Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Gameplay @ TGS2011

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Looking over the shoulder at Tekken 3DS at TGS.

Okay so far we’ve seen Katsuhiro Harada doing his best Neo impression and as evil and corporate Yoshinori Ono in the advertising for the 3DS’s Tekken. But here’s finally quite a bit of actual gameplay from what appears to be a playable build of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition from the recently-concluded Tokyo Game Show.

From the 4+ minute of actual demo play above we can easily get several things. Graphically, the game looks pretty good, and I guess while in screenshots or 2D video it may not impress, in 3D this portable fighter may look quite impressive. Also, the game moves quite smoothly, supporting the devs’ claim of 60FPS constant even with 3D On (even if the 3D doesn’t seem to be on at this time). The gameplay seems pretty much taken from Tekken 6, which leaves me wondering at what possible additions or features will set this apart as a distinct version.

Well, since it’s been forever since the last Tekken on a Nintendo system, I guess just having a decent if not reasonably spot-on port of Tekken 6 would be pretty cool. Still, I think we can expect a bit more gravy- perhaps Character Customization, hopefully improved over that in the last portable Tekken, the PSP Tekken 6? Perhaps some kind of special mode to take the place of Scenario Campaign mode? A new Story mode with new endings (can’t see them rehashing the Tekken 6 endings again after all this time)? Obviously there will be online and multiplayer features to take advantage of the 3DS’s Streetpass features.

Control-wise, we can see that the game will allow players to use the bottom touchscreen to assign moves for easy access, ala DOA Dimensions. Aside from that though, the 4-button layout of the 3DS is perfect for a Tekken game.

With a full roster and solid gameplay and controls, this may be something else- hopefully though it will have the right stuff to make it a replacement for Tekken 6 PSP, which is still the best thing to have for Iron Fist action on-the-go. The game has been given a February 2012 release, but let’s cross our fingers for it to come sooner rather than later.

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