Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Debut Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Now, a reason to return to Skyrim! Wait… I never left…

Some time ago, Bethesda Studios let out an intriguing teaser visual for Dawnguard, a DLC Expansion for their mega-hit RPG, The Elder Scrolls V Skryim. Since then, speculation has raged on what these further adventures will entail… and now we know. Well, kinda. According to the trailer above, it seems that the Dragonborn will get involved with some dark and shadowy, demonic/vampiric beings who obviously have a problem with sunlight and daytime. You can elect to side with these seemingly evil beings, or perhaps follow the path of light and side with the titular Dawnguard- apparently a new faction dedicated to fighting the forces of darkness. In addition to these new groups to interact with, other apparent additions include the use of crossbows and some new monsters to tussle with.

As if I needed a reason to play this game again- well, sadly there may be a bit of a wait for me and the Skyrim PC gamers; Dawnguard will be a timed exclusive, headed first to Xbox360, and assumedly to PCs and perhaps PS3s later. Till then, I’ll be having fun with my unique, personal, modded version of Skyrim. Hopefully there will be more info shown at E3 next week. More as we get it then!

New VF5 Final Showdown Trailer shows More Action

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Fast Tube by Casper

Just about seven days to go till Fighting Fantastique!

Here I am, counting the hours and the days as we crawl the last leg of the waiting to the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. This game coming to us on a Golden DLC Platter is truly a dream come true for me. A year or so ago, this was all a pipe dream… but now, no longer! Well, maybe to kinda soften the waiting, Sega has just released a new trailer for the game. Still no narrative ‘cept for the VF fighters doing their darndest best to knock each other out silly- but hey, if a fighting game needs to be awesome at something, the actual fighting is a good place to start, eh? This is the one fighting game that carries its heart on its sleeve- and that sleeve is rolled up and ready for some ass-whupping.

VF5 Final Showdown is out on PSN on June 5, with an XBL release following on June 6. If you’re a fighting game fan, you owe it to yourself to grab this one ASAP. No if’s or but’s about it.

Dead or Alive 5 is LIVE at E3 2012!

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Kasumi’s ready and rarin’ to go at E3.

Next week is shaping up to be freakin’ AWESOME for beat ‘em up fans. At this year’s E3 Expo, Tecmo-KOEI will be unleashing an all-new build of their upcoming comeback fighter, Dead or Alive 5. This new version of DOA5 will feature 12 fighters (2 additional faces to be revealed!) and 5 Stages. E3 will see extensive hands-on demos of the game, as well as the debut of a DOA5 Tournament series held in collaboration with IGN. For more info, check out this article by VGRevolution.

I’m hoping they really show off more of the game, and it will be great to see it in actual play outside of the trailers (no, I didn’t spring for the demo). Also, I’m really interested in seeing more of the roster revealed- most probably more familiar faces, or maybe another VF fighter? Color me very intrigued at this point.

E3 may also see other fighters coming into the limelight alongside DOA5. Sega’s VF5 Final Showdown will be out on PSN and XBL by then, and we may see a strong presence for Namco-Bandai’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which releases on the same month as DOA5 (September) later this year. Darn, I can’t wait for next week! Just a few more days. More as we get it then!

VF5 Final Showdown on Gamespot’s Now Playing

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Fast Tube by Casper

Gamespot and Myke of VFDC walk you through VF5 Final Showdown.

UPDATE: Now Playing with VF5FS now posted on Youtube.
Well, we’re all about Sega’s impending DLC beat ‘em up this week, aren’t we? Gamespot just posted a 20+ minute video showing off Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown with host Zorine Te and VF player Myke ‘Iron Myke’ Abdow of The feature mostly shows off footage of some fighting gameplay as Myke explains the basic mechanics, changes from the previous version of VF5 and some tips for newbies looking to get into VF.
I wish they showed off the Single Player modes or customizations, but I guess that’s being saved for the actual game release. You can check out the feature over here.

VF5 Final Showdown will be released for download on PSN on June 5, with an Xboxlive release on June 6.

VF5 Final Showdown Character Countdown Part 4: Aoi Umenokoji

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Beautiful, graceful, refined… and deadly.

We’re about nine days away till Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown drops on PSN and Xboxlive- and I’ve still got 17 or so characters to go in this freakin’ countdown. Hey, what the hell… who’s counting? Anyway, I’ve been trying to get myself a bit ready by dusting off the old Vanilla VF5 disc (PS3) and playing some Quest Mode- hell, just HOW do you earn enough cash in that game to afford all the items?
Luckily when we buy the Customization DLC for FS, all the stuff will be unlocked straight-away. Sad that there’s no sense of accomplishment for earning stuff like before, but that just means more time to compose your characters’ wardrobes and come up with the coolest/sexiest/silliest looks you can.
Anyway, this time we’re moving onto one of the lovely ladies of VF. This comely maiden is actually a relative newcomer to the series, making her debut during Virtua Fighter 3. The first time she appeared she kinda looked like an alien- well, it wasn’t until some time later we all realized she wasn’t from another planet… she was just Japanese! She’s VF’s Counter-Queen, the hakama-clad heartthrob, Aoi Umenokoji!

Distinguishing Features: An alluring Japanese beauty clad in colorful kimono or billowy hakama, usually sporting a folding paper fan or intricate parasol. Whenever she walks or moves there seems to be accompanying notes of a shimasen (Japanese lute) or wind pipes, the scent of cherry blossoms filling in the air. In short, Aoi’s a Japanese Culture Poster Girl and proud of it.

Strengths: As a competitor specializing in a defensive style of play, Aoi’s all about counters and using the enemy’s own attacks and momentum against them. She’s got reversals for every direction and level of attack, including one for when she’s lying flat on the ground. Lots of fast and pretty nasty throws. An absolute monster at Karaoke marathons.

Weaknesses: Her strikes and combos are a bit on the weak side. Her walking speed is very slow and deliberate. Becoming predictable with counters may leave her wide open to punishing. Can get easily angered and lose focus when faced with her pet peeve- arrogant men.

Background: Aoi (her named sounds like ‘Ahoy’ but without the ‘h’) is the eldest daughter of a dojo owner in Kyoto. Since their parents were friends, Aoi and Akira would often spar with each other when they were children. Some years ago, Aoi saw Akira during a broadcast of one of his matches during the second World Fighting Tournament (VF2), and it impressed her enough to make her want to fight as well to prove her own fighting abilities.
Though confident in her skills, Aoi’s debut was disastrous as she lost in her very first match. The defeat made her aware of how limited her and small her world was, and she strove tirelessly to improve and strengthen herself. She learned Aikido and Kobujutsu, expanding her repertoire of moves and greatly improving her ability to parry and reverse enemy attacks.
However, her battles in the fourth tournament left Aoi angry and frustrated. Despite her focus and training, she had been totally thrown off her game by and defeated by one competitor- a man whose pick-up lines and flirtatious ways took her off guard more effectively than even his fancy footwork (though his powerful kicks did truly impress her with their power). She trained even harder to rectify the flaws in her defense, and awaited her chance to face this rival once again. When her invitation to the latest tournament arrived, she accepted immediately.

Aoi is one of the more interesting characters in the roster for many reasons. When she first debuted back in VF3, her very Japanese look, character and design were pretty intriguing and something very new to players. Also of note was that Aoi’s appearance in earlier VF games was a bit odd, given the limitations of graphics at the time coupled with her unusual hairstyle. As a result, she was often the ‘odd woman out’ of the VF females, frumpy and even perhaps masculine compared to Pai and Sarah. Thankfully she has since been nicely fleshed out and made much more appealing in VF5, both in looks and in fighting ability.

Many may underestimate Aoi for her genteel, delicate beauty and graceful dance-like movements, but that can’t be any further from the truth. Aoi is more Samurai than Geisha- a veiled weapon, a decorated fan with hidden blades. Ornate kimonos and hakama allure with their patterns and colors, but also conceal and obscure her movements. While lacking great strength, Aoi’s knowledge of weak points allows her to lock limbs and take down an opponent with subtle movements, then striking with vicious force to deal a lethal blow. Make no mistake- her smile may be pretty, but Aoi’s all about breaking bones as well as breaking hearts. Any opponent who gives this deadly fighter even the slightest of openings may soon find themselves broken at her feet in no time.

Fast Tube by Casper

The finish to this match features an AMAZING Aoi comeback.

For those looking for a bit of a challenge, Aoi is easily one very intriguing character to learn- her speed and pace aren’t as straightforward as other ladies like Pai or Sarah, but her arsenal of counters and throws are second to none, and once mastered are incredibly satisfying to see in action. Once you get Aoi’s timing and rhythm down, your opponents will be dancing to your tune, right before you cut their strings and leave them in a heap on the floor.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is out for download on PSN and Xboxlive this coming June 5 and 6.

VF5 Final Showdown Console Preview from iPlayWinner

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In preparation for the impending release of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, fighting gamer Haunts over at iPlayWinner will be streaming a series of preview vids on the game. The preview is intended to look over stuff like the Characters’ Move Lists and the Tutorial Mode. Haunts has the good fortune of having a final copy of the Xbox360 version at least, but doesn’t have any of the Customization DLC, which limits stuff he can show or do- obviously he can’t customize any of the fighters, and he can’t play the Single Player ‘Special Sparring‘ mode.
Apparently Special Sparring REQUIRES you have ALL the Character Customization DLC packs, or you can’t play it (since the mode needs to use the Character Customization DLC to outfit the Army of Opponents you’re going up against).

So I guess this is Sega (not-so) subtly telling you to FREAKIN’ BUY THE DARN DLC. And you should, since all of it is just 30 bucks. Hey, I’m just an poor gamer dude from Manila and I’m gonna get ‘em all, so you players of the world should too, for the whole and complete VF5FS experience. Yeah.

Anyway, if you’re like me and are dying to get your hands on this game, these streaming previews are a godsend (thank you Haunts for doing this thing!) to help alleviate the wait a bit. You can check out the Day One Stream archived over here. The stream only gets to VF5FS footage 30 minutes in, and from there it’s about an hour and a half of looking at the game, some Online VS, and mostly going through Tutorial and Command Lists for Jean Kujo and Akira Yuki. It might be a bit slow burn for many, but if you just need to see more of VF5FS like me, you’re gonna be glued to it and have your hands itching for a controller or stick all the way. Man, I need this game.

Well, the good news is that Haunts is intending to stream a vid every day from here on leading to release- still about 12 days to go. Man, so near yet so far. But we’re getting there. We’re getting there!

Dead or Alive 5: Footage of Leifang, Zack and ‘The Show’ Stage!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Bouncy brawling under the Big Top!

Well, that didn’t take long. Right after some Famitsu scans revealed the lovely Leifang among the roster of the upcoming Dead or Alive 5, Tecmo KOEI Europe just posted a video of the kung-fu mistress in action. Oh, and by the by it also includes the flamboyant Zack and a new battle stage. The new background is called The Show and is obviously a circus, complete with tigers, flaming hoops, giant Jack-in-the-boxes and cannons.
The game certainly looks gorgeous (and Leifang as fetching as ever) and the stunts and oddball things that happen when you’re slammed into some element of the stage are pretty far out.

But I find myself thinking though… the slapsticky stunts are neat in a trailer, but I find myself wondering how fun will it be to fight and get mauled by that tiger, or fired out of a cannon for the 14th or 20th or so time? I’m pretty sure players will want to fight and win by their own skills and combos, not some weird stage effect. Surely Team Ninja won’t put too much into their stage gimmicks so that it will eclipse the actual fighting… right? Also hoping that the devs eventually implement actual KO’s (still nobody seems to get knocked out, only dizzied by all this crazy action). Sigh.

Anyways, DOA5 is supposedly still out in September, right alongside Tekken Tag 2, which bodes for a different kind of slugfest. We’ll see how each fighter fares as we move closer and closer to release. For now, check out The Show and see if this action makes you go RAH or Bah.

VF5 Final Showdown Character Countdown Part 3: Lau Chan

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If his palm strikes or kicks don’t knock you out, the MSG will.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is the latest and greatest chapter in the VF series- a much improved and souped-up upgrade to the original VF5 released in 2007. For years, beat ‘em up fans have dreamed, yearned, begged for an international release of this awesome fighter- and now all those yearnings come to fruition as Sega releases VF5FS on PSN and XBL for download this coming June 5. In anticipation of this Big Beat ‘Em Up Release, I’ve embarked on yet another Character Countdown to get us all up to speed on the Blokes and Babes that make up the roster of this little-known fighting game called Virtua Fighter.

Next up is another fighter that has been with the series since the first VF- a fierce master of both the culinary and martial arts whose speed, skill and use of dastardly spices make him a feared opponent… or was it a mean Peking Duck? Or both? In any case, we’re talking about the Master of Koen Ken (Tiger Swallow Fist) and the Champion of the first World Fighting Tournament: The Iron-fisted Chef, Lau Chan!

Distinguishing Features: Slicked-back hair tied into a single pig’s tail. Sinister, glaring eyes and dark eyebrows. Villain’s moustache. Chinese wardrobe seemingly ripped from the Shaw Brothers’ set. Slightly smells of ginger and all-spice.

Strengths: Speed, hard-hitting offense and combos that hit high and low. Intimidating, fearsome aura and reputation may scare many opponents away- kinda like Gordon Ramsey, but with actual palms to the face.

Weaknesses: Well-balanced, he may be seen as a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. His combos may be very familiar and anticipated. Since Virtua Fighter 4, he has shown the symptoms of a supposedly incurable illness that has noticeably aged him since then. Saddened that he’s never invited to appear on Iron Chef due to no one wanting to compete with him. His daughter, Pai.

Dragonball’s Mercenary Tao AKA Tao Pai Pai looks very familiar…

Background: A strict and dedicated perfectionist in everything he does, Lau Chan has been fighting all his life. Working in the steamy battlegrounds of Chinese restaurants, he achieved one of his life’s goals by winning the Grand Prix in the worlds’ most presitgious cooking competitions. After achieving success as a restauranteur, he focused his sights on another entirely different skill to master- that of his martial art of Koen Ken and the arena of the World Fighting Championship. Such was Lau’s skill and strength that he won the first tournament and garnered yet another victory.

Since then, Lau has continually striven to perfect his skills. In doing so, he has sadly neglected other aspects of his life- notably that of his daughter, Pai, who has grown up with a growing enmity for him.
Lau would not win the next several fighting tournaments, but each loss just made him strive even harder to increase his skills and push the art of Koen Ken to higher levels. It was at this point, prior to the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, that he discovered that he had been stricken with an unknown, incurable illness. His focus now shifted to finding an heir to his fighting style, seeking someone worthy to carry on Koen Ken’s traditions.

With his recent illness has come further troubles to the master; a monk named Lei Fei, who at first presented himself as a disciple yearning to be trained, turned out to be a deceitful assassin intent on stealing both Lau’s secrets and then his life. Meanwhile, Pai, who had learned of his sickness, has returned as well, determined to prove herself to him. Not wanting to burden her with his troubles, Lau continues to distance himself from her.

Even as all seems lost, Lau Chan throws himself into the new battle with unrestrained dedication. There’s still life in the fist of the master, and his greatest battle is yet to be fought…

Despite his somewhat villainous appearance (Dragonball fans may notice that Lau bears a striking resemblance to DB villain Tao Pai Pai), Lau is actually a very gentle and peaceable man, ruled by strict adherence to tradition and his own code of ethics. Sadly, this strictness and putting up an iron-faced mask of indifference has led to many a misunderstanding, primarily with the one person he values and loves over all else- his daughter, Pai.
Lau’s fight has always been a solitary one- mirroring that of the lone tiger in the jungle, too proud and too powerful to run in a pack. As a tiger, he’ll surely prefer to leave the world claws blazing and fighting, rather than to hole up in a cave to just fade away. It remains to be seen how Lau’s illness will impact on him in future VF games, but for now, the Master of Koen Ken still has much fight in him.

Lau’s fast and deadly moves make him one impressive fighter, and players will surely enjoy kicking and stomping their way to victory. He’s surely one of the more accessible fighters in VF5FS’s roster, but if you really want to punish foes with Koen Ken, master Lau’s moves in the Tutorial mode to cook up a world of hurt.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is slated for release on PSN and Xboxlive on June 5-6.

Leifang’s Back in Dead or Alive 5

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Don’t let that beautiful face fool you- this lady is one nasty fighter.

With all the buzz lately from fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and even some Soul Calibur V, one other upcoming beat ‘em up seems to have gone a bit quiet lately- and that’s Tecmo Koei’s Dead or Alive 5. The last we saw of this sexy brawler were a couple of vids showing off the returning Christie and Bayman, and revealing a virtua cameo from VF’s Akira. So what’s been going on with DOA5 these days?

Okay, I just have to say- that outfit is just atrocious.

Well, no new video YET, but Fighter’s Generation just posted scans from the latest issue of Famitsu that reveal another fighter and returning face- that of the lovely and lethal Leifang, the game’s resident Mistress of Kung Fu and one radiant sight in a Cheongsam. Aside from that, the scans reveal another stage in the game- called ‘The Show’, which appears to be some sort of circus setting. Will fighters get mauled by lions as they brawl in this stage? Anyway, head on over to FG to see the scans.
Hoping to see a vid soon- Leifang was my favorite and main back in my DOA days… glad to see her back.

VF5 Final Showdown Character Countdown, Part 2: Jacky Bryant

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Indy Racer, Protective Brother, Bruce Lee wannabee.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is the latest and greatest chapter in the VF series- a much improved and souped-up upgrade to the original VF5 released in 2007. For years, beat ‘em up fans have dreamed, yearned, begged for an international release of this awesome fighter- and now all those yearnings come to fruition as Sega releases VF5FS on PSN and XBL for download this coming June 5. In anticipation of this Big Beat ‘Em Up Release, I’ve embarked on yet another Character Countdown to get us all up to speed on the Blokes and Babes that make up the roster of this little-known fighting game called Virtua Fighter.
Now up is another longtime veteran of VF’s World Fighting Tournament. He’s probably the only blonde Bruce Lee clone (well, male anyway) in mainstream fighters, a cool-headed racing champ who fights to protect what’s most important to him- mainly his hotter-than-hot sister. Heeeeeere’s Jacky!

Distinguishing Features: Blonde, spiky hair- we suspect he cosplays as Cloud when racing season is off- buff physique, lots of shiny leather and denim. Really loves the color red and lightning (the weather phenomenon, not the FFXIII heroine).

Strengths: Well-versed in Jeet Kun Do, the trademark fighting style of the legendary Bruce Lee. This translates to incredibly fast offense and versatility to counter most opponents; his often-used line, ‘I’m faster than lightning’ is not always an empty boast, but a fair warning. Very well rounded and strong challenger.

Weaknesses: Fighting style-wise, not many; he’s been buffed up a lot and is one of the strongest contenders in VF5FS. Impetuous and prone to taking risks. Easily loses his temper and cool when his sister, Sarah, is in danger- which is ALL THE TIME.

Background: The eldest son of the wealthy and powerful Bryant family, Jacky has long lived a jet-setting life as Indy Racing Champ and all-around golden boy. That all came crashing down after a racing accident put him into the hospital. After he recovered, he found out that his sister, Sarah, had disappeared some time ago. He also discovered that a secret organization called Judgement Six was behind his racing trouble.
Jacky threw himself into the World Fighting Championship when he found out about its connections to Judgement Six, and the whereabouts of Sarah. He would spend the next several tournaments (and VF games) battling to rescue his sister, finally succeeding during the Third World Fighting Tourament (VF3).

However, despite being rescued, Sarah continued to be plagued by amnesia and distanced herself from Jacky. Protective as usual, Jacky continued to watch over Sarah until her full recovery of her memory. Once this chapter had past, Jacky returned to his first love- racing. However, Judgement Six hadn’t finished with the Bryants, and troubles continued to plague Jacky and Sarah. This time, J6 began sabotaging Jacky’s racing prospects, targeting his sponsors. Furthermore, while Sarah remained relatively safe, her bodyguard, Vanessa Lewis, disappeared.
Realizing that their troubles would never cease unless Judgement Six was dealt with once and for all, Jacky renewed his training in Jeet Kun Do and resolved to finish the fight as he received the invitation to the 5th World Fighting Tournament.

Jacky’s first appearance in VF was hardly impressive- he looked pretty unimpressive and notable only for his blonde hair and the fact that he shared a fighting style with his sister.
While it’s easy to dismiss Jacky as pretty bland and generic (which he was), Jacky has steadily been developed with every succeeding VF game to thresh out both his personality, looks and most importantly, fighting style. His fighting prowess has been greatly improved and refined to more closely emulate the Jeet Kun Do style, along with his own longtime combos and attacks.
As of Final Showdown he is one of the most formidable fighters thanks to his speed and versatile offense. But unlike Akira, he’s also apparently very easy to pick up and use, with lots of rapid-fire kick and punch combos to hammer the competition into submission.

Jacky is driven by goals very different than fighters seeking perfection or mastery of their art. He is fighting primarily to defend his family, and we all know that a man defending the ones he loves is a very dangerous man to cross. Judgement Six may regret pushing Jacky Boy a little too far.

Do you want to take down opponents fast and with a lot of flash? Then you just may want to try Jacky Bryant as your first character for kicks when Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown comes to PSN and XboxLive this coming June 5, 2012.