More Tekken Costumes in Upcoming SCV DLC?

On to other games in terms of Customization! A recent image surfaced online that was apparently taken from an upcoming batch of DLC for Soul Calibur V. The image included a large amount of items/costume pieces, including armor from Hilde and Astoroth and the Tekken Tag 2 costumes for Asuka and Jun Kazama. Now, it would be freakin’ awesome if the next DLC indeed included the huge amount of stuff in the image, but I’d be satisfied with just the additional Player character and Tekken costumes seen in it. This past DLC pack for SCV was pretty boring as heck (fireman uniform? Really?), but this upcoming bunch looks pretty promising.
Daishi Odashima on Twitter has said that the next update of DLC is coming on May 22. We’ll see then. You can see a nice pic of the SCV items over at Fighter’s Generation.

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