Fallout Shelter: Unleashing my Inner Overseer

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Vault 13. My own personal Utopia.

Immediately after Bethesda’s magnificent day at E3, when Fallout 4 was announced and the world was cheering the impending arrival of Life After the Apocalypse, I was also excited… but it wasn’t for F4.

Nay, though I was a Bethesda fan, I’m more of an Elder Scrolls guy. I am mad for Skyrim and Oblivion, yet Fallout- well, let’s just say I love the idea, and I did install Fallout 3 on my PC last year- but I never really got into it. The world was just as detailed, so incredibly textured with tons of things to do, interactivity and multiple paths (blow up the city or not?)… arguably it was far better than Skyrim. But then again, the animations- the stiffness of the characters, the unwieldy combat (I still don’t know if it’s really a shooter or a turn-based thing with the VATs) kept me from getting invested. Perhaps Fallout 4, which they say is basically Skyrim with guns (hah) will finally succeed in roping me in (it probably will). But till then- FALLOUT SHELTER (iOS, coming to Android).

From the get-go, I loved the idea. You are an Overseer… the Boss. You’re in charge of the upkeep, the security and the survival of a Vault- which can be as small as a little network of rooms or as large as a virtual city of 200 souls. Your job is to plot the city out, build it, assign jobs to your people, and keep things in order. Sim Colony? Sim Ant Colony? Kinda like that. But its all done with Bethesda’s official Fallout Pip Boy cartoon art style which is incredibly endearing, and just makes it all look, sound and feel official. This isn’t just some knockoff mobile throwaway- this is a bonafide, first party product- this is about as Fallout as Fallout can get.

And it’s FREE. Well, there is the one very unnecessary bit of in-app purchase, where you are given the choice to purchase ‘Lunchboxes’ which contain cards that will give you anything from a few bottlecaps to a suit of Powered Armor (got one of those… SWEET). You earn Lunchboxes in the course of the game, by achieving goals, so its never really needed to actually buy them with real money.
Otherwise- the gameplay is all free and it’s all good. Though this may seem like a simple mobile game, its really not- and after a while you just have to appreciate the detail that goes into this game. Every single person in your care has a name, has stats. You assign them to rooms- from working on Power Plants or Water Purification Stations or just chilling in Living Quarters or taking stock in Storage Rooms. Rooms are run by power, people run on food and water, so you have to build the adequate number of rooms to supply these resources to you, and you have to manually tap a room to gather these resources- it may be a bit tedious but it is what you do (ah, the toils of an Overseer…) and keeps things running in more or less real-time.

Send out dwellers to explore, find stuff and get some sun.

As you go along and grow your Vault’s population, either by attracting newcomers from outside or having a baby born (by coupling a man and a woman together in a Living Space), you eventually open up more rooms with different functions- mostly to train your dwellers’ stats, and eventually to produce even more power/food/water. Along the way you’ll have to handle things like the occasional fire, rad-roach infestations (DAMN those things are dangerous) and the inevitable Raider Attack.
You’ll need to have your dwellers armed, and weapons can only be acquired from Lunch Boxes or by foraging outdoors- you can send out one of your dwellers to explore the outside world, and he or she will be able to find stuff like weapons and clothing (which gives stat bonuses). Having your people suited up and packing heat is the best way to keep your Vault secure and safe.

And well, with all that- it’s up to you. This game has proven to be maddeningly addictive, and ever since I installed this on my iPad, I’ve been constantly keeping tabs on my Personal Vault. At first times were hard, and my dwellers were demoralized, starving, parched and under-equipped.

Fast forward to today- I’ve got over a hundred dwellers in a veritable underground metropolis, all of them happy and armed to the teeth. Raiders regularly attack but they’re mincemeat to my militia (a single family of warriors I’ve trained myself). I have a nuclear reactor and a Nuka Cola plant newly built, and I’ve decide to tear down the original Old Vault in the upper reaches to make way for a more organized, aesthetic layout. It’s all bliss for my Obsessive-Compulsive Dictator side.

That all said, I can probably consider Fallout Shelter as a truly exceptional mobile game- it’s absolutely perfect for tablets like the iPad in terms of controls, interface, the large screen, and the ease of which you can just pull it out of your bag to quickly check on your Vault’s progress at anytime. It’s charming, compelling and wonderfully entertaining… well, depending mostly on how you like these sorts of games. If you love building, are a bit OC, and are more about watching and admiring than actively shooting or controlling a central main character- this should be something you may want to pick up. Heck, if you own an iPad, there’s no reason to NOT get this game.

I do hope that Bethesda continues to support this game with more content and updates- it’s certainly not without flaws and could do with a tweak or two. Maybe a Hardcore mode, where when a dweller dies, you cannot resurrect them (with caps)? I dunno. For now though, everything’s as blissful as can be. WHO NEEDS FALLOUT 4? Just kidding.

Big Tekken 7 Announcements in July!

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What news? What Announcement!?? AARRGGHHH!!!

I always tell myself, my love for Tekken has somewhat waned as of late. I am not really thinking about Tekken 7, that unreachable game that is probably years away from my hands. I am into other stuff these days. THEN this stuff comes along, and I am all excited again. DAMMIT.

Apparently, according to Twitter (care of tireless Tekken Tweeter Wonkey and the Tekken Project), there will be a couple of dates to look forward to regarding Tekken 7. Wonkey tweeted over the weekend that there will be a big announcement for the game this coming July 1. THEN, just today, the Tekken Project has posted that a Big, Serious announcement regarding Tekken 7 will be revealed this coming July 7 (7-7, get it?).

Now, Wonkey has updated that the upcoming July 7 event might be unrelated to the July 1 news, but he is not certain. I’m thinking they’re two different things. But what could they be?

Character Reveal? Maybe this could be something done on July 1. Not as ‘Big’ as what’s coming on the 7th, conceivably, but something very exciting for many Tekken fans who just aren’t excited with the current roster.

Console Announcement? THIS is what I am hoping for, but not yet perhaps- it’s almost certain that T7 is coming to PS4 and XB1 anyways, so we’re already ready whatever.

New Version. Just as Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion became the definitive T6, and would eventually become the console game, maybe we’ll see a Tekken 7 BR on the 7th. It’s been tested and tweaked in terms of gameplay, and hopefully will see a TON of new content- all the stuff so far missing on the Vanilla Tekken 7- new character intros and win animations, tons more customizations and costumes, modes of play, etc- basically ALL the stuff promised by Harada that we have yet to see.

Or… something about Tekken X Streetfighter?

Aside from the things mentioned above, I can’t think of anything else that can be announced that is big. Anything involving tourneys or live events is worthless in any case. But we’ll see. Darn, it’s still over a week till the 7th, but we’ve got this coming Wednesday, if our friend Wonkey got his news right. Till then, stay tuned…

Streetfighter V @ E32015: New Character Demo

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IGN takes apart the new challengers.

I have to admit- I am so into this game right now. If only just for the new art style and spiffy, shiny polish, I can’t get enough of it. The character models, the new art style- how the fighters are more ‘realistic’ yet not (faces are more detailed and less cartoony, but big feet and exaggerated muscles are still the norm), the hyper detail, and man, the animations- standing animations, attack animations, the new Supers- WOW. Even the gosh-darned pre-fight VS screen layout is ART. SO. DAMN. PRETTY.

But really, that’s not all. I am loving the gameplay. I love the more deliberate, ‘heavier’ feel. The detailed animations give everything a slightly slower pace, but the attacks do TONS more damage, making it all more tense, more all or nothing. The new ‘V’ gauge and skills are interesting and give to a more tactical rule of play. V-Skills are all-new moves unique to every character, and they vary in importance or value. V-Triggers are akin to Instinct mode from Killer Instinct, but still different. These things may change as the game develops, but for now it’s all very exciting and I love where this game is headed.

Birdie, the hulking punk grappler, is a marvel of grossness. His pot-belly is almost sure to put SFIV’s Rufus to shame, but it’s got depth (really). Eating and Eating a LOT is apparently key to his new ‘power’. Food items figure into his game, powering his V-Gauge up or giving him odd new projectiles like rolling beer cans or slippery banana peels, or a chili pepper that powers him up. Even his walking and idle animations are so detailed- it’s pretty clear the devs had fun with him, and he’s sure to be as much a character chosen to troll opponents with as much as to wipe the floor with them (as he is very, VERY strong!).

As for Cammy, the Killer Bee looks to be very similar to her previous incarnations, but having some quite nice, if slight changes to her look. Sexy straps (mmm) and a very tight leotard are basically her new set, while some purists may lament the lack of camo paint on her legs (I love the bare legs look though). Her trademark boots though are even more detailed than ever, and they look so perfect for kicking.

Killer Bee’s changes are that executions are far easier to do- her Axle Knuckle, which is a key move to avoiding projectiles are closing the distance, is now her V-Skill (performed by pressing Medium Punch and Kick together), so it can now be done by anyone, anytime (no more flubbing the execution as before). Also, her Hooligan Combo- another tricky move to do before, is now a LOT easier (it’s now quarter-circle forward with punch), so players will be able to use it a lot more.

I can’t get enough of this game- thinking seriously of preordering if it can get me access to the Beta this July. But anyways, I need to see more fighters added to it- I am seeing this game fill up eventually with tons of returning vets and hopefully an all-new face or two, or three. It’s coming, and my PS4 AND PC can’t wait to have it. Awesome.


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Yes. OH, YES.

It may be a bit ironic, but with all the awesome-looking games coming for the current-gen consoles, it’s a 20-year old RPG from the days of the original Playstation that has gotten me (and I bet, millions of gamers my age) all excited and feeling explosions of joy inside. That game is, of course, Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.

To be fair, the REMAKE is key. We want this game reimagined, redone in current-gen spit and polish. And it’s coming. Judging from the trailer, it is looking AMAZING. Imagine it right now- Midgar, detailed like you won’t believe. The cast of characters, looking better than they did in the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CG movie, but in real-time graphics. The music. The action. The feels. For the first time ever, this is going to be one game BETTER than we remember it.

Man, if this game is everything it seems to be… it will be goddamn awesome. But it’s coming. Oh my gosh, it’s COMING.

Cammy and Birdie Return! Streetfighter V E3 Trailer

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The British are coming! The British are coming!

It’s E3 2015 in earnest, but of course even in the mobs of awesome games (Uncharted 4, FFVII Remake!!!) being revealed, I have a soft spot for fighting games- and THE Fighting Game of E3 is certainly Streetfighter V. This PS4 and PC Exclusive is looking FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to see more of it. Well, we get two more chunks today, in the form of Cammy and Birdie, the two latest fighters revealed in the roster. Their inclusion was actually leaked by a German gaming mag over the weekend, but hey, it’s all good. Cammy is never unwelcome, and Birdie looks formidable. I am loving the art style of this game soooo much. I just want this game on my PS4 and PC yesterday. For now, check out the awesome trailer above.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles is Live!

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It’s Batman VS Harley Quinn in the first Gods and Monsters Chronicle.

In preparation for the release of the latest DC Animated Movie, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Machinima will be posting several animated shorts- Gods and Monsters Chronicles- on Youtube. Each one will feature on one of the three iconic DC Superheroes- Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman- in their ‘new’ incarnations.

This week we see the new Bats in action- this isn’t your usual Billionaire with a Troubled Past- nope, THIS Batman is a bit more… feral. In fact, he’s an actual bloodsucking vampire. Which I guess makes him a perfect match for the action in this first Gods and Monsters Chronicle episode, ‘Twisted’. This 5-minute short throws Batman into a deadly fight with a much more brutal and murderous Harley Quinn.

Though the animation and art style is still pretty cartoony in the Bruce Timm style, it’s a couple of notches more gruesome than your usual TV fare, with some rather disturbing mementos found in Harley’s fridge, and corpses making up most of the scenery in her dank abode- heck, I think this Harley would make Hannibal Lecter cringe.

With action and a bit of fan service amped up in this debut episode, I am quite interested in seeing what lies in the rest of the Machinima eps, as well as the full Gods and Monsters feature flick. For now though, check out ‘Twisted’ for some bloody good Bat-on-Bad Girl action.

UPDATED! Jack-O: Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s New Character!

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A Halloween-themed New Challenger?

The all-new character to be added to the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator has been revealed. Jack-O, a mysterious female fighter sporting a sleek outfit accentuated by an apparently sentient ball-and-chain as well as a mask, joins the oddball cast of Xrd with the arcade upgrade. She is apparently another associate or ally of ‘That Man’, in the same vein as I-No and Raven.

Jack-O Location Test Footage.

From what I can tell, Jack-O may be short for ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ given the look of her mask and the ball-and-chain attached to her ankle (which may or may not be a familiar, like Ramlethal’s Lucifero). Her attacks are described as ‘comical’, and she looks quite interesting.

Jack-O’s Intro: Cute and creepy?

There has been speculation that there may be room for one more character to be added on the Character Select screen- in Xrd’s case, the more the merrier! I am really hoping this to make the jump to consoles eventually, but for now I’ll settle for checking out vids once the Location Tests start shortly.

Jack-O’s Win Animation. Dat ass.

Judging from the vids so far seen online, Jack-O appears to be mute, or a woman of few words. She does like lollipops, does she? And the camera seems to love her (rather fetching) derriere… Need to see more of this lady, definitely!

Fallout 4 Trailer is LIVE!

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War never changes, but trailers sure do.

It’s been a LOOOOONG wait, but it’s finally here. Well, the first trailer is. And judging from how Bethesda Softworks takes their sweet time with their games, this may not be in our hands for a while. But at least, we know it’s a thing. It’s real. It’s coming. Fallout 4. The post-apocalyptic RPG is back, after a very long while. Judging from this initial trailer, you’re probably once again going to take the role of a Vault Dweller, newly-arrived into the harsh outside world to carry out some mission or quest, or to just screw things up royally. I have to admit, I’m more of an Elder Scrolls guy than a Fallout person, but hey- an open world RPG of Bethesda quality is always great, and I will surely be getting into this one. It will certainly be something to get into while I wait for… well, the Elder Scrolls VI.

For now though, check out the trailer and pick apart every precious second. Expect to see more this coming E3!