New Character Being Teased for DOA5 Ultimate Arcade?

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Tengu? Probably not.

For the past week or so, Team Ninja has been tweeting some intriguing pics, which seem to point at a new character that will likely be added to the roster of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Arcade). The pics have been of what appears to be a Tengu mask, which may lead one to believe that the little-lamented End Boss of DOA2 may be headed back to the game. But looks can be deceiving; astute viewers have commented that the character in the pic has shoulder-length hair (or a pigtail hairdo), which may point to it being a female character. Speculation is that it’s a new female and HUMAN, just wearing a Tengu mask. Some speculate that it may be an Ayane clone (haven’t seen where this has come from). And perhaps it’s just me, but the mask seems to be a FEMALE Tengu, judging from the eyelashes. Huh.

If it’s a masked female, it seems to have shades of Kunimitsu? A masked Kunoichi? I am definitely on board if it’s a new DOA girl with a mask gimmick. Hoping that details will be revealed soon, perhaps this coming E3? We’ll see.

DOA5U has seen several new fighters added, though as of right now only Marie Rose has been added to console versions. Phase 4, the hooded Kasumi clone, is still arcade-only. Team Ninja has already announced that new characters will be added to the roster soon.

The Lone Gamer’s Review: X-men Days of Future Past

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It all comes together here.

The X-men movie series has had its ups an downs. The first one was a fair attempt at doing an X-motion picture but it played too safe and was… uh… boring. X2 was filled to the rim with action but heavy-handed and a bit tiring. X3 The Last Stand was a dark horse, hated by most (I actually kinda liked it) but made lots of changes that pretty much crippled the franchise. So when X-men: First Class arrived many saw it as a reboot. Well, surprise, surprise- all the X-films are connected, they are supposed to fit together which kinda boggles the mind.

But with X-men: Days of the Future Past, somehow, someway Bryan Singer manages to tie this mismatched package of films together, solve the problems that shot this series in the foot previously AND come up with easily the best film in the franchise and one of the best superhero flicks yet seen (this after that Superman Returns nightmare. WOW!)

Adapting one of the most acclaimed story arcs in the X-men comics, Days of Future Past tackles the multi-issue epic in about two hours and- well, largely succeeds.
We see in the near future (2023) that the world has gone to hell in a Terminator-esque Rise of the Machines kind of way, with Sentinels- giant evil robots- having taken over, exterminating every mutant they can find and enslaving or oppressing everyone else (since normal humans have been proven to actually birth mutants, hah).
With this nightmare scenario now real and defeat imminent, the last few mutants- led by old foes Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) enact one last, desperate plan- to send back someone into the past (well, their consciouscness at least) to somehow prevent the single crucial event that caused the whole problem in the first place. That’s called nipping things in the bud.

Logan AKA Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) both volunteers and is decided, thanks to his healing factor (which keeps his brain okay despite the whole process of being sent back so far in time pretty much frying his grey stuff) and the fact that he never seems to age. He awakens in his younger body waaaay back in 1973, his mission to somehow get the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, respectively) to stop a determined Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from assassinating the Sentinels’ creator, Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage). Of course, time is against the good guys as while the days count down to the fateful event, time continues to move onward in the future, with the Sentinels ever coming closer and closer to the mutant rebels.

There are so many awesome things in X-Men DoFP, one being that it brings together the two ‘teams’ of Professor X and Magneto (well, kinda). Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are still their sedate, serene old versions which we know and love, but really- it’s their younger, more energetic and passionate selves that are a joy to watch. James McAvoy’s younger Xavier is broken, unstable and hopeless (but not hairless- hey, why so sad, dude?), while Fassbender’s Magneto is so square-jawed and badass you really just want to follow him into battle, if only he wasn’t such a damn ass. Seeing them slip into their roles again, which they do like freakin’ silk stockings, is wonderful.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t so much the center as he is our avatar and a bit of an outsider, and in this movie he has to rein in a lot of the violence you know his character is given to- something he accomplishes gamely, and it does reiterate that even with all his flaws against the comic book (he’s really much too good-looking but hey, ladies will love the X-men just for him) but I think the series is blessed to have him as its frontrunner.

Though I miss Rebecca Romjin-Stamos‘ original, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is intense and always a joy to watch (who knew naked blue babes were so… um… interesting), and this film like none before give her so much more to do- the character is both villain and anti-heroine which works. Another big surprise and awesome bit of the movie is Evan Peters‘ Quicksilver- a young mutant speedster recruited for the mutant cause who saves the team’s bacon in a 2-minute slow-motion scene that is spectacular, hilarious, cute and jaw-dropping at the same time. Let me just say that Jim Croce’s ‘Time in a Bottle’ song is sure to become a new hit on the iTunes Store very soon.

The film also surprises that it brings together almost everyone of note from all the previous films- and while some are reduced to almost-cameos, everyone who appears has a purpose and makes an impact, and adds to the overall result- which is a truly wonderful ensemble work of superhero cinema that has satisfies excellently with gobs of action and special effects as well as humanity, characters to root for and a story to absorb you. And oh, it’s all so much freakin’ FUN.

X-men: Days of Future Past is not only the best X-men film yet, it’s also one of the best Superhero films, period. I walked away from this with a smile, my faith in humanity and the future restored. Don’t let this gem pass you by- go watch it in the theater and enjoy the present.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web-series is Now LIVE!

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It begins here.

It’s been long in the dreaming and the making, but Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist is FINALLY here. Once just a pipe dream in the minds of friends Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, this amazing endeavor has hurdled over obstacles to become reality- and is now quite possibly the most true-to-the-source and game-accurate live-action adaptation of Capcom’s Streetfighter ever seen. Just from the first ‘Episode Zero’ video above, which is pretty much just a 2 and a half minute fight scene, you can see the respect and adherence to the videogame that spawned this web-series; the performers look as close as they can get to the videogame counterparts. The fighting action is hard-hitting and fierce, and straddles the line between fantasy and real almost perfectly; if I didn’t know any better, I’d really believe these guys are performing freakin’ Fireballs and Hurricane Kicks. The action onscreen is that legit.

Just from this first vid, I am convinced. There’s still of course 12 episodes to go for me to watch, but I think the cast and crew of Assassin’s Fist has done what so many others have failed to do in the past, and that’s create a live-action Streetfighter that’s true to the game. Awesome.

The Entire First Series (which I hope is just the first of many) has been uploaded and ready for watching on Machinima. You can also visit the Assassin’s Fist official site here. If you’re a fighting game fan, you simply cannot miss this. Go and watch it. NOW!

Infinity Blade III Updated with ‘Blademasters’!

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Chair takes us through the newest additions to their awesome iOS slasher.

If you’re like me, Infinity Blade III is one of the titles you’ll never take off your iOS device, and if so, this is going to pay off HUGE today when you update the game. Chair has added gobs of new content yet again, upgrading your game to a new chapter- Blademasters!

The update sees the return of an old rival- Ryth from Infinity Blade II. He’s gotten a lot stronger and is aching for a rematch, along with cool new Solar Trans weapons (AKA Lightsabers!!!) to use in the duels. Aside from that, there’s also a totally new foe to encounter- The Collector, who is pretty scary since if you lose to him, he takes your freakin’ weapon (you gotta face him again and win to get it back).

Aside from that, there are quite a few new options to make the game a lot more streamlined and accessible, such as the option to use your in-game credits (Which I now have THOUSANDS of somehow) to hurry up upgrading and such. There’s also a silly but pretty cool new Customization mode where you can color Siris or Isa with a new coat of paint, or give them some cool/funny animations. Not quite a Create-a-Deathless mode, but it’s very cute and much appreciated for a game that has been out for months and months.

Not sure if there’s an Infinity Blade IV coming (there should be!), but hey, there’s still tons more fun in Infinity Blade III. If by some reason you still don’t have the game, it’s currently on sale at just $2.99 on the AppStore. Go get it now and start slashing!

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Episode 23.5, 24

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I haven’t been able to update the blog as of late, thanks to a couple of reasons. One, is that my local DSL service has gone down and has been offline for the past couple of weeks (and counting). I am hoping they fix it soon, but so far I a subsisting on my personal MiFi. The other reason is that I am devoting a LOT of time to my Skyrim Let’s Play project.

I think it’s going quite well, with quite a few awesome watchers having subscribed and watching the series, including a couple of my idols in the Skyrim LP-ing biz (Damo2986 and Pemulisian!). Knowing these two guys are watching episodes of Vryll’s adventures just makes me want to make every video as great as I can make it.

Well, to date we’ve got 24 episodes up and we’re still going. I really don’t expect to stop anytime soon- I am not going to run out of video footage of my mage playthrough for a long time; even more so since I am STILL playing and having fun with the character.
Thanks to SkyRe, that uber-awesome gameplay overhaul mod for Skyrim, a mage is so much more viable than ever before (IMO). It’s not like vanilla where at high levels you’re basically spamming projectiles over and over and causing diddly damage, or resorting to the Fortify Magical School trick to make Magicka costs zero (which I realized a long time ago just made the game boring). In SkyRe, you can really work at upgrading your actual damage output. So at very high levels, you can really deal out damage that is comparable to warriors or archers with Legendary weapons and high skill. This is balanced by the fact that in SkyRe, full mages are still glass cannons so if you’re not careful you can still get killed very easily. Also, levels are uncapped, so I can keep playing Vryll beyond Level 80.

Once my home internet gets fixed, I’m hoping to at least start posting a video or two every other day, or at the fastest, one a day. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m still having tons of fun doing this, and quite a few people having fun watching. So that’s reason enough for me to keep doing it. Stay tuned!

Constantine TV Series looks… Awesome!

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Finally a Constantine series true to the comic?

The first time I saw a live-action adaptation of the popular Hellblazer comics, it was with that movie with Keanu Reeves. Now, admittedly it wasn’t a horrible film, though of course fans were likely immediately turned off by the casting. Well, that won’t be the case for the upcoming TV series from NBC based on the DC Vertigo title.

Constantine starring Matt Ryan, a blonde British actor, looks to be true to its page-turning roots. The trailer looks quite intriguing and has all the magical abracadabra and Constantine acting all like an arse that you’d expect. Looking forward to this!

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer and Release Date Revealed!

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The most faithful live-action adaptation of the Shoryu-Saga is almost here.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist, the web/TV series adapting the origin story of Ryu and Ken just got a new trailer (seen above) showing off a ton of new footage and intense fight scenes. We also get the release date- the series will be upped on Machinima on May 23, and ala Mortal Kombat Legacy ALL 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the same day (so you can watch everything in one long marathon viewing).

I am thinking though- 12 episodes? How long is each episode? This may be the most extensive telling of the Hadou Origin ever. Hoping it’s really as good and engaging as it looks. I am also hoping this lasts a lot longer and proves more successful than MK Legacy was. We’ll see though, in a couple of weeks.

Soul Calibur Unbreakable Soul Revealed: It’s another F2P ‘Fighter’

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Yet another F2P Soul Calibur… on iOS.

The first I saw of this mysterious title was some time ago, with that pretty meh trailer which contained nothing but a logo and text. Well, there are now images to go with it, and we now have what is the latest in a disturbingly growing number of free-to-play ‘fighters’ from Namco-Bandai.
Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul is an iOS F2P Card Fighting Game. Similar to Tekken Card Tournament (also on the appstore), the title is a combination of deck-building, stat-hustling and some 3D fight scenes starring the Soul Calibur cast.
Out now on the Japanese store at least, the game apparently stars Cassandra and Edge Master, but you can probably play as some other fighters. It has the Elemental upgrades for weapons like Soul Calibur Lost Swords, but of course there’s no real time fighting as all moves are done by tapping your available cards to attack or defend. There’s apparently a story behind it all about yet another shard of Soul Edge, and so forth.

As with TCT, this has IAP in the form of gems you will need to buy decks or cards to make your fighter stronger. PVP elements are also available.


When oh when will we see a real Namco-Bandai fighting game again? Well, not right now.

EDIT: Launch Trailer posted.

Fighting Game ‘The Chainsaw Incident’ on Kickstarter

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This slick-looking fighter needs your support to become reality.

There are quite a few wild game ideas that have found new life on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo- one of the more astounding of which is the Shaq-Fu sequel. But there are as well some titles which seem pretty awesome and I feel deserve support.

The Chainsaw Incident is a dark fantasy-themed one-on-one fighter, along the lines of Darkstalkers. It’s being created by some designers who have worked on some prestigious beat ‘em ups in the past (they cite Tekken and Soul Calibur). The main character is an offbeat goth girl named Lenore who suddenly finds herself in a strange, gloomy realm being beset by an evil affliction, and takes it upon herself to save it. Aside from here there are 13 other revealed fighters, with more on the way.

The art style and hand-drawn animation are very smooth and striking, very far from the usual anime-look of many fighting games. The current roster of revealed fighters includes monsters, aliens, psycho-looking fiends and more.

To be honest, I’m really not into the dark, horror or fantasy genre, and I think the roster lacks the babe factor I usually look for in my fighters- but I recognize that this is one quality title and project. This could be a pretty awesome game given support. So I say, if you like fighting games, check out The Chainsaw Incident over at their Kickstarter page and consider it for giving some support.

Skyrim Let’s Play Spotlight: Pemulisian

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Farewell, Friend. For now!

In my Skyrim Let’s Play addiction, I’ve watched/am watching/will watch a TON of vids from various channels on Youtube. One of the best ones is by Pemulisian.

Pem’s Skyrim LP tells the story of Annaig, a young court mage from the Breton lands of High Rock. When her adoptive parents, the king and queen of her province, are murdered one night and herself abducted, Annaig finds herself lost in an alien land- Skyrim- and must somehow find a way to survive, grow powerful and perhaps someday- seek vengeance.

Pem is, by the way, a guy telling a female heroine’s story- something he takes into account and it doesn’t really ever have a negative effect on his storytelling. Listening to his mellow voice is pretty easy on the ears and lends to a relaxing watch and listen.

Like many LPs, Pem’s Skyrim Let’s Play is modded, and has a definite story to tell which he has written out and executes with some custom-made or placed in-game events or content- such as unique characters or messages that further Annaig’s story and search for the conspiracy that destroyed her life in High Rock. It’s very interesting to see how he does it, and something that I think I can take notes from for my own series. Very cool.

His storytelling isn’t overtly comedic, it’s even quite heavy on the gravitas and poignancy at some points. But it’s always a pleasure to watch.

Currently, Annaig’s Story has ended at two seasons totaling 301 episodes (with the last one being a self-commentary/evaluation hour). That’s HOURS an hours of awesome Skyrim LPing that anyone interested in this brand of videogame storytelling/entertainment would do well to check out. I certainly will be re-watching this series again very soon.

Will we see Pem in Skyrim again? Supposedly so, though not in the near future- in his approximation he’ll let 6 to 9 months to a year before he comes back to the series.
Well, all I can say is I’ll be waiting and watching. Thanks as well for his wonderful words of encouragement to me, and for including us in his final video. I am flattered beyond words and it all just makes me want to improve my own stuff all the more.

Thanks, Pem and Annaig! Till we meet again!