Take a Gander at the First Soul Calibur V Customization Item DLC!

Aren’t we cheeky? Well, Ivy is, with this little number.

I just went online tonight and checked out the Asian Playstation Store. Pleasantly enough, there’s now finally Soul Calibur V content on offer. Most of it are downloadable Music Tracks from previous Soul Calibur/Soul Edge games you can play (you DO know that SCV supports custom soundtracks, don’tcha?). Now, I’m really not that into game music, so that went kinda ignored. The real treat for me is the Soul Calibur V Customization Pack 1 (Sing$2.59). The DLC pack contains 3 Additional Female Underwear, 2 Additional Face Paints, 2 Texture Patterns and 2 Costume Items (considered Neck Items) that are worn on the Back. Obviously (or not?) the Undies are for Girls only, but male CAS can use the other stuff.

Is it worth it? Well, if you like your game babes and are underwhelmed by the lingerie so far available by default in the game, then yeah. It’s just spare change- and what else will I use the pre-loaded money in my PS Wallet anyway? I AM irritated that these bits weren’t already in the game to begin with… surely just a ploy to get some extra profit- heck, the darn bikinis are basic stuff. Man, Namco loves to make money. Lucky for them I love spending it. I’m also kinda hoping that if the Customization DLC sales please NB, they’ll force Harada and the Tekken Team to finally give the babes better and sexier stuff in TTT2, instead of just giving all the good stuff to the GUYS. MEH.
Anyway, you can find bigger pics of all the rest of the DLC pack items here.

2 Responses to “Take a Gander at the First Soul Calibur V Customization Item DLC!”

  1. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Hahaha. I loaded about 50 Singapore dollars some time ago just to get Assassin’s Creed Revelations MP DLC, and since then I still have over 30 dollars in my wallet. So no biggie- let the DLC come. I just hope they add more stuff.

    I actually haven’t unlocked everything in-game yet; just at Level 20. I wonder what else there is left for me to unlock..?

  2. RyuhzaNo Gravatar Says:

    Disappointing that it was an unlock, but what are ya gonna do?

    Loaded up $20 into PSN, should cover most of the upcoming CaS DLC

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