The Lone Gamer Reviews Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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The First Avenger returns for what may be the best Marvel movie yet.

I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics for most of my life, but honestly, never been much of a Captain America fan. It’s not that I didn’t like him- he just seemed to be the least interesting. He really didn’t have much in terms of powers- just lots-better-than-normal strength and speed, combat training and, well, that shield. Panels, or even the early movies that tried to portray Steve Rogers, could never really properly show how badass the character could be (well, the same could be said of any superhero). The first Captain America movie was a pleasant surprise to me, warming me up to the character just as much as Iron Man and Downey did with that hero. The Avengers made me like Cap a lot more. This film made me a bonafide fan finally.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a very interesting hybrid of film- supposedly its a Superhero flick, but the characters pretty much seen are on the non-superhuman (or just semi-super, as Cap is) side of the power scale. With the prime focus being on Cap and his relationship with SHIELD, the world’s ‘Good’ Spy Organization, it’s as much techno-thriller or espionage action film than your usual tights and capes movie. It’s like James Bond on steroids.

The opening, with Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen) going on a Hostage Rescue/Kick Terrorist Butt mission on a hijacked SHIELD ship sets a good tone to expect of the film’s action- lots of super-fast, super-brutal hand-to-hand melee that is freakin’ awesome. What I said about Captain America never looking badass before? The first few seconds of him storming the ship and taking out mercs second by second sets that up. The fight with Batros the Leaper (an old Marvel villain, btw) hits it out of the park.

From there, things start rolling and there’s never really a dull moment. Steve Rogers is still not cozy with SHIELD’s way of doing things- to say it is ‘Pro-active’ would be putting it lightly. It keeps him at odds with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), SHIELD’s pragmatic director. But it soon becomes apparent that there’s more working behind the scenes than even Fury was aware of, and it soon ignites in a violent assault by enemies unknown that soon puts Captain America behind enemy lines in the middle of his own country.

I don’t want to post any spoilers about the storyline, save that it’s smart, quite updated to today’s war on terror vibes and has lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing for a while, as well as nods and references to past movies in the Marvel series that will make you gasp, smile and feel glad that you watched them all. There’s action all over the place, great character exposures from not only Cap but Black Widow (Man, Scarlett is at the top of her game in this one) and in particular Nick Fury (FINALLY we get to see the world’s Top Spy kick ass) the newly-introduced Sam Wilson AKA Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and more. Perhaps sadly the least developed is the titular Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan), but man does he look goddamn badass and scary everytime he shows up.

Engaging and exciting throughout with an explosive endgame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is among the best of the Marvel Comics’ movies to date- easily this is one I can watch over and over for all the cool action and the twisting story and the tons of cool characters. It just makes me want MORE. Keep it up, Marvel. You’re doing great.

TIP: Do not miss the mid-credits scene. The end credits scene is a bit disappointing though. Oh well.

Fulgore Trailer Hits! Arcade Mode Teased! FINALLY! (UPDATED)

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Ultratech unleashes its bad boy.

It’s been a long time coming, but the arrival of the much-awaited classic Poster Boy for KI is almost here with the arrival of the launch trailer for the almighty Fulgore. A combat cyborg/android created by evil corporation UltraTech, Fulgore is the nemesis of Orchid and Jago, and he’s got the tools to lay waste to all who stand against him, including stealth and some bright, burning LAY-SERS. Awesome.

Oh, and even better, the trailer ends with a tease for additional content for the game as well, including the LONG-AWAITED Arcade Mode (I assume this is Story as well), which will finally give this otherwise bare-bones fighter a bit more to do in terms of single-player modes.

What can I say? I am certainly impressed by the character’s looks and the ‘heaviness’ he brings. And that Big Freakin’ LASER… loving that sound. Oh, and I can’t wait for the damn Arcade Mode. I am liking what appears to be in-game cutscenes. Please let there be a lot.
This is a bit bittersweet as this is the final bit of content for Double Helix, which I feel did a great job in bringing Killer Instinct back. All I can hope for now is that the next developer takes up the slack with even better stuff, with MORE characters and MORER content to come and sooner rather than later.

For now, stay tuned and just enjoy that trailer!

UPDATE: The new developer for Killer Instinct has been revealed to be Iron Galaxy, the maker of fighting game conversions like Streetfighter III Third Strike Online Edition, Darkstalkers Resurrection and Marvel VS Capcom Origins. Their first original fighting game was Divekick. For more details and IG’s plans for KI, check out the article from Polygon.

Marie Rose DLC now Available in DOA5 Ultimate!

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A Loli Girl of your very own.

In case you didn’t know, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has just gotten the Roll’s Royce of DLC content for fighting games- an entirely new character! In this case it’s the petite Loli Maid Marie-Rose, a child-like challenger who is sure to please with her bewitching combination of kiddie cuteness and quite damaging Systema fighting style.

Unfortunately unlike some news have said, this newbie doesn’t come free- or even that cheap. She comes for about US$5.99 in the US PSN Store (not sure if this includes her downloadable wardrobe. For Asian PSN users, get ready to spend about 16 Sing$ to have your little playmate- this price is a special bundle which includes an additional 5 costumes to use. Marie Rose’s DLC release coincides with Patch 1.05 of the game, which fixes quite a few things.
Marie Rose certainly has the looks to run with the other DOA babes, but her underage appearance and proportions are sure to raise some eyebrows (but hold on though- she’s actually 18 years old).

Anyway, I just got her last night and she’s quite the little minx to see in combat. Not sure if I will ever main her, but while she’s new I think I”ll play her and see what she’s all about.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: MORE New Characters Coming!

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Okay, some pretty awesome news for both Dead or Alive fans and fighting gamers in general. Team Ninja has been supporting their latest itineration of DOA, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate many months after release- with new outfits aplenty and even a couple of new fighters- the upcoming Marie Rose (due next week in the next update for DOA5U) and Phase 4 (first in Arcade, then eventually to console). But apparently that’s not all she wrote for Ultimate.

Just in from Team Ninja’s Twitter is the following intriguing post:

We announce officially that we will have more fighters to #DOA5UA first, then #DOA5U, after Marie Rose & Phase 4, coming next week.

Yep, it seems that there will be more fighters coming for DOA5U, hopefully no more clones like P4 but totally new challengers like Marie. Unfortunately, according to TN’s Twitter as well, it may take some time before the new Characters will be available in a lower-priced bundle for DOA5U- perhaps 6 months (YIKES). Personally, I’d buy a new disc they call DOA5 Ultimate PLUS if it has more than three or four all-new challengers. Heck, why not call it Dead or Alive 6 already?

Anyways, this is great news- I just wish Team Ninja would announce their next-gen plans already- I wanna see Kasumi, Christie and all the DOA crew on my XBOne or PS4 already. For now though, this has made my weekend. Keep it up, Team Ninja- you’re doing great in my book.

Fighting Game Musings: Attack of the Clones

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Ultra SFIV has Decapre, DOA5U has PHASE 4.

Almost coincidental with the recent release of Ultra Streetfighter IV‘s trailer/reveal for the masked Shadaloo Doll Decapre as the game’s 5th new fighter, Tecmo also posted the trailer for their own new character spotlight.
For now limited to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate‘s arcade version is the super-powered Kasumi clone, codenamed Phase 4. As you can see in the trailer above, P4 mainly uses the style of the original Mugen Tenshin heroine, but added her own dark and misty teleports and even more insane speed to the mix. The combos scream BOSS babe, and I wish that they had just added her into the game months ago as the game’s actual boss instead of the odd, Shang Tsung-shapechanging weirdness that we got.

Of course, there will be those groaning at yet ANOTHER clone added to fighting games, and cursing these devs for their laziness. Sad to say that I really have to agree with these sentiments, although if the character had enough cool uniques, it wouldn’t hurt too much. But really, IMO while her moves are flashy and eye-catching, P4′s design is just kinda boring.

To be honest, if I were given a choice between P4 and Decapre, I’d pick Decapre as the better clone. She surely controls far more differently, and I just wish they changed more of her basic attacks and animations to be more unique from Cammy’s. Phase 4, if and when she comes to console as a playable, will surely control very similar to Kasumi (since EVERYONE plays similar anyway, as the game runs).

In any case, these clones are just ways to extend a game’s interest- I can’t wait to see these games move forward onto their next chapters, and these clones outgrow their originals to become truly their own character- hey, Mortal Kombat and Tekken do it all the time, why not DOA and SF?

Ultra Streetfighter IV’s Fifth Character Revealed: Decapre

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The Fifth New Fighter gets her own trailer.

AAAAND… it’s Decapre.

I was hoping for Gouken’s Daughter instead of a DOLL, but oh well- at least it’s the coolest and most sinister of the Dolls.
Decapre (It means December in Russian) is one of Bison’s Elite Shadaloo Dolls, resembling Cammy but wearing a black mask and using claws for combat. She first appeared way back in Streetfighter Alpha 3 (amongst the other Dolls) but was unplayable. She also appeared later in the Udon Streetfighter II Turbo comic, ambushing an escaping Cammy.
Somehow, this Cammy clone has gone beyond the other Dolls and gotten into the game- she was noticeably not among the Dolls beaten up by Juri in the SSFIV OVA AFAIK, so perhaps that will figure into her story?
Still, I’m a bit peeved at how Ono and Capcom have been selling that this character hasn’t been guessed by many, but in fact was on top of the list of potential new characters for a long, long time.

Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed. However, it could be much worse.

Anyway, bright side is that she doesn’t play at all like Cammy since she’s- get this- a CHARGE character (think Guile). I am just hoping they use the time from now till release to tweak her animations to be very different from Cammy’s. PLEASE. Also, it looks like she gets some cool anime cutscenes- I hope she gets to tussle with Juri- and the Russian accent doesn’t hurt.

Decapre joins Elena, Poison, Rolento and Hugo on the Ultra SFIV roster, coming later this year (June for Digital Upgrade/Download, August to Retail) to consoles and PC.

UPDATE: I’ve added IGN‘s 10-minute commentary vid on the new challenger. Check it out to see what this Doll has in store for the rest of the roster.

10 Minutes of Decapre-ness.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist gets a Teaser Trailer

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The much-anticipated live-action, Capcom-sanctioned webseries Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist is almost here. This vibrant-looking telling of the story of the Shoryu-Crew of Gouken, Goutetsu, Gouki, Ryu and Ken will be shown exclusively on Machinima on Youtube. No exact date yet, but ‘soon’. That should be fairly soon I guess.

Really looking forward to this- it certainly looks like a lot of love and true passion went into this, and it will be something to see an adaptation truly attempt to not only capture the spirit but the look as well. I am certainly hoping this series fares a lot better than Mortal Kombat Legacy did, which sadly tapered off and (I think) died sadly offscreen with the second season. On the other hand, this Streetfighter series can branch off to huge universe of characters and sagas if it proves to be something gamers embrace- and well that they should! This looks like a gem.

More on this as we get it. For now, check out the slick teaser.

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Final Boss Playable in Next Patch

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Great news otakus- she’s single. Heheh.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reveals that recently-released arcade fighter Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be having an update very soon, whose primary addition will be to make Final Boss Ramlethal Valentine playable. This isn’t much of a surprise to many gamers who’ve been monitoring the beat ‘em up, but it’s a nice thing to have finally confirmed.
The character is voiced by seiyuu Megumi Han, and has this bio as her storyline.

A single girl who declared war on the entire world. A non-human life form born in the Backyard, which governs all of creation. Her connection to Valentine, who was responsible for the Baptism 13 incident in Italy, is unknown. An assassin of the Merciless Apocalypse, aiming for the eradication of humankind, Ramlethal has joined forces with The Senate out of common interest. Waking of the “Cradle” is her sole objective and mission.

Aside from the BIG-ASS swords she materializes in battle, she has a familiar named Lucifero (those floating balls beside her) who aids her in battle. The swords can be either used in close or dispatched (kinda like how Viola uses her Orb?) for a lot of mixups and combo possibilities.
You can see more info about her in the full article from Shoryuken.

This is pretty awesome. Playable bosses are always great, and with Xrd’s relatively small roster, any addition is welcome (Valentine is the second all-new character to be introduced after Bedman). Really looking forward to this game when it comes out on console.

Skyrim Let’s Play with the Lone Gamer! Part 6

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Dragon Rising.

Sorry for the bit of delay in between this and the previous episode- I really should work on posting more often. I think it would do well to make episodes slightly shorter, but posted more often. Large files are hard to upload. Anyways, my Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Let’s Play continues!
Our hero, Elf mage Vryll Lytharn, finds himself trudging along one dark and rainy night, towards what may be his doom- he’s about to come face to face with a dragon threatening Whiterun, and somehow he and a small band of guardsmen must bring down a monster straight out of legend.

There’s action, a bit of mystery (well, quite a lot actually) plus we get a new companion at the end of it. Yikes! Is Vryll firing Hjoromir? Just watch and see. Heheh…

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist B-Roll Footage

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Impressive. MOST impressive.

Here’s probably the best look so far at the upcoming Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web/TV series by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard. It’s Behind-the-Scenes footage, but man- just from a look at Ken (Christian Howard, who looks like he jumped off the videogame) and Ryu (Mike Moh) makes me feel this is probably the most true and authentic Streetfighter live adaptation ever. I get a totally awesome vibe from this, and I truly hope it turns out something special.

This project started out with the short film Streetfighter Legacy several years ago (which was made as a proof of concept), and won the rights from Capcom to the SF franchise. The actual series was at first put out for crowdsourcing, but eventually private backers stepped up to finance the project. If this initial chapter succeeds, a World Warrior story may continue with Guile being taken up, according to Ansah.

Damn. This looks goddamn awesome. Can’t freakin’ wait.