Elena Gets a Trailer for Ultra Streetfighter IV

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Capcom has been quietly but consistently releasing character-centric trailers for their upcoming Ultra Streetfighter IV. The past couple of weeks it’s been for Poison and Hugo. This week, it’s for Elena, who’s really the only one of the four (known) new fighters I really like. I am glad that she seems to be getting really cool and effective moves that make her a lot more viable than she was ever before. Anyway, it is also pretty awesome for me that with her arrival, the SF3 Ladies Trio (with Ibuki and Makoto) in SFIV is complete! Heheh.

Anyway, next week will surely bring Rolento’s spot, then after that… the reveal of the Unknown New Female Character. WHOOOOOH. Who will it be? Will the Fighting Game World collectively Groan or Cheer? Two more weeks then- Gah, let me Groan already now.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords Begins its Conquest on iOS

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Pocket warfare at its finest.

I am always looking for a good, long and persistent strategy title for my portable devices- something you can play over long periods of time, look at what you’ve accomplished so far and just sucks you in for more. And no, anything like Little Deathstar is not what I am wanting.
Wargaming and conquest strategy games would surely be a good fit on the iOS platform, given the tablet format. But really, truly awesome strategy titles outside of Tower Defense are few; real RTS games on the appstore are rare, or aren’t really all that.

Well, look no further, it seems- Autumn Dynasty: Warlords has hit the appstore and it seems to strike all the right notes for all you aspiring Empire-Builders out there. This is actually a sequel title, with the original putting you in charge of Oriental armies you controlled with intuitive (though a bit iffy) brush stroke commands.
This sequel seems tons bigger and more ambitious than the first game, turning into a full-blown war of conquest of all the warring states in the game’s rather large theater of operations. You play as one of the feuding warlords, determined to unite all under your iron-fisted rule. The game boasts the same eye-friendly art style and direction of the first game, a LONG campaign boasting of over 40 hours(!) of gameplay, real-time battles, persistent unit and officer upgrades/development and tons of tactics and options to employ like espionage and inciting rebellions. This looks to be one of those titles you will install on your iDevice and never remove ever.

Best of all, the game is a non-F2P premium release with no (so far) IAP which is reason enough for me to call it freakin’ awesome. I definitely recommend this to fans of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Age of Empires and any RTS or 4X Strategy titles. Games like this don’t come every season after all.

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play: Chapter 4

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This week, Vryll tries his hand at… cosplay?

Another week, another episode of my Let’s Roleplay Skyrim! After his successful expedition to Bleak Falls Barrow, Vryll Lytharn sets his sights on a more personal quest- to resolve his recent sleeping problem. With disturbing dreams keeping him from a good night’s rest, he sets off for Helgen and ends up fighting very real enemies- like more bandits (always bandits!), the local wildlife, undead Thalmor and his own bad sense of direction. But what lies at the end of the day is a startling revelation that will yet again change the fledgeling wizard and Dragonborn forever.

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Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere Trailer

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Aw, yeah.

Okay, let me get this out. I was a big comic fan years ago (these days I’m a bit too busy to read much but still), and even then- Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t that big a title in the Marvel Universe. So it’s quite something that Marvel Studios would go all out for a movie on this relatively obscure comic. Still, I guess the title is as clear as it can go, and who can go wrong with a Sci-Fi comedy/action SFX-heavy flick?
Have to say as well that this Guardians’ team is nothing like the comics I remember- the Guardians I remember were Vance Astrovik, the crystalline Pluvian, Martinex, the Jovian Charlie-27 and Yondu the Centaurian. The issues I remember reading had these mismatched cosmic commandos battling the reptilian Badoon, who had conquered Earth.

Of the current lineup in the film, I recognize Rocket Raccoon, who had his own obscure series, and Dave Bautista‘s Destroyer is probably a redo of the character Drax the Destroyer. The others- all new to me.

In any case, the movie looks slick as rain-soaked black concrete, and if the story’s good this may be something to see. I will make it a point to see this when it comes out later this year.

The War Continues in April: Game of Thrones Season 4

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It’s been a hell of a wait, but damn- it’s going to be worth it if this trailer for the Fourth Season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is to be believed. The ‘Good Guys’ were dealt a grievous blow in the previous season with the Red Wedding, and now the scales are demanding balance. Another royal wedding, more betrayals, more scheming, more action, more blood… more DRAGONS. April can’t freakin’ come soon enough.

For now, get yourself salivating with the trailer above. Valar Morghulis.

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play: Episode 3

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Vryll the Altmer’s adventures continue!

In my Roleplaying Let’s Play for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC), the chase for the Golden Claw continues into the depths of Bleak Falls Barrow, where the dead don’t lie quietly in the dark. This fully-voiced LP uses a ton of mods, including SkyRE (Skyrim Redone), Immersive Patrols, Immersive Creatures, Deadly Dragons, Dragon Combat Overhaul, Realistic Lighting Overhaul, Skyrim Audio Overhaul, Immersive Armors, Interesting NPCs, Equipping Overhaul, Climates of Tamriel, Dimonized UNP Body Replacer, Coverwomen and more.
Vryll Lytharn is a down-on-his-luck Altmer Wannabee-Wizard and novice adventurer who’s come to Skyrim seeking a new life. He’s irritable, a bit arrogant, a bit stuffy and drinks a bit too much- but he’s got a good heart somewhere beneath the golden skin, and perhaps the making of a hero. Which is a good thing, because the fate of the world just may lie in his hands…

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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Marie Rose DLC Confirmed for March

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The Loli Cometh.

Team Ninja Producer Yosuke Hayashi just confirmed at the recent JAEPO (Japan Arcade Expo) that Marie Rose, the currently arcade-only additional fighter to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, will hit consoles next month. Details though are as yet vague- we don’t know if she’ll be free or paid DLC. I expect though that other regions will get the petite warrior soon after Japan does, if not at more or less the same time.
Can’t say I’m that excited for Marie Rose’s arrival, but a new fighter is a new fighter. There has already been rumor of another new fighter to be added to DOA5U (arcade first, apparently), which is again causing speculations to run in the DOA forums. It is rumored to be an existing character, which makes me hope it’s another VF fighter- perhaps Aoi? Or maybe Eileen to have a similarly-sized partner for Marie Rose? Heheh. We’ll see.

Be My Videogame Valentine! (Or NOT!)

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The Day of Hearts is almost upon us all, so I decided to do up this little feature. Let’s take some of the hottest videogame ladies of recent games and see how great or not they’d be as a Valentine’s Date. Ready? GO!

Lara dolls up for her date for one lucky dude. That’s YOU!

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)- She’s young, brilliant, gorgeous even when caked with blood and mud, and like never before, innocent and fetching to the extreme that men can’t help but want to get their hands on her (sometimes lethally so, sadly).
Well, she’s freakin’ LARA CROFT. As of the reboot, she’s not as sassy as her previous incarnations, but her pure heart, iron will and dedication to her friends are inspiring. Would she make a great date for Valentine’s? Surely- even better, you won’t even need to spend big bucks on a classy resto. Since she got used to deprivation, you can just hunker up with her at your place with a torch-lit dinner of charred meat and boiled water.
However, don’t you DARE break her heart or you’ll find something far more deadly than Cupid’s arrow sticking out of your neck.

Let all the guys go green with envy when they see this beauty at your side.

Momiji (Dead or Alive 5) The Dragon Maiden from Ninja Gaiden hasn’t been seen in her traditional Miko attire for a long time, instead donning lots of colorful ensembles or even just the skimpiest of bikinis for some full-contact brawling. Her stunning looks and even more stunning moves can floor any guy.
Momiji is cool, reserved and would be a catch for any guy for the day of hearts. You’d have to learn Japanese though, and be a bit surprised since she’d be the one to give you chocolates (as is the way in Japan).
Beware though of the odd enemy ninja or demonic monstrosity which may randomly spawn and attack from out of nowhere. Don’t worry, she’ll save your ass but be prepared to pick up the tab.

A little scruffy and diseased, but still a catch for any guy (alive or dead!).

Katey Greene (Dead Rising 3) She was a little kid when she first appeared, but in Dead Rising 3, She’s blonde, sexy, take-charge and great with a gun. This survivor sweetie is just the lady you’d want to have on your side in a Zombie Apocalypse. Can you say the same for a Valentine’s Date? Why not? Well, two words. Chuck Greene. Oh well.
You CAN prove your worth to him (by saving Katey or the world from the zombie plague), then maybe he’ll allow you to hold her hand (and not sever yours). Maybe.

This bad girl is not for the faint of heart.

Juri Han (Streetfighter) She’s definitely sexy, in a wicked vixen sort of way. Evil? Maybe. Sadistic? Totally. But darn, this Taekwondo Terminatrix is an eye-catcher with both her exotic beauty and strangely-glowing eye. Unfortunately, fun for this femme fatale won’t be a night at the movies or a high-class dinner- I’d say a demolition derby would be a good start, followed by a full-on riot complete with molotov cocktails and lots of SWAT troopers for her to stomp on.
Not a girl to take home to see the parents, maybe. But please her with a good foot massage and she’ll probably let you live… and then give you a nice, long and delicious kiss on the lips just to mess with your mind.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day may find you with either your loved one, or just with something you love. Whatever it may be, have fun and just take it slow. Love is to be savored, after all! Happy Valentine’s Day, Gamers!

Let’s Play Skyrim ReDone with the Lone Gamer, Part 2

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Episode 2 kicks off with the routine trip to Bleak Falls.

I’ve played it through many times, but I guess this is the first time I’ve ever had to talk my way through conquering Skyrim’s early dungeon (and probably the first Nordic ruin most players will encounter in the game). I hope my ‘narration’ as Vryll gets better and easier as I go along- really have to keep the voice consistent and minimize slurring my words. Oh well… we learn by doing, anyway.

I actually played through to Whiterun the last time I played, but I decided to go back and re-do things since I hastily had parted ways with Hjoromir once I found Gorr (another Interesting NPC) at the Sleeping Giant. The way they have gone through the first two dungeons, I think Vryll wouldn’t be too rash in replacing a follower who has so far proven quite competent. I know though that Hjoromir is meant as a low-level, beginner follower and apparently has a level cap of 3- not sure if this is affected or not by AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks). If it isn’t and he’s limited to being level 3 forever I may retire him soon after. But I think in any case he’ll stick around for a bit while longer.

The next episode is intended to be very story/roleplaying intensive, but it’s needed to work my way out of a certain issue I’ve so far had in the plot- why is Vryll dreaming of dragons? Is it just some wild alcoholic nightmare, or is there something he isn’t telling us?

Heheh. Hoping to get finished with the next ep soon. Working on getting the system of producing episodes down pat. Later then!

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Arcade Opening

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A new chapter of the GG Saga is about to begin!

Arc System Works recently posted the Opening Cinematic to their gorgeous-looking fighting sequel, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. The spot shows off tons of character footage with all the awesome anime-esque camera angles and action that is sure to be this installment’s trademark. The cinema also gives us our first look at a new character- Ramletherl Valentine- who is apparently the game’s Final Boss. She’s surely yet another overpowered moe boss in the vein of the MUs from BlazBlue, but I do love the creepy bit of emotion she shows at the end of her monologue. Good luck in taking her down.

The game will be out in Japanese arcades soon, and on PS4 in the near future. Can’t wait! This game looks amazing.