FIGHTING WORDS! VIrtua Fighter Dialogue, Translated!

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What ARE you all saying???!

I LOVE Virtua Fighter. As far as I’m concerned, it’s right there at the top of my fighting game MUST-HAVE games, with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown being the crown jewel. But yeah, it’s always been a bit of a sore point that Sega hasn’t really gotten around much to giving us a clear look at their cast of fighters. The overall VF Storyline, for example, is a mysterious mess that is hidden behind arcane lore you’ll have to research for as it is only vaguely referred to in character backgrounds.

But even on the basic level- throughout its entire history of five games and several upgrades, VF has never given us translations of the characters’ words in-game; never has a subtitle ever given us meaning to the fighters’ cool talkbacks. Well, that gets remedied today!

Over at VFDC, a nice thread has been posted with a cool listing of the Japanese-speaking charaters’ dialogue with english translations. So now we can finally find out when someone’s talking trash, giving threats or being polite. For the most part though, a lot of the stuff they say isn’t really that mystifying or unusual- but you may be pleasantly surprised by a few of the lines. Check them all out over here.

Musing About: Tekken X Streetfighter

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It’s still coming, right, Harada? RIGHT?

Man, does time fly. It’s as if it were only yesterday when we were seeing Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada and Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono onstage in some game show together, clowning around to promote their ‘collaboration’ of sorts in the fighting game genre. We were promised a series of cool fighters the like we thought before possible only in fanboy fever-dreams, and all was good in the beat ‘em up world.

Fast-forward to today; Streetfighter X Tekken has been out for months, and is enjoyed by some, reviled by others. Ono-san isn’t as visible as he was before, whether it be due to SFxTK’s lackluster performance or not. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is now available on every home console, including the just-released WiiU. So what now? Well, we move forward, that’s what.

Unless there be any more DLC or add-on content for the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of TTT2 (I supposed Tekken Ball could be added as DLC for a nice Xmas gift), I’d say that the Tekken Team should be moving into something new in earnest, and Harada better start building the hype for whatever that ‘something’ is. Of course, what I am referring to is none other than Tekken X Streetfighter.

This Namco-produced Crossover has been in my mind ever since it was announced- and it still is. As entertaining as SFxTK was (yes, I am one of those who actually like that game- on PC), my interest is more in Namco’s version. It’s a novelty to see the Tekken fighters in the more cartoony, exaggerated art style of SFIV, but it should be a lot more exciting and intriguing to think of the World Warriors converted to Tekken’s pseudo-realistic 3D visual aesthetic. It’s like bringing the larger-than-life World Warriors into ‘real-life’, and that excites me quite a bit.

Aesthetics aside, I am intrigued about elements as well like gameplay and extra features possible in this special beat ‘em up. Will the Tekken Team expand the SF Fighters’ move lists to the usual Tekken style? How will ranged attacks and special moves like Chun-Li’s Lightning Kick or the Shotokan Fireball be handled? It’s not too hard to imagine they’d probably be like Unblockables in terms of ranged attacks, so one may probably sidestep projectiles. Still, I wonder if there will be things that will limit/regulate these surely potent techniques.

Another important bit will be- what will the overall game mode be? Will Tekken X Streetfighter be a Single Fighter or Tag Team-based fighter? I actually hope it’s the former- there have been too many tag team beat ‘em ups already- I crave a return to deeper, one-on-one fighting with more emphases on individuals, more detail and interaction between fighters rather than seeing just generic team winposes and routines.

I wonder about the Story. Streetfighter X Tekken had the Pandora Plotline- what will tie the warring factions together in TxSF? Will there be a narrative? If so, I hope we do see the characters actually talking and dealing with each other; I hope good guys/girls hook up (perhaps after some knocking heads), rivalries and friendships to form. I want match-ups to be made, but more importantly I wanna see conclusions to these epic fights, something glossed over in SFxTK. What lies at the very end? Have a Rival fight and a Boss who embodies a danger to both sides- maybe a totally new character introduced would be in order.

As for extras, Character Customization is a no-brainer. I hope the Tekken Team takes the learnings they got from TTT2 on what the fans want- more detail and control over what you can dress up your fave fighters should be key. Give everyone a nice range of outfits or pieces/customizations, the ability to mix colors and allow players the ability to get their fighters looking as cool and badass, sexy or silly as they want. Allow the Tekken and SF fighters to swap outfits/looks. Oh, and make every spot- tops, bottoms, hands, feet and heads all separate and customizable this time.

While we haven’t heard anything about this future fighter yet, I do believe that it is still coming. For all we know, Harada may start teasing about it tomorrow, or next week, or next month. It surely will be something that will come on this generation of consoles, and hopefully within next year (thankfully it’s a console release, so no need for any lengthy arcade run waiting time). As of right now, there’s no other big name fighting game announced yet, so this is IT as the future of fighting games in the next few months (yeah, not really that much hyped for Injustice, am I?). I expect we’ll hear something from this soon. Crossing fingers on that.

Till then, I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled online. More as we get it then!

UPDATED: Asura Cross (2D Fighting on iOS) Impressions

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Fast Tube by Casper

Gamevil runs us through their iOS Fighter.

Okay, THIS is a pleasant surprise. The iOS platform has tons of games- but not that many in terms of good beat ‘em ups. Yeah, we got Soul Calibur, but that’s a port and a bit bare bones. The King of Fighter titles are cool, but again, ports from consoles, and they’re iPhone only. Original fighting games on iOS have ranged from passable (Blades of Fury) to horrific (Further Beyond Fighting).

Well, imagine my surprise to find Asura Cross from Gamevil- what appears to be a 2D fighter boasting not only smooth and fluid-looking animation but varied fighting styles and a deep combat system!
Asura Cross features a Story mode with multiple endings, various other play modes like VS and Practice, unlockable fighters and even head-to-head play via Bluetooth. Pretty full-featured and impressive-looking, judging from the couple of vids I’ve seen (and posted here). I am impressed by the relatively complex interaction between the sprite-based characters, the large number of moves and the smooth animations. Really, this looks very promising.
Oh, and best of all it’s UNIVERSAL, so I can play it in full screen on my iPad. COOL.

Asura Cross is FREE on the appstore, which means of course inevitably that it will have IAP content. This isn’t too bad- you get three fighters unlocked off the bat, with the rest purchasable (and they should be worth it anyway). You can unlock other stuff like character colors and upgrades via points scored in-game. All in all I think it’s a reasonable barter and having the full game unlocked is a good value for anyone who loves beat ‘em ups. Titles like this are few and far between on the appstore, so I really want more fighters of this quality to come. If this turns out awesome, it may just become a fixture on my iPad.

Fast Tube by Casper

Two different styles of fighting clash in this vid.

UPDATE: Played the Story Mode. No, haven’t finished it- I’ve gotten past several one-round fights, and am into Chapter 2 (don’t know how many chapters this is). The story is surprisingly engaging, as it includes weirdness like aliens and vampires with your usual Fighter’s Road kind of thing- plus a healthy bit of sexual attraction between protagonist Jinshu and a couple of the ladies (which is actually a refreshing change from the usual ‘Fight is All’ hero). Unfortunately, the later fights are incredibly hard, since the enemies are being padded with far larger health bars, huge damage output and speed. It’s almost impossible, unless you never get hit or exploit some move glitch, to win in these fights with a stock character. You’ll invariably be forced to upgrade or Power Up your character using your APs, or Asura Points, which you have a few up front, and gain a bit as you play. Suffice to say, these run out fast, which is a strong push by the game for you to buy IAP. Of course, you could always just grind, which will take a long time.
I am a bit peeved at this- I’d rather than any IAP not affect gameplay this blatantly- it takes away from the game being decided by your SKILL, rather than stats and augmented properties. I’d much rather that IAP be stuff that just adds to the enjoyment, not central to the game- like perhaps additional character colors, additional characters, etc. As it is, it’s not game-breaking or a deal-breaker, but I am a bit disillusioned by how this game is set up.

It’s still an exceptional fighting game on iOS, but make no mistake- it’s a money sink as much as it is a game. It’s best for me to just keep this a casual thing, to just play for brief spurts. Maybe someday I’ll level up Jin enough to find out if he ends up with Judo hottie Yuuka or tomboy Nemo. But not today.

Grand Theft Auto V New Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Crime never looked this good.

The second trailer to the pretty-much-guaranteed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V debuted yesterday. Rockstar North looks to have yet again fashioned a world as seedy as it is fascinating, as we glimpse into the playground where players will be rampaging as underworld anti-heroes next year.

The trailer is real-time through and through, which should give pretty much a good idea of how things will look in the final. It’s not a huge leap from GTAIV, which was already awesome, but there is quite a bit more detail and expression- and a lot less Eastern Bloc accents.
Apparently gamers will be taking control of not just one, but three protagonists in the final game, telling a many-sided saga of taking the American Dream by hook and by crook. The release window is in Spring 2013. This is gonna be big.

For now though, I’ll be okay with playing GTAIII on my iPad. And then Vice City when it gets released later this year. NICE.

Tekken Tag 2: Final Round of DLC Characters Out Tonight!

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Gamers have waited a long time to get their hands on this gooey beauty…

Via the Playstation Blog, Namco Community Rep Filthie Rich has announced that the long-awaited last batch of unlockable fighters will be made available for download on PSN and XboxLive tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 13. This last wave of extra fighters includes Doctor Bosconovitch (‘Tremble before the might of science!’), Violet and Unknown. All three are returning combatants who have, since their previous appearance, been refreshed and given new moves and movesets to bring them up to speed in the new Tekken Tag Tournament.

As an added treat, the previous Preorder DLC fighters- Angel, Michelle Chang, Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre- will also be available for download for everyone. Oh, and all of these DLC add-ons are FREE, of course!
This should set off a whole new round of fresh fighting as players finally get their hands on these much-awaited fighters.

UPDATE: Just like the previous round of DLC unlocks, all you need to do is boot up your TTT2 disc while connected to the internet, and you should see a li’l message when you start up the game saying ‘Character Unlocked’ or such. If not, try rebooting your game, or perhaps even going into the PSN store. Once you see the message, Uknown, Dr. Bosconovitch and Violet should be ready for playing. So far, for me the best of the bunch is Unknown AKA Naked Jun- she plays pretty much like Lady Kazama, but has added moves that are pretty awesome… and yes, this includes her GIANT HAND OF DOOM, even if it doesn’t cause as much damage as the Boss version. Dr. B. is… interesting, but a bit too goofy for me, but the fact that his move set is pretty unique should set him apart from the rest of the Extra Characters.

Enjoy the lot! According to SD-Tekken, there just may be more Tekken Tag 2 stuff coming in the weeks ahead- will there be more content still? I’d be overjoyed for this (loving this game), but I’d also rather that Harada and his team finally move on to other things (cough cough Tekken X Streetfighter gak cough). We’ll see. For now, GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE!!!

Tekken Tag 2 WiiU Edition Trailer has Power to the Nth Degree!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Nintendo’s Tekken is Coming!

Here’s the latest PV to the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 WiiU Edition for Japan. The lengthy spot shows off the characters, modes and features on offer, most of which appeared in the previous console versions. The Nintendo Exclusives include the Nintendo Characters’ Customizations and Costumes, the special ‘Mushroom Battle’ mode where fighters can grow giant-sized when touched by toadstools, Tekken Ball mode and the ‘Pen’ Customizations where you can draw on the characters (how will Namco prevent NSFW artworks and doodles, I wonder?) for your own unique designs.

The kit and caboodle comes as well with all the extra fighters who arrived in installments as DLC for PS3 and Xbox360 (I think) available out of the box. The fighting starts on Dec. 8 (for Japan).

Fast Tube by Casper

Gamesradar shows off 8 minutes of WiiU gameplay.

Not really excited about this myself, since I don’t have a WiiU, nor do I have any plans of getting one at the moment. I need a great reason to buy a new console, and nope- TTT2 isn’t it. Still, I’m happy that this fighter is coming out- if only for the simple fact that with this version finally out of the way, the Tekken Team can GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE!

Skyrim ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Beyond Skyrim!

Bethesda announced its coming, and its here- the trailer for Dragonborn, the newest DLC add-on to their epic RPG, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. As I predicted, the armor shown off in the teaser pic was indeed involved with the Dragon Priests, and will have your own Dovahkiin travelling off the shores of Skyrim to the more alien land of Solstheim (which reminds me of Morrowind), to deal with a new threat- the possible resurrection of a former Dragon Priest who was also… a Dragonborn. In fact, the FIRST Dragonborn! DUN-DUN-DUUUN!

Stuff shown off include the ability to ride dragons as mounts, possibly the use of spears, new enemies, armor, NPCs and… well a whole new land to explore! Solstheim seems a huge place, which will be a godsend to players who have travelled the length and breadth of Skyrim and want to see new and unfamiliar locales.
Darn, this is exciting. I don’t expect anything more than just more Skyrim though, but that’s never a bad thing.

An Xbox360 release is set for Dec. 4, so expect the PC to get its share a month or two after (February?). As for PS3? Nah.

‘Abyssmal’ First Week Sales for Streetfighter X Tekken PS Vita

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According to this article over at, the PS Vita version of the cross-over brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken, have been pretty bad. As in, unprecedentedly LOW. The game’s first week sales in Japan totaled only 5400 units. That’s apparently very low, even considering that the PS Vita itself isn’t exactly touting a large installment base. This is just the latest blow (or yet another nail in the coffin) of this controversial fighter, which has gained the enmity of many gamers and fighting game fans due to various factors- the unpopular Gem system, additional ‘DLC’ Fighters being sold despite being already available on-disc and more.

This is really a sad thing for fighting games- this will, I’m sure, impact upon any future releases from Capcom, and certainly casts a bit of a pall over the release/development of the other game in this equation… the Namco-produced Tekken X Streetfighter, which has yet to be even shown in any form. The ‘collaboration’ between Capcom and Namco hasn’t exactly panned out, at least in the first phase, which can only be a negative in my view. Hopefully TXSF is still in development and will somehow revitalize the ‘Fighting Festival’ that seemed so promising a couple of years ago.

As for SFxTK Vita… sigh. Moving on, moving on.

Next Skyrim DLC Trailer Reveal Coming!

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WHO or WHAT is this?

Yesterday, Bethesda posted the above pic on Twitter, finally giving some word on the rumors circulating about Dragonborn, the next round of DLC content for their mega-RPG, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. In the tweet, it was said that a full trailer would come on Monday. This should be pretty interesting.
The first thing that comes to mind when I see the pic above are the masks of the Dragon Priests- perhaps the game’s most dangerous enemies. Could we be seeing another, even more powerful lich coming to power to threaten Skyrim? The character also kinda reminds me of the Falmer armor helmet… Hmmm.

Well, with Dragon-Riding among the new elements rumored to be part of the new DLC, Dragonborn will surely be more exciting and action-filled than the current Hearthfire (though I AM having a bit of fun making my own mansion in the middle of nowhere). I can’t wait! Official expansions for this awesome, awesome RPG are always welcome. Bring it on!

Sega Retro-Fun: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and More

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Fast Tube by Casper

Ah, the good ol’ days of the arcade…

Sega’s been on a roll lately with retro-releases on PSN and Xboxlive. After the awesomeness that was Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, they’re going a bit deeper into their attic to bring the Model 2 arcade games to consoles. Chief among the releases are fighters: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic Fighters.

Virtua Fighter 2 is often considered by some Hardcore VF fans as the best in the franchise even to this day. The sophomore installment of VF ramped up the looks from the previous blocky debut and greatly expanded gameplay as well. This was never really brought home in an arcade perfect way (the Sega Saturn version was adequate but not spectacular), so maybe many years from the arcade release, fans will finally be able to play a pixel perfect port (probably not but heck, it does look slick). Personally, I’ve already got all the VF I need with FS, but the Nostalgia fun factor should be strong with this one.

Fighting Vipers is one of those side-releases of Sega in the Beat ‘Em Up genre, along wtih weapons fighter Last Bronx. FV features a crew of offbeat fighters, each of whom comes wearing armor or outfits that can be broken off in parts as the action heats up. Never really got into this, I always found it a bit too bouncy and wacky, unlike the realistic (relatively) action of VF.
As for Sonic: The Fighters… well, it’s SONIC. Ever wanted to beat up Tails? Now’s your chance. Heheh.

This is coming to Japanese PSN in November… no word on the US release. I’m sure we’ll hear news soon though. This made me want to play VF5FS now. Gotta go…