Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue Trophy List Revealed

Get ready to learn Ling and Alisa in Prologue.

Whoaness! As I predicted, productivity would drop once I started playing Skyrim. Sorry ’bout that people, but hey… games of that caliber just don’t come every day. Anyways, back to beat ‘em up news… Tekken Hybrid is out in less than a week, at least in the States! Nov. 22 will see the release of this special PS3-exclusive Blu-ray package, which will include of course a 3D-ready copy of the somewhat controversial CG movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, an HD version of the original Tekken Tag Tournament and (some would say best of all) a short demo of Tekken Tag 2, entitles Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. Recently the trophy list for this little taste of arcade awesome was posted online, so if you’re a Trophy Nutter, check out the stuff over here at Tekken Zaibatsu.

This is already a must-buy for me, although I’m not sure when Asia will get our copies (I may have to import a US disc). As I’ve said before, I’m looking forward most to Tekken: Blood Vengeance on the disc. TTT HD is just a nice little extra, while TTT2 Prologue will be good just for orienting myself with the new Tag Assaults, but with just four characters, none of them being anyone I particularly like, I don’t expect to play Prologue that much. Still, beat ‘em up fans should be in a tizzy to see a preview of what we’ll see on consoles… someday.

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  1. tomiNo Gravatar Says:

    Yeah, never cared too much about demos myself either: i prefer to play the true deal with full fufilled, long awaited joy.
    TTT HD sounds rather fair deal however, brings back some decent memories.
    Just hoping movie at least is worth-while…

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