Skyrim Redone: Turning Skyrim into a Whole New Ball Game

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Gopher takes players through installing SkyRE step-by-step.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim truly is The Ultimate Single Player game (or RPG). The PC version, at least- more than two years in, it’s STILL being played by countless armchair warriors and sorcerers. Thanks to thousands (and counting) awesome mods that keep the game refreshed, new and ever-growing, ever-changing… guys like me are still enjoying it to this day. Now, in my case, this was even before I discovered this GEM of a mod called SkyRE- or Skyrim Redone.

SkyRE basically changes up the core gameplay of Skyrim- specifically Perks and combat. Perks are more detailed, more specific and there are TONS of them, which means you can specialize in particular weapons, skills or magic- something the Vanilla game didn’t really go deep enough into. With SkyRE, you can become a master fencer who specializes in light swords and avoiding hits, or an unyielding crusader who charges into combat like a juggernaut, blows bouncing off him like raindrops. Or you could be a steampunk mage who can conjure up dwemer robots to fight for him, or mix up explosives. In other words- this game is now deeper and far more enjoyable for the stat-crazy OC like me- and thus has become pretty much a totally different game.

Brodual’s series of vids on SkyRE is quite nice to watch.

The trouble (or coolness) with SkyRE’s perks is that- there are so freakin’ many. It’s like a huge menu where everything sounds delicious, and you there with just so much cash. But that just makes it all the more awesome in terms of replay value. Also, using a mod called the Skyrim Community Uncapper, skills aren’t limited to the 100 cap, which allows you to keep learning, keep earning perk points, and keep yourself ever-growing.

Then there’s the Combat. Even without any separate combat mods, SkyRE makes Stamina your fuel for fighting. You have to keep on your toes, and fight intelligently or you will DIE pretty fast, and often. More mods can enhance the fighting even more, but this all just makes it all the more challenging, and satisfying.

Aside from now playing a SkyRE game, it’s also cool for me that the Skyrim Let’s Play series that I enjoy are all SkyRE-based games: Gophervids, SorcererDave and recently, AinOnline. Now I can identify more with my fave LPs.

Man, discovering SkyRE means another year of playing Skyrim. Really. Boggles the mind!

So What Games Did You Get from the Steam Sale?

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So many titles, so little HD space…

As if synced perfectly with my recent acquisition of a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Valve’s Steam Store went on their awesome Christmas Sale, so gobs and gobs of games can be bought at wondrously low prices- I mean, these are appstore-level prices with a lot of cool titles under $5 or so. So like any steamy gamer, I’ve been buying my own share of titles and downloading them to my Surface’s meager hard drive for playing next year. Yeah, I have to stuff them with Skyrim, so space is a premium but hey- I can install or reinstall at my leisure anyway. So, what titles have gotten your attention and made you click that Buy button? Here are the games I got during the past several days.

FTL (Faster-Than-Light). I’ve been hearing great things about this starship simulator, which puts you in the role of captain, trying to keep your command together despite everything from alien attacks, hull breaches, supernovas and lordy knows what else. This may be what inspired Star Command on iOS, which I love but felt could be a lot deeper. I love these kinds of games- it satisfies my inner Captain Kirk.

Don’t Starve. I saw this on Giant Bomb’s Quick Look a long time ago, and it stuck on me. The odd but endearing art style and the creative gameplay which has you trying to survive in a harsh wilderness like a cartoony Bear Grylles, trapping and eating the local flora and fauna to keep yourself breathing (though I doubt you’ll need to drink your own pee). Can’t wait to get into this.

Castlestorm. A mix of Angry Birds-style demolition, Tower Defense, RTS and hack-and-slash where you get to command knights or vikings? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

The Typing of the Dead Overkill. Sega’s foul-mouthed grindhouse-style on-rails shooter turns into an on-rails typer on PC. What better game to make use of my Surface Pro 2′s overpriced Type Cover 2?

Legend of Grimrock. A first person RPG/dungeon crawl that puts you in command of a party of four prisoners who have to make their way out of a deadly labyrinth. Old school values and concept, slick and modern execution. AND it has a tiny install footprint. YAY!

Age of Empires II HD. Yeah, it’s old but the gameplay of this classic is timeless. Sometimes you just want to kick back and build a castle, raise an army and watch them pillage the countryside like a plague.

Left 4 Dead 2. It’s FREE. Really! Well, for today that is. So download it ASAP if Steam doesn’t crash on you first.

Without a doubt, I’ll be getting a lot more games as they come in the months ahead, whether there’s a sale or not. A lot of titles I want are still in development or Early Access titles. I intend to make the most out of my mobile gaming rig as much as I can. HAH! Who needs Next Gen consoles? Whahaha!

Harada Tweets: Why Eliza Won’t Appear in Tekken Tag 2

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Eliza’s indeed a treat- only for TKR players, sadly.

If you’re a Tekken player, you probably know about Eliza the Vampire Girl- the first ‘all-new’, all-original character to suddenly appear in the series for a long, long time (Nope, Jaycee doesn’t really count). She debuted about a week or so ago in the Free-to-Pay )(heh) Tekken Revolution, and if you’re particularly good or diligent at playing the game, you can unlock her once you gather the specified number of ‘Blood Seals’. But if you’re thinking to wait for her to appear as an additional character for the already-existing but sadly abandoned Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you may be very disappointed.
Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada recently tweeted (on Twit Longer) a pretty lengthy list of reasons why she won’t appear in TTT2, in response to a fan’s question. Here’s his answer:

Why not? (TKR = TEKKEN Revolution, TTT2 = TEKKEN TAG 2).

Reason(1) – Because she was elected by the vote campaign of TKR. TKR player has her preference.

Reason(2) – The engine of TKR differs from the engine of TTT2. Making her appear in TTT2 = requires budget and time (development cost).

Reason(3) – I said “I do not paid DLC (character, arts, stages) for TTT2″ before TTT2 release. If we developed “Eliza for TTT2″, the problem of cost will occur.

Reason(4) – Your parents dislike “Paid DLC”. You guys dislike “Company profits”. In addition. The base system of “Paid Character DLC” is not contained in TTT2.

Reason(5) – First of all, there was no request from TTT2 player about her.

Reason(6) – Eliza says: “I do not want to work gratuitously”.

Reason(7) – The development team cannot understand the language which she speaks.

Reason(8) – Japanese people are not knowledgeable about a vampire’s culture, We cannot do distinction of Succubus and a vampire.

Reason(9) – Almost all Japanese get drunk at an end of the year.

Reason(10) – We Japanese people eat Kentucky fried chicken on Christmas. Yes, we don’t know what is Christmas.

Reason(11) – In Japan, it is only the women who give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day. Yes, we don’t know who is Valentine.

Reason(12) – Almost all Japanese think “We can live in Germany. Because, a lots of beer and sausages are there”.

Reason(13) – Japanese people will “mechanize” anything. There is a vending machine anywhere(over 5,300,000 machines). We have Real Gundam and 30% of Japanese people is already Robocop or Terminator or Miku Hatsune.

Reason(14) – If you drop a wallet in Japan, the Wallet and money will return to you. However, only an “umbrella” does not come back.

Reason(15) – Almost all Japanese can’t do “Ninja”. But if we drink alcohol, We will transform “Super Saiyan” like Dragonball.

That’s why. That’s all.

Now I’m pretty sure Harada is very proficient in writing English, even if he can’t speak it, so I don’t think there’s much loss in translation. I think there are equal parts of real reasoning, humor, drunken weirdness and snark in the reply, and a fair bit of bitterness towards the fiasco that was TTT2. Sadly, players or the gaming public didn’t support Tekken Tag 2 as much as NB needed, so it has been left in the lurch. I’d much be more inclined to wait for Eliza to appear in a newer Tekken than hope for Harada to have her added to TTT2.

Namco-Bandai has yet to announce a new fighter, but we can all expect that Tekken X Streetfighter is still coming, and the inevitable Tekken 7. Will they still arrive on PS3 or on PS4? I suspect both. Hoping they come sooner rather than later, but at this point, even just the possibiity of them coming or the confirmation would be most welcome. But hey, the New Year is coming, and who knows- the future is full of possibilities. For now, enjoy this funny list for what it is, take a grain of salt and just get the joke as well as sober up in the reality. Merry Christmas!

Gaming with the Surface Pro 2 (and Ignoring the Next-Gen)

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Another gadget joins the Lone Gamer’s arsenal.

Yep, I now own a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It joins my iPad Air in the same room, which makes me a bit of a double agent and one true gadget freak who must have it all. You would ask, why would I want a SP2 when I already have the Air? Well, simply put, they are two different animals, two things that give totally different pleasures. Whereas the iPad Air is the true great tablet of our time, portability and mastery of all in a slim, light and lovely package, the Surface Pro 2 is a mobile PC base camp- not really a tablet per se in truth, but a most capable ultrabook you can have for almost-anywhere PC computing.

First and foremost, I AM after all the Lone GAMER. So there’s the main reason I got the Surface Pro 2. To enjoy and play my PC games- to be more specific my Steam library- even when I’m away from home and my desktop gaming PC. There are of course, other ways to do this you may say- for the price of my 128 GB Surface Pro 2, I could have gotten much cheaper full laptops. Thing is, I have gone through two laptops before and they just came up short. Also, I don’t want to lug around full laptops- and the really slim, really powerful notebooks aren’t really for gaming, and are very pricey as well.

Then there was the Razer Edge (or Razer Edge Pro). To be fair, this device was a possibility, but reviews weren’t stellar, it was bulky (especially with the game controller attached!) and heavy and ultimately, much too pricey.

I guess when I got the means late this year, the one gadget that kept popping up in my mind (after I got my iPad Air) was the Surface Pro 2. The reviews were great and numerous vids online confirmed that the tablet could play games excellently- in particular, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (at low settings) played smoothly on the device. I was sold.

Funny thing is, for the price I paid for my Surface Pro 2, I could have easily gotten both an Xbox One AND a PS4 (whether any were available readily is another matter though). However, as of right now, I have no inclination to get either. Simple reason- NO GAMES. Well, no games are screaming at me to ‘GET ME’.

Where is my Next Gen Tekken? Streetfighter? Still no word. I feel that they are inevitable, but I’ll pony up when Namco, Capcom and maybe Sega or Tecmo commit.

As for the games that look awesome- Metal Gear Solid V, Dragon Age Inquisition and such- they’re far, far away. When they’re available months down the line, conceivably it will be easy as pie to acquire these next-gen consoles, at a much more reasonable price rather than the amounts early-adopters are shelling out now. This is, I guess, a first for me- this is the first wave of Next-Gen consoles which totally underwhelmed me. Really- the launch lineups of both Microsoft and Sony are SHIT. They are. They really, really are.

Till you get your goods together, Microsoft and Sony, I’ll be playing my PS3 games and my Steam library of not-new but still awesome games (which is growing by the day, actually). I’ll be playing a 2-year+ game named Skyrim. And I’ll take the ever-growing FREE universe of mods with my ESV than any DLC of these next-gen crap.

What can I say? This Next-Gen can’t stand up to Then-Gen and Now-Gen. At least, for now. In some ways, that’s awesome.

Tekken Revolution: Eliza the Vampire Girl @ LevelUpYourGame

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LUYG shows off the new fighter.

Tekken’s first-ever totally-original and new fighter to join the roster is here- well, in some regions of the world. Japan and Europe apparently already have access to the narcoleptic Eliza, though it may take time for most to unlock her. She can be encountered randomly in Arcade Mode, but if you want to actually play her, she will require 20,000 ‘Blood Seals’ to unlock. You gain those in Mokujin Rushes for the most part, and perhaps winning or playing online- I really don’t play this game a lot.

Still, she’s interesting to see in action- fireballs, flybacks, bloodsucking, breast-growing… wild. I wonder what the Tekken Team was on when they thought her up? Heheh…

Eliza in Arcade mode.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate ‘Legacy Costumes’ Trailer

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Some blasts from the past.

KOEI Tecmo and Team Ninja are still very much behind Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, with another round of Paid DLC coming up. The outfits on offer will be familiar to longtime DOA fans, with most of them being classic outfits that have until now been absent. Some of them have noticeably gotten sexier, such as Leifang’s kung-fu apparel from DOA++. Tina’s flashy wrestling gear is- well- ahem. Also releasing this week will be Santa outfits for everyone (whoopie).

I’m sure fans will be raring to fork over the spare change to get these duds onto their drives as soon as they’re available. They should be up on the Japanese PSN shortly, with other regions to follow suit.

The Lone Gamer’s iPad Air (128GB) Review

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Yep, it IS about as thin as a pencil.

About a month ago, I got myself an iPad Air. By this time, I was still the owner of a ‘New’ iPad in good working condition, but I just felt I needed some change. It took some wrangling and dealing but I was able to purchase an Air online at a very good price (KimStore). Yeah, I had seen the cool ad from Apple, so the first thing I did when I unboxed the thing was look at it from the side behind a pencil. Yep, that was just about right.

Anyway, that important matter aside, I had just about time to stuff my iTunes library of videos and games into the thing before I had to fly off to Thailand for about a week. So in that week of running around Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Bangkok I was never without the Air (in a nice Case Logic bag at my side) whether it was climbing the steps to some temple, eating at some out-of-the-way resto and replacing my blood with Tom Yum soup or hiking up some forested trail. So I can very well say the iPad Air is a perfect companion for the techie traveler.

The best version to get of course is the 128GB version- even a media file pack rat like myself was unable to totally fill up this space, even with more than a week’s worth of video and more games than I would play in a year. The point is that if I needed to, I could. But still, during the times when boredom approached- usually when waiting at airports or on the long, long bus trips- the Air came to the rescue with sessions of gaming or episodes of Agents of SHIELD or Legend of Korra.

Surprisingly for a supposedly prosperous and modern ASEAN country like Thailand, free WiFi spots were at a premium. At least two of the three hotels we stayed at during the week had free and adequate internet- the third (ironically the one in cosmopolitan Bangkok) offered only prepaid internet cards (Hotel Arnoma SUCKS) for sale at the counter for their guests.

Still, when there was free and open WiFi, the Air connected without a problem and kept me connected to the world I left behind in Cyberspace. I was even able to update apps and download new games along the way. Surfing is a great time-waster, and on the go the Air’s lightness and ease to use was a godsend.

The camera was also surprisingly awesome. Despite being not so high in the Megapixels, taking 1080p HD video was pleasurable (and no, it was not a problem to hold up an iPad to take video when there are about a gazillion other tourists doing the same thing). Pinching to zoom in or zoom out was intuitive and resulted in some nice footage of elephants doing some amazing feats. Still pics were also good- despite not having a built-in flash.

Gaming on the iPad Air is about as good as it can get on iOS thanks to the zippy new processor. Infinity Blade III loads twice as fast compared to my older iPad, and the added graphic effects are easily noticeable- such as actual depth of field in some scenes, or the inclusion of water reflections in games like Dead Trigger 2. Oddly enough though, cutsie ant farm game Tiny Death Star loads slower than IBIII. Huh.

The iPad Air I guess is as close as the iOS platform gets to an all-in-one, everything-in-it device. You can work and play on the thing, keep in touch with the workplace, stay entertained or occupied and capture data or media. All this and the battery life kept up throughout the day with medium to heavy use.

The added speed and power may not be necessary to anyone who already has an iPad- the Air is best for those who want the best, for the real techies who gotta have the slickest, sharpest toy around. As gorgeous and slick as a tablet can get, the Air is something you’ll fall in love with at first sight and first touch.

Philippine Playstation 4 Launches in January!

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In previous years and game console generations, us here in the Philippines have been woefully ignored. There has never been an official console launch here, and consoles have never been officially supported- leading to rampant piracy and numerous dubious workarounds to getting into PSN, Xbox Live and other such channels. Well, in recent years the shadiness has lifted, nicely with Filipinos eventually getting access to online services like PayPal and the iTunes Store. Local store Data Blitz bucked the trend of local sellers distributing only bootleg copies by selling only original PC and console games in their inventory- something that was enthusiastically supported by consumers, judging from the company’s continued succeess.

Now, finally, we got ourselves an actual Playstation 4 official launch.

Here’s something Filipino gamers have been waiting a long time to see.

As the poster from Sony Philippines shows, their latest offering, the Playstation 4, will be officially released in the country this January. The price- Php24,999 for the basic PS4 package- is a much more reasonable price compared to the early mid-30sK prices of the XBOne. Looks like Sony has trumped Microsoft in this case- perhaps if you launched your Box similarly, MS?

Like XBOne, which apparently now accepts local credit cards on XBox Live (according to some early adopters), I am hoping now that on PS4 Pinoy Gamers will be able to use their own cards for purchasing power, instead of piggybacking with Singapore and buying PSN Cards all the freakin’ time. I think it’s high time Sony recognized PH. Man, I can’t wait.

January okay? Get your wallets ready, Pinoys.

Youtube Has Become HELL for Gaming Channels

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SpookyFries69 demonstrates what Let’s Plays will look like if Youtube continues its Gestapo Content ID Bot Rampage.

All is not well in Youtube. The megapopular video content site has long been a place to watch content you pick and choose yourself, not only from large media providers but from average Joes to anyone who has something to say and the talent or imagination to show it off. And it has long been a great place to see videogame content in the form of Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, skits, reviews and reports.
Lately though, ever since Google came in and started fucking around, things have been turning into garbage. Commenting is now a joke and useless. Users are constantly harassed into using their own names even if they don’t want to. Communicating with your viewers is now as tedious as hell.

But now it all went even worse when the Algorithm Bots that detect copyright infringement and content ID matches has been turned up to ridiculous levels, and it’s checking out all videos posted throughout the lifetime of channels. So what’s going on? Content ID flags are being dished out like machine gunfire for music and content that may be as little as a few notes or scraps of music that no one could possibly enjoy as actual music. This turn has hurt TONS of channels, particularly those guys who monetize their content and actually make their living on Youtube. It’s sad and a tragedy that this is all happening just because of some soulless program who doesn’t care whether the flagging its doing is reasonable, right or proper. The Borg have invaded Youtube, people, and it seems that resistance is futile.

The damage has resulted in quite a few, if not a LOT of game content channels uprooting from Youtube, and from here on the future of game journalism and news on Youtube seems bleak if you’re thinking of making a living on it. I really hope some semblance of sanity somehow gets back into Google or whoever is in charge in the Tube- this sucks to the extreme.

New Tekken Character Debuts! Eliza the Vampire Girl

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Now this is a surprise!

Okay, FINALLY something actually NEW in Tekken! Just less than an hour ago Tekken Channel debuted the character trailer for the long-awaited ‘Vampire Girl’. Her name is Eliza and she’s looking… unusual. For starters, she has ranged attacks like a Reppuken-like ground wave and of course, bloodsucking moves. Her English voice is kinda cheezy but nice and they’ve added in some humor with her intros and taunts- apparently she doesn’t get much sleep. Heheh. Anyway, she doesn’t look too much like a Loli as earlier thought. I have to say I wanna see her more in action.

I’m still bummed out they’re debuting her in Tekken Revolution, and I’ll be really irritated if you have to grind or have to traverse seven mountains of Pain before unlocking her, and I wanna see her story and ending. Anyways, no word on when or how she’ll be made available, but it looks like the work on her is quite a bit along- here’s to her being unleashed as a kind of Christmas gift- along with a new game announcement, eh, Namco-Bandai? For now though, check out the trailer above!

Now, how ’bout Sexy Tekken Force Girl?