Tekken Tag 2 Hilarious Glitch Video

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Fast Tube by Casper

Marduk… Possessed by the Spirits of Easter Island?

Just in time for Halloween, Theater10 on Youtube has posted this kinda-creepy but undoubtably hilarious video of a glitched Marduk in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Can’t really figure out how they find these things, but they did… and the world is all the better for it. I think. Enjoy the weirdness! You can find a couple more TTT2 Glitch Vids here.

It’s More FPS Fun in the Philippines!

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Terrorists, bullets, RPGs… it’s a party!

I guess it will always be part of me being a Filipino that anything Pinoy that shows up in international media will always get me excited. I’m no boxing fan, but it’s great for me that Manny Pacquiao is immortalized in videogame form, and that Manila Bay has become a venue for Iron-fisted brawling in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However, it’s a bit of a dubious honor for the Philippines to somewhat regularly show up in shooters as a venue for firefights and flashpoints, but heck- it’s really just a game anyway and shooters can happen anywhere.

Anyway, Isabela City is the stage featured in the new military FPS, Medal of Honor: Warfighter from EA. Isabela is a real place, in fact the capital of the province of Basilan, which is, in reality, a bit of a hotspot with frequent engagments between the military and armed secessionist groups backed by Al Qaeda. So I guess it’s not that big a stretch to have some action there.

I actually find it a bit exciting to hear Tagalog lines being shouted out by the opposition the player meets, although I can’t discern most of the lines (I heard ‘We must find the traitors!’ during Giant Bomb’s Quick Look). The visuals do capture the look of Pinoy locales- the houses, the hollow-block walls, the gaudy jeepneys, rows of palm or banana trees, low-hanging power lines and plastic monobloc chairs…

But of course, I’m pretty certain that most of the country, including Isabela, is a lot friendlier and sunnier than you’d see in the sodden battleground shown above. That said, wouldn’t it be cool to have a game set in Boracay for a change? Heheh…

The Lone Gamer’s Better-Late-than-Never Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)

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The Biggest Tekken yet. The Best? Maybe…

When we first heard of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it was part of the much-vaunted ‘Fighting Festival’ of game releases in that then-awesome ‘collaboration’ between Namco-Bandai and Capcom. Tekken Tag 2 was supposed to be a celebration of all things TEKKEN- so is this a party or a pooper?

The Story So Far…
While this is Tekken TAG, which places the game outside the canon Tekken storyline, there’s no shortage of story content in Tekken Tag 2 if you consider that every single playable character has a CG ending or epilogue that you unlock via gameplay (Arcade Mode for the most part). That’s almost two hours of animation, both in the usual prerendered CG sort and several done in various animation styles- it’s like a Tekken Animated Short Film Festival! Some are silly, some are cool, some are pretty out there- but thankfully pretty much all are worth seeing at least once.

The Roster
Tekken Tag 2 features the BIGGEST roster ever in a Tekken game, and while some may be intimidated or even turned off by the huge amount of choice, I say it’s all good. With the exception of the two pairs of exact clones (ChrEddy and the Bears), new characters aren’t just palette swaps and bring their own charm to the table. It’s a tag game, so the more, the merrier.

Fast Tube by Casper

TTT2′s Cinematic Intro sets the stage for the action to come.

Tag-rrific Gameplay
Some may say that TTT2′s gameplay is really just Tekken 6 gameplay with tag elements added- and they’re right! That is certainly enough on a gamer’s plate to chew on though since the Tag gameplay is not just some throwaway gimmick- it adds quite a lot of technique, timing and new stuff to do that will challenge both expert and casual players alike.
Yeah, the learning curve may be a bit daunting, but once you learn the basics in Fight Lab, you should be well on your way. It WILL take time to do stuff like those awesome combos you see online, but you get what you work for. Once you pull off your first Tag Assault, you’ll want to do more. DARN! Does this mean I have to change my blog title to The Tag Gamer??? Nah.
TTT2 will keep you busy with all the requisite modes- Arcade, Ghost Battle, VS, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival, Practice and Online. Customization is there to jazz up your fighters. Once you’re properly competent head on over to the Worldwide Arena of Online Play. This is the Tekken that will be the main thing to play from here until the foreseeable future, so get training, gents!

Item Moves! LOTS of Item Moves!
Improving the element of usable items from Tekken 6, TTT2′s collection of armaments now include tons more stuff for your fighters to wield or wear, and most have their uses- from cakes you can splatter on your opponent’s face (and they stay on!) to guns that actually shoot, there seems to be no end to stuff to play with. Yeah, they often look silly, but if you want to look cool then don’t use them… you’ll be missing out on quite a bit of fun though.
The best Items in the game are the Unique Items that let you do special KOs or finishers, which take a bit of effort to find. It’s also quite nice that the directions for using items are now conveniently placed in the game when you equip an item.

I’ve never really been the one for Online Play, but the few times that I’ve ventured to try, the gameplay has been excellent with little to no lag. This is kinda tempered by long Waiting times in between matches, but the wait is usually worth it.

Fast Tube by Casper

The Bikini Bundle shows that the devs aren’t above a little fan service.

The large amount of characters is matched by the many cool and awesome stages, the rockin’ music and stuff like Tekken Tunes (which lets you use your own music to replace the stock BGM), Fight Lab (the game’s short but fun Tutorial/Story Mode) and even just the overall look and festive feel of the game. In terms of content, this is surely the biggest Tekken ever (and as of this writing there’s still more content coming!) and it certainly feels like the best one, too!


Character Customization Conundrums
While seemingly improved from Tekken 6 due to the addition of color mixing, decal customs and more usable items, the Character Customization mode also suffers from several glaring cutbacks- it’s now less ‘customizable’ because of the lack of hand/foot customization (gloves and shoes are now lumped together with tops and bottoms), plus many outfits are just single-piece costumes you can’t edit (aside from color).

But even worse, there isn’t much variety to outfits in terms of style or feel, so most look uninteresting and generic. It almost seems like the costume designer is constraining you to his/her fashion sense. Also, the way the menus are laid out are very tedious, forcing you to go through several steps and loading times just to buy and equip an item.

If there are any more nits I have with TTT2, they’re basically little things- like the weird, useless insta-replay and the omission of actual KO animations, the absence of the individual Character Victory Animations (the same tag win screen and intros get old really, really fast) and such. You still can’t set up a VS match with the CPU, and I just wish Character Customization followed the way they do it in Soul Calibur.

When Katsuhiro Harada and his team set out to produce Tekken Tag Tournament 2, they wanted a game that would be a festival of fighting, a celebration of all things TEKKEN. They certainly succeeded in what is easily the biggest, most bombastic and bursting-at-the-seams installment in the series yet. Is this the Best Tekken Ever? In execution, content and fun factor, I say… YES! What flaws there are for me are but nitpicks in the bigger scheme of things- nothing that will break the game but I hope they do address these issues in the next game.

If you’re a Tekken fan, you surely already have this… but any beat ‘em up fan MUST check this brawler out for some of the most fun and satisfying fighting action you can get in this generation. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE!!!


Tekken Tag 2 Live-Action Short Film!

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Fists and feet fly in this Ferocious Feature!

Well now, ain’t this a neat little treat! With what appears to be a blessing from Namco-Bandai, performance group Wild Stunts Europe has produced a live-action short film based on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s pretty much just one long fight scene, but so what? The costumes are exceptional, the actors mostly looking spot-on (albeit Kazuya was looking a wee bit haggard) and the action- well, the action is pretty TEKKEN! If you’re a beat ‘em up or Tekken fan, this should be a nice use of seven or so minutes. Now, where did I put my TTT2 disc?

Gamespot Previews the Neo Geo X Gold

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Neo Geo X Gold… hopefully it won’t cost a fortune.

If you’re a fighting game fan, you surely know about SNK and their range of cool fighting games- Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighteres… Younger gamers might not remember the Neo Geo- aside from being the arcade unit system, it was actually sold and available as a home console… a VERY expensive console that few really got into.
Well, here’s a comeback of sorts for SNK and the Neo Geo library- the Neo Geo X Gold is a pretty hefty system that includes a docking station/console and a portable handheld/controller. Once again, this is more about nostalgia and authentic arcade look and feel than anything else- these games aren’t exactly cutting-edge.
Sadly I won’t be getting this. I’ve already got all the portable gaming goodness I need (more on that soon), and neither the Neo Geo X or even the PS Vita looks to be something I need to get through the day. Still, heck- you could spend 200 dollars on worse thing…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 @ NYCC 2012

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Fast Tube by Casper

Harada’s message to fans at New York Comicon.

Perhaps it kinda went under the radar (perhaps because it was mostly a WiiU thing), but Tekken Tag 2 was at the just-concluded Comicon, and Katsuhiro Harada was there to show it off. Well, there in video form- the man himself is currently traipsing around the Middle East and so for his other promotions, but he was able to record a vid for the fans at NYCC. It’s all about the WiiU version, which has PS3 and Xbox360 fanboys foaming at the mouth in envy at the inclusion of Tekken Ball. Oh, just get over it already- I’m pretty sure this minigame will arrive in other versions after it helps sell some WiiUs. For now, I’d be more excited on hearing when I can get my hands on the rest of the DLC/Unlockable fighters- I want me some Unknown action already!

Fast Tube by Casper

TTT2 WiiU gameplay at NYCC.

There’s more footage over at Youtuber ShinMamoruX‘s channel, so check ‘em out.

Capcom Unveils Darkstalkers Resurrection at NYCC

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Retro Capcom Fighting Fun to be had in early 2013.

At the New York Comic Con, the Capcom panel featured a reveal by Yoshinori Ono of the latest crop of fighters. It’s no secret that many fans of Capcom’s spooky brawler Darkstalkers have been trying to get Ono to make a sequel to the somewhat long-buried franchise, and today has given that more hope than ever before. The upcoming release is a compilation of the first and 3rd DS titles, ported perfectly from the arcade, remastered and given a lot of bells, whistles and trimmings to make the package pretty enticing. This package, Darkstalkers Resurrection, will be out in ‘Early 2013′.

But that wasn’t all! Ono also debuted a CG trailer for Darkstalkers- pretty brief but flashy spot featuring two of the game’s regulars- Demitri Maximoff the Vampire and Lord Raptor the Punkrockin’ Zombie. ‘Darkstalkers Not Dead’ is certainly quite the intriguing message, but it doesn’t necessarily confirm 100 percent that DS will be making a comeback. If it does, I expect it will be in 3D, perhaps in a more advanced form of the SFIV graphics engine, and should be… interesting. I’m not a particular fan of DS, but I must confess it should be cool to see Morrigan and Lilith in 3D. Mmmm. No date yet so expect this… well, sometime before Streetfighter V. Heheh…

Fast Tube by Casper

Darkstalkers Not Dead! Well, they’re UNdead… right?

Tekken Ball is Coming Back (in TTT2 WiiU Edition)!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Hear that? The groans from all those Tekken Ball-loving PS3 and Xbox360 owners..?

Namco-Bandai just posted the latest trailer for the WiiU version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and easily the most significant new addition is the return of Tekken Ball, that infamous minigame from Tekken 3 that quite a few Tekkenheads were asking for. Well, the mode is set to return in November with the WiiU game, and it actually looks kinda cool. Not something I’d lose sleep over, really. I did find seeing all the Tekken fighters cosplaying as Nintendo characters pretty entertaining. Methinks that Tekken Ball will eventually make it’s way to other consoles, but perhaps not too soon.

For now though, I think Tekken fans should be more or less playing with the crop of new content made available for Tekken Tag 2- I certainly am having a blast playing with Miharu. There’s still at least one crop of characters and DLC to come, so there’s some for everyone in the weeks ahead.

Tekken Tag 2 Updated to 1.02, New Characters, Fixes and Decals Added!

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Miharu is now available for babe-loving gamers everywhere.

As tweeted by Katsuhiro Harada for the past couple of weeks, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 got updated today. First off, a Patch 1.02 was made available, which apparently fixes some gameplay issues such as Ancient Ogre’s Infinite Combo and Kunimitsu’s Crouching Hitbox glitches (where she would be able to duck various mids). Also added was access to the Tekken Online World Arena (basically a regional common online lobby).

Also made available today were three new characters- Miharu Hirano, Slim Bob and Sebastian. Miharu is Ling Xiaoyu’s best friend and classmate (originally from Tekken 3) and previous palette swap; she shares most of Ling’s moveset but has her own unique animations and slightly altered moves. Slim Bob is a thin version of Bob Richards, and comes with altered move properties due to his reduced mass and strength. Finally, Sebastian is Lili Rochefort’s faithful butler who apparently fights with Lili’s moveset from earlier games (Lili Classic?). All three are already on-disc, but are only now unlocked for use once you connect to PSN today. Also new in the game are several stages- Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

Finally, Decal Customization has been added, which is similar to the feature in Soul Calibur V. I’ve yet to check this out myself, but I’m quite intrigued.

The 1.02 Patch is small- coming in at about 32 MB. You may find yourself accessing the new characters and stages even without the actual patch (they are apparently separate packages). So far, only the PS3 version has been updated- I assume the Xbox360 version will follow very soon.

This still leaves three more characters to be unlocked at some point, which may or may not come with additional other content and tweaks. For now though, enjoy your now-even-MORE-overstuffed Tekken Tag 2! Man, I can’t wait to get home…

Back into Skyrim: Super Skyrim Bros and Hearthfire

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Fast Tube by Casper

Beat Bowser’s spiky butt in Skyrim!

I have to admit, I’m no Mario or Nintendo fan, but this ‘Super Skyrim Bros’ mod for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is pretty cool. The costume for the Plumberkiin, the setting, the enemies… pretty much spot on! Check it all out in the trailer above and download the mod from Skyrim Nexus.

On the other hand, an official mod, or DLC for Skyrim- Hearthfire- is now available but giving me a bit of trouble. Yesterday, after I installed it, the game was experiencing various CTD (Crash-to-Desktop) when I tried to enter the Player house of Breezehome in Whiterun. Also, various glitches appeared in the Honeyside player home. Hmmm… are the existing player houses being messed up by the upcoming DIY abode? Anyway, supposedly a particular mod was conflicting with Hearthfire, and after I removed it things seemed to get better. I’ll attempt to get back into questing and homemaking asap.