Musing About Tekken Tag 2: Jun and True Ogre

Jun’s not exactly exuding an angelic aura in this screen.

Recently we’ve been shown images of Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s most mysterious challengers yet- literally, the Beauty and the Beast- Jun Kazama and True Ogre. I think there’s no doubt that these two will be playable; however, I’m also thinking that they’ll have more of a role in the game than just being simple competitors- I’m thinking we’re looking at TTT2′s Boss Team.

Jun and True Ogre are, after all, linked. Waaaay back in Tekken 3, Jun was attacked by Ogre and disappeared, never to be seen since, until now. There have been many speculations about what happened that night, but the official word from Namco is that Jun was missing, not dead (always have that door open, I guess). And now, after all this time, she’s back. Yeah, partly this can be due to fan requests, but really, I think it was just a matter of time. There has to be some story involving her return, coincidentally alongside the monster/evil force that caused her disappearance in the first place.

The Beast is Unleashed once again in the Tekken world.

In the original Tekken Tag Tournamnent, the end boss was a two-in-on character- Unknown- a woman resembling Jun Kazama and having her fighting style (initially) who was possessed and controlled by an entity known as The Forest Spirit. It has often been speculated that Unknown was Jun- in fact, this was even apparently pointed out in the defunct, US-made Tekken comic. However, it was eventually revealed in Namco’s background material that Unknown was meant to be Jun’s twin sister or such.

Now here’s Jun herself- at least, that’s what we’re told. Did she just appear out of the blue? Or is she here under the control of the creature that captured her long ago, and still holds her under it’s power? Just in appearances for example- if you look at Jun’s outfit- half pure white and half-marred with black symbols and markings- you can interpret it signifies her being corrupted or at least having some sort of internal conflict.

If Jun and True Ogre ARE TTT2′s Bosses, one can also speculate they’ll be powerful. Just as Jin Kazama had insta-rage in Tekken 6, they’ll probably have some edge over the rank and file competitors. Way back in Tekken 2, Jun was originally intended as a boss or sub-boss, since she was so strong. It shouldn’t take that much to make her that caliber again- perhaps with a notch up power from the regular fighters when she’s in Boss mode; Inner Force with more range, counters that lead to Tag-ins with True Ogre, the always-popular rage and probably some psychic properties as seen in the screens. As for True Ogre, this guy was always a boss, so all he needs is to just warm up that fiery breath, flex his wings and snake arm to be mean and nasty and tear up the tiers like crazy.

Will Tekken Tag 2 give answers to Jun’s story, or lead to more questions?

If my guess turns out to be correct, perhaps Jun and True Ogre will be unlockable in the console versions after you beat the game with all the other fighters (just like Unknown in TTT1). Then we can fight with these challengers and unlock their own endings- Jun’s will reveal what really happened to her all those years ago, where she’s been and hopefully, where she’s headed. As for True Ogre, well what else except to have his own happy ending- which should unfortunately involve the human race going up in ashes.
Well, again, this is all just my own musing and speculation, but it would be neat if it turned out to be true. For all we know, Jun and TO are just regular fighters and we’re all going to face Devil Ganryu or a tag team of Nancy and Azazel at the end of TTT2. Or maybe we’d be better off putting our eyes out with hot pokers?

Anwyay, we’re still inching towards the next milestone in Tekken Tag 2′s development, on the way to the game’s Summer 2011 release. More as we get it then!

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    Ogre have mercy on her…
    Devil have mercy on me…
    But Jun will be mine or sheeeee
    A.K.A: Kazuya,s Hellfire.

    Sorry, couldn,t resist.

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