Grand Theft Auto V Character Trailers Released

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Arguably one of the most anticipated games this year, Grand Theft Auto V will be out in September and looks to be more cinematic and story-heavy than ever before. The newly-released trailers- one for each playable protagonist- look more like movie trailers than a game. It’s so film-like, I wonder if the ability to just freak yourself out and just cause havoc in the sure-to-be vast open world might seem out of place. But make no mistake, this is GTA and it’s going to rock. So, which of the protagonists do you feel most identified with? Michael, the middle-aged family man with a criminal hobby? Franklin the gangbanger looking for a way out? Or the psychotic drug dealer Trevor? Start salivating, this baby going to be big.

A New DOA5 On the Way?

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A short teaser trailer shown off recently at a Tokyo ‘Playse’ event.

Holy sudden upgrades, Batman! Dead or Alive 5 Plus hasn’t been out for more than a couple of months, and now this. Details are still kinda sketchy but obviously, a new version of Dead or Alive 5 is coming to Xbox360 and PS3 soon, and it will apparently feature the inclusion of Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji in the playable roster(something quite a few fans of Tecmo’s franchises have been asking for). DOA5 Ultimate? Perhaps.

Now, IMO a new fighter could be added simply as another DLC, so I am curious to find out what other content would warrant a new version of DOA5, and so soon after the release of DOA5 Plus. We’ll just have to see as Team Ninja reveals their tricks, hopefully soon.

GophersVids: Giving Skyrim Let’s Plays a Voice and a Story

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Who needs daytime TV when I have Skyrim LPs?

I’ve probably posted about Youtuber and game modder GophersVids in the past, but hell- I’m posting about him again. What can I say- I love this guy.

If you’re a Skyrim fan, one thing that will totally help keep you playing and enjoying the world is a constant imbibing of media on this game- which luckily is not in short supply.
On Youtube there is a veritable constant stream of Skyrim content- countless Let’s Plays (basically just gameplay), live-action or Machinima skits or features (whether comedic or serious), mod videos, tutorials and so on.

But in the past several months, the best media that has kept me playing and enjoying Skyrim is GophersVids’ Let’s Play. The strange thing is, all he’s doing is playing a (heavily) modded Skyrim on PC; he’s not doing anything overly flashy or special aside from using quite a few mods (and adding or taking them off as he goes, since he IS a modder himself).

He’s not doing anything like doing speedruns (in fact, his LP is probably one of the most leisurely you’ll find- he doesn’t fast-travel or shortcut much), nor does he presume to play like a boss or be overly adept at the game.
But what Gopher does that makes his LP a cut above the rest is, well, his VOICE. Perhaps both literally and figuratively- the man has an amazingly smooth and mellow, English-accented voice which makes it perfect to be heard over hours. But more than that, his Voiceover for his LP (which, let’s face it- is basically what sets good LPs apart from just simple gameplay videos) not only commentates on the onscreen action, but he actually tells a story.

Just like his previous LP (which I actually haven’t watched, though I may someday), Gopher weaves a pretty detailed story into his vids, giving his onscreen character an actual name, background, character and motivation that he sticks to more or less religiously throughout the series. Yes, often he’ll break out of immersion to commentate on some things, or explain mods, but for the most part he stays in character- and that just makes for entertaining watches. This is, pretty much, a TV series for me. Mindboggling.

Gopher’s Skyrim Sanctuary series gives in-depth looks at some of the game’s cool mods.

His current character for example- a Breton named Richard- is supposedly a ‘Librarian’- a scholar on the run from the Thalmor who has found himself in Skyrim, getting into sticky situations and heroic problems that he’d much rather just avoid. Little by little though, the scrawny bookworm (and man, does he collect a ton of books) turns into a seasoned archer and yes, warrior, throughout the episodes.

It’s all just simple editing (no flashy tricks), his commentary and storytelling, but it makes for an absorbing, relaxing watch. Perhaps it’s something really only Skyrim gamers would appreciate, but hell don’t I find it an addictive habit. I certainly can’t do this myself (I don’t have the voice), but in my own time, as I play my own game, I guess I silently add my own story to my own Dovahkiin.

The most recent episode above of Gopher’s LP apparently ends the current Chapter and finishes the Dragonborn DLC, which always gives me a tinge of melancholy. He has said that he will continue to play Skyrim, perhaps taking on Dawnguard and the main quests- so hopefully I’ll have more soothing, English-accented gameplay vids to watch for a while longer. If you’re into Skyrim, check out Gopher’s channel and vids- simply awesome.

Soul Calibur V as Digital Download for PS3, Xbox360

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Retell the Story of Souls and Swords all over again!

According to a recent announcement from Namco-Bandai, Soul Calibur V should be available as a full digital download game starting today, April 23, on both PSN and Xboxlive. The game will be available at a discounted price of $19.99, though I’m not sure how this will translate into Singapore dollars on the Asian PSN (if it becomes available here). In any case, if SCV comes out in my parts as a DL game, I’ll probably grab it. Already own the game on disc, but having it as a digital release means I won’t use the PS3′s drive to play it, which is always better. Also, the PSP Soul Calibur Broken Destiny should be available for PSV as well.

If only Tekken 6 and TTT2 were available here in Asia as well as DL games… oh well. Perhaps on PS4..?

Anyway, been pretty quiet. Still playing Skyrim, trying to get into Bioshock Infinite, which runs great on my PC but for some reason I just keep putting playing it off. I dunno. Working quite a bit this week, but hopefully I’ll have a long weekend to kick back and play some games coming up. Crossing fingers!

Saying a Not-Goodbye to Skyrim (and Why I’m Still Playing It)

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The Adventure Continues? Why, OF COURSE!

With yesterday’s Twitter that rocked the world more soundly than a hundred FUS ROH DAHs, Bethesda finally hung the CLOSED sign on The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. But for me, and surely many other armchair assassins/warlords/mercenaries/heroes-for-hire and doubtless many others who will probably discover the game later (when it’s released as a GOTY Edition or so), Skyrim will live on. For PC at least, every gamer’s version of Skyrim is unique to them. That’s because it’s a world shaped by their actions, populated by their exploits and given life more by their own investment into it as much as the countless awesome mods that have constantly improved, refined and beautified the game from it’s vanilla version.
There are several reasons why I love Skyrim and its gameplay (granted, yes, after it has been modded), but I’ll just focus on one thing.

The single most awesome thing for me is the Permanence. It’s kind of hard to explain- it’s the way the world is as solid as a game world can be. It’s a mix of immersion, believability and consistence. Let me explain.

This is a world and game where you really feel your character exists. It’s a world your Dovahkiin walks step by step. In this, the game feels so involved because of how you’re inserted in it. You can walk into a room and pick up an apple from a table. You can eat it or keep it to make apple pie. Or you can throw it at someone’s head. Or you can do a ton of other things… it’s up to you. But that’s not just it. Let’s go into a combat situation.

Imagine your warrior walking a lonely road on the way to the next settlement. From the bushes you head a telltale challenge and before you know it, you’re surrounded by bandits. You draw your sword. Other games, turn-based RPGs, would jump through a transition, and a slap-match begins. In Skyrim, you do a myriad things to deal with this situation. Stand your ground and let the miscreants come to you, hewing them down with your weapon- or spell- of choice, or RUN like freakin’ hell to kite the bastards into the range of a guard patrol. OR you can take cover behind a nearby abandoned wagon to keep yourself protected from an as-yet-unseen enemy archer and to keep the melee attackers coming at you from all sides.

By whatever strategy or non-strategy, you survive, and at the end you KNOW you’ve been in a fight. The ground is bloody and bodies litter the place. Enemies don’t de-rez or vanish in a sparkle of coins- their corpses remain (and remain for a long time), for you to loot (and strip down to their undies) or desecrate at your leisure… GLORIOUS. THAT is the reason why I love Skyrim so much.

It’s a game where you can tackle the same situation so many different ways, and things can happen in many others. And in the end, it satisfies as it makes you look like a badass once all the fracas is over. It never gets old to win a battle, skirmish or war and see the carnage around you. Or to defeat the same evil boss a dozen different ways. That’s why Skyrim is so replayable for me.

Aside from that, it’s the pleasure of raising your Dovahkiin- a nobody in a cold, uncaring land, to the most badass, deadly and influential person in the world. That feeling of control and power is intoxicating, pleasurable and addictive. And I expect I’ll continue to play this game, rebuilding, building new character after character, mage or fighter or rogue or whatever, for many more months to come.

I’m really hoping that when the next ES game arrives, it still continues to have the aspects that I find so great. No matter what the engine, I hope the permanence, the carnage, the versatility, the wealth of options, the corpse desecration… I hope it all comes back. Or I’ll just keep playing Skyrim.

Goodbye? Hell NO. I’ve only just begun to play.

I must admit though, this is all about the PC version with a gazillion mods. Mods and Skyrim… who needs official DLC? Well, any MORE DLC at least.

Bethesda Moves On To Their Next Big Thing

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It’s official- Bethesda Softworks is moving on from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and onto their ‘next adventure’. So no more DLC like Dragonborn or Dawnguard (as far as we Know). On the one hand, it’s sad, but this really doesn’t mean the game is done and dead. There will still be minor updates to the game as needed, and, at least for the PC version, there will always be more mods coming that will continue to refresh, refine, beautify and flesh out this game- nay, virtual world.

On the other though, it’s unfortunate that Skyrim seems shortchanged in terms of DLC compared to previous Bethesda games. There certainly are a lot of things that could have been filled out by canon, official DLC releases within Skyrim’s expanses- while I love the open-ended nature of Skyrim’s ‘ending’ (or lack thereof), things like the Civil War could have been given a better resolution, or a more detailed follow-up. As it is, we are left to fill in many of these gaps ourselves, whether in our own imaginations or with the help of mods.

Anyway, I’m still playing Skyrim to this day, and look forward to a lot more hours to come. Who knows- maybe when Bethesda finally unveils their next game, I’ll still be playing it. We’ll see. Back to playing then.

12 Minutes of Dark Souls II Gameplay!

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Dark Souls II Gameplay Demo from IGN.

IGN scores a scoop with this first ever showing of actual Dark Souls II gameplay. That’s 12 minutes of action from this upcoming RPG sequel. On the one hand, it’s pretty obvious that the sequel is looking a lot better than the first game- the environments are really detailed with nice, atmospheric lighting and effects, and the huge size of some enemies retains that trademark Dark Souls scale. I’m finding the walking animation of the player character kinda stiff though- maybe because the game is still early? Also, the view of the game- the behind-the-character view, seems very impractical in many parts of the demo in terms of your character actually blocking your view (I don’t recall it being like that in the first game). But I’m sure this won’t be an issue in the final game.

The way I am, I’ll probably try out DS2 when it comes, even if I never finished the first Dark Souls. I’ll surely keep an eye on this one though.

Dark Souls X Evangelion OP is Awesome!

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Praise the Sansviedotcom!

There are fan works, and there are fan works, and then there are awesome bits like this Dark Souls-ified version of the Evangelion anime opening. It’s got enough DS imagery and characters (often overlaid on Shinji and company) to make any proper undead giddy with delight. Heck, I’ve never really finished the game but seen it through thanks to Let’s Play series on YT, and I’m totally digging it. Sansviedotcom’s got lots of love for DS. I wonder what he’ll think of Dark Souls 2? For now though check out the vid and get ready to have your inner bonfires stoked.

Dead or Alive 5 Required Watching!

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EmperorCow tells you How!

The past couple of months, thanks to a superior portable version in DOA5 Plus, I’ve warmed up a lot to Dead or Alive 5. It’s certainly one of the more challenging beat ‘em ups thanks to the evil A.I. in single player (once you ratchet up the difficulty), but this video by EmperorCow should help a lot. It’s always been a problem for me whenever I get knocked down, the CPU always seems to know how to get me every single freakin’ time. This may help- or not. Well, it can’t hurt to know the proper ways to recover. There are more vids (since this particular one is part 5) which should go a long way to making any DOA5 newbie more capable and competent in no time. Check it out!

Tekken Card Tournament: Take it to the Streetz! With a Z!

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A different kind of Tekken.

Okay, let me say this right up front- I am NOT a card game kind of person. When I first heard (and saw) Tekken Card Tournament (iOS/Android) several weeks ago, I just slapped my forehead in exasperation. I’ve been waiting for Tekken X Streetfighter or any hint of Tekken 7, and we get… THIS. Well, it’s a way of reaching a new crowd with a new direction or genre that should grow the franchise I guess. And to be fair, the game isn’t something like Yugioh or even Pokemon. It seems more like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors where you choose your moves and see how they match up. Physical cards you can buy will let you setup a deck to use, and AR functions look neat. I just wish this game had incorporated Character Customization- that would have gotten me into it more.

As it is, I will try it this at least, but I can’t see myself buying the physical cards (not even sure they’ll be available in my neck of the woods). But hey, if you like card games why not give this a try? I’ll be playing Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2 in the meantime though, as I await a fighting game Tekken.