Guest of Thrones: Jon Snow with Seth Meyers

And I thought I’d love having Jon Snow over for dinner…

Funny video from Late Night with Seth Meyers… with a Game of Thrones-themed skit having Kit Harington in full character as his on-screen alter ego, Jon Snow, as a dinner guest in modern-era New York. The GOT Protagonist may be a heroic warrior, leader of men possessed of a compelling story, but I guess he may not be the most pleasant of dinner guests… or is he? Heck, I thought he was pretty awesome heh. This is just a perfect way to get me into the Game of Thrones mood- the 5th Season debuts tomorrow, April 12 (well, Monday in the US I guess), which means I’ll probably get my hands on the first episode Tuesday or so. Still thinking of getting a bunch before diving into my only TV series of recent times. We’ll see.

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