Tekken 7: ‘Jack’ Reveal Trailer

Upgrade Complete!

Today, Namco-Bandai just revealed the intro trailer to the latest addition to the Tekken 7 roster- none other than Jack-7. Well, he pretty much looks the same as ever, save perhaps for the green glowing parts. Aside from that- well… I dunno. I’m really not into the big guys of fighting games, and Jack just bores me to tears. I guess his fans will be happy.
There’s already a BIG guy on the roster, Gigas, who was shown off some time ago. Apparently I forgot to post about the weird big bruiser with the tendrils (what is it with T7 and tentacles?), so I’ll post his trailer here as a by-the-way. Heheh.

And here’s Gigas’ trailer, which I missed spotlighting.

Have to admit, I am not really pumped by reveals as of late. They look almost exactly as they did before, it’s kinda boring. I wish they’d give returnees some sort of progression, a new outfit or look- kinda like what they gave Jin. Hopefully Nina, if and when she is revealed, looks cool. We’ll see… perhaps in another couple of weeks when the next character reveal happens.

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  1. CamyronNo Gravatar Says:

    Well I hate to say it, but I’m actually starting to agree about the small amount of new looks. Apart from Lars (well, slightly) Yoshimitsu, Kazuya and Jin (Digging that hoodie-paltrons combo), all the returning characters do look rather bland. Not sure how long in the time line T7 will be from 6 but surely if its more then a year, they have to look different somehow. The only redeeming thing about JACk-7 is I get to keep spamming the hell out of his arm combos (I never tire of that) otherwise, meh. Maybe its done intentionally so the new characters get more attention.

    As for Gigas, sure its typical big guy with big guy crushing moves (surprise, surprise), but he’s abit more interesting then Jack (and bigger) so whatever. Also, somehow I didn’t even catch this before, but Gigas has…a human face…doing all that roaring…underneath that mask. That is unsettling for some reason.

  2. TomiNo Gravatar Says:

    I am glad to see Jack back.
    Now, if they would only give Kuma/Panda, Raven, Julia( in her original, non-Jaycee form), Zafina, Armor King, Ganryu and Bob back, then I would so hyped.

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