Tekken 3D Prime Edition: First Day Impressions

Is that an Iron Fist in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Got my copy of Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the 3DS yesterday. Yeah, I’ve had my gripes with it, but as I’ve said- I have so few games on my N-portable so why the hell not. So, how is this latest beat ‘em up on the Big N’s portable so far?

Looks-wise, gameplay-wise… it’s TEKKEN! Surprise, surprise! As expected this is a pretty good incarnation of Tekken 6 (well, BR to be exact), complete with the 41-strong roster, all of whom are available for use right out of the case. That’s a lot of fighters, at least a bit more than the other 3DS brawlers available. For the most part, the game looks pretty slick- comparable to the PSP version actually, although this game’s visuals really shine when you play it with the 3D turned on.

The 3D effect for the game is actually quite solid- perhaps even better than that in other 3DS fighters. The characters really seem to pop up and ‘be there’ on your screen, and they animate, as advertised’ quite smoothly in a buttery 60FPS.

One wrinkle though has popped up with this- to actually see and appreciate the 3D effect, you have to have the 3DS centered in front of you, angled in a certain way so your eyes register the visuals correctly. UNFORTUNATELY, at least for me, it’s hard to play the game the way I usually do while holding the 3DS in the ‘usual’ way. To put it another way- I can’t properly input the multiple button combinations required for certain moves with just my thumb; I need to use two fingers. In this, it’s hard and kinda iffy to be standing up while playing Tekken 3D- I have to sit down, or have the portable propped up on a table or stable surface. The only other alternative is to just turn the 3D off.
That said, the 3DS controls should be fine for Tekken (there are four face buttons default) but the directional pad and buttons’ relative small size may take some getting used to. Not sure if the stick is usable for Tekken- I haven’t tried.

UPDATE: A really nice thing about the control options is that you CAN map either individual buttons, button combinations (LP, LP + RP, LP+RP+LK+RK, etc) or even specific moves (you choose from the characters’ move lists) to the L, R and Touchscreen buttons (of which there are four). The only limit here is that the touchscreen isn’t multi-touch though. You set these parameters individually for every fighter, which is pretty neat.

Control issues aside, the game plays pretty well. I’ve only tried Quick Battle so far, and I have to say the A.I. is kinda challenging on Hard and higher difficulty levels with later opponents, which is good. Haven’t unlocked anything yet (alternate colors for costumes and the 700 collectible cards are in there somewhere), nor have I tried online play yet.

All said, this seems to be a pretty solid, albeit as expected little-frills fighter. If you’ve only got a 3DS and love fighters, then this may be something to look at. Heck, if you’re a Tekken fan and own a 3DS you probably own this already; can’t hurt to have a portable Tekken to keep your skills sharp on the go. I’ll post a more proper, complete review once I’ve clocked more hours. Stay tuned then!

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  1. dnabledNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for replying and checking out the controls. Nice website, I’ll definitely stop by more often.

  2. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    No, it’s all Tekken 6 moves- this is basically BR (Tekken 6 console version). The only TTT2 bit is that Heihachi is ‘young’ Heihachi. They didn’t even throw in a Jaycee skin…

  3. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    You can set the L, R or the Touchscreen buttons (4) to specific buttons or button combinations or specific moves (you select from the selected character’s move list). Yes, you set these parameters for every single fighter individually. Haven’t tried online yet.

  4. kidkrizNo Gravatar Says:

    owww just wondering, nice mini review btw, ermmm do the characters have the tekken 6 moves with the new tekken tag 2 moves or just the old tekken 6 moves? :D

  5. dnabledNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for the info. I just have 3 questions.
    First can you set the L and R buttons to specific buttons like L=X+Y/R=A+B or do you have to set them to specific moves.

    I also heard on neogaf that you have to set the commands for L/R for every character. Is this true?

    Lastly, if you are playing with friends online is can you change your character or it has to be the one on your profile.

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