Tekken Tag 2: True Ogre Image Posted!

After Beauty comes the Beast.

Right on the heels of the images of Jun Kazama from Katsuhiro Harada is a pic of the monstrous True Ogre. Yeah, it’s just one image but hell- do we really need to see a lot of this ugly sucker? I guess this pretty much means he’s playable. Which begs the question- what do you customize him with? What kind of T-shirts do you buy in Ogre Stores? What would he wear on his snake arm? What would he look like with pink hair and pigtails??!

Anyways, I’m hoping we see both Jun and True in action soon. More as we get it then! Oh, and to see the pic in full size, head on to Harada’s Twipple.

2 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2: True Ogre Image Posted!”

  1. Devil KazuyaNo Gravatar Says:

    I think customising Ogre is gonna be awesome. Its like you said, he’s not a traditional type character so I think he’ll have lots of cool customisations in TTT2, similar to how Devil Jin did in T6 where you could turn him into a beast or give him blackened skin

  2. ZalooNo Gravatar Says:

    Im happy to see true ogre again it reminds me of the good old times with tekken 3

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