Tekken Tag 2: Do NOT Lose to True Ogre!

Fast Tube by Casper

Game Over, man, Game Over!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been out in Japanese arcades for several weeks already, and just recently in Korea as well. There have been tons of vids already posted online- most of matches and replays, but some of the other stuff. Like Character Intros and Victory Animations, Boss Fights, the Arcade Mode Ending and several Continue Screens. Losing in the earlier matches of TTT2′s Arcade Mode results in your team looking dejected and depressed as the timer counts down. Losing to the Final Bosses yields a different sequence. Surely though the most disturbing Continue Screen in Tekken history is seen when you lose to sub-boss True Ogre. As seen in the vid above, this brute apparently does something to the loser- something they can’t show directly onscreen. And if those skulls lying all around are any indication, he’s not playing pat-a-cake.

At least Jun just leaves you lying on the ground, while Unknown closes your lifeless eyes. True Ogre is a beast… and a hungry one, at that. Keep that in mind when you meet his stinking ass in TTT2. More as we get it then!

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  1. tomiNo Gravatar Says:

    This footage proves that Ogres are indeed carnivores.
    Only approach them with extreme caution and bolds of badassery.

  2. luksgammer360No Gravatar Says:

    Wow, now we know why those skulls are there lol

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