Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prestige Edition is IN the House!

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Asian Prestige Limited Edition Box.

Got my TTT2 Prestige Limited Edition today, and it’s quite a lovely thing. Scratch that- a BIG lovely thing. I was quite surprised when the store attendant brought out this man-sized package. It’s pretty heavy, coming in a pretty sturdy black heavy card box encased in a plastic case (a huge version of the plastic wrap on the metal case version). You know it’s quality stuff simply from the nice shiny metal clip on the front.

The goodies are nicely propped up once you open up the case.

Once opening up the box, you’ll immediately be greeted by your copy of Tekken Tag 2 (in a metal case), the special card signifying the package as a numbered, limited edition specimen, and on the underside of the cover, 3 extra DVDs- the 2 discs are for the TTT2 Soundtrack and Mixes compilation, while the third contains the ‘Tekken Takes Tokyo’ documentary with Harada.
The video spans about 40 or so minutes and stars the mustachioed, shades-wearing Tekken Director as he gives viewers a tour of the Tekken offices and his favorite haunts in Tokyo, including places like the game-themed Capcom Bar and the electronics paradise of Akihabara. The vid also features some pretty funny run-ins by Streetfighter Director Yoshinori Ono. The feature is more travelogue and look into Harada’s digs than anything else, though we get to see some faces behind your favorite Iron Fisted Fighter. I found it entertaining, but was kinda disappointed it didn’t have any previews or teases about Tekken X Streetfighter or any future Tekken.

At the bottom of the package is an artwork/sticker by Harada, and the Artbook.

Once you lift up the upper tray with the game and collector’s card, you’ll find underneath a large sticker/artwork of Lili and Asuka by Harada, and the Art of Tekken hardbound book. The artbook is really nice-looking and laid out nicely, but most of the images inside are stuff any Tekken fan would have seen anywhere online; the ‘info’ on the characters is just the same blurb you find on manuals or such. The best stuff are the artworks by collaborating artists and there’s a section of that per artist- that was slick at least. A nice collector’s item in any case.

The Prestige Edition is a really flashy piece of kit, very slick. It’s not that pricey as well, so if you’re a Tekken fan you may want to get it just because. Hey, what the heck… I won’t be spending again on a Tekken game for another couple of years, so why not splurge. Heheh. Okay, that’s enough… back to playing Tekken Tag 2 then!

4 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prestige Edition is IN the House!”

  1. Taeyun KimNo Gravatar Says:

    Hello? I’ve read your post well.

    I live in Korea. I bought PS3 Tekken Tag 2 asia prestige edition Korean version, too. This

    I have a few questions. The file system of the soundtracks are mp3 or wav files? The DVD is PAL format? And the Art book is printed in Korea?

    If you don’t mind. Plaese asked to answer me by e-mail or reply please.

    Thank you.

  2. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    You know what? I haven’t checked. The first disc OST with the game tracks works fine, and that’s all I care about- I haven’t paid any attention to the mix disc… maybe I should check it later…

  3. grayguwapoNo Gravatar Says:

    bro… question lang… is your disc 2 of the OST working? my first one didn’t work and I had it replaced and again it’s not working… will be heading off to datablitz again to have it replaced… quite frustrating… but I agree, it’s a very very awesome package… thanks!

  4. Seenna_No Gravatar Says:

    Nice. I wish that edition was available here in Australia as well. lol I wish you have some good offline players to play with in the Philippines. I wouldn’t dream of playing online if I was there. I came here 7 years ago.

    Good Gaming !

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