Mortal Kombat Legacy II Entire Season Now Online!

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Ready for a new season of GET OVER HERE?

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but the vigil has paid off. Mortal Kombat Legacy by Kevin Tancharoen is now on its second season, and Machinima once again brings us the goods. The webisodes are a separate entity from the upcoming movie (also directed by Tancharoen), and will tell a cohesive, linear story unlike the single or two-part character vignettes in the first season. Me, I’m still waiting for news of the next game though.

Anyways, in a pretty unprecedented move, Machinima has released ALL the episodes of Season 2 today. You read that right- ALL episodes. So no more waiting for the next installment of MK Legacy 2 every week (unless you want to). Me, I’m going on an MKL2 Marathon over the weekend. WOOHOO!

You can find the whole Season 2 Playlist here.

The Lone Gamer’s Infinity Blade III Review

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The original swipe n’ slash saga reaches its finale.

It’s kind of weird that there have been three Infinity Blade games, but I’ve only now posted a review, apparently. But suffice to say that I enjoyed the first two games greatly- being an iPadder, having Chair’s premiere title on the platform is almost a prerequisite. But heck, I got the game the day it was released, been playing it since and have the scars and the smiles to show for it. So here’s my review of the flagship swipe n’ slash title on portables.

Many have imitated, but none have equalled Chair’s Infinity Blade series. In terms of gameplay and polish, this series is the top of the finger-fighters. So it’s kinda sad that with Infinity Blade III, the saga ends (more so with the cancellation of IF Dungeons- sad, that). So how does this digit-drawing adventure go out?


In the original Infinity Blade, we played a nameless warrior, or a line of warriors, all fated to spend their apparently short lives trying to defeat a seemingly invincible God King. It was only after several lifetimes and the accumulation of power, skill and better equipment that the tyrant was eventually defeated, and the titular Infinity Blade won.

The sequel, Infinity Blade II, grew the world and characters, not only in the game but through novels that fleshed out the story. To put it simply, we were actually playing a single person, not a succession of fathers and sons, as we were initially led to believe. Our hero, now named Ciris, was as immortal as the enemies he faced- a Deathless himself, seeking redemption for past sins. In IF2, he sought out the fabled Worker of Secrets, an immortal who may hold the key to the salvation of the world and the final defeat of the evil Deathless overlords. But the game ended with a mammoth cliffhanger, and all held their breaths for the final resolution and comeuppance.

Don’t count on killing the dragon right away- this isn’t Skyrim.

Infinity Blade III brings back Ciris and the now-playable female warrior Isa. Things have happened in between the end of the previous game and this one, which you’ll need to read up on the novel to find out exactly. Suffice to say, there’s one big bad enemy waiting at the end of the proverbial mash, and there’s a lot of slashing to be had before Ciris and Isa finish their quest.

What can we say about IF3′s looks? The game looks as slick as slick can get. The visuals are more polished than ever, and no other game on the appstore likely has better looks and animations. Though actual flesh-and-blood characters seem to be a bit stiff, what the game does best- Intricate armors,m weapons and hulking monsters- all look amazing no matter what your iOS device (so long as you can play it).

Macho warrior Ciris is joined by his lady love Isa this time around. She kicks ASS!

The music in this game is as majestic as any fantasy epic, with some nice atmospheric tunes thrown in, like the unexpectedly tranquil keyboards in the enemy’s final stronghold. The voice acting is altogether excellent, headlined of course by the imperiously glorious and commanding tones of John Noble (The Lord of the Rings, Dark Matters) as the sinister Worker of Secrets (Noble takes over the role from Simon Templeman in IF2).

I have to say that after two games, Chair has perfected the swipe-to-slash gameplay of their fighter to the utmost. The game is as responsive as you’d want, and there’s a nice variety of styles to use between your two playables. Those who have mastered the previous game will probably find this finale a lot easier and probably a cake walk once they get the more powerful weapons at their disposal.
In any case, it’s as exciting and satisfying as ever to topple massive enemies or intimidating armored warriors with your arsenal of ever-more-powerful weapons and equipment.

Newly-added to the game are crafters. Similar to games like Diablo III, you will meet and recruit various NPCs who will serve to upgrade your equipment, sell or buy items, mix potions or cut gems. They’re a nice addition and make your little hideaway a bit more populated than ever before.
On the other hand, even with lots of new stuff, the game reuses quite a lot of assets from the previous game (familiar enemies and animations abound), and it all seems very brief- even if there is an overworld map to choose destinations from, there are actually quite few places to go to- and no backtracking once you defeat a particular region or area. I can only hope that future DLCs and expansions fill out the map with more places and more foes to take on in the near future.

Unlike in previous games, there is no ‘New Game Plus’ in IF3, but once you beat the game and go through the credits (and you WILL want to see the credits all the way through), you just replay the game from the start but with your current level of experience/skills and arsenal/items. So you can keep grinding and playing till you have all the all-powerful weapons with a character who can kick ass without trying.

More so than any of the previous titles, Infinity Blade III is very heavy on asking you to spend real money. Tantalizingly out of reach, monstrously powerful weapons, gems and items are ready to be used- if you spend some cash. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be a problem if you slog it through and just PLAY the game. Special Credits can be earned by meeting in-game challenges or achievements, which should accumulate at a very rapid rate- save these for buying sometimes all-important Health potions or the occasional key.
Gold, accumulated in-game both from enemies or from pouches lying all over the place- will eventually be plentiful, though probably not to the many hundreds of thousands needed to buy some of the more high level stuff. Still, you can very much enjoy the game and have great equipment without paying a single real cent. Pay only if you’re extremely impatient, are a completist and have a good credit line.

There are some funny quirks with this game… I STILL hate fighting those blasted behemoths (learning their damn patterns is just so darn hard) and I find it hilarious that you spend whole battles trying to cut an enemy to ribbons with your sword but often finish them off by snapping their NECK. Oh, and Isa, why do you even bother with that darn crossbow?

Even if Infinity Blade II may be the best chapter for many, I think the additional playable character and the fully-fleshed out world, along with a cool ending (that actually keeps the franchise open to another sequel) makes this a no-brainer buy for anyone with a capable iDevice. Heck, if you have a new iThing, you probably already have this anyway. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? This is the game that should be seen on your screen, peeps. So get swiping!

Infinity Blade III is now available for iPhone and iPad on the Appstore for $6.99.

Metal Gear Solid V ‘Ground Zeroes’ Opening (English)

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Jack Bauer as Snake… Wowee.

Quite a long time ago, this lengthy, hyper-detailed cinematic, done in the Fox Engine, wowed me and got me all excited for the next chapter in the Metal Gear saga. Well, many months later we see it again, this time in English, with none other than Keifer Sutherland in the role of Snake. Yes, it’s kinda sad that David Hayter seems to be out of the fore (but who knows if he won’t show up in some other form) but having Jack Bauer himself giving voice to Snake is beyond awesome. His delivery is far more serious than Hayter’s more cartoony and somewhat campy (‘A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA?’) deliveries, but I think it fits perfectly.

Ground Zeroes is the ‘prequel’ to MGSV: The Phantom Pain, but as yet we still don’t know if this is a separate game or bundled together with the proper MGSV. Whatever happens, I’m already sold. Kojima’s next opus can’t come soon enough.

Killer Instinct ‘Sadira’ Trailer UPDATED!

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Killer Instinct’s fairer sex finally gets the spotlight…

Gamespot gets the first dib on a Youtube trailer for Double Helix’s latest spot for their upcoming XBox One fighter, Killer Instinct. It’s been quite a while since the last update, so I’m pretty sure beat ‘em up fans have been starving for something new (I know I have). There’s going to be more KI later today from TGS as Microsoft will be livestreaming some of their upcoming games, with Killer Instinct among them. Sadira will be shown off in earnest along with some other information about the game, hopefully about the next combatant to be revealed.

As for the trailer, it’s certainly the best from the game so far, well, as far as I’m concerned. There seems to be a bit of pre-rendered CG along with the in-game graphics, but all seems pretty spectacular. About Sadira herself, they seem to really be sticking to the ‘Spiderwoman’ thing with her, as in actually having her spin webs (and TONS of it) all over the place. Arachnophobes may not like her one bit. She reminds me a lot of Zafina from Tekken, given her creepy movements and odd stances/postures and flips.

Not sure what’s the deal with the multiple copies/versions of her- can she clone herself? Is she more than one person? What is she/they exactly? Perhaps Sadira is the prime assassin of a cult of spider-worshippers… perhaps even a rival temple to Jago’s sect of the Tiger. What do you guys think?
Also, the last few seconds of the trailer also reveals another new fighter- wait for it- the returning Black Orchid! She’s looking finer than ever, and she’s sure make a lot of players out there cheer (Sorry Fulgore fans). Tell you the truth, she actually gave me a Tomb Raider vibe with her new rugged getup, and heck, she even looks kinda like Angelina Jolie. Heheh.

Someone nicely posted the whole hour or so of Killer Instinct livestreamed by Microsoft yesterday at TGS, so here it is if you missed it.

An hour or so of Sadira kicking butt.

For the most part, the stream showed off the newcomer in action, with Sadira dominating with her speed and aerial skills. From the stuff talked about during the vid, we learned a bit about the spidery lady. For starters, the female who attacked Thunder in the last 15 seconds or so of his debut trailer was NOT Sadira herself, but a member of her clan. Sadira of course is the one member who shows most of her face. Sadira’s clan of spider assassins seems to have an agenda with the Killer Instinct tournament, and are apparently launching attacks on the various combatants. Anyways, check out the vid for now. We don’t know how soon we’ll see new KI stuff again, so savour this moment. More as we get it then.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Trailer (Another ‘Free-to-Play’ Quickie)

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Honestly- this is getting old.

To be honest, I’ve been waiting in anticipation of TGS 2013, but well- I should have known. I actually DID hope that perhaps there may be something to Soul Calibur: Lost Swords. It’s the latest of Namco-Bandai’s wave of ‘Free-to-Play’ quickie games, this one a single-player thing. What does that mean? What could I possibly get from this single player F2P?

Just basing on the trailer, all I can get is that Siegfried, Mitsurugi and OOOOH Sophitia is in the game. Is the return of Sophie supposed to make this exciting? I can’t get past the simple fact that this trailer is all hollow fireworks, regurgitated from SCV and given slightly new coats of paint. I only have the slimmest of hopes that this will be anything more than just another Tekken Revolution.

Perhaps it would have been better if you just sold this game on the APPSTORE. There, I’d buy this in a second. But on console… NO.

What IS it, Namco-Bandai? What is it with recycling your old games and trying to sell them as new crap? I already bought your SCIV and SCV. Why would I buy a stripped-down version of these games (which I fully expect what Lost Swords will be, judging from TR). At least Tecmo’s DOA5 Ultimate has actual new stuff in terms of moves, characters and refinement. Here, you just add more flashy lights and actually take AWAY stuff, which you’ll sell back for change. WHAAAT?

When I see something from Tekken or SC that isn’t regurgitated and redone but all-new, I’ll be interested. Till then- well, I’ve got all the games I already bought from you to occupy me. Profound sadness.

DOA5 Ultimate Gets Schooled (in DLC Stuff)!

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The more (outfits), the merrier!

There’s good DLC and there’s bad DLC. Then there’s DLC that can put your hot videogame girls in school-themed outfits like schoolgirl outfits, teacher uniforms and even gym teacher tracksuits for your more mature ladies. That seems the way in the latest wave of DLC for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Team Ninja seems ready to keep on churning out the clothes for their brawler upgrade, which I’m sure fans will eat up like chocolate. Man, Christie in a tracksuit… how refreshingly hot. Heheh… the DLC is out on the Japanese store later this month, and should be in other region PSN’s in time.

Mortal Kombat Legacy 2: New Trailer, Release Date!

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It has beg- well, it will begin later this month.

Yep, you’ve been wondering haven’t you- like me as well. Wonder no more… Mortal Kombat Legacy 2‘s debut has been given a date. The continuation to Kevin Tancharoen’s MK web series returns on September 26, on Machinima. The new, 3-minute trailer above shows off quite a bit of new footage and quite a lot of characters. We can see quite a bit of action and it seems that this season will surely top the first in terms of blood and secrets. Can’t wait!

Playstation 3, 4 Gets Guilty Gear Xrd!!!

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The sizzlin’ hot new GG is headed for Sony’s boxes.

Just announced today at TGS’s Sony PS4 event, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is headed for Sony’s consoles next year, at least in Japan. This is pretty awesome, as this upcoming brawler is looking amazing with its 2D/3D graphics, off-the-wall camera angles and gorgeous art. Definitely something beat ‘em up fans will be happy to hear and a good reason to pick up a PS4 in 2014.

Playstation’s rolling out their arsenal. Hope to hear more as the days go by. WHOOPIE!

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Launched

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The latest sexy brawler from KOEI-Tecmo is unleashed!

This week sees the release of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, the upgraded version of DOA5. Ultimate boasts a fair bit of new content, the most significant of which are five additional fighters into the roster, which includes two lovely and lethal ladies from Ninja Gaiden- Dragon Shrine Maiden Momiji and Fiend Hunter Rachel. Then there’s the returning DOA fighters Leon (‘I’m the Strongest Man in the World!’) and Ein- Hayate’s Karateka Alter Ego- who can actually team up with his ninja counterpart without reality exploding into slimy bits somehow. Rounding out the added combatants is Jacky Bryant from VF5.

In addition, every fighter gets a few new moves/combos plus a new Power Launcher- a one-time use per round attack that sends you enemy extra high for some longer combos. New modes and bits from DOA5 Plus (PSVita) are added as well. The game is touted to feature over 200+ costumes, including most of the past DLC from Dead or Alive 5- so if you already bought them with DOA5, they should carry over to Ultimate quite seamlessly.

The F2P version is also available on PSN (not on XBL though), along with the host of available DLC and a full version.

I expect to get my copy by the weekend, so a review may come in the near future.

The Adventures of Elwynn: A Skyrim Let’s Play (Damo2986)

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Perhaps the most genteel Dragonborn you’ll ever meet.

I’ve been watching TONS of Skyrim Let’s Play videos from various sources for the past several weeks. As I’ve posted before, I am currently watching Gophersvids and Jingles1216′s series, and even dabbling in some more comedic LPs such as YOGCastSips (which never fails to give me a laugh). But this LP, from Damo2986, is a real wonderful find as far as Roleplaying LPs go.

I’m not sure if Damo is English like Gopher and Jingles, but he sounds like it. I have to say he has perhaps the coolest Roleplay voice for an LP in that he actually seems to SOUND like the character he’s portraying. In this case, it’s a Breton Mage named Elwynn. Not a fighter by any measure like in other LPs, Elwynn is a full-on mage, and as such refuses to resort to using any weapon in combat, relying totally on his magical prowess.

So far, Elwynn has proven to be a very compelling hero to watch from the get-go, interesting in how the character is portrayed and develops at first from a bit of a cowardly non-combative character who relies on his companion for muscle and may live-or-die on his mana reserve.
It was pretty hilarious to see him encounter his first bandit- when the hostile NPC grunted ‘Now, ain’t this a surprise?’, Elwynn’s response was- ‘Surprise? What surprise?’- before he finds a battleaxe flying at his face.

As the series continues, as the character’s abilities grow and some pretty pivotal events occur- the series just continues to engage and enthrall- still amazing to consider that his game is a vanilla Skyrim played on XBox, no mods at all!

Damo’s LP is a bit on the leisurely side- with the hero spending as much time exploring single rooms as thoroughly and deliberately as most players would explore whole towns. But it’s Damo’s storytelling, his engaging voice and his compelling narrative (and the multiple times he genuinely screams in terror when a monster attacks) that makes this playthrough so fun to watch. And with about three hundred or so episodes stretching through the past three years since Skyrim’s release, there are hours and hours to watch- a treat for any Skyrim inhabitant who never tires of imbibing Bethesda’s best.
Now if you excuse me, I have several dozen more episodes to catch up on.