Tekken 7 PS4 Officially Announced at Paris Games Week 2015

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HELL. It’s about time.

It was inevitable. Now it’s official. Tekken 7, the latest installment in the long-running fighting game franchise from Namco-Bandai, is coming to Playstation 4.

The spot starts off running through the past home Tekken conversions, from the original Tekken all the way to Tekken 6- that’s 20 Years of Iron Fist Tournaments through the years! The action them shows off some new bits of CG and back to the Mishima Family Drama- which this time notably includes Jin in the mix, as well as Kazuya, Heihachi and Kazumi. As expected from the console version, the PS4 game should satisfy us with Story Mode and all the weird ending cinematics we can take. Not much gameplay otherwise, but that should come in time. No release date yet, but it’s coming. It’s FINALLY coming.

Streetfighter V: Laura Matsuda Officially Revealed!

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The Beauty from Brazil is now Officially Out!

After quite a few rather embarrassing leaks preceding her debut, the latest all-new fighter to be introduced in Streetfighter V is finally out and about. Laura, or Laura Matsuda, is a master of Matsuda Jiu Jitsu, and is constantly looking for challengers and opportunities to raise the fame of her family’s fighting style. She is also the elder sister of Streetfighter III’s Sean (Ken’s disciple).

Laura’s style includes grapples and holds which invariably leave her opponents pinned to the ground, as well as an odd, slow-moving projectile called a ‘Thunder Clap’. Her V-Skill is called Linear Movement, and is used to let Laura close the distance to her opponent. Her V-Trigger is called ‘Spark Show’ which augments her already-potent techniques.

Plus, in case you missed it before, here’s her launch trailer.

Streetfighter V: Laura Reveal Trailer!

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Not Blanka! SFV’s Brazilian entry is nevertheless just as shoking.

Just as the first images of the latest Streetfighter V all-new character were leaked online, the trailer for Laura’s reveal was apparently also posted a bit too early- by none other than Sony, at that.

Instead of the usual Capoeira (although she does seem to have some attacks from that style), Laura’s fighting arts are based on Brazilian Ju Juitsu- which means arm locks, ground grapples and interlocking bodies… hmmm. She also apparently has some sort of slow-moving projectile and electricity spicing up her moves. Is she related to Blanka?
While I certainly enjoy the fan service of such a looker of a fighter, I wish her design was a bit more- exciting. Her outfit is a bit plain, though I guess in terms of fighting game outfits its probably one of the most realistic.

Laura should be officially unveiled today or tomorrow by Yoshinori Ono at the Brazil Game Show- hopefully after then we’ll get more info and media on this lovely grappler.

Streetfighter V: Zangief Reveal Trailer and Laura Leak!

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The Russian Grappler returns!

Things have been quite revealing this past week, with no less than two fighters being uncovered for the upcoming Streetfighter V, albeit not all intentionally. First off, the Guardian of Russia’s Skies, Zangief, was revealed during an event in, well, Russia. Reactions were, of course, mixed- basically if you like Zangief you’ll be thrilled… everyone else was like, meh. Or MEH.

Laura is revealed- though not a trailer, yet.

Much more explosive was the subsequent and sudden reveal online- through what apparently was a mistake by Famitsu of Japan- of an all-new female fighter named Laura. This new girl has actually been on ‘leaked’ roster lists for months now, but it has only this week been confirmed by the pics. Laura’s pics apparently got mixed in with Zangief’s gallery (the pics have since been taken down but have since been reposted elsewhere)- it may be safe to say sadly that someone may lose their job over this blunder.

Anyway, Laura’s design, aside from her being quite predictably hot- is actually pretty simple. She looks like, in all ways, a female Eddy Gordo from Tekken, or Capcom’s version of Christie Monteiro. Although it must be noted that her apparent moves shown appear to be Brazilian Jujuitsu. We won’t know for sure until we actually see her in action, which may not be for a couple of weeks- at least until Yoshinori Ono’s visit to a Brazilian Game Event (which he teased months ago) later this month. For now though, we have pics and I have to say while she looks pretty plain in comparison to every other gal in SF, she looks good. Can’t wait to see her kick ass.