Tekken Tag 2′s Fight Lab is Looking Wacky and Awesome (UPDATED!)

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Fast Tube by Casper

Going where no Training Mode has gone before.

The latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer is now focused on the brawler’s much-touted Fight Lab, a fun and wacky new itineration of the classic Training mode ramped up with oddball sights and lots of tasks to overcome and CPU opponents to outwit. Oh, and you get to dress down Lili down to her bikini (loving your work here, Mike! Heheh…), which is sure to be the high point of the trailer for many. Anyways, the game is coming with a horde of free, bonus DLC and more goodies than any other Tekken ever before- I do heartily recommend you preorder this at your local game store or online if you can. The fighting starts this coming September 14 on PS3 and Xbox360.

UPDATE: Here’s the English/US version of the trailer, which comes with additional footage and bits. Check ‘em out!

Fast Tube by Casper

Can’t wait to get my hands on TTT2 just for Fight Lab!

Dead or Alive 5 “BUNNIES!” Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Dead or Alive 5 ups the bikini ante with… bunny ears.

The latest trailer for Dead or Alive 5 doesn’t debut any new characters, but I don’t think most gamers (well, most male gamers) will be too disappointed- what with the main schtick of the new spot being the game’s bonus Bunny Angel swimsuits which are a preorder bonus DLC for the game. Kasumi, Hitomi and Leifang get the white suits, while Tina, Christie and Ayane (not shown) get black bikinis.

Fast Tube by Casper

Here’s a version (in Japanese) with Ayane… aw, I was thinking there’d be a separate ‘Bunny Devils’ trailer…

Well, what can I say? It’s pretty cute and sweet and damn if the team intros and winposes by Leifang and Hitomi aren’t adorable as hell. Have to say though, the uniform white furry bikinis pale in comparison (eheh) to the colorful, personalized swimsuits in TTT2- I’m not really into furries or bunny girls. Well, there will surely be quite a few gamers queuing up for this game when it comes out in late September (wisely some time after TTT2′s release).

If cuteness could kill, Hitomi and Leifang are stone cold murderers…

Tekken Tag 2 Character and Stage/BGM Videos

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Namco-Bandai just released a slew of videos showing off the most recently-revealed content for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These include short gameplay vids showing off the returning Forrest Law, P-Jack, Alex and Tiger. Also on offer are vids showing off the cool new stages. As for new developments, talk on forums is speculating that the Tekken team just may be pushing to fill up the entire top row (where Angel and Kunimitsu are currently residing) with new fighters, perhaps to a pretty wild 60 fighters or so. Harada has already tweeted repeatedly that more characters are coming, some even after release- all FREE in any case. Looks like they just want to hammer in the simple fact that if you’re getting a fighting game this September, there’s no bigger one than TTT2. For now though, check out the vids!

Fast Tube by Casper

Forest’s looking like a chip off the old block… hopefully not too much.

Fast Tube by Casper

Tiger: Possibly the only other character more alien-like than Yoshi…

Fast Tube by Casper

Alex isn’t my cup of tea, but heck, how can you say no to a boxing velociraptor?

Fast Tube by Casper

Clunky and creepy but obviously massively strong. P-jack is going to be a monster.

Fast Tube by Casper

It wouldn’t be a Philippine stage if there weren’t any gawking bystanders.

Fast Tube by Casper

Tip-toeing and Tussling among the Tulips in the Netherlands stage.

Fast Tube by Casper

Lili should feel right at home in French-speaking Paris.

Fast Tube by Casper

Flamenco dancers and bartenders abound in the Spain stage.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming September. Preorder your copy at your local gamestore to bag most (if not all) of the cool goodies they’re cooking up! More as we get it then.

Epic Sci-Fi Action in Planetside’s CGI Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Death is inevitable in Sony’s upcoming FPS MMO.

I’m not the biggest FPS fan, and pretty much very averse to MMOs… but man, these games tend to have freakin’ awesome CG cinematics, and Planetside 2 is no exception. The trailer follows an unnamed but brilliant soldier as he wreaks havoc on a futuristic battlefield- up until the bitter end. Not sure if this game is going to be anywhere near as awesome as this pre-rendered movie, but hell, this is 3 and a half minutes of watchtime that’s well worth seeing. Check it out!

Vacation Time!

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For the first time ever in my professional life, I’m on vacation. Not a holiday vacation like the Christmas break but a real vacation. I’ve always been hella busy at work so I’ve never really gotten the time or opportunity before to take an extended Me Time- it’s usually just been a few days or so, or a weekend. Well, this time it’s different. I’ll be off work for three freakin’ weeks. Man, that’s awesome. To be honest though, it’s not me going off and traveling the world (I wish), but just staying home and being with the family. My brother and sister are coming home with their families and now our nuclear clan is together for the first time in perhaps six or seven years. Or perhaps even longer. So now I get to spend time with the newphews and nieces, bond and rebond and see each other in person, and not over Skype or Facetime.

Conceivably in this time I’ll also be able to get in some stuff of my own, like gaming and doing Me Stuff. Hopefully watch movies and catch up on some writing gigs. And read some comics. Maybe. And perhaps just generally vege out. We’ll see.

Thankfully though, I don’t consider surfing and blogging here work. So I’ll be chiming in updates as they come along. It’s a bit of a slow time now though. Maybe just as well. In a few weeks, it will be halfway past August, and then September… which promises to be pretty wild. For now though, it’s the start of my long break, and I’m so far staying up and waiting for the dawn to Monday… and I know I’ll be staying in. Gosh that feels good. Hehehe.

Apologies! You Snooze, You Lose!

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Sorry If I’ve been remiss in posting for the past several days. The cause of this bloutage is that I was unable to post anything since my WordPress and site were apparently way, way outdated and were in dire need of updating the system. Anyways, that’s done and I’m back on. Stuff has happened recently, like the debut of Dead or Alive 5′s new trailer showing off Tag Team gameplay and revealing Jann Lee and Lisa Hamilton AKA La Mariposa.

On the other big upcoming fighting game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, while there haven’t been any new bikini trailers shown off, Katsuhiro Harada has been pretty active on Twitter, announcing that TTT2 will require Online Passes to access online play; despite some protests the Tekken dev insists that this is required and something needed to curb piracy. Heck dudes- just buy a freakin’ new copy and that’s that. Or buy a used one and pay for the freakin’ pass. If you can afford to play games, you can afford an online pass. On other bits, Harada confirmed on Twitter that Character Customization will be available for both P1 and P2 characters (in Tekken 6 it was limited to one side). Also, there are still quite a few characters to be revealed in TTT2, not just two, as some have assumed. Man, it’s going to be one long wait till September!

At least though, with stuff working, you guys won’t have to wait too long for my next post. Heheh. Later then!

Preordering Tekken Tag 2 in Manila

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Don’t worry, Pinoys! We won’t miss out on the TTT2 DLCs.

Free DLC and bonuses are all the rage right now when you’re talking about Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But if US gamers have Gamestop, Amazon and others to go to, how about us poor, starving gamers here in The Philippines? Heck, we’ve got a stage of our very own in the game, but will we be able to get in on the DLC craze? Well, yes!
Actually, the answer is pretty simple and obvious- just preorder your copy of TTT2 at any branch of Data Blitz, the country’s most widespread (and well-known) game and computer software dealer. All you need to do is pony up 500 pesos (about 12 US Dollars) for your preorder deposit, fill up a form and keep the receipt until release day (September). As per the poster, gamers who reserve their copy should get a voucher for all four of the Extra Fighters DLC (Angel, Ancient Ogre, Michelle and Kunimitsu) as well as a choice of either a Jin or Kazuya T-shirt.

Knowing my luck, the shirts will probably only be available in small sizes…

I assume the Bikini Bundle will be thrown in (it wasn’t mentioned, but that’s to be expected since it’s fairly new) as a matter of course.
Another game dealer that will probably have some sort of preorder promo will be iTech, which doesn’t have as many branches as Data Blitz but tends to get copies faster (and lines are fewer there as well).

Data Blitz will be taking preorders until September 10, a day before release. Me? Already preordered. Now all I have to do is make sure to put my receipt in a safe place. Where did I put that receipt, anyway…?

Tekken Tweets: More Harada Hints on the Tekken Tag 2 Character Reveals!

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Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada has been very active lately promoting his upcoming game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3, Xbox360). The Man in the Shades has been to various countries, the recent SDCC and currently in Australia for his promo tour. Still, he’s been able to drop hints about even more TTT2 extra characters in between the miles. This article reveals a couple more clues to who we may expect to see soon added to the roster.

Hint 1: “One is a character a lot of people have been asking for his return. So, maybe they won’t be surprised, but a lot of people will be happy to hear about this.”

Hint 2: “Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one people will be very surprised at. This character is one that they wouldn’t have discovered.”

The first character many are suspecting to be Dr. B, or Doctor Boskonovitch. A screenshot of what is suspected to be his fighting style was posted on some forums recently (the lay-down stance). I’m inclined to agree- he’s pretty much the last remaining significant holdout in the franchise’s history. Gepetto’s unorthodox fighting style was infuriating to many but interesting so others- he’ll surely be updated for the times (how will that style contribute to a tag team, I wonder?) and the pace of the current game. Teaming him up with Alisa should be something special.

As for the character hinted by clue 2, it’s an open question- although I think it may be either Togou or Miharu. Both are the most popular possibiles being thrown around as of late, and both are obscure and surprising entrants into the roster- Togou being a KIA’d comrade of Lars in the Tekken Force, while Miharu is Xiaoyu’s classmate and a non-combatant. We can expect that both shouldn’t be clones of exisiting characters, like the rest of the additional fighters.
Still so many things can be revealed or added before September rolls in. Stay tuned, more as we get it then!

EDIT: Recent tweets from Harada has said that his previous posts didn’t say that there are just two characters left to reveal- he meant that there are two KINDS of characters still to be revealed. I fully expect them to fill up that top row with characters by the time Tekken Tag releases in September (or perhaps even beyond). Whoawesome.

It’s a Tekken Tag 2 Beach Party Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Everyone’s dressing down and the heat’s going up in TTT2!

As if to punctuate the recent announcement of the Bikini Bundle Preorder Bonus for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (and to convince those who still can’t believe Tekken would go this far in terms of fan service), here’s a brand-spankin’ new trailer showing the ladies and lads of the Iron Fist dressed in their summer finest. Yep, it’s not just the girls but the guys as well as the animals (and others) in the game who’ll be getting swimsuits. There will be ‘no less’ than 150 swimsuits (I assume that’s the total for the whole roster), so the bikinis and get-ups you see in this spot are just a small taste of this FREE preorder gimmick.

It’s all in good fun and giving the fans (well, some of them) what they want so I’m all for this (heck, VF5FS has bikinis and you don’t see it causing the end of the world, eh?)- always have, always will. Of course, this bonus will come first to those who preorder- who knows how us gamers here in Asia will get this apart from ordering online from Amazon or similar sites. Still, it’s a free DLC that should eventually get to every Tekken gamer who wants it. Me, I can’t wait for September and the silly, sexy fighting that’s sure to come (till then I’ll be playing VF5FS, thanks).
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out on PS3 and Xbox360 in mid-September 2012.

Tekken Tag 2: Bikinis for Everyone!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The latest trailer for Tekken Tag 2 promises some sexy bonuses…

Hot from SDCC, the latest video media for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 proves yet again, the devs are throwing everything AND the kitchen sink into the upcoming console release. Now the latest bonus? Added fan service in the form of a ‘Bikini Bundle’; or swimsuit costumes for the characters (I assume the female characters, but you never know with Harada…). The latest trailer is a heady mix of live-action female cosplayers (I’m pretty sure Harada and company had fun with the shoot) and in-game footage.

Kunimitsu’s watermelon bikini. Nice.

But the most significant part of the spot is at the very end, where we see that the Bikini Bundle is being offered as a preorder bonus, promising ‘Over 100 Swimsuits’. ONE HUNDRED? Heck, that’s a lot. In fact, one banner ad even mentions 150 swimsuits. Well according to some tweeting from Harada and some Japanese fans though, this amount will also include swimwear for the rest of the roster, not just the females. Yes, Ganryu and the bears will be in bikinis too (eh)… Harada surely is a bit twisted, ain’t he?
I’m just hoping that there’s a nice bit of variety with these additional duds, to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Well, scratch that- predictably there are those who immediately hate the idea of sex appeal and fan service, but then, to each his own. I for one am liking this turn, and I’m sure the fans who were told by Harada on Twitter that there would be NO BIKINIS in TTT2 are feeling vindicated. But then, Harada can always say he was talking about the arcade version at the time… Heheh. Anyway, remember- this new offer comes along with the other bonuses- the Snoop Dogg stage, the additional DLC fighters and so forth. That’s a lotta goodies… and all FREE! Whoopie!

Anyway, there’s also a 12-minute feature from Gamespot on the game with FilthieRich, so check that out as well. The game is still headed for an early September 2012 release, so get your suntan lotion ready- it’s going to be hot.

Fast Tube by Casper

Namco community manager Rich Bantegui gives us the facts.