Paperman: The Full Animated Short Film

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Art. This is Art.

For those who were able to catch the adorable Disney videogame-based flick Wreck-It Ralph a few months ago, this animated short, Paperman, as the front act to the main show. No, it doesn’t have the action of Read OR Die but the animation and art style are nothing short of jaw-dropping the first time you see it, the music utterly beautiful and the story loaded with that perfect amount of whimsy. I honestly believe you will be a better person after watching this, so check it out. Hey, and it’s FREEEEE.

Injustice: Gods Among Us ‘Lex Luthor’ Trailer

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More comic book action from the Mortal Kombat team.

Here’s the latest spot for Netherrealm’s upcoming new superhero brawler, Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s got in-game action, static character models/art and some nice voiceovers. I’m still not that sold for this game, or this sub-genre of the beat ‘em up. Superheroes have power levels, and it weirds me out to see Catwoman beating up on Superman. No, I’m not saying this can’t ever work- it’s just… meh, I think I’m still sore from MK VS DC Universe… and that was years ago. Well anyway, this is still something fighting game fans have to look forward to, seeing as the big boys of brawling are still keeping quiet so far. The super-powered streetfighting hits in April.

GopherVids’ Skyrim Let’s Play: An English Librarian in Jarl Balgruuf’s Court

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More Skyrim with a different tone and mood of play.

How do you know you’re a hopeless Skyrim addict? Well, when you spend half your time playing Skyrim, and the other half WATCHING someone else play Skyrim. WAHAHAHA! Anyways, lately as a supplement to my ESV habits, I’ve taken to watching this long-winded series of Skyrim Let’s Play vids. The player is longtime modder Gophervids, who has worked in the Skyrim modding community from its early days- in fact, he has made quite a few cool mods, including the Immersive HUD, which I adore. GV has his ongoing Skyrim Mod Sanctuary series, but his recent vids are of actual gameplay.

Gopher’s style of commentary (which pretty much makes up the lion’s share in making these kinds of vids entertaining) is part story-telling, as he narrates the story of his dragonborn Richard, apparently a bookish lad who wants to live the relaxed, cushy life of a librarian, not the war-torn adventures of a barbarian. The other part of his comments include modding in general, and is pretty informative. Yes, he’s played this game a ton before, but he still acts it out (for the most part) as his character experiences it. All that, plus his voice is pretty relaxing to hear. Heheh.

It’s quite a world different from my other favorite Skyrim Let’s Play, by Brickwallgames, which is more wacky and comedic. But for some reason, GV’s meticulous style of play, and great appreciation of the game and it’s details, are infectious and very engaging to me. I’ve always wished I could do something like this, but at this point I guess it’s a bit late in the game (heh) so I’ll just keep playing on my own time and watching when I’m not.

Virtual Sights Worth Seeing and Paying For…

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Taking photos in a snowstorm, not the easiest thing… but worth it!

My new laptop is nowhere near being a powerhouse for gaming rig, but it’s a nice notch upwards for me. So far it’s been kinda hit-and-miss; Far Cry 3 was utterly unplayable. Total War: Shogun 2, once installed (after downloading for the whole weekend) seems to play very well. I’ve more or less installed everything from my previous notebook.

As I’ve said quite a few times, my main reason for getting the upgrade is The Elder Scrolls V SKyrim, and yes, that also is a kinda-mixed bag. On the one side, frame rate isn’t amazing- for indoor areas may often see it jumping up max to 60 for some moments, outside it’s usually below 30. Overall though it’s indeed better than on my previous laptop.

The main upgrade is for the looks at least- on high qualiy but 1280 x 720 resolution (which I finally settled on for better FPS, the game looks quite excellent, and the touches include everything from wonderfully realistic lighting and very dark nights to pretty convincing water. Water really makes me often stop and just gawk so often in this game.
One particular case in point, the pic below which shows off the Ragged Flagon, the Thieves’ Guild headquarters in Riften. See the pool before my hooded, shadowy dragonborn? In all the time I’ve played that on PS3 and my earlier laptop, it’s always been an opaque disc, like mercury, from this angle. It’s only now, on my new rig that the water effects are proper and clear and watery-looking… in fact, it seems very nice to wade in. You would never think you’re knee-deep in stinking sewer. Amazing.

Grime never looked so good.

That’s one of the reasons why I continue to play Skyrim to this day- because I am still guaranteed of seeing amazing sights aplenty everytime I play, with every quest and wandering. And when I get another, hotter PC, the cycle begins all over again. Darn.

Skyrim Musings: 5 Mods I Really Wanna See!

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There are literally thousands and thousands on mods on Steam Workshop, Skyrim Nexus and other sites for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and it’s no exaggeration that these little or not-so-little add-ons have extended the life of this already-huge single-player RPG indefinitely. Every new mod, from weapon and armor enhancements to actual add-on campaigns and quests, go a long way to keeping Skyrim alive and refreshed. I’ve seen a lot of mods, but still, I’ve got a few ideas for some. Since I can’t mod myself, I throw out these ideas to the world at large… any modder who reads this and gets inspired can execute them if they can.

1. ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone’ or ‘Friendly Gestures’ mod. As the Dovahkiin, you make a lot of enemies in Skyrim… AND a lot of friends. It would be great if you could express that somehow in the game. I mean, your ol’ buddy the blacksmith sees you and gives that ‘You’ve been a good friend to me. That means something.’ line, and all you do is stare at him?
How about an immersive, roleplay-friendly mod that gives your DB the ability to shake hands, hug or even kiss an NPC? It would have its good and negative aspects- do it with an NPV who likes you, and it will build your relationship. Do it with someone you don’t know- particularly females- and they might call the guards and have them give you a warning (repeated offenses may get you thrown in jail). Don’t try to do it on enemies, of course.

So when you and your follower overcome a deadly encounter, where they save your neck with a last-minute charge or a nick-of-time arrow, you can express your gratitude with a hearty hug, handshake or even high-five. How ’bout it, modders?

2. Dream or Nightmare mod. With this mod enabled, going to sleep may lead to a deadly fight or weird encounter. Whenever you go to bed and sleep, there will be a random chance of you being transported to a random environment and be faced with a random creature(s), who may or may not be dangerous/hostile.
The kick here is that, since this is a dream, you may (1) be armed with regular, totally non-enchanted/non-magical gear or (2) be unarmed and dressed in just your underwear. If you encounter non-hostile characters, you luck out and should wake up with nothing more than a strange feeling. If you face enemies, you have to survive somehow despite your lack of equipment. Any loot you win from slain dream-enemies disappears after, but you still get the experience or skills boosts.

3. Hungry Tummy mod. Perhaps this is a way to make food useful, but not to the extent that it’s something you need to micromanage. If you don’t eat and drink for too long (two days up), your stomach will begin growling LOUD. This will get funny comments from NPCs, but more importantly prevent you from being stealthy (enemies will hear that stomach of yours). So if you’re going on a long trip, bring a Snickers bar, Dragonborn.

4. ‘Obscure Sight’ Shout. The existing Clear Skies Shout turns bad weather to sunny, disperses fog and mist- this Shout will do the opposite- create a smokescreen that will give you the chance to retreat for a quick heal and a re-arm. This should spoil the aim of enemy casters and archers for a while.

5. Reinforcements mod. This mod gives you an item, a Horn, which will, once a day, summon a bunch of Stormcloak or Imperial soldiers to fight the enemy you are facing off at the time you blow the horn. This will of course depend on which side you are on in the war- the horn will be given to you by either Legate Rikke or Galmar after the ‘Jagged Crown’ mission and you prove your worth. The soldiers will fight only the one fight, and will afterwards (if not already dead) will leave or loiter in the aftermath. You can only use the horn above ground, in the overworld- it can’t be used inside enemy-controlled cities or dungeons.

The best mods in Skyrim (well, in any game) are those that enhance the gameplay and the immersion. Those that break the game or just fool around are good for a laugh and a chuckle- but an awesome mod can keep you playing on and on. Let’s see ‘em, modders!

My New Laptop and Windows 8 Afterthoughts

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It’s not been all a bed of roses, but it’s not horrible either.

It’s been a week since I got my new Asus K55V Laptop, and here are my thoughts. It’s a notebook supposedly powered by a Quad Core i7 Processor, which should make a big difference from my previous laptop, but apparently it still has limitations for gaming purposes, namely due to the graphics card- an Nvidia GeForce GT 610M- which I gather isn’t exactly the fastest card in the league, but rather an entry-level card.

Thankfully though, after some initial hiccups, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim works fine- definitely looks better than before on my i5, but framerate-wise it’s still not as buttery as I’ve seen on big gaming rigs. It’s a notch better though and turning on FRAPS for recording doesn’t impact as much as before. I am able to install mods more handily and have been able to do stuff I wasn’t able to attempt in the past. So for the most part I may not be an ecstatic Skyrim camper, but I am a happy one. Heheh.

Fast Tube by Casper

Skyrim plays well on my new laptop. Certainly looks a lot better.

On other games- I was actually worried that since the laptop had a Windows 8 OS, I’d have some trouble installing some games. Well, that’s a Yes and No. I’ve been told that games native to Windows XP upwards shouldn’t have any issue with Windows 8. So far, Steam games seem to install perfectly.

There has been an issue with Capcom’s fighting game ports- after installing, Streetfighter X Tekken would stop dead on a black screen once you tried to open it up. The problem was apparently linked to a missing .dll file for Games for Windows Online, and once that was downloaded and placed within the game directory, things proceeded as usual. This is also the case for its sister game, Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition. Unfortunately, while I can play both games perfectly offline, I can’t seem to log onto GFW to access my profile or the GFW Marketplace. Since I don’t really play online that’s really not a biggie, and with some workarounds I can acccess the features I require.

Overall though, Windows 8 isn’t that big a difference from previous OS aside from the new ’tile’ interface of the Start Menu. It seems to work with more automation, which is good. It seems faster and certainly looks slick. So first impressions are good. I can’t really get into it too deep since it’s mainly a tool for my gaming, and nothing more. Suffice to say it doesn’t get in the way of my fun. At least.

Gonna be playing more on my kinda-new toy this weekend. It may not be the fastest, meanest gaming machine on the planet, but it’s MINE. That’s all that matters to this Lone Gamer. Heheh.

Elder Scrolls Online ‘Alliance’ Cinematic Trailer

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Videogame War never changes. Lots of guys die, people get to look badass.

As is the usual case with MMO’s, here’s the inevitable super-slick CG cinematic trailer for Zenimax’s The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s an impressive, almost 6-minute long action epic portraying the game’s three warring factions- The High Elves of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Breton-led Daggerfall Covenant and the Nord-championed Ebonheart Pack- racing to be the first to occupy the central Empire of Cyrodiil.

As spectacular as it is, of course the actual game won’t be anywhere as eye-licious. Still, there’s a lot riding on this upcoming, upstart MMO, and from all indications it may be something Elder Scrolls and Skyrim fans may want to check out. We’ll see.

Fast Tube by Casper

Some reasons why you may wnat to check out ESO.

Beaches n’ Bikinis Ups the Ante in Dead or Alive 5

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Fast Tube by Casper

More reason to keep that DOA5 Disc…

Early this morning Youtube fairly exploded with the release of the new trailer for Dead or Alive 5. Let MMOs and RTS’s regale gamers with CG eye candy- this is all real-time, baby! The now-available 1.03 patch for Dead or Alive 5 brings a ton of tweaks for the sexy fighter, as well as the return of the popular Zack Island Beach Stage. So now you can beat each other’s brains in and knock each other dizzy on white sands under the perfect blue sky. The new stage is free, but everything else in the trailer will demand some of your hard-earned coin.

There’s new Swimsuit DLC that is available in three packs with a bikini for four girls, or one big pack with all the goods that will set you back about 12 dollars in the US store (15 Sing in the Asian Store). So if you’re still okay with doling out cash for Team Ninja’s little tweaks, here’s more for yah! This is all for the PS3 versions- Xbox gamers get theirs on Jan. 29. For all the details plus a look at the new bikinis, check out Team Ninja’s FB page over here.

There’s still more DOA to come with DOA5 Plus in March. Still quite a bit more to squeeze out of this well-endowed brawler.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Trailers Promise… Awesomeness.

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Fast Tube by Casper

As usual- the CG Intro is nothing short of spectacular.

Blizzard struck out for me with Diablo III, but I absolutely loved Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. The Terran campaign has passed, and we now continue the epic trilogy-to-be with the Zerg phase, Heart of the Swarm.

When last we saw the Starcraft crew, ol’ Jim Raynor and his mates managed to stop his old flame-turned-goddess-of-armageddon, Sarah Kerrigan AKA The Queen of Blades. But of course, Jim wasn’t in this fight to plug one into his lady love’s head, so last we saw of them was Jim carrying off Kerrigan into the laser-scarred sunset.
Well, of course the story doesn’t end there. From what we’ve seen so far, Kerrigan won’t remain out of action for long, and whether it be with or without Jim’s help she’ll soon be back trying to claw her way to the top of the Zerg food chain (over the corpses of rebellious cerberates if need be) and eventually gain her revenge on Terran Tyrant Arcturus Mengsk.

Fast Tube by Casper

New storyline, new units and multiplayer modes unveiled.

The battle rages once again in March. I’ve already reinstalled Wings of Liberty on my new i7 in anticipation. This is lookin’ good.

Tekken… Card Tournament?

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Prepare for the Next CARD Battle!

We’ve got good news and bad news… Okay, it’s the first bit of Tekken we’ve been given in a long time, and it’s about… a CARD Battle game. Not only that, but a mobile card battle game. Sigh.
Tekken Card Tournament is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game for Android, iOS web browsers and mobile phones which will also involve actual, physical booster cards that will be made available in stores in Spring 2013. Fortunately, it’s not all just booster cards and stats- scanning cards has an Augmented Reality element, letting you add your favorite Tekken fighters to your deck through your phone/tablet camera. There will also be animated segments showing characters performing their deadly moves.
Okay, on one hand I guess this is better than that lamentable Tekken Bowl app. But… a card game. I’d actually prefer a match-3 fighting game than a card game. But hey, there are countless gamers out there into this genre- just not me.

No exact date yet for TCB’s release, but it is billed as coming ‘soon’. Physical booster cards will be on sale in stores in Spring.

I’ll pass and wait for the actual fighting game, thank you very much.