anytime soon… right? I mean, this could be a MILLION things. Perhaps a new Tales game? A reference to the rumored Dark Souls PC version..?

Okay, sarcasm aside, I think we may all be forgiven to thinking this may be our first teaser to Tekken X Streetfighter, which up to now still has the same air of enigma as the Bermuda Triangle and Bigfoot. No, wait… there are TONS more evidence and material on both of those other things… we know pretty much a thimbleful of factoids about TK X SF. Here’s to the hope that our questions are finally answered and this mystery fighter finally spills the beans before we all grow too old to remember our favorite combos. We’ll be on this like a freakin’ T-Hawk, then.

UPDATE: Well, apparently this mystery site is NOT about Tekken X Streetfighter- Harada has given this assumption a negative over at Twitter. So probably something else. Oh well… nothing to see here, folks. Heheh…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited Trailer (English Version)

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More Tekken to come this Spring!

No, it’s still not the much-anticipated first trailer for Tekken X Streetfighter, but it’s something for Iron Fist Fans. Here’s the English version of the TTT2 Unlimited debut PV, so now you can figure out what’s going on. Well, turns out all the dialogue is harping about the various play modes, and little else. Meh for me. Well, I just want this upgrade out already so we can see all the nice new content that SHOULD be included with it. While the international audience is given a bit of a vague Spring 2012 release, at least Japanese arcades will get their Unlimited Fix starting March 27. We’ll see if this is as awesome as the trailer is making it out to be soon enough.

Mass Effected: A Short Film

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Is this life ala Mass Effect? Pretty rough…

A cool thing about getting into gameblogging- I often get a lot of emails and heads-up from all over the place. 7SL Productions sent me the above-linked vid showing off their comedic short film, Mass Effected. I love the whole game-to-movie thing online, whether its Machinima or live-action. Have to say I’m not that big of a ME fan (and now, with the hubbub on the 3rd game’s endings, I might not take the plunge) but I like game-based media in general. Check out the vid and give the guys a thumbs up if you like it.

Upgrade Complete: For A Better Skyrim!

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Once again, the Impulse Buyer in me reared up like a dragon over the weekend, and before I knew it I suddenly found myself purchasing a brand new laptop. ZOUNDS! Well, it’s probably been a year or so since I got my previous ‘top- an Intel Core i3 HP G42 Notebook. It had ‘okay’ specs- 4GB SD RAM, 500 Gigs of HD space, a Radeon video card. It was okay for gaming, but that really isn’t that great for a game like Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. However, I actually bought my laptop not for Skyrim, but for Starcraft II and Super Streetfighter IV AE… which both ran well, if not spectacularly. I actually didn’t really intend to play Skyrim on the laptop- I was (at the time) perfectly happy with the PS3 version and resigned to the fact that I couldn’t play the game with a mouse and keyboard to save my life.

Well, since then things have happened. For starters, Skyrim launched their Creation Kit and I saw all the freakin’ amazing mods for the game. MODS. That was the reason why SSFIVAE on PC is the supreme version, for the amazing user-made masterpieces of mods. Now in Skyrim, the mods are even more affecting and awesome. The next thing I knew, I had gotten an Xbox360 Controller for Windows and I was ready to Dovakiin my way through the PC version of Skyrim.
Unfortunately while my i3 Notebook could play the game adequately, it wasn’t that great. The frame rate was a sad 10 FPS or so at its most consistent, at medium settings (slightly lower on High). The game looked better than the console versions, but I was horrified at how the PS3 version moved so much smoother. 10 FPS and less was horrible, and just not a way to play the game.

Yesterday I set about upgrading my laptop- perhaps replacing the processor with an i5 or better. Well, turns out that’s not something computer shops do- and replacing it myself is a no-no. So, I was trapped with low-frame rate Skyrim forever? Nope. Faster than you could say ‘bargain’, I suddenly found myself aiming at a new laptop that was pretty affordable but with much improved specs. I decided there and then- I wouldn’t be getting the New iPad or a PS Vita for now.

I came home later with a new, i5 Notebook with 4GB DDR3 Ram and an Nvidia GT540M video card with 2GB Memory. Perhaps to torture me even more, installing Skyrim took the whole afternoon (thanks to the freakin’ idiotic way the system kept defaulting to downloading the game wholesale from Steam online instead of loading from the disc which was IN THE DRIVE. I finally got the game to install locally thanks to some knowledge from the internet.

Shortly after, I was playing Skyrim on my new laptop. Was it worth the money and effort?

Fast Tube by Casper

Best way to play Skyrim- with earphones, in the dark. Mmmm.

Oh, YES. GODDAMN YES. My new notebook runs Skyrim quite nicely- a level up better than my previous laptop. It runs a constant, stable 20+ FPS, at times better, at High Quality. This means really nice detail in everything- from fine textures on wood and stone and trees, to nice shiny metal bits on armor, realistic water… OH MAN, and I thought the game already looked great before. Yeah, you guys with Super PCs out there can make fun of me and my amazement at High settings when there’s Ultra- but heck, I came from the PS3 version which is nice but unspectacular in comparison. The detail, depth and texture is just better on PC.

Fast Tube by Casper

You’ll wonder why I bothered posting footage that’s almost too dark to see much; half of the thrill is in the sound as much as the sights.

All this is made better by various mods- Realistic Lighting mods make nights even darker and more sinister, added Sound mods (Sounds of Skyrim, natch!) surround you with a world full of tension and menace. I played my first hour on my new ‘top with the Brightness set to halfway, stereo earphones on.
A simple walk from Riften at night to the nearby town of Shor’s Stone was a feast for the senses as I found myself being stalked and hunted in the near-darkness by everything from deranged deer to bear and wolf packs, spiders and a freakin’ Brotherhood Assassin. Is it just me or was that one night more exciting and eventful than ANY routine night run I’ve ever done previously? It was just so easy to lose myself in the roleplaying, in the situation… my fierce Dragonborn alone in a dark forest on a frigid, cold rainy night, surrounded by slavering foes intent on blood. Bring. It. On.

Once again you have to excuse my gushing, but with this Skyrim has just gotten refreshed AGAIN as I wanna experience this game from the ground up once more on my new rig. I may start a new character again… I dunno. Everything can be done, nothing is out of the question. Skyrim is once again virgin territory to be explored and conquered. Awesome.

‘Siege of Markarth’ Will Blow You Away

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Fast Tube by Casper

Fantasy Battles don’t get any more EPIC than this.

Yeah, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim isn’t perfect- but heck, what is? I think it’s succeeded not only as simply an RPG, but as a world- a setting for adventure and imaginative fiction that has gone beyond the simple boundaries of the existing, pre-set storylines in the default game.
Perfect example- the scores of Skyrim Machinima- short films made using in-game graphics- that grace Youtube with their awesomeness. You have your goofy Gamer Poop and all the humorous nonsense (usually at the expense of some poofy Jarl), but every so often you have something freakin’ awesome. Like BATTLES. Skyrim by itself (on PC at least) is a sandbox with which you can stage some pretty cool skirmishes between various creatures or warriors. But it takes a special something to be able to turn what could have been a simple free-for-all skirmish into something Tolkien-esque.

And that’s certainly what the Machinima film above is. The ‘Siege of Markarth’ isn’t just a simple matter of spawning mobs of CPU drones and throwing them at each other… nope, this is freakin’ ART. You’ve got a shadowy observer enigmatically flitting between the raindrops in a truly EPIC attack on the aforementioned Hold Capital by a huge and formidably equipped army of Forsworn (complete with a damn Mammoth!), his goal unknown till the very end. Throughout you’ve got cinematic closeups, camera angles, magic pyrotechnics and wholesale carnage on a grand scale.
It’s a pretty awesome 8 minutes of action well worth seeing. Man, what other amazing tales will Skyrim spawn in the future? Damn!

Soul Calibur V March 21 Patch Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Soul Calibur V still burns HAWT with upcoming goodies!

Namco-Bandai seems to be still very much behind their Other fighting franchise, with latest sequel Soul Calibur V, getting quite some attention over the weekend, thanks to the announcement of a new update patch and upcoming customizations. The trailer above reveals that SCV will get a horde of gameplay and character tweaks via a free update this week, on March 21. Aside from that, an in-game store will be setup in SCV where players will be able to get new customization pieces for Creation Mode. The new stuff will start coming in on April 3, and there will be monthly updates afterwards.

Have to say that this is just well and proper- there seems to be a lot of holes in the game’s Creation mode so far, and they can do well to keep this game alive by more and fresher content. Perhaps the previous SCV DLC had sold well? This will surely have its share of detractors but heck- they’re all optional so if you don’t want them, don’t get them. But man, who can resist those Tekken costumes? Asuka and Lili outfits, dammit!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Trailer, Release Date!

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The REAL Avatar returns next month. FINALLY.

It seems like forever since the end of my absolute favorite animated series- Avatar: The Last Airbender- but now, finally the next saga in this franchise is on the horizon. Avatar: The Legend of Korra is set to arrive on April 14, 2012 from Nickelodeon.

As you can see from the trailer, the series has come a long way (in various aspects) from the previous series; in terms of art style, tone and mood. Yeah, it’s still about young people trying to find their place in a dangerous world with amazing elemental powers and cool martial arts… but there’s a more teen vibe in this one rather than the happy-go-lucky goofiness of the previous Avatar. I am really digging the visuals- they’re almost Production I.G.-esque, and I am loving Korra’s spunky good looks and aggressiveness. This is set to have a LOT of action from the get go.
This new series arrives about 70 years after the events of the previous storyline, with a New Avatar rising to find her destiny. Though most of the previous heroes have since passed on, there should be many links in Korra to tie in with The Legend of Aang, to the delight of fans. I’ve got high hopes for this one- man, I’ve gotta have an ATLA marathon before 4-14th!

Skyrim 1.5 Update (Beta): More Kill Moves and Bug Fixes

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Fast Tube by Casper

Ranged and Magic Kills and more arrive in the new Skyrim Patch!

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll keep on saying it- Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the freakin’ best RPG The Lone Gamer has played (and am playing) in a long, long time. Even after playing a hell of a lot of time on PS3, I’m now set to play even more on PC (I’ve already clocked in 96 hours on my Steam account thus far). I want my RPGs from now on to always have this depth, this detail, this amount of freedom, this engaging a world. Yeah, I know- I’ll probably only be truly satisfied again by the NEXT Elder Scrolls, but it’s a sweet sadness (though The Witcher 2 looks awesome as well).

Anyway, enough of the fanatical gushing- the best RPG is set to get even better (or less flawed, as some detractors may say) with the release of the official 1.5 Update (which is shown off in the trailer above).
As the video shows, the patch will include MORE Kill Moves- those cinematic finishing maneuvers your character performs (or are performed on you) occasionally at the end of a vicious duel. From the trailer we can see that the existing weapon styles (one-handed and two-handed, and perhaps duel wielding) will get new Kills, and Unarmed Combat in particular looks to have more Coup de Grace moves as well (MAN, I am going to have to start off another Unarmed Fighter character, am I?).

But that’s not all- there are now Ranged Kills as well, following your deadly arrows as they zero in on their target for that fatal hit- and these look even more awesome. Magic Kills get some love as well, which should make mage characters look just as badass as the warrior builds. GODDAMN this game is a gold mine of experiences.

Aside from the Killer treats, the patch also comes with various bug fixes, including some long-running kinks that have caused quests to lock up and stall. One particularly awaited fix surely is the removal of the bug that has so far prevented players from marrying the ever-popular Lydia- at least, without the use of any mod or messing with console commands.

Right now, the Beta patch is already online and can be availed of on Steam- I’ve already signed up and tried a bit last night… got my first Ranged Kill Shot… awesome. I’ll give the updated Skyrim a more prolonged run through this weekend. If you wanna get into the Patch action, log into your Steam Account and DL away. Now… when’s the right time to pop the question for ol’ Lydia..?