New Tekken 7 Alternate Costumes/Customizations!

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Tekken 7′s Customization will supposedly be ‘deeper’ than before, according to Harada.

At the recent Bandai-Namco business meetings where the Japanese release date for Tekken 7 Arcade was announced, several screenshots of some characters dressed in new, alternate costumes were revealed. The characters featured were Asuka Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Leo Kliesen and Sergei Dragunov. Both Asuka and Ling were dressed in skirted numbers, with Ling’s being very similar to an outfit set she had in Tekken 6. Leo sported a dashing ‘Prince’-like outfit complete with a wide-brimmed hat with a feather, making him kinda look like Raphael from Soul Calibur. Finally, Dragunov was in a full-body military stealth suit.

Very nice start- I am hoping that these outfits aren’t simply one-piece outfits but composed of pieces you can mix and match with other sets and customizations. The apparent return of some stuff last seen in T6 is a good sign anyway- Customization was one of the most popular features in previous games, although it was slightly dumbed-down in TTT2. Perhaps Tekken 7 will see the best system yet.

I have to say though that the devs still have a LOT to do on this game’s look. The visuals are still WIP, with lots of effects like shadows and lighting, optimization still not implemented- I am not liking how Asuka looks a bit- er, cartoony- in the above pic- Soul Calibur V’s character faces looked much better than that. But I’m hopeful that the game will bowl us over in the final version.

You can check out Shoryuken’s article with all the released screenshots over here.

Tekken 7 is set for a release in Japanese arcades in February 2015.

Musing About Dragon Age: Inquisition

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What kind of Hero will you be in Thedas?

The upcoming and much-awaited, much-hyped Bioware RPG sequel, Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of my most-awaited games in recent memory. I played a TON of the first game in the series- Dragon Age: Origins- always as a human noble though, several playthroughs to see the various endings. As for the sophomore outing, I sadly kinda skipped most of Dragon Age 2- I played several hours, getting my female Hawk into Kirkwall but from there I kinda drifted away from the game and never really got into it.

Since then, I understand there have been a lot of media released since- novels, side stories and such- but I never really got into them. But I am VERY stoked for Inquisition. It just feels and looks so Epic… YOU as the leader of your own Crusade. It looks to fulfill all your fantasy power fantasies and more, providing you with your own army, fortress, allies, spies and such- how could it all go wrong?

Well, to be fair I do have quite a few reservations. All this time I have been playing Modded Skyrim, and I have to say, it may be a bit jarring for me to come to a party-based game played entirely from third person. I am finding the pyrotechnic-heavy combat of DAI so far seen in videos a bit too flashy and hard to follow. But perhaps this is all in how you play the game and use the skills that will be laid out for you.

That said, thinking about the promising, epic plot- what is behind this grave threat to all of Thedas, the banter and interaction between you and your companions and members of the Inquisition, and what kind of Leader your Inquisitor may become in the course of the game- it all fills me with thoughts of awesome. I can’t freakin’ wait.

Now all I am thinking is deciding what platform to play it on. I do think my current gaming PC can handle DAI, but I’m also considering getting a PS4 for it- to dispense with any hardware hiccups and limitations. OR I could just play on my already-there XBox One. Decisions, decision! Well, I’ve got about a month left of time to decide that.

November 18 can’t come soon enough! DAAAAMN. Are you guys prepared for the Inquisition? I certainly am.

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN US Release Date!

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Now this is one gorgeous brawler.

FINALLY after what seemed to be an eternity, the official Playstation Blog has revealed the release date for the US version of Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. The game will be out on PS3 and PS4 on December 16- just two weeks after the Japanese release.

On offer will be one amazing-looking game, that will be 1080p on PS4 at 60FPS (720p on PS3), with wonderfully-detailed and animated 3D characters made to look like 2D sprites- reaLly, this game is literally an anime in 3D in every sense, and it is awesome. 16 characters are playable at last count, which include a host of returning favorites and several newcomers.
The all-new fighters include the mysterious Bedman- a strange young man (yes MALE) who fights while asleep in a menacing ambulatory BED- the seemingly emotionless but super-cute Ramlethal Valentine- the game’s apparent boss and world-threatening super-villainess who come with two HUGE swords for dealing with lowly mortals.

Making their debut on the consoles are Sin and Elphelt. Sin is the son of series protagonist Ky Kiske and his wife Dizzy- a young man (he grew to his current state at an accelerated rate) who fights with his dad’s trademark lightning and what appears to be a flagpole(?). Meanwhile, Elphelt (who really reminds me of Alisa froM Tekken) is an artificial girl- yet another Valentine and purportedly Ramlethal’s sibling- who is dressed in wedding-like attire and wields a variety of firearms- talk about shotgun wedding!

The home versions of Xrd will include an extended Story/Arcade mode that will elaborate more on the plot that was left hanging in the arcade version, which we assume will include cutscenes and better endings. The expected home modes should also be included. As for any more extra characters, that remains to be seen.

This is one of my most-wanted games right now, and I am fully intending to get a PS4 just for it (if not for Dragon Age Inquisition). December is going to be awesome.

Skyrim Let’s Play: SorcererDave Plays Dragonborn

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SorcererDave’s I, Claudius Skyrim LP continues!

I have been doing my Skyrim Let’s Play ‘thing’ for several months now, and I have to say it’s a blast to be able to tell stories while playing a darn game that I enjoy, and be it a passing fancy or eventually a longtime endeavor that I pursue, I credit a couple of people for getting me into it- the two Skyrim LP-ers who have had the most influence on me. One is Gopher- yep, the almighty wonderful Gophernator, whose own longtime LP ended recently (though he may return to Tamriel from time to time). The other is SorcererDave formerly Jingles1218.

Of all the LPers I have the pleasure of watching and following on Youtube, Dave is perhaps among the most well-known, and his series- I, Claudius- which follows the saga of a decidedly unlikable hero in the form of his titular Imperial Legion Soldier, is now on its Fifth Season/Chapter. Previously, Dave had gone on somewhat of an indefinite leave from playing Skyrim, with little information on when he would continue. Well, thankfully he has finally come back to the game, and it seems that he is enjoying himself, as well as playing a specific DLC of the game (Dragonborn) which he actually hasn’t played yet at all. Which should lead to loads of fun for both him and viewer.

What makes Dave’s LP exceptional for me is the way he tells his story- aside from his goddamn awesome voice (Englishmen have it so damn good, dammit), the craft of how he edits and frames his videos and his adventures onscreen are just second to none. I especially love the way he handles the music, and this chapter in particular- the way he starts off his episode- the narration, the writing, and DAMN the music with the titles… it is art. The way he commentates is a cross between roleplay and real world commentary, which is something I guess I can never really do, so its always something for me to learn from. Anyway, I do think that even after four solid chapters, Claudius has a LOT more adventuring to do in Skyrim, and I am hoping this series continues onward in the many months to come.

For now, I got me a new Claudius episode to enjoy so I’m clam-happy. Heheh.

Tekken 7 Customization Items!

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Even this early, you can customize your Tekken fighter with stuff in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 just made its gameplay debut today via the Location Tests in Japan. The game is obviously in a very early state- animations aren’t all in (or in placeholder state), there are loading times (the game is supposedly running on a Windows PC) and no music in some areas but… hey, the game has Customizations and Items in it already!

Well, not a lot. Surely there will be much, much more in the finished game. But even this early, it’s cool to see that the Tekken Team know that this admittedly cosmetic feature is in the game for sure. Even better, I think that T7′s Customization Feature is already better than Tekken Tag 2′s.

Dragunov does his Voldo impression.

The proof is the existence of an item like Dragunov’s ‘Blade Hands’. It’s a specific/separate item for the Hands, which was not present in TTT2 (which had Hand Items attached to Upper Garment/Clothing, and Footwear attached to Pants). This points to more slots to customize (hands, feet, torso, legs, head, hair, etc) which was the way it was in Tekken 6 (which has the best customization of the Tekken series IMO).
With just this little detail, I am at least a bit reassured that T7 is going in the right direction. Still making up my mind about ‘Supers’ in the game, but hey, let me be happy for now. Heheh…

You can check out pics of T7′s Customization items at Shoryuken.

Tekken 7: First Images, Information and Video!

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The Tekken 7 Character Select Screen. This is sure to change as this is very early in development.

Thanks to Fighters Generation for posting the goods! So far, quite a few pieces and pics, as well as some vids are coming in from Japan- and this is just the first hour or so! Keep in mind, the Location Tests for Tekken 7 will go on until Sunday, and there will be official streams on NicoNico on Saturday and Sunday covering the game.

One very telling screenshot is that of the game’s Character Select. For starters, there seem to be only 20 Characters playable. Of note are the two new characters- Catalina and Claudio (the new male Euro-fighter who looks like he stepped out from Final Fantasy).

Returning fighters include Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi, Lars Alexandersson, Asuka Kazama, Lili Rochefort, Alisa Boskonovitch, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix, Law, Hwoarang, Leo Kliesen, Dragunov, Feng Wei and King. Incredibly enough, NO Nina Williams (which is a first in the whole series!) and no Jin Kazama. I expect though that more characters will be added via Time Release or other in time, so hold your horses on violent reactions. Some character art is new, while some seems rehashed (and are probably just temporary placeholders).

Aside from the pics, the first actual footage has already been posted on Youtuve.

Looking very similar to Tekken 6 rather than TTT2, which is good…

The vid above is from a very early version of a WIP game- many animations are surely just placeholders. There’s no Replay yet, and really, with the quality you can’t really judge how good the game looks, so take everything with an open mind.

According to information, the game’s new gameplay elements include Rage Arts and Power Crush.
Rage Arts are new moves which can be done once your life bar is reduced to a certain level. These can be used in combos and are meant for a ‘comeback victory’. In the move list, Rage Arts are marked in red and are different for each character.

Power Crush are moves with armor properties- meaning that even if you are hit while doing the move, you will continue to do it. However, it is not invincible, and you will still incur damage.

Bound is apparently still in the game. A nice touch (which I approve!) is that after-KO hits are back. There are new particle effects and a slight Slow-Mo during the KO hit.

Apparently, the character models are ALL-NEW (WOOHOO!) and there are new Player 2 costumes, and characters even have some customization items like Lili’s Goth makeup and Asuka’s Giant Mallet. There’s a new kick option (down + RK), right kick into back roll.

Looking and sounding good so far… Stay tuned. This is JUST the beginning!

Tekken 7: First Look Imminent!

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Okay, Fight Fans… we’re less than a day away from the first appearance of the latest installment of the Tekken series, Tekken 7. Starting tomorrow, October 3, to Sunday, October 5, Namco-Bandai will be holding location testing of the game at several select arcades in Japan. This will be the first real look at the game, which was first announced at the 2014 Evolution Championships by producer Katsuhiro Harada.

Up to now, we’ve only seen trailer with nothing more than CG cinematics (some of it rehashed from earlier games). Of the game itself, Namco has character art for Kazuya and Heihachi- we don’t know how they will look in-game, how different the character models will look from previous Tekkens, or how the animation will be like. All we know is that the game will be running on the Unreal Engine.

We don’t know as well how many characters will be playable in the Location Test- worst scenario for me will be only Kazuya and Heihachi will be playable, but I hope that is not the case. Hopefully a good selection of fighters will be shown off, including at least one totally new fighter- the female Savate fighter, Catalina. Also expected to be seen will be the new systems or gameplay elements to be introduced in this particular installment.

I am trying very hard to not be too excited, or to hype myself up. I hope there will be lots of footage, and clear ones at that. There will be three days worth of gameplay potentially, which may be what we fans have to subsist on till the next major appearance of this WIP fighting game. Still, as fan of Tekken from Day One, it’s hard not to feel a li’l bit tingly as we count the hours to tomorrow- I just want to see this game soooo bad.

More as we get it then. Cross your fingers- let’s hope the Tekken Team’s latest work impresses and then some.