Tekken Tag 2: Lili’s ‘Fluffy’ Skirt Special Costume!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Ooh, look at it… fluff!

Lili Rochefort is Tekken’s golden girl, like it or not, ladies and gents. Ever since this teen dream from Monaco busted onto the Iron Fist Tournament, she’s been in the limelight. Of course, the Japanese in particular would love a statuesque, leggy blonde Sweet Sixteener who dresses like a Cosplay Princess. Anyways, Lili is a natural model- for physics effects, in particular. In Tekken 6, her long locks turned heads with how realistic they flowed. Now, in Tekken Tag 2 she gets to show off cool and realistic physics animation again with her bonus ‘Fluffy Skirt’ dress. Now, I really don’t usually like costumes like this, but darn if it doesn’t look impressive in motion. I just wish you could customize it in some ways.

Not sure if the Fluffy Dress can be considered a Collaborative outfit, or a Preorder bonus- but I think it will be free and readily available eventually for every Tekkenhead’s new copy of TTT2. Well, the surprises keep coming… what else will pop up before the game’s release in a couple of weeks? We’ll find out, I guess, soon enough.

Skyrim: From Rags to Riches

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Fast Tube by Casper

Follow the Epic Tale of Olaf the Nord!

In the months since The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim was released, I’ve seen many ways of going through the game- among them quite different from your usual Warrior, Mage or Thief builds.
I’ve seen Pacifists and Unarmed Fighters. But I guess this one is yet another proof that Skyrim is not so much a set game as it is a wonderful sandbox in which to find your own fun and adventure. This is series from CVG‘s (Computer and Video Games) Youtube Channel entitled ‘From Rags to Riches’, and features playing through Skyrim as a humble, penniless, non-combative Nord named Olaf. He’s a No-vahkiin instead of Dovahkinn, with no skills, spells or shouts to speak of, and nothing save the rags on his back. But he’s got a dream- to someday own and live in the most expensive abode in Skyrim- Proudspire Manor, in Solitude.

That’s really not an easy task- the mansion costs 25,000 gold which conceivably can be earned eventually. However, going by how Olaf’s supposed to be non-violent and sticking to the straight and narrow life, I wonder if he’ll actually be able to earn the right to buy property in Solitude if he doesn’t actually do quests?

I’ve watched several episodes of the First Season, and well, Olaf isn’t entirely non-violent after all. He does pack a bow and arrows, and along the way he does rack up a fine number of wolf kills (mostly shot through the butt- LOL), and even a few actual human kills (in self defense though, natch). There is a nice bit of drama in one or two episodes, but where this series really succeeds is setting up nice cliffhangers at the end of each episode that keeps you coming back.

For the most part though, the entertainment for any Skyrim gamer who watches this series is probably how it lets them see this familiar world once again through a different, slightly askew lens.

I wonder what other oddball Skyrim series we’ll see next, given that Hearthfire will add even more content (a Skyrim Soap? Living with the Dovahs? Hahaha) to this bustling, ever-evolving world. Can’t wait to see.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim ‘Hearthfire’ DLC Trailer (Xbox360)

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Domestic Dovahkiin?

Not too long after I posted about Hearthfire, the upcoming DLC for Elder Scrolls V Skryim, and now we’re here with an actual trailer for the new expansion. How’s that for service? The expansion is just as the previous information has stated- it’s all about building and maintaining your own customized player home- from obtaining land to building the abode room-by-room, to filling it with… a FAMILY.

This expansion seems to incorporate formally into Skyrim several mods- Build Your Own Home and Adoption at least. It’s all for making the gameplay experience more roleplay elements, and that’s quite cool. I like how there’s gameplay elements for raising your ‘kids’ and protecting your home, at least- honestly though, that bit about Pesky Skeever Attacks and Neighborhood Giants seemed like something out of a gag vid. The DLC’s only for Xbox360 for now though (starting Sept. 4), but if you’re a PC gamer you can already try out the similar mods available right now. Heh… Not quite the thrilling DLC questing I was asking for, but heck. I’ll take it. Now, where in Skyrim should I make my new nest? Location is everything, after all.

Dead or Alive 5′s Achievements/Trophy List Revealed!

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On the Tecmo front in the current fighting game race, gaming site Exophase has just posted the list of Achievements/Trophies you can attain in Dead or Alive 5. Just perusing through this article reveals or confirms quite a few choice tidbits about the game.

For starters, Virtua Fighters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant will have to be unlocked. Returning Boss Alpha-152 is an unlockable character as well. Arcade Mode, Time Attack and Survival Modes will all have ‘Courses’ (or set order of opponents) to take on, similar to in Soul Calibur V and VF5FS. Danger Zones can be turned off. The Story mode looks to be pretty lengthy, with multiple chapters. There are unlockable costumes. There will be at least 50 kinds of character-specific Tag Throws (NICE!).

Check out the list yourself over here. I think there’s quite a bit of content to be had in DOA5 as well, which makes me think that fight fans will be very, very busy and very very happy this September. More as we get it then!

Tekken Tag 2 Producer Interview

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Fast Tube by Casper

Machinima gets the goods from Harada-san.

Hey, fight fans! Do you know it’s just two weeks till the release of the Biggest Tekken game yet? Well, it is! Well, that really depends on where you are- us in Asia are apparently getting our Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fixes on September 11, while other regions get it a day or two later. Well, don’t be too jealous of us Pinoys- so far we’re stuck officially with the standard editions, but I’m sure the game stores will be stocking the CE’s and Premium stuff regardless. Gotta get all those DLCs and Bikini Bundles!

Anyways, yet another way to pass the time (aside from continuing playing Tekken 6, which I still see as my favorite Tekken) is by watching the above video interview with Katsuhiro Harada (with translated voiceover by Tekken Team Member Michael Murray) by Machinima. There’s nothing really new, but I do like how the Tekken team is using story elements to make the otherwise boring Practice mode engaging in Fight Lab. Also am intrigued by how the canon may be affected by TTT2′s non-canon roster depending on gamer feedback… hmmm. Oh, and Harada also confirms that there are still more characters to be revealed.

My biggest thing for the release of Tekken Tag 2 is, honestly, that I want the Tekken team to move on- I wanna see Tekken X Streetfighter in my lifetime, after all! For now though, let’s await this awesome brawler as it hits this September.

Musing About Skyrim ‘Hearthfire’ and Future DLC Possibilities

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More adventures in Skyrim may be coming very soon…

Hey, when it rains, it pours! Right after my voluminous gushing post about Skyrim, there now pops up online talk about the possible next DLC for the latest Elder Scrolls game. Apparently about the same time that Zenimax (which owns Bethesda Softworks) licensed ‘Dawnguard’, they also got the rights for something called ‘Hearthfire’. Reliable sources have said that HF is the name to the next DLC content for Skyrim, giving players the ability to purchase and build their own custom homes in the land of the Nords.

Hopefully this, if it turns out to be true, is not the only content of this supposed DLC. I mean, there are TONS- literally TONS of mods already available online for free right now that gives Dovahkiins new player abodes- everything from immense castles and palaces to hidden underground lairs, floating islands and flying ships. Though I actually haven’t installed any of these home mods yet, I am eyeing on in particular- Kragenac’s Instant Fortress- which lets you carry around a Dwemer cube that expands into a tower stronghold wherever you go (and wherever there’s room, I guess).

Anyway, since Dawnguard was pretty big and provided lots of gameplay, maybe additional official DLC may be smaller stuff- but I do wish they keep expanding the game, the world and the fiction with more content. Since Hearthfire actually means ‘September’ in Skyrim speak, we may be hearing actual news of this very soon.

On my end, if we were to get more DLC for Skyrim, I’ve got a few ideas of my own on what areas may be addressed. So Bethesda, if anyone’s perusing the blog, take this down… heh…

Return of the Thalmor. Among your adventures as Dragonborn to work out the Civil War and solve Skyrim’s Dragon Problem, you may have gotten around to kicking some Evil Aldmeri Butt along the way. Cleared out Northwatch? Put Elenwen six feet under? Well, in any case the Imperious Elves won’t take kindly to being given a licking. This DLC should involve a considerably powerful Elven presence taking the fight to you and your pertinent allies such as The Blades, and the government you helped put in place after the war. Is Sky Haven Temple still a safe place? Maybe the Blades need some more hands to help defend the place. Maybe you’ll see some powerful NPCs as both friends and foes in this deadly game of chess.
Other bits we can add in this are Disguises, subterfuge and Home Invasions- with enemies who can actually infiltrate your otherwise-secure player homes for some rude awakenings.

In the Hot Seat. So, who did you side with in the Civil War? Now you’ll reap what you sow. If you sided with the Stormcloaks and put Ulfric on the throne, he’s on the way to becoming High King. Stand by his side and protect him to solidify his rule- this may include putting yourself in between him and deadly assassins, rooting out conspiracies in the court and perhaps even going after an opposing Jarl or two. Perhaps this can also expand more on the what Ulfric’s rule means for the land and its many peoples. Will you continue to serve this regime, even with its racist bent?
On the other hand, if you sided with the Imperials and preserved ‘the peace’, you may continue to range the land as a Legate at Large, keeping the peace and order. One of the possible threats you may face is a radical sect of Talos Worshippers, which may put you, as the Dragonborn, in conflict with your own source of power.

Dawn of the Dead. Other games have done it, why not Skyrim? The Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption was freakin’ awesome, and Skyrim can certainly be a great and huge setting for large scale undead creepiness. Think of it- an eternal fog covering most of the land, forcing holds to wall in and prepare against undead sieges. But what about the unwalled villages and towns? What’s causing this zombie plague? Can even the Dragonborn stop it before all is lost?

What are your ideas for additional Skyrim DLC? I think that this world and game have a lot more potential for great adventure- hoping we see a lot more in the months to come as we wait for the next actual Elder Scrolls game…

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Still Playing… Still Playing…!

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Do you guys remember Westworld? Darn, I guess I’m a bit on the older side for a gamer since I do. The original WW was a movie about an amusement park filled with human-like robots that replicate various times in history- such as Ancient Rome, Medieval times and the Wild West. Tourists who enter this park can then spend their time indulging in experiences like decadent orgies, castle intrigue and interludes with ladies-in-waiting or the ultimate thrill- gunning down outlaws in a quick draw showdown. In other worlds, it was a real-life RPG… which seemed to be great fun until the inevitable point of malfunction which caused the robot actors to suddenly turn on the human pleasure-seekers, turning their dream fantasy into a murderous nightmare.

Well, perhaps we’ll never see a real Westworld- but then again, who needs to? We already got something that is conceivably far better- and it’s called the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Of course, it’s got only one setting- Ancient Magical Fantasy- but it has more depth, roleplaying pleasure and action that you could ask for. In short, a virtual sandbox world to live your dream as a fantasy hero. All without the risk of getting skewered by an enemy’s sword for real at that!

Of course, early on in the game’s development and prior to release, I’ve watched the many developer features, with Todd Howard talking about how in Skyrim they really went about building a truly complete world, yadda-yadda… but back then, I didn’t really totally believe in them. Today, after playing Skyrim for hours and hours and still playing… I totally DO.

Skyrim (on PC) is, simply put, the first true sandbox RPG world that I can play indefinitely. I can keep playing as a variety of character builds- as a mage, a warrior, a stealthy assassin, for starters. You can also play as good or evil, or a mix of both. You can side with one faction or the other in the ongoing Civil War (to date, I’ve played through the Imperial questline to the end, and am currently playing the Stormcloak quests). You can amass wealth, power and reside in a palace, or be a mysterious power from a hidden, secret lair. I can go on epic quests aplenty, or just wander aimlessly- to find an object of arcade value, or just the best view of this amazingly detailed world.

You can go even further, with just a wee bit of roleplaying imagination. Be a hunter in the wilderness, or make it your hobby to collect weapons from fallen foes. Walk on the macabre side and amass a collection of heads or skulls. Or collect a menagerie of enemy corpses to act as your own personal private army. Or just be the white knight and wander the land as a penniless monk, unarmed save for your rusty blade and your Dragon Shouts (haven’t tried that, actually, but maybe someday).

Just like other open world games like GTAIV, you can just go crazy in Skyrim (preferably though save before you do) and engage in a bar-room brawl or a riot in the streets. Be a merciless assassin and practice how to pull off the perfect murder. Or waylay some poor schmuck on the road. Yes, you can be a douch and get away with it in Skyrim.

Also, thanks to various mods that improve or modify visuals and gameplay, the game is constantly evolving and being refreshed as well. After playing months on the nice but not spectacular console versions, I suddenly find myself wowed by hi-res, far more detailed graphics on the PC thanks to various mods. It’s like getting a ‘remastered’ or HD version of the game- something that in the past you’d have to wait years for. I can’t recommend modding Skryim with awesome graphic improvements enough- you have to see the awesomeness to believe it… I truly pity console gamers in this regard.

It all boils down to my own version of Skyrim being unique, my own and someplace I love to be in. It’s a virtual home that I continually find myself wandering back into, whether it’s to play the new Dawnguard expansion or just to mess around in. It all just takes some bits- that I’m a sucker for roleplaying myself, and I am a bit anal (thus things like crafting and enchanting items can absorb me for hours and hours on end). You find your own fun in Skyrim for the most part, and I’ve hit the motherlode.

I understand that this isn’t true for everyone, but I guess I’m pretty lucky. On the other hand, I’ve never really found MMO’s interesting, so perhaps Skyrim is the answer for that itch- a Single Player MMO? Perhaps. I just have to say, thanks to Todd Howard and Bethesda for this world and the fun I am continually having.

Till the next Elder Scrolls proper sequel, I know where I’ll be.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Options

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Fast Tube by Casper

Game journalist and Youtuber Robert Cram brings us quite a nice bit of in-depth info on Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s features in this series of three videos. Well, they’re actually more slide-shows than vids since Namco-Bandai apparently didn’t allow video capture for Mr. Cram’s work, but at least provided him with quite a few screenshots. So if you’re impatient for some more TTT2 info and media, like me, then check these vids out!

Fast Tube by Casper

Have to say that the Character Customization looks to be mostly like the Arcade version, which is a bit of a downer- still no separate hand or foot customization, but that was pretty much expected. No, it’s not anywhere near as detailed as Soul Calibur’s customs apart from the color mixing. Anyways, should be still quite a bit of fun to do for some wacky-looking fighters.

Fast Tube by Casper

In terms of content alone, TTT2′s a keeper. It’s still a few weeks away but we’re getting there. Stay tuned for more updates as we head into the final stretch till release!

Skyrim Memories: Hard Mode with Brickwall Games

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Fast Tube by Casper

The Start of an EPIC and Hilarious Let’s Play Saga.

There are literally thousands and thousands of hours of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim videos online, and on Youtube in particular- and doubtless, more and more are added each day. But of all of them, I have to say that no channel showing off gameplay in Bethesda’s latest and greatest entertained and engaged me more than the LP series by Youtuber Brickwall Games.
The entertainment value is totally in Brick’s earnest and often off-the-wall running commentary as he goes through the game as his nameless (well, I don’t know his Dovahkiin’s name- never mattered) hero. For the most part, he plays it straight, even getting into quite a bit of roleplaying at times. What I appreciated as well was how classy he was (mostly), not one of those anarchic assholes who tries to turn Skyrim into another GTA. Oh, and did I mention that he plays the game on Master Difficulty, making for some pretty rad death montages?

Fast Tube by Casper

Episode 71: The part which made me a Brickwalls fan.

In fact, it was Episode 71, with it’s utterly hilarious death montage and accompanying voiceover commentary that sunk claws into me and never let go. From there I stayed on to watch episode after episode, up until the final at Episode 200 (posted today!). Sadly, Brick seems to be much done with Skyrim for now and the near future, but heck- there’s 200 episodes of the series to just reminisce and enjoy. Not for everyone, but if you love Skyrim, this is a gem of a web series to watch. Check out the playlist over here.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Trailer Kicks Arse!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Epic action and comedy punctuate this latest Blizzard cinematic.

Blizzard has made a tradition out of making freakin’ awesome CG cinematics, and that continues with this, the cinematic trailer for the fourth expansion to their mega-popular MMO. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria takes the adventure into the titular jungle continent which is the home of some pretty powerful Panda martial artists. Kung Fu Pandas, literally! Man, all that’s missing is a big Skedoosh to punctuate the finishing move at the end of the trailer. This trailer just makes me wish once again Blizzard would just make a full-length movie already. No, I won’t be playing WOW anytime soon (not my flavor- Skyrim is my RPG), but darn I’ll be keeping this trailer on my iPad for anytime viewing. Freakin’ Cool!