The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU Trailer is EPIC!!!

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Almost Five Minutes of Awesome. WATCH IT! NOW!!!

As promised by Tekken’s Main Man, Katsuhiro Harada, the latest trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Arcade) was posted online (in HD) today, 1300 (Japan Time). This is the Japanese version- an English translated spot will be made available after a few weeks. So what’s in the freakin’ trailer? STOP READING AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! Then continue reading after. Heh…

WHAT CAN I SAY BUT… FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! There are so many things in the trailer that made me go WOOOH, along with the simple fact that it looks DAMN GORGEOUS. The game looks a notch better than Tekken 6- a definite upgrade- but there’s so much stuff back from previous games, it looks incredibly familiar yet new. Weird, eh? At more than four and a half minutes in length, it’s also pretty long (which is great), though I have to say that quite a bit of the length was taken up by some tech stuff for the modes/online, but still- there’s so much WIN in this spot, it’s ridiculous.

Every trailer should start with a hot babe strapping on something.

First off, there’s the really pretty CG that starts off the spot, and it shows Jaycee AKA Julia Chang in a mask- meeting up in the middle of a ring with Armor King. They’re definitely a couple- well, a Tag Team. There’s a rush of vids showing footage from the Tekken gaming community and then there’s the mentioning of features- the largest roster ever at over 40 fighters. Back to the hot CG, with Jaycee giving King a yummy Hurricanrana during a wrestling match- Marduk and Armor K. are in the ring as well. This is followed by fast in-game Tag Team action with various team-ups: Anna and Nina, Lars and Alisa. Then there’s a bit which seems to have Zafina jumping in to break up a Tag Throw on Bob by Alisa and Jack (the two robots on one team- WOW!), then some action in the returned Mishima High School stage.

DIABLO??! Oh, wait, it’s True Ogre. Yep, he’s back.

We then see what appears to be an Intro for Jinpachi (Heihachi is his partner in the background, but Jinpachi’s the only one talking), some action in another familiar stage from DR, and- TRUE OGRE. Yep, the Tekken 3 boss is back. We then cut to the CG cutscene with Miguel and Heihachi’s fight from the Holiday trailer, but this time it continues (instead of cutting to in-game action) with Miguel apparently getting some punches in. More fast in-game action after with various characters- we finally see the new Yoshimitsu in the mix.

Fast action then follows- really, this game looks damn pretty. Lee is seen getting a Tag Team Twisted Mind from both Williams Sisters (long time coming, I guess).

Then there’s a CG cutscene bit showing Lili Rochefort looking through some hi-tech opera glasses (classy…) at someone standing some distance away on a darkened arena stage- the girl seems familiar. Aw heck, it’s JUN KAZAMA. Yep, Harada gave in finally- Jun’s back, and she looks HOT for a relatively older woman in Tekken terms. Well, in fact she looks just amazing- same hair style and look, black-and-white motif on outfit (which looks a bit like workout clothes though). Well, I’m sure her fans are going to be celebrating tonight. Anyway, she looks at the camera as if she’s aware Lili’s watching her. Kinda sinister…

Is it just me, or does Jun seem a bit scary? Okay, a LOT scary…

Back to in-game action again (Raven and Bruce sighted). Team Winpose with Lili and Asuka giving each other a High-Five (I have to admit I went WOOOH the first time I saw that… heh).

More action with lots of characters (Christie sighted!) follows beneath Japanese text as the game goes on to ‘business’ with features, apparently about the new Tag Team gameplay: Tag Combos are where you switch your fighters in-and-out to do the combos, while Tag Assault (sounds like something from Star Wars) has BOTH your fighters onscreen and attacking. Oh, and at the pool stage you can apparently knock some of the bikini-clad ladies into the water if someone gets slammed into the stage wall. Nice touch!

Lots of the new Stage Gimmick mechanic are shown, where you knock an opponent into another part of the stage (Tekken 6 multi-stages) and have your partner continue pouring on the attack. By the by, we see Panda, Wang, Hwoarang, Lei Wulong, Bob, Jinpachi and Ganryu in action here in this part. The switching of partners in multiple times to do combos looks fast and cool, but how is it done, I wonder? New stuff to learn, I guess.

The trailer then moves into the Card System, called the Bana Passport, which seems to say that you only need 1 card to fit in data for 44 characters (there’s your roster size, folks).

TTT2 Character Customization gets even crazier (more awesome).

Then we see Character Customization, modeled by Asuka Kazama. It seems at least, a lot more detailed: Asuka was showing off a lot more options for various parts- first various shoes and bottoms, then various tops (T-shirts, a shirt with a vest, a racing outfit), hand options (gloves, wristbands, bare hands, etc.) and then lots of glasses and hats, then various ‘weird’ items like weapons, angel wings, etc. Hair Customization is back as well, with more options like hair ornaments.
Overall, there seems to be more options definitely, and I think she’s getting stuff that previously only certain girls had. I think it’s actually mentioned that costume pieces are now Universal (everyone, perhaps of the same gender, has access to all the stuff) but I’m not 100% sure yet. But in any case, the Customization looks amazing, and I’m happy as a clam.

I’ve always wanted to see this.

Next we see some Item Move action- Apparently Asuka has ditched the Paper Fan for a Giant Hammer (shades of City Hunter!). We then see Lili using a Bat while Jin is wearing a shield on his arm (once only Devil Jin’s) and a Sushi Plate on his back! Apparently now in TTT2, Items (or at least most of them) are now also Universal- stuff like bats, sledgehammers, shotguns or even Kuma’s fish are now usable by everyone! There may be some items unique to fighters though, but this remains to be seen.
Next up is Hammer Head action (Kazuya actually drives the opponent into the ground. It’s then followed by a sequence where King actually does a pin on the opponent, with Kuma (or probably whoever his partner is) doing a 3-count. I think whatever item King used (to do the Pin move) and the Hammer Head are both ‘Finisher’ Items, whose moves click in if you use them to KO the opponent (Tekken 6 had these, but were few). Pretty sweet!

Some talk about Player Teams and then the ‘Live Monitor’ feature which connects arcades and shows off matches WORLDWIDE. Apparently they’re going for a worldwide arcade release this Summer, which is goddamn awesome. More stuff about the Live Monitor thing, and then it cuts to what appears to be various team or character intros- basically the main characters does their own thing, while the partner is just standing behind them. The announcer notes at this point the improved character models and facial expressions. The backgrounds for these intros shown are of various designs, which leads me to believe they’re player customizable, like the character intro scenes in Virtua Fighter 5 Arcade. Pretty slick. I hope this makes it into the home versions.

Back to action, then finally a better look at the returned Jun Kazama (in-game, probably an intro?) in the redone Snow Castle stage, wearing a pretty cool new outfit in her usual black-and-white colors. We cut to a closeup of her face as she opens her eyes.

Jun’s black and white motif may hold some deeper meaning…

More action- Tag Combos, Win Cutscenes, Tag Throw and Throw Escapes, more action- closes up the trailer. SUMMER 2011 WORLDWIDE RELEASE? WOOHOO!

Oh, wait. There’s always that parting shot. This time it’s Paul and Kuma (mortal enemies) doing a win cutscene- well, kinda. Then the final bit with Harada’s Twitter and it’s over.

Well, what can I say? The trailer delivered on pretty much everything I wanted to see. The returning characters are tantalizing, but I guess they were limited to just appearing (no action yet), so we’ll have to wait a bit more to see Jun and Ogre in action. Overall though, an awesome trailer and well worth the wait. Still, I need to see more of this game now. More as we get it then!

UPDATE: Andriasang posted a gallery of CG cutscene screencaps, much of which wasn’t actually shown in the trailer, such as extended action between with Jaycee and King (they have a staredown, he looks at her boobs, she crotch-kicks and Frankensteins him) and Lili getting her fancy opera glasses zapped. Check ‘em out here.

6 Responses to “The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU Trailer is EPIC!!!”

  1. Eggfooyung2goNo Gravatar Says:

    Yea. looks like the two remaining character slots are reserved for Jun and TOgre. New characters for canon does make sense now that I think about it. I guess JayCee, Jinpachi, Young Hei, TOgre and Jun more than makes up for the lack of new blood. From the footages shown so far this game feels a lot like T6. Can’t wait for more updates

  2. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Sheesh. There are quite a few TTT2 gameplay vids online, but they don’t do a good job of showing off the game since the players don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Also, the current build seems very early- Jun and Ogre aren’t in the roster yet, even if they were already shown in the trailer. Still a lot of work to do, I think.

  3. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks, I think I’ve seen it. Hopefully there’s a lot more tomorrow and afterwards.

  4. nuszkaNo Gravatar Says:

    there is first actual gameplay on you tube 40 sec but there is

  5. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Hello! I think that Character Customization is gonna be crazy, perhaps even to VF5 Arcade levels. The apparent Universal nature of clothing and items (anyone can use anything, apparently) should result in a very fun and versatile feature compared to Tekken 6. Hair looks even better with the additional ornaments options, so you’ll probably get what you want there.
    I don’t think there will be anyone totally new- they’re gonna save that for the canon games- Tag is for Dream Match purposes. But the Jaycee/Julia-King/Marduk-Armor King story should have been good enough for the main game IMO. Oh well.

    Let’s hope there’s more Tag2 before AOU ends. There’s still tomorrow. ^_^

  6. Eggfooyung2goNo Gravatar Says:

    1st off, namco really needs to hire you as a writer. 2nd of all, this trailer is so epic that I can’t even nitpick. except maybe I hope they can have more styles for hair customization. Overall its shaping up to be really promising. i’m still crossing my fingers for one brand new character tho, since technically there still isn’t a new character considering the jaycee/julia shenanigan

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