Sega Celebrates 20 Years of Beating People Up!

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The first ever VF intro shows just how far fighting games have come.

Man! Has it really been 20 years? This week, Sega of Japan started their commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of their flagship fighting game, Virtua Fighter. This classic beat ‘em up is pretty special- it was the first 3D brawler, using polygons instead of the usual 2D sprite work of the time, which was unheard of. Yes, the characters looked like marionettes with their blocky bodies and it all looked kinda silly in stills, but whoa- when you first saw this game in action, the movement and animation (then at 30 FPS) conveyed the kinetic power and movement like nothing else. VF didn’t need blood or fatalities- the weight and power of the throws, punches and kicks seemed to hit and feel REAL. That was so awesome.

Since then, Sega released other fighters along the way, but their number one beat ‘em up was always VF. To date, Virtua Fighter has seen five chapters, many of which fortunately have come home to consoles- the original VF and VF2 to the Sega Saturn (and much later to PS3), VF3 to the Sega Dreamcast, VF4 to the PS2 and VF5 to the Xbox360 and PS3. The latest and best version of VF5, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was released as a downloadable title for PS3 and Xbox360 and is a MUST for any true fighting fan (and a bargain at its price), and one of my absolute favorite fighters.

So, what does this 20th Anniversary business mean? Sega recently set up a new website for this event, and there will supposedly be new VF content posted there for fans and players to enjoy. But what else? Supposedly the AM Team is working on the next chapter- Virtua Fighter 6- but we’ve yet to see real, solid signs of this. All I can say is that if VF6 is coming I hope and pray it comes to PS4 or XBox One. For now, all we can do is wait. Happy Anniversary, VF!

Xbox One VS PS4: Decisions, Decisions!

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Next-gen? Now-gen, actually… so which way will we go?

Okay, this is actually a bit of a trick question. To be honest, I will most probably be getting BOTH consoles in the long run, so the question, to be more exact, would be- where do I go FIRST?

At this point, the answer (so far) for me is pretty clear- Xbox One. Which may be a bit of a surprise given that I have always had a Playstation in all previous gens. But this time its kinda different. Really, for me, it has nothing to do with tech stuff, guts, graphic quality and processor speed- all that is jargon and at this point there is basically near-parity between the competing sides. It all comes down to the GAMES.

I’ve always looked to Sony for the bread and butter titles that I love- Tekken, Metal Gear Solid. Sadly, Namco-Bandai has chosen to muffle its fighting game development and for now focus on Free-to-play crap (and doing it rather badly, I may say). I have no doubt that a Next-Gen Tekken will eventually be revealed, but for now let Harada dish out whatever he wants on Twitter. Tekken X Streetfighter is still supposedly coming, and there’s that Hadoken Cab business as well. For now though, it’s all vaporware until we see the goods. Metal Gear Solid V is still months away (and will probably be delayed anyway) and after that, nothing else makes me spine tingle.

XBox One though, has some pretty cool games now. Dead Rising 3 has had some mixed reviews, but you can’t argue how awesome it is to see literally hundreds of zombies onscreen for you to rip, tear and crush- plus the cinematics really show pretty wonderful character models.

Then there’s Killer Instinct. It’s about as bare bones as Spinal, but it looks promising- if they put in a healthy roster with all the classics and some slick new faces, fill in the gaps like a good Story mode and more content like costumes and customizations, this may be a great title overall. So far the response to it has been very good, so it will most probably continue onward. Definitely a title I’ll be having on the Box from day one.

And well, it may be a bit embarrassing to say, but I am interested in getting Fighter Within (yeah, and a Kinect 2). Again, reviews are mixed- some very harsh, some promising. The controls look wonky but you can get used to controls- irritatingly game sites have so far insisted on showing the damn players looking like idiots flailing about instead of the actual game itself, which looks pretty slick. I actually like the character models and fighting animations, and if this gets me to sweat a bit and have some exercise while having fun, all the better.

So far though, neither XB1 or PS4 have shown up locally, but again, it’s all just a matter of time. Hoping the starting price isn’t too high, but heck, like that’s ever stopped me, or any true-blue Pinoy Gamer. We’ll be next-genning it soon enough. My body is ready. CONTINUE!

Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Teases Fulgore, Spinal

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The killer robot (and KI Posterboy) makes his return in this new trailer.

It seems like fight fans have been waiting forever, but Killer Instinct for the XBox One is pretty much here. Of course, we outside the US have to wait a while, but hey, when XB1 finally arrives at my digs, it will hopefully bring with it a more complete KI. To celebrate their launch, Double Helix released this spiffy new trailer showing off the initial roster of characters, as well as the first two DLC fighters who will be available post-launch; Spinal in January and then Fulgore in March. For now, check it out!

Darn, when will the XBox One be available in Manila? I wants one!

DOA5 Ultimate Arcade: Mary Rose Gameplay

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DOA’s newest girl shows her stuff.

Sorry for the lull in postings- been rather preoccupied in my just-concluded trip to Thailand, and with all the walking about on tour I’ve haven’t had time to post (also, WiFi spots were disturbingly hard to connect to). Anyways, I’m back and here to stay!

There have been quite a few vids posted online of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade’s location tests, and some of them featuring the new character, Mary Rose. Contrary to my earlier assumption, this cute little maid is actually eighteen years old(!) which I guess should kinda put down any pedo-issues. Still, she LOOKS like she’s little more than half that age, though she really is not that far away from the size of girls like Kasumi or Ayane. In any case, unlike Yoda in SoulCalibur IV, she won’t be immune to certain throws or go under high hits by default. Her fighting style, based on the Russian Systema, looks interesting and is at least unique to her.

It’s also already been confirmed that this Loli-girl will be heading to consoles in a future update, though a release date and pricing (if she’s paid or free) is as yet unknown. I’m sure that announcement alone has made quite a few fans happy. More on this as we get it.

DOA5U Arcade’s New Challenger Revealed!

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Okay, Team Ninja… I am SURPRISED.

WHOA. I knew I said that if the all-new female character to be introduced in Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade had small breasts, I’d be pleasantly surprised (so I guess I kinda sorta called it)… but this is kinda off the wall.
The mysterious Marirose or Mari Rose has been revealed in the pages of the latest Famitsu Magazine… and she’s a Loli. A little girl, compared to the teenage to older longtime ladies of DOA. Man, she can’t be more than 14 or 15. Or 13. What the heck? Now THIS is out of left field.

Contrary to thoughts that she would be fighting ala Lili Rochefort (whom she resembles in at least fashion style), Mari will use the Russian martial art of Systema which saps the opponent’s strength (according to the Famitsu article) as well as her blinding speed. She is apparently (well, kinda obvious) the smallest character in DOA. Interesting!

On the OTHER hand though- there may be those who will find it weird to see big bruisers like Bass or Bayman putting the hurt on this innocent-looking little girl? Granted, the leather straps kinda give away she’s not quite all lace and softiness but still… well, I guess we can say the same for Eileen in VF5FS (though she’s supposedly a bit older than she looks, I think).

Well anyway, any cries of outrage or objection regardless from the forums and sites from here on in, I’m very sure gamers will be asking one big question of Tecmo… WHEN is she coming to consoles? Heheh…

For a good look at Marirose via a Famitsu scan, head on over to FreeStepDodge.

New Female Fighter in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade!

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Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise, but the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade version will debut a totally new female challenger in its roster. This latest revision of Tecmo’s brawler had been announced some time ago to have an extra fighter, but it’s only now been revealed what gender and name this newbie will have.

According to Siliconera, the new fighter will be named Marirose (Mari Rose?), and will be voiced by VA Mai Aizawa, whose previous roles in anime include Ayano from Lucky Star and Lapis from Rune Factory Frontier.

Aside from that though, nothing else has been revealed- no info yet about her fighting style, background or any glimpse of this new DOA Girl. But I’m pretty sure she’ll be as buxom as all of the rest (but heck, if she suddenly appears with small breasts I will be pleasantly surprised and happy).
Location testing for the arcade version is set to start soon in Japan, though no word yet whether Marirose will be jumping to console versions later (she had better). More on this as it comes.

Musing About Next-Gen Consoles, Gaming

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So, apparently the Playstation 4 is launching very soon- this week leading up to next week; then afterwards its the Xbox One. We’re all on the cusp of the release of these new big boy toys, and here I am… underwhelmed.

Perhaps I’m getting old. Or perhaps, I’m kinda jaded about being too much of an early adopter.

I remember the past several console launches- Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Playstation 3- I was totally excited for these new boxes. I made it a point to get them by doing special out-of-office gigs and jobs. Money was a bit harder then, so I had to work a bit harder to afford that shiny new console. But ultimately, what happened? Every time I did, I’d make do with the inevitably lackluster first-gen games. Granted, all these consoles (well, aside from DC) game me long years of playing pleasure after, but that came quite a bit after launch. The PS3 I have to say, is STILL a viable console today. But it goes to show that the launch glitter is easily blinding but in that way, deceiving.

But heck, now we’re at the even of the PS4 Launch, and I have no intention of getting a PS4 soon. I don’t care about specs, memory, graphic capabilities- it’s all about the GAMES. And well, the games on the launch lineups frankly bore me. Where are my Next-Gen Tekken or Streetfighters? My big RPGs and action titles? Resogun? Knack? What?

Down the line though, there are titles I know will drive me to buy- Metal Gear Solid V is one. On XBox One, Killer Instinct is promising, but at this point- that’s all there is- promises. With a small dev team overworked and pushed to the limit, content is scarce and really, a barebones fighter is not something to upgrade to.

At this point in time, I have to admit- I play more games on my iPad or phone than on the console- or more on my PC. It will take quite a few really good exclusives to get me into the Next-Gen Consoles. But I know they’ll arrive- somehow, some way, eventually.

For now though, my butt is firmly planted on this comfy fence. But I got the cash to spend in a moment. Just give me a reason.

A Call for Help for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

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Words fail.

In case there are those not informed, last weekend my home, The Philippines, was struck by Typhoon Haiyan, called by some as The Strongest Typhoon in recorded history. The storm hit several provinces in the central area of the country, and as of right now there are supposedly over 10,000 casualties.

Footage on TV and the internet show just how total and terrible the destruction has been- any house not made of concrete or stronger materials have been laid waste, while sturdier buildings have had their roofs torn off. Trees were uprooted, and storm surges that battered the land reached up to fifteen feet in height. Infrastructure has crumbled, electricity and services are non-existent.

The Philippine Government has sent in help, along with aid and contributions from private institutions and individuals. Help has also arrived from overseas, both from friends and relatives of those in the stricken areas, to complete strangers who just throw in their assistance because their fellow man is in need.

To all those who have given aid, whether in cash, kind or in prayer, thank you from the bottom of our peoples’ hearts. For those who haven’t yet but wish to give your assistance, a good start would be to give contributions to the Philippine Red Cross.

This is no game. Lives can’t be restored or reset. But we can, with help from our friends, just pick up and continue where we left off. It’s not game over while we still live, people. Let’s keep the game going.

Skyrim: Two Years on and STILL PLAYING

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Seeing this trailer still gives me chills of pleasure. You had me at FUS ROH DAH!

It’s kinda hard to believe, but today marks the second year anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V Skryim! Exactly two years ago, the game was released to gamers who probably scarcely knew just how big this game would get in the months ahead. Skyrim has birthed popular memes, invaded pop culture, ingrained itself into online consciousness and to this day, is still being played thanks to the PC version constantly being upgraded, refreshed and perfected by mods aplenty created by the game’s awesome modding community.
Skyrim has proven itself not simply as a RPG but a medium for individual gaming fiction, as seen in the many popular role-playing Let’s Plays on Youtube.

Dawnguard brought vampires, new quests, new enemies and countless instances of Serana saying, ‘Done and DONE.’

I remember starting off my Skyrim Life playing on the PS3, pushing my character into high levels but never truly finishing the game because of various reasons. I would take up the fight on the PC- in fact, Skyrim on the PC and the awesome mods that were on offer drove me to buy two laptops and one desktop gaming PC (the desktop I still keep and use to this day) in my hunt for an optimal Skyrim gameplay experience. Today, I am STILL indeed playing, maintaining a high-level character and going through not only the ingame quests but the DLC add-ons and extending into quest mods. I foresee myself still starting off future characters, perhaps using the more extensive gameplay-changing mods such as SkyRE.

I absolutely LOVe the Dragonborn DLC Trailer. The darker, remixed Dovahkiin theme in this trailer teased of the new quests to come.

With the time between Elder Scrolls games being so long, we can’t be sure when we’ll see the next Bethesda world in Tamriel/Nirn unleashed. Elder Scrolls Online is something to see, and perhaps unavoidable given its existence on PS4 and how online connectivity these days is so much more prevalent. But really, as I am The Lone Gamer, I yearn for the next big Single Player Experience that can only be given by the Elder Scrolls VI: Wherever It May Be.

Bethesda, I await your next summons. Till then, I’ll still be walking the roads of Skyrim, swords ever at the ready.

What the Heck is Hadouken… Cabs?

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An apparent PS4 Viral vid or Commercial? For what?

This odd video surfaced recently on Youtube, showing off a pretty silly spoof commercial for taxis. Well, at least on the surface. The end of the vid quite plainly reveals this as a commercial for something on Playstation, or PS4. What could it be?

As far as we know, according to Yoshinori Ono, there are no plans for a Next-Gen Streetfighter title. But then, that could be a little fib. Could this be a prelude to a PS4-exclusive World Warrior title? Man, if only this could be true.

Other than that- perhaps a Capcom-produced Crazy Taxi-esque title? Wha?

It remains though that there is no BIG fighting game from the big companies exclusive to PS4. A Streetfighter title could be something to take away some thunder (heh) from XboxOne’s exclusive Killer Instinct. Intriguing.

Cross your fingers, perhaps this is something cool. Or not. We’ll see soon enough. Only a couple of weeks till the next-gen consoles arrive.