Beat ‘Em Up Documentary: I Am Streetfighter

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More than an hour of hardcore Streetfighter Reflection!

Capcom just posted I Am Streetfighter on Youtube, and I guess if you’re a fan of their flagship fighting game, it’s a must-watch. Created by Area 5, this documentary was part of the special $150 Streetfighter 25th Anniversary Collection set, and has only now been made available for public viewing. It explores the SF franchise fandom and franchise as a whole with interviews with important figures including Yoshinori Ono. I’ll give this a watch ASAP, as soon as I get some popcorn. Heheh.

Musing About: The Next TEKKEN (or Tekkens?)

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Will the Mishimas still be on top in the next ‘Ken? We’ll see.

A wee bit of news/rumor hit the net today, about Namco-Bandai debuting a new arcade board (System 478) which apparently has Tekken 7 as one of its first games. Really? Tekken 7? It follows that all major Tekkens are first designed from Arcade boards, and the 20th Anniversary of the Tekken brand is coming… plus Harada IS supposedly working on 4 new titles, including one that will ‘surprise’ many gamers. Will the next numbered Tekken be here in the near future?

Well, probably not too near- even if a teaser trailer were to appear within this year, it would take another year perhaps to get it into arcades, another to get it abroad outside Japan, and perhaps another to get it into consoles. By then, PS4s will be in homes and the Tekken fan long buried deep into the souls of thirty-to-forty-something gamers may somehow be reawakened.

Man, a new Tekken. I don’t consider Tekken Tag 2 as part of canon, mind you- so the last real Iron Fist episode was Tekken 6, waaaaaay back in 2008. Honestly, I can still remember the thrill I felt seeing T6 for the first time in the arcade, marvelling how the graphics were so much better than Tekken 5 DR- how Lili’s hair moves so realistically and how the characters looked so much more detailed. Tekken 6 is still my favorite Tekken, personally, since prior to that I never really got into the series that deep. I wanna feel and experience that rush of newness again.

It seems right though- it’s bee a long drought in the beat ‘em up genre, a dark age, if you will. An awakening, or return, right at the 20th Anniversary of Tekken is fitting.

I hope we won’t see a time leap, or a hugely cut roster. Tekken needs to keep the characters- at least, the ones in the main roster (sans the extraneous ones such as deadites, clones and cartoons) who figure in the ongoing saga. I want to see a leap in graphic fidelity, realism and a tighter, simpler system. I wanna see a full game with all the trimmings- CG movies, modes, customization till our eyes bleed and a fighting system that rewards practice. And I wanna see it now. Wah.

Well, here’s to the vigil continuing. We’ll see a new Tekken eventually. I just hope I see it before I have kids.

Killer Instinct: New (Female) Challenger Appears! UPDATED!

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UPDATE: It has just been revealed that this new female fighter isn’t a returning character, but an all-new combatant named Sadira. No other info yet. You can check the source post over here.

After a grizzled ragtag Tibetan Warrior Monk, a Werewolf, an Ice Alien and a crazed Native American Fighter- FINALLY a female combatant is shown off for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive beat ‘em up, Killer Instinct. Question is- WHO IS IT? Her design and fighting style have never been seen before, but if she’s returning from previous games it can only be one of two possibilities- either it’s corporate assassin Orchid or martial artist Kim Wu- but this new femme fatale looks nothing like either. Her design though seems very similar to MK’s Kitana or Mileena with the veil, an the claws… not sure yet. We’re sure to find out more soon though. Veeeery interesting!

Skyrim Mod Review: Helgen Reborn

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Ah, mods- growing Skyrim on PC by the day.

Yep, I’m STILL playing Skyrim- and the end is not in sight. Not when awesome quest mods like Helgen Reborn (and Falskaar) are around, and hopefully will continue to come. These are probably the most ambitious mods you’ll find to extend your Skyrim experience, and are very much well worth trying out.

To be honest though, I am a relative beginner with Quest mods. I know there are many already out that came before HR, such as Moonpath to Elswyr and others, but it was Helgen Reborn that I first took a chance on to install. Thankfully I don’t regret it at all- this quest was, as stated, not just a simple town mod or even just a quest, but an experience that very much enriched my current Skyrim playthrough.

The town of Helgen in Skyrim’s Falkreath hold is pivotal in the Dragonborn hero’s life- it was there where his/her life changed forever, where it would have been cut short on the executioner’s block, instead their life was spared when Alduin the World Eater decided to make his public debut in Tamriel. In the vanilla game, Helgen is the starting point for your adventure, introducing you to the harsh land, hinting at the ongoing Civil War and throwing you into the game’s first dungeon. And then, oblivion- ordinarily you’ll only return to the ruined town to find it still in shambles, overrun by bandits for all time.

Helgen Reborn changes that, inserting an entirely new, alternate end for the town. Sometime after you begin the quest (by reading a book yo find inexplicably in your inventory), you’ll be contacted and told someone is looking for you in Whiterun. Heading there you’ll soon be directed to a man named Marcus Janus, a former resident of Helgen who is very much looking forward to asking you about his former home. This meeting soon gives way to a long and winding questline involving an old friend of Marcus, a band of resistance fighters from Cyrodiil, lots of Thalmor agents and eventually one of the best player homes you can get in Skyrim.

As often mentioned in the mod descriptions and other reviews, Helgen Reborn is fully voice acted- something that any serious quest mod seems to require to be really appreciated. To be fair, indeed most of the voice work for HR is well done, ranging from excellent (Janus and Valerius) to more than adequate. There’s even an Ah-nuld clone voice performance that just works because its so over-the-top.

But aside from that, the mod is entertaining for its complex and involving storyline. Though the dialogue is often long-winded, I did find myself very much liking your comrades in the lengthy adventure, and the writing makes you feel you’re really a part of a great and worthy effort. Quests are also not wanting in action- there’s a big rescue mission early on which really gets you into the thick of things.

There are some slow parts too. The middle quests, which involves several ‘training missions’ with prospective guard recruits, was interesting at first, but ultimately repetitive and tedious. The guards you accompany are essential, so there’s little tension (I also would have liked that they remain as available followers at the end of the questline). Another part, where you get involved in a series of Arena fights, had too much repetitive running around in a confusing cavern. Also, perhaps I was too high level for this part, since I basically one-shotted every single opponent.

The climax was well-done and suitably dramatic, even if I did have to reload and replay a scene when a dragon unexpectedly decided to drop in (heh) PERFECTLY during the big end scene. The reward once it was all over though was a lively, busy town and new player home I truly felt I had worked for and owned. Awesome.

If you’re looking for a great way to extend your Skyrim play on PC, Helgen Reborn is an excellent quest/town mod to play. Glitches and bugs are minimal (and usually solved by reloading a save) and the overall production is top notch. With this under my belt, I’m ready to take on something even bigger in the future- Falskaar, anyone?

Dead or Alive 5 ‘Ultimate Sexy’ Costumes!

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‘Racer Queen’ outfits for half of the girls…

The lovely ladies of Dead or Alive are the stars of the franchise to be sure- which means that sexy costumes will always be a come-on. Well, that feature will be in full force in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, which is out in a couple of weeks. Some time ago KOEI-Tecmo showed off several of the girls in new ‘Ultimate Sexy’ Swimsuits; this week they show the rest in ‘Race Queen’ costumes. Beats me why they didn’t give each of the girls both a new swimsuit and a racer outfit though.
Anyway, check out the vid above for the slick new threads Christie, Lisa, Tina, Mila, Pai and Sarah will be sporting for DOA5U (and even some new animations for victory poses as well).

To refresh your memory, below is the vid with the other DOA vixens in their new swimwear. The game is out in early September.

…swimsuits for the rest!

The Fighter Within Revealed (Gamescom 2013)

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A Kinect Fighter?

Okay, Ubisoft’s The Fighter Within probably the newest fighting game revealed so far now, and I have to say- I am torn. On the one hand, I am really liking the art style, the graphics, the realistic/gritty feel of the characters and the obviously more grounded fighting action… but DAMN aside from being an Xbox One exclusive it’s also a Kinect fighter. Really, I do not fancy flailing my arms and kicking stupidly for this. I’d rather have this as a regularly-controlled fighter.

Still, hell, if it actually plays awesome who knows- maybe this may be the fighting game to make me actually work out regularly. Or not. Who knows? I’ll keep this on the rader, as there are so few fighters coming these days. This is supposedly due out this coming holiday season.

Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder Reveal Featurette

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IGN shows off the latest fighter to return in KI.

Chief Thunder was teased some time ago, and just recently the Native American Warrior has been revealed in full. He’s lost the mohawk and, like everyone else so far revealed, seems a bit more rugged, fiercer and a bit crazier- or just more badass. I’m still waiting for some fairer challengers to make their debut though. Still not sure if I’m going to spring for an XBox One for this, but we’ve got a long way to go still.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Gameplay… GORGEOUS!

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The latest GG’s graphics and animation got me hooked.

Some gameplay vids of the upcoming new Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, are starting to appear online from a recent Location Test and I have to say- I am absolutely loving how it looks. In particular I love the cool angles, spins and closeups the camera does during special attacks, or even during Character Intros (check out Ky’s intro in the vid) and in the Win Screen- Man, I’ve always wanted a Win Screen with an angle like that forever!
I’ve always been more of a gawker than a player when it comes to GG, but if it looks and moves this great, count me in when this arrives. For now, check out the slickly animated action in the vids.

Hopefully coming to consoles in the near future.

Tekken Revolution Interview

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Siliconera followed up their earlier interview with Katsuhiro Harada, this time focusing more on the Free-to-Play Tekken Revolution. It’s not that long but there are some nice tidbits to get- such as for whom this particular Tekken really is for, that hopefully there will be a new Tekken in the near future that won’t be like it, and some plans for Ghost Battle which I particularly like.

Check it out over here.

Tekken X Streetfighter… Still Coming… Still Coming…

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Sadly still the only solid image we have about TxSF to date…

Wow. Apparently it has been- what- THREE YEARS since that glorious all-time-high of fighting games where the supposedly-then-impossible happened; Namco-Bandai’s Tekken and Capcom’s Streetfighter were linking up. Thus began that hilariously ridiculous era of the comic duo of Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Project Director) and Yoshinori Ono (Streetfighter Producer), introducing the ‘Fighting Game Festival’ series which was to include Streetfighter X Tekken and Tekken X Streetfighter.

Fast forward to more recent times- gone are the comedy duo skits with the fighting game gurus and sadly more sobering realities have taken effect. Streetfighter X Tekken, while in my estimation a decent brawler, was sadly hamstrung by Capcom’s ludicrous DLC snafus and leaked info, resulting in widespread player disgust. In the fallout of the SF franchise’s apparent coming short on sales, Ono-san has somewhat retreated from his limelight spot but fortunately still appears today as the genial face of Streetfighter. Sadly, no Streetfighter V is yet in sight, and the biggest thing in fighters from Capcom is yet another rehash/update of SSFIVAE. Ultra, indeed.

But what about Tekken X Streetfighter? As with their Capcom counterpart, unfortunately the Tekken franchise’s big gun, Tekken Tag Tournament apparently did not sell as well as wanted by Namco, despite some genius touches such as utilizing Snoop Dogg/Lion as a come-on (really, Namco?). While Harada has consistently remained in place as the Tekken representative and head, the series has slowed down considerably as well- since TTT2′s release 3 years ago, no new Tekken has yet been announced- the recent Tekken Revolution being a game put together with existing and slightly refreshed assets from TTT2.
However, according to this interview with Siliconera, Harada insists that Tekken X Streetfighter is still coming, in development yet awaiting a proper time.

I am inclined to believe this- I have to, since, what else can I hold on to? Hopefully if Tekken Revo proves successful perhaps with the next titles Namco’s flagship, millions-selling fighter can get back to proper beat ‘em up title status with substantial single player content and all the bells and whistles- not this F2P, half-hearted filler we’ve been seeing so far. Anyways, maybe I’m being over pessimistic. Supposedly Harada has 5 titles in development, so surely there’s a proper, full-featured Tekken there somewhere.

All I can say is, yes I’m sad and pining for the good ol’ days, but I’m still here and waiting for another golden age of beat ‘em ups. Just say the word, Harada- my money’s waiting.