My Skyrim Addiction: Another Let’s Play Series!

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Skyrim: I, Claudius- Yay, one more LP to follow!

I guess it’s only natural that I, being still pretty much addicted to playing Skyrim (PC) to this day, am spending a lion’s share of my time when not playing Skyrim watching SOMEONE ELSE playing it. The Skyrim Let’s Play vids are a strange phenomena for me- I just love watching them, even if basically what you see onscreen is something that I’ve seen over and over already.
Nope, it’s not as much the gameplay seen as it is the voiceovers that speak and give context and a story to the visuals. I already follow Gophersvids’ Let’s Play Skyrim AGAIN! series, and now I’ve gotten another to follow in I, Claudius from Youtuber Jingles1215. Like Gopher, he’s English and is playing a kind of ‘Fish out of water’ character- Claudius, his Imperial, is a former Legion officer turned soft by inaction who has suddenly found himself in the brutal land of Skyrim, and now must somehow survive.

Also a main feature in the LP is the fact that he uses the extensive Skyrim gameplay overhaul mod SkyRe or Skyrim ReDone, which I am really intrigued in trying. I may do a SkyRe playthrough myself someday, perhaps after my current character.

Man, who needs TV when I have LPs? WHAHAHA… sigh.

Skyrim Realistic Textures Overhaul Mod (PC)

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OC Gamers rejoice: Photo-realistic ground!

I’ll admit it- I’m kinda Obsessive-Compulsive. I am fascinated in detail and meticulous attention. That’s part of the reason why I am still playing and enjoying Skyrim even after hundreds and hundreds of hours of playtime. It’s a world I don’t just play, I INHABIT- and when a mod comes along and makes that world even more slightly realistic, immersive and believable, it just makes everything feel like new again.

So here’s another such mod- Realistic Textures Overhaul, which looks like it will make stuff you think most players won’t even notice look like programmers spend hours on every pebble and crack in the soil. Well, at least, not Bethesda’s programmers- but modders who probably throw in effort not because they’re paid, but because they WANT TO. And man, I love them for it.

Cause when you play Skyrim, it’s not just you looking at some dragon or suit of shiny armor- sometimes you just find yourself staring at the ground and now this mod will make it so that when you do, you’ll say- GODDAMN that’s some awesome ground.

This just goes right up there with other detail mods like Realistic Teeth (now I find myself staring at NPC’s when they talk to me) or Splash (which makes rain patter when they hit surfaces- so cool). Darn, I love this freakin’ game.

The Future of Tekken looks… SEXY

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‘Tekken Force Girl’ is first in my book.

In case you didn’t know, Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken Team held a New Character Poll on Facebook last week, letting fans vote on which of several oddball character concepts would potentially make it into Tekken Revolution as a new fighter, or perhaps even in the next Tekken game(s).
The concepts included ideas like a cute female Ganryu/sumo, a female Paul, a Salmon fish, a giant Praying Mantis, a run-of-the-mill Old Man (think Wang… without the skills), Tekken Blood Vengeance Emo Boy Shin Kamiya, a sexy Tekken Force female and a Vampire Loli Girl.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, Vampire Girl won first place, followed by Female Tekken Shu. Me? I voted for Miss Tekken Force- and seeing the sketch I do not regret the decision. Vampire Girl won first place. Supposedly this bloodsucking Loli has been kept a prisoner within the Rochefort residence for many years, though without Lili’s knowledge. What would her fighting style be? Me, I’m all for cute females but a vampire..? Better perhaps that this was left as a costume for Lili. Tekken force girl is pretty much the only character who looks like a real fighter in the selection, and hopefully she’ll make it into the game sooner rather than later.

At this point though, ANY new fighter would be welcome. Not much happening in the fighting game biz at the moment (no, Soul Calibur II Online doesn’t really float my boat. Sorry), so it’s a good thing I’m still very much into Skyrim and other games. Anyways, more as we get it then. At least Tekken Revolution is getting a nice update soon…

Maybe she’ll cute her enemies to death.

Ultra Streetfighter 4 Trailer!

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Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento and Someone headline Ultra.

Last weekend’s EVO2013 had one big reveal- the next major installment in the Streetfighter franchise- ULTRA Streetfighter 4. On the bright side, the upgrade seems kinda big on paper- Five new characters, Six new stages, tons of tweaks and rebalancing, new outfits- sounds sweet. On the downside though- Four of the five ‘new’ fighters and ALL of the new stages have already appeared in Streetfighter X Tekken, so that kinda takes away some of the bite. It’s Fighter No. 5 who is supposedly ALL-NEW and never before seen in any SF title. Who that is, we’ll just have to wait and see.
As for the tweaks- hell, I don’t really care about that. The costumes are just a set of Fantasy-themed outfits for the newcomers care of UDON… a preorder bonus. Ho-hum. Hell, PC mod outfits online right now kick any official alternate outfits anyday.

All in all- kinda underwhelming, to be honest. This isn’t something that will have me salivating till it comes in early 2014- just something that happens when it happens. Of course, I’ll be waiting for the PC version myself.

Sadly, fighting game reveals just seem to lack punch these days. Maybe the Tekken Poll results will make me cheer up, this coming weekend. For now, check out Ultra’s spiffy new spot.

Tekken Revolution New Character Poll brings the Weird

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Going into the weekend, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada announced that Tekken Revolution will be getting a new fighter- and no, I’m not talking about the recent news that Hwoarang and Dragunov are joining the current roster. Nope, a totally new fighter will be chosen from the Tekken Team’s vaults by fans and gamers via a poll on Facebook and developed all-new for the game.

The weirdness comes in the form of the Character Concepts being presented for selection- we’ve got ten, ranging from the more conventional (like a female Tekken Force member) to the strange (Female Paul?) to the even stranger (an actual Salmon fish, helpless and flopping) and even STRANGER (Zombie Bride!? Miguel’s Sister Resurrected!). Let me say I would be amazed to see any of the choices come out, but man, I really hope the Salmon does not win. For the love of Tekken please no.

Check out the Tekken New Character Poll to see the potential new character concepts in detail… and if you care about Tekken, cast your vote!

Falskaar: Skyrim Mods Just Reached a Whole New Level of Awesome

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Needed a new reason to get back into Skyrim? This is it.

I said it once, I’ll say it again. The PC version of Skyrim puts the console versions to shame. No, not even just that- Skyrim on PC is perhaps the single most awesome single-player game you can get. Thanks to mods, every single world of Skyrim on any one gamer’s PC is like a bonsai plant of wonder, ever-growing, ever-evolving long after Bethesda has inexplicably given up putting out content for it. Hell, who needs Bethesda when there are mods like Falskaar coming out? What is Falskaar, you may ask?

Falskaar is a mod- a Quest mod, which adds in more adventures in a place already teeming with adventure. It’s also the best kind of such mod, in that it adds entirely new areas to the world of Skyrim- in effect growing this already vast fantasy realm by another whole freakin’ continent.
It also stands head and shoulders above other mods due to the use of excellent voice acting. Apparently ALL the voices to be heard in this adventure are original and recorded by pro and semi-pro VAs just for this mod. Supposedly they’re on par with whatever Bethesda used in the Vanilla game (well, judging from the trailer there may be some iffy stuff, but nothing cringe-worthy), and I can believe that. Really, voices are important- in some ways, the quality of voice acting is a great measure of how cool a quest mod is, since great voice actor quality keeps mods seamless within the world.

Hey, I’ll throw this out there- I’m not a bad voice actor myself, Skyrim modders- If you need one, I’m available! Heheh.

Anyway, I haven’t tried Falskaar yet, but the trailer has sold me on it- the theme music alone (‘Heart of Falskaar’ by Julian Shanahan) is worth the price of admission, and the game has a whole album’s worth of new tracks that should give this new land a character all its own.

I don’t know what Falskaar’s story is all about, but it involves the Dragonborn getting whisked off to a whole new continent, far removed from Tamriel and getting involved with the local troubles. It has tons of quests and is big enough that once you install it, it’s in your game for good (until you start a new one).
I’ve already downloaded the 500+MB mod- I’ll see about giving this a run and adding it to my personal version of Tamriel very soon.

Between this and Helgen Reborn (another Skyrim quest mod which I am enjoying thoroughly), Skyrim modding looks like it will keep the game fresh and alive indefinitely. God bless you modders, and Keep ‘Em Coming!

World War Z Movie Review: That’s a LOT of Zombies!

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Resistance is Futile!

Okay, I never really read the original World War Z novel by Max Brooks, but I got a gist of what it was about thanks to Wikipedia. While the original source material is more like an alternate history tale, the film version starring Brad Pitt is a more conventional action-thriller/apocalyptic virus tale that has some nice imagery and atmosphere to keep you glued to the screen.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former UN Special Investigator (which seems to mean that he’s kinda like McGyver) who has since retired and is content to just raise his two daughters with his wife Karin (Mireille Enos) in Philadelphia. One day, while on the road with the brood, Gerry is witness to the sudden outbreak of apocalyptic chaos in his neighborhood, and it is only by the seat of their pants that he and his family are able to fly out of Philly before becoming drafted into the ever-growing Zombie Horde.

On a bunch of ships far out at sea, the UN has established their impromptu headquarters to combat the menace. Gerry’s friend and current UN Deputy Secretary General Thierry (Fana Mokoena) and Navy Commander Mullenaro (David Andrews) want him to accompany a young doctor and a team of SEALs on a mission to somehow find a cure for the supposed zombie virus. At first, Gerry refuses, not wanting to leave his family, and it’s only the threat of them being taken off the ship and left somewhere else that Mr. Lane agrees to help save humanity.
From there it’s Gerry and some red shirts off to various flashpoints to find clues to the puzzle, with the deadly zombie infestations hounding them all the way.

The ‘zombies’ in WWZ aren’t your slow, shambling types- which is a huge departure from the book. They’re like the rage zombies of 28 Days Later, on crack. The schtick is that they seem to have a hive mind directive in a way, and their main goal is to propagate their virus. Which means, they swarm and chase humans to bite and infect them, then run off to find someone else to bite. That means there’s little real gore or no scenes of zombie chomping- and it makes me see the WWZ zombies as another version of The Borg. ZomBorgs!

The film works best and is at its most gripping and terrifying at the opening, where the peace and tranquility of everyday life is shattered by these rampaging zomborg groupies. The desperation and fear is the scary thing, as well as other people who may or may not impede you.

Ironically the zombies themselves aren’t THAT scary- they’re not that gory save for their blank eyes and their weird yelps, but the menace and threat that anyone they bite will turn into one of them in seconds brings the dread and the chills.

The concept that other nations are better prepared (but perhaps not as prepared as they thought) is fascinating, which is shown at one point when Lane arrives at Israel. The speed at how things get effed up at one point is another high point of terror in the flick.

Perhaps one thing that just kinda hit me wrong in the script is how they portrayed Pitt’s character as a bit too much attached to his family- no that’s being nice- Gerry Lane is very selfish for quite a bit of the film. Hey, I am all for him being the loving dad, but man, this is a Zombie Apocalypse, and he REFUSES to help because he can’t leave his wife and two high-maintenance kids alone WHEN THEY’RE ALREADY IN THE SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH? Why did it have to take a bit of coercion for him to say, ‘yeah, I’ll do my part in saving the human race’?
This continues later in the flick (that I see a million miles away coming) when Pitt’s loving wife calls him and he forgets his cellphone is not set to silent while they’re on a STEALTH mission.

Lane: I’m all right honey- oh, I just lost my whole team because you alerted every zombie in the neighborhood but that’s okay since I’M still alive. Oh, and next time I’ll call you, okay?

At least this issue is kinda addressed at a certain point. Anyways, moving on, Pitt is perhaps the only big star face in the movie- Matthew Fox apparently played a soldier who rescues Lane in the early part of the movie, but it’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment. The only other recognizable faces are David Morse as a CIA operative and David Andrews (who also played an officer in Terminator Rise of the Machines). Refreshing though is a kick-ass female Israeli soldier named Segen (why does that remind me of Metal Gear?) played by Daniella Kertesz who becomes Lane’s Girl Friday later on.

Overall, World War Z is a competent action thriller; it’s more of a virus movie than a zombie movie, and is entertaining for its concept even if a lot of jump scares and events are predictable and the movie loses any tension a bit too early in its climax. I enjoyed it though and hell, this movie also gave me hope that in such a zombie plague I have a hope of surviviving. Heheh.

Profound Sadness: Ryan Davis, 1979 – 2013

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Gaming News loses one of its most cheerful voices.

I just found this out mere moments ago, and I am still aghast. Ryan Davis, co-founder of Giant Bomb (along with Jeff Gerstmann) passed away last week. The jovial, cheerful Giant Bomber has been a fixture on the site’s numerous podcasts and Quick Look vids, and his voice was often the most enjoyable to hear simply because he was always laughing, joking around and making you feel like you were right there playing with them.

No reason or cause of death has been given yet. He was 34.

Thirty Four. Man, he was younger than me. I still can’t believe it, even as I write this. I wish this was a joke. But it isn’t.

My condolences to Giant Bomb and his friends and family.

Source: Giant Bomb

UPDATE: A fine tribute to Ryan Davis was posted here by his friends at Harmonix.

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 ‘Fight’ Clip

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Looks like Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 starts off kicking.

Here’s a quick peek at the action that will be Koming soon, via director Kevin Tancharoen’s second stab at the Mortal Kombat franchise. Mortal Kombat Legacy’s second season sees several new faces even as we say goodbye to some old ones (Sadly Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White won’t be back this time). Mark Dacascos and Casper Van Dien join the cast as Kung Lao and Johnny Cage, respectively, as two of the main heroes of Earth guided by Raiden (David Lee McCinnis). Meanwhile, Shang Tsung (played by the one-and-only Cary Tagawa) is also gathering his forces, including, surprisingly enough, a certain fighter named Lui Kang (Brian Tee).

Anyway, the fight scene above portrays the vengeance of Scorpion on Sub-Zero (who was sadly framed by Shang Tsung in Season 1), and the fighting looks aces as ever. According to Director Kev, this season will portray the actual MK Tournament, and thus will have more action and fatalities portrayed onscreen. Can’t wait!

Tekken Revolution Reaches 1 Million Downloads, Getting Updated in July

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It seems that Tekken Revolution, the latest and first F2P Tekken title, is proving quite popular- according to a posted article on the game has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its June 12 release online.

As a token of appreciation from Namco-Bandai, from July 1 to 8 there will be a Special Event with bonuses aplenty for players who go online and play Ranked and Player Matches. They can earn 1.5 times the fight money, and there will be a 1,000,000 gold bonus for those who log in.

In addition, this month sees the addition of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu to the roster (who need to be unlocked with player-earned Gift Points.
There will be more updates this month for the game, which we hope includes even more characters and more modes and perhaps customizations.

Can’t wait to see more updates to this as-yet barebones fighter. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this.