Tekken 7: Kazumi Mishima Trailer!

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Okay, it’s something that’s probably been expected but now it’s confirmed- Kazumi Mishima, Tekken 7‘s Final Boss, will become a playable character in arcades starting June 2. Well, at least the ‘normal’ version of Kazumi will- not sure yet if her ‘Transformed’ or Devil Kazumi form will be playable. In any case, she still comes with her Tiger companion/attacks, with a literal Tiger Uppercut (too bad KI’s Orchid got the ‘Uppercat’ first, heheh).

This is, of course, all for the arcade version. I am still expecting more characters to be revealed before the inevitable console version is announced. But hey, Kazumi looks cool (although I really hope she has nice alternate outfits…).

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator?! Johnny Returns!

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The Leader of the Jellyfish Pirates returns in playable form.

Just in today- Arc System Works announced an arcade upgrade to their popular anime-esque fighter, Guilty Gear Xrd Signs. Entitled Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, this maybe-sequel will add various things, including balance changes, a new ‘Stylish Mode’ of easy gameplay and, best of all, New Characters!

The first new character is Johnny, the popular captain of the Jellyfish Pirates of whom May is a part of. He did figure quite prominently in the Story Mode, so his absence was kinda odd in the first place. Anyways, I’m sure his fans will be celebrating.

But even more intriguing is a totally new(?) challenger who has so far only been shown via a silhouette of her artwork below. And yes, I assume this new fighter is female, or a very radical redesign of Bridget.

Who is THIS?!

Looking at the profile, she has coiffed hair pretty much like Lili Rochefort’s, but her overall image seems to bring to mind Kula Diamond. Not sure what’s up with her hand- are those straps? Is she wearing a kind of straitjacket? What is that thing floating over her head, some sort of halo?

She lacks the rabbit-ears that would mark her as a Valentine; if she isn’t a redesigned returnee, perhaps she is the revealed behind-the-scenes manipulator in Story Mode…?

Anyways, Revelator will see arcade test runs in Japan this early June. I am hoping for more characters to be added, and a console upgrade release eventually. I love Xrd, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Streetfighter V: M.Bison Returns!

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He’s Baaaaack…

You can’t keep a good villain down, yet again proven by the new Streetfighter V trailer debuting the ubiquitous Head of Shadaloo, M. Bison. Fittingly enough, the trailer debuting the returning arch-baddie released on a Tuesday, which of course is a fun callback to the so-bad-its-good live-action Streetfighter movie.

Anyways, Bison has gone though a few changes- notably his outfit now has a quite slick trenchcoat profile now, sans cape, which I really like. His fighting moves now seem more concentrated on using his Psycho Powers, which he demonstrates a lot on the hapless Charlie Nash. The way he just beats down on the other returning fighter may mean that Nash isn’t on the Shadaloo side as some may have speculated.

Well, what can I say? Never been a Bison user, but I do think he looks pretty badass- I do hope they make him really hard and powerful as befits a Big Bad. But will he be the game’s final boss? Who knows…

I’m actually quite excited for Streetfighter V. Looks like it may be coming to our PS4′s sooner than later. More on this as we get it.

Mad Max Fury Road: The Lone Gamer Review

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Love action? Cars? Post-apocalyptic action with cars? WATCH.

Last Sunday, I got to watch Mad Max: Fury Road, written and directed by the original himself, George Miller. Been intrigued and excited with this flick ever since the first trailer and now that I’ve watched it… Well.

As a bit of backstory, I’ve watched the second and third Mad Max flicks- I don’t believe I ever watched the first one. They’re cult-classics that have a degree of roughness to them, just like the lashed-together, haphazard vehicles, weapons and implements of this insane world.

We return to a perhaps familiar Post-Apocalyptic Australia where society has fallen, resources are scarce and warlords rule the wasteland. Enter Max Rockatansky, a wanderer and former cop with a heavy chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he is still the same character as previous films, but this time its Tom Hardy filling in his boots.

The grizzled road warrior has the foul fortune of being captured at the start of the film by the War Boys, the bald, white-skinned private army of Warlord Immorten Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne, who coincidentally played Toe-Cutter in the previous Max films). Having O-Positive blood making him a universal donor, Max gets drafted into serving as a blood bag, or walking blood supply for one of the sick War boys, Nux (Nicholas Hoult).

We then see the personal kingdom Joe has made for himself, by virtue of him controlling a vast water source underground. Ruling with his army and deformed family members (Sons? Brothers?) serving as lieutenants, Joe has everything- farms producing greenery, water, women serving as virtual cows for Mother’s Milk (the food for the gods!) and an alliance with two other settlements providing crucial sources of gasoline and ammunition.

But his perfect world is suddenly rocked when he discovers that his most prized treasures- a quintet of beautiful women who serve as his Wives (or ‘Breeders’) have been stolen away from his vault, spirited off by Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), one of his most trusted field commanders. Immediately, Joe mobilizes every able soldier and running vehicle in his army to bring back his possessions, and there is where Fury Road really begins.

What can I say about this movie? This is Action, Car and Post Apocalyptic Car Action as you’ve never seen it. Just the sight of the MAD vehicles running in this film are worth the price of admission- this is Road Warrior Porn. From the central War Rig- which is the main stage of the movie for most of its running time- to the many freaks of machinery like a huge mobile ROCK CONCERT complete with a flame throwing guitar playing in front (an army needs music to roll by after all), this will blow your mind.

Director George Miller truly set himself free in this one- in no other installment do we see so much of the world he has cooked up in his twisted imagination. There is more substance to it, like the evil utopia Immorten Joe has fashioned for himself. Like the religion he espouses, making himself god while his War Boys scramble to die in his service for the promise of eternal life in Valhalla. It makes so much sense it’s… insane. There are truly disturbing sights in this flick, but thankfully it never dwells too much on the more gruesome things, nor is the violence ever gory or overly brutal.

But adding true impact to the action is that most of it is real, practical effects. True enough, there ARE CG moments (probably during one truly heinous sandstorm from hell) but a lot are real, with real machines (all the cars are real running machines) and real stuntmen making these sights possible.
And whoa, there are fights and battles ongoing for most of this flick. I may say that of all the Mad Max films, this one takes the cake in action- less talk, more crash and burn, but still amazingly has more than enough story and depth to the characters and events happening onscreen.

With performances solid throughout- kudos to a tough-as-steel Charlize for making Furiosa both superhuman and human in her debut- she is pretty much Max’s equal and partner in this film. Kinda funny that Miss Theron is so gorgeous that even bald, covered in grease and oil, missing an arm and bloodied, she’s STILL gorgeous. There’s certainly a story behind this character, and who knows- if fates are kind and we are lucky, we may see Mad Max: Furiousa down the road.

Also impressing is Nicholas Hoult, whose War Boy Nux has his own mini-saga within this saga. Overall acting is solid even in a flick that is more action than emoting.

Tom Hardy is readily likable as Max- an understated badass man who lets his actions speak more for him. Is he better than Mel Gibson? That’s really too much to ask for anyone, and no person in his right mind would venture to say so. Suffice to say he makes for a stoic and solid Road Warrior whom I would love to see more of in future Mad Max flicks.

I had an utter blast watching this flick- paradoxically so beautiful as it is grotesque. Filmed with rock-solid clarity and vivid color, this is one action film that is so easy to love because in its quest for Fury Road, it DELIVERS. Nine out of TEN. Watch this in a theater and have yourself A LOVELY DAY!!!

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is HERE!

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A new age of RPGs has arrived.

After years of waiting and eager anticipation, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has arrived. From its first appearance, this game has been on many RPG fan’s wish list, with the devs, CD Projekt Red, promising a game that truly appears to leave all the rest in the dust. Well, that truly remains to be seen but so far, reviews are raving and the game is looking amazing. With Skyrim and Dragon Age: Inquisition behind me (and Dark Souls currently, weirdly enough), this game is my new pastime and responsibility.

I do fully intend to do this as a Let’s Play on my Youtube channel, though clearly I won’t be able to do it in the same manner as my Skyrim series. I think this deserves and demands a different take and mood all its own. We’ll see. I can’t wait to throw myself into this game and just settle into Gerelt’s boots. This is going to be fun.

The Lone Gamer is a Dark Souls Noob: Part Deux

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Brickwallgames’ excellent Dark Souls Walkthrough on Youtube is my companion during my time in Lordran.

As I mentioned earlier, thanks to my Bloodborne experience, I decided against all common sense to return to an even more punishing From Software game- Dark Souls. And to be fair, I am having a TON of fun, in as much fun as you can have from this masochistic-laced RPG. Seriously though, the more traditional fantasy setting and the relatively more cheerful(!) tone compared to the far darker horror aesthetic and style of Bloodborne is very refreshing. Dark Souls CHEERFUL? MAD!

Anyways, since my last post on this subject, I guided my fetching Sorcereress to higher levels with a little bit of grinding. With the first levels- the Undead Burg and Parish, the Depths and the infamous Blighttown are now past me, their bosses slain, I moved on to one of the most infamous and frustrating areas of the game- Sen’s Fortress.

Once you finish the first two crucial tasks of your quest- which is to ring the two Bells of Awakening (both of which entail fighting your way to a boss and winning), this infamous zone is opened to you- in the same way a hungry lion opens its mouth to some dumb antelope. Not so much really a fortress but a lethal obstacle course, Sen’s Fortress greets you with narrow walkways, swinging giant guillotines, lethal dart traps (that would make similar traps in Skyrim look like party favors), giant crushing balls of death and, oh, an army of fierce Snake People. To be fair the Snakemen of Dark Souls are nowhere near as scary as the walking Snake bouquets of Bloodborne, but they’re still very, very dangerous.

The trick with Sen’s is to know where to go- and that is up. There is a very specific way past the dangers, and I do not deny that I watched various Dark Souls LPs to learn it. Still, knowing and doing are two very different things. I count at least ten times I failed miserably at various points, but every time I inched my way forward. Soon, I had was able to work my way past the swinging blades of doom, and eventually upgrade my weapon to quickly dispatch the otherwise very deadly Snakemen. I have to say though that I died one truly frustrating death to the last guillotine trap, a few steps away from the fortress’ bonfire and safety. AAARGGH.

But reach the bonfire I did, and from there, I eventually made my way to the zone boss- the Iron Golem… who turned out to be a total pushover that I took out on the first try, without even resorting to calling on an NPC or summon. From there, I was taken by Winged Demon Express to Anor Londo- the City of the Gods and the Undead Capital of Lordran.

Anor Londo is a vast city, although you only explore a tiny bit of it- still, the initial view of this fantasy city from your vantage point in the air is amazing. Once you arrive, you have to find the Lordvessel- some thing needed to continue your inexplicable quest. Thus begins another of the game’s frustrating gauntlets of sadism, where you have to first make your way through some narrow rafters where a single misstep means a plunging death (oh, and you have to defend yourself from ninja-like guardians all the way). Thankfully, I did this on the first try (thank you, prior knowledge!) thanks to informative LPs and the guardians’ wonderful tendency to jump to their doom all by themselves.

Its the second phase of the run that is even more frustrating- it’s a lengthy jaunt up a cathedral steps past guards and demons and up narrow ledges which are guarded by two Anor Londo Silver Knights armed with giant bows- getting hit, even while blocking, almost always ends with you falling off and dying, and having to do it all over again (you don’t have to repeat the rafters thing though, thankfully). I died here quite a few times, a couple of which right in the face of the lone archer blocking the way, which is beyond infuriating. EVENTUALLy though, the son-of-a-dungheap finally went down in a shower of white flakes, and I was through a broken window, to the bonfire and safety. For the moment.

From there, I had the time to just relax and spend the next few hours trying to master the art of Dark Souls Parrying- which is crucial to easily(?) dispatch the numerous Silver Knights on guard in the area. Thanks to my incessant upgrading (I finally got my magic weapon, a pretty sweet overly-long spear made with a previous Boss’s soul) I could kill the knights with a single parry- but I still died pretty regularly to my own mistakes. Eventually, I built up the courage to make the run to the area Boss- which was pretty much the most famous in the whole game- the Tag Team Duo of Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough (or just Ornstein and Smough for short).

Now, it is with no exaggeration that these two epitomize From games’ record for scary, intimidating bosses. Heck, Smough alone, with his creepy metal face, giant sumo-wrestler bulk and MASSIVE hammer is scary enough- but you have to contend with Ornstein as well- a smaller (but still bigger than you) and faster armored warrior who can fly about and shoot lightning from his deadly spear. The trick to beating them is being able to keep both of them in your line of sight or to keep tabs of them, since getting caught between them is almost certain death. Yes, I’ve seen a vid of Sorcerers taking them out in a couple of minutes, but I am sure the guy was very high level and buffed in damage. Doing it myself was proving not easy. After several attempts, I was able to kill one or the other, but always came up short on the last one (who coincidentally renews the battle fully-healed and taking up his fallen ally’s powers).

Eventually I gave up and decided to try summoning and tackling the Terrible Twosome with help. For the first time ever, I got online (thank god for the PS3′s free online play) and summoned a human player (who tend to be very high level and strong) and also called to my side the popular NPC Knight Solaire. It took two attempts, but FINALLY, the bosses went down with our combined swords and spells. With total relief, I claimed my prize- the Lordvessel- from the city’s giant ruler, Princess Gwynevere (who has her own secrets, I know).

With Ornstein and Smough behind me, I have gone past a threshold. I can now fast-travel, which truly takes a load off the difficulty. From here on, I think most of the game’s hardest parts are behind me, but don’t quote me on that. There are still many quests to accomplish and bosses to beat, but at least now I don’t have something so pressing that it may take away time from my upcoming Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt game time.

Man, I wonder if From is already at work with Dark Souls 3?

Tekken 7: ‘Jack’ Reveal Trailer

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Upgrade Complete!

Today, Namco-Bandai just revealed the intro trailer to the latest addition to the Tekken 7 roster- none other than Jack-7. Well, he pretty much looks the same as ever, save perhaps for the green glowing parts. Aside from that- well… I dunno. I’m really not into the big guys of fighting games, and Jack just bores me to tears. I guess his fans will be happy.
There’s already a BIG guy on the roster, Gigas, who was shown off some time ago. Apparently I forgot to post about the weird big bruiser with the tendrils (what is it with T7 and tentacles?), so I’ll post his trailer here as a by-the-way. Heheh.

And here’s Gigas’ trailer, which I missed spotlighting.

Have to admit, I am not really pumped by reveals as of late. They look almost exactly as they did before, it’s kinda boring. I wish they’d give returnees some sort of progression, a new outfit or look- kinda like what they gave Jin. Hopefully Nina, if and when she is revealed, looks cool. We’ll see… perhaps in another couple of weeks when the next character reveal happens.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ‘A Night to Remember’ Cinematic

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The Witcher 3 gets a movie-quality launch trailer…

A few days before The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt launches on May 19, we get this awesome CG Cinematic Trailer that’s pretty much a mini-movie or short film, portraying titular hero Gerelt of Rivia on a particularly deadly job. The quality of the animation and action portrayed in the 4+ minute video is top notch, which makes we really want to see a full-length Witcher CG movie. Just make it nowhere near as bad as Van Helsing.

Anyway, this just whets the appetite more for a game that’s been long in the making, and even longer in the waiting. But all signs are pointing to the simple fact that this may be the real deal and All That. Just a few more days. For now, enjoy the trailer. I sure did.

Bloodborne Prepped Me for Dark Souls!

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Still one of the coolest RPG intros ever.

I think I’ve admitted it before- as a Hardcore Casual Gamer, I love gaming by nature, but my skills and patience aren’t the best. Even more so that I’m getting a bit older, I haven’t been really able to sink into a game too much like in years past, when I’d go on week-long binges or marathons just to finish a game, and then restart them. Perhaps if I got into the classic, masochistic Dark Souls earlier, maybe today I’d be more into it. But nope, I tried playing it when it first came out, got stymied by the repeated deaths and loss of my efforts, and just gave up. Even so, I’ve always been fascinated with From’s RPGs, mainly for the lore, the gorgeous art and designs, and the obvious love and fervor other players have for this modern classic.

So it’s actually a wonder for me today to realize that for the past week or so, I have been PLAYING Dark Souls on my PS3. Playing and loving it, incredibly enough. Yes, I am playing though as a spell-slinging Sorcerer, a class that is for the most part regarded as OP since you deal death from afar. I don’t care though- I think it’s a refreshing change from the hundreds of melee-class characters I’ve seen on all the Let’s Plays on Youtube. Being a squishy spell thrower means though that I will still need to master being able to avoid getting hit and keep my distance from the scary, deadly enemies. Also, I can’t totally rely on the trusty Soul Arrows to mete out victory every single second- so I have to work on having a weapon that can be relied on to kill quickly in as few hits as possible as well.

This of course leads me to the very addictive aspect of these types of games- powering up your hero and fashioning his or her implements of doom is thoroughly absorbing… and to see your work pay off in whole zones rendered silent, littered with enemy corpses is utter bliss.
So far, I am at about Level 43, my svelte Sorceress wearing the tattered but regal robes of a legendary Daughter of Izalith, which makes her look like a female Grim Reaper or Lady Nazgul (I plan on finding a matching Scythe which is apparently the best weapon in the game) and looking thoroughly badass. I’ve just rung the Second Bell of Awakening and am ready to enter the dastardly Sen’s Fortress. All this probably sounds like gibberish to anyone not into Dark Souls lore- just suffice to say I’m well past the point where most of those who just can’t take this game would have quitted a long time ago. And I’m still raring to go.

In fact, I’ve also gotten the game on Steam, and it’s installed on my PC- which is weird since the Xbox controller’s layout is slightly different from the PS3, switching the Dodge button position which will surely have me making crucial mistakes if I play it for any long duration…

Yep, this is all thanks to Bloodborne (which I am currently at the Endgame level, just two bosses away from finishing the game and entering into New Game Plus).

I am now considering From’s latest as a calculated try on their end to get players to give their previous two games- Dark Souls and DS2 a try. BB is just slightly different from the Souls games, but same enough that you can indeed jump into Dark Souls gamely after mastering Bloodborne and not feel like it’s a different game.

In fact, I believe that after the breakneck speed and twitch-reflex gameplay of BB, you’ll find the more methodical, calculated play of the Souls games very easy, or at least manageable. Bloodborne has somehow taught me to not fear the fearsome, to get impressed but not intimidated by the terrifying monsters I am faced with in these games. Yep, Bloodborne taught me, ‘if it can bleed, I can kill it’ (or something like that)… and I’ve taken this new-found courage from Yharnam into Lordran.

Hell, who knows- maybe if I get my ass handed to myself by the famous Ornstein and Smough, I may suddenly give up- but probably not. If I do finish Dark Souls, who knows- maybe I’ll give Dark Souls 2 a try. Then… Dark Souls 3, which I am sure is inevitable.

Damn it From Soft. You got me good.

I am HYPED for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt!

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Several reviews for The Witcher 3 are already up and RAVING.

Man, the wait is killing me! Bar any unexpected weirdness, in about a week or so, gamers should have their copy of what appears to be one of the finest Action RPGs to come along in a long time- CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. If you love RPGs in the vein of Skyrim or Dragon Age: Inquisition, this much-anticipated sequel has been on your radar for years. It has been delayed some times, but the wait should soon be over. Heck, some lucky bastards probably are already playing the damn game, thanks to some game stores releasing the game early.

There are so many reasons why I am so freakin’ excited for W3, regardless that I have not finished or played to any considerable length either of the two previous games. The length of time between games is quite long, so each game is significantly different from the previous one- so I am hoping they fix the clunky-feeling controls for this finale. Also, it is great that it seems that playing the first two games is not required to know the story of The Witcher 3. Through various ways- flashbacks and even recreating choices made in the earlier games should adequately get newbies to the Witcherverse up to speed.

That said, it shouldn’t be hard to find your footing and get engaged in this harsh, but beautiful world. The Witcher 3 is of course based on a series of Polish fantasy novels- Gerelt of Rivia, the protagonist and titular Witcher, is a white-haired, cat-eyed monster hunter who pretty much combines all the best qualities of various Lone Wolf heroes like Batman, Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Wolverine and so on.

He’s got a rough, gruff voice, but depending on your choices he can be anything from sympathetic to mercenary in his dealings with others. What does not change though is his motivations- whereas previous games dwelt mainly on the political schemings and plots Gerelt found himself embroiled in, The Witcher 3 is more personal. His main goal is to find the two women who mean the world to him- basically his family- and screw anyone who gets in his way. The trick is, the opposition in this case is the rather sinisterly-named Wild Hunt- an otherdimensional army of supernatural warriors who may or may not be immortal and unkillable. YIKES.

The Gamesradar Review.

Aside from that though, Gerelt will have to get used to exploring his world and surviving. And what a world it is- while apparently not a single open world you can walk end-to-end, the setting of The Witcher 3 is a HUGE continent composed of several vast zones, each of which contains multiple cities, villages and a multitude of encounters, quests and adventures to be found within.
Besides his personal quest, Gerelt can go on Monster Hunting- he IS a Witcher after all, and that’s what Witchers do. But unlike in other games where going after creatures is pretty pedestrian or by the way, in this game, it’s all about preparing for a potentially lethal encounter, discovering what your foe really is, tracking it down and perhaps even finding out something deeper at work in whatever is causing the real danger at hand. Monster CSI? That could probably be another subtitle for this game.

Besides the combat and monster-hunting, I have to say I am just loving how this game LOOKS. It may be a bit superficial to be so enamored in the cosmetics, but damn- the character models look head and shoulders above anything seen in the games of previous gens- even a game as recent as Dragon Age Inquisition looks so- um, ugly (yes, I am looking at all those wonky faces) compared to the cast of the Witcher 3. And no, I am not just referring to the supermodel mugs of Yennifer, Ciri or Triss- even the odd peasant your encounter are so gorgeous in their plainness- they look unique and have characters all their own, which is refreshing after having to contend with games that reuse character models or gloss over the supporting NPC cast.

There are things I am wary of- The Witcher 3 is, of course, a single story- that of Gerelt and his family/loved ones. It’s not a sandbox adventure like Skyrim where you create your own tale. But that’s fine- and with a story where your choices can lead to a HUGE number of endings (36 supposedly!), replay value seems to be covered.

Man, just a week left of waiting to what may be THE RPG of this year.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it. Sigh…