Tekken Tag 2 Updated to 1.02, New Characters, Fixes and Decals Added!

Miharu is now available for babe-loving gamers everywhere.

As tweeted by Katsuhiro Harada for the past couple of weeks, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 got updated today. First off, a Patch 1.02 was made available, which apparently fixes some gameplay issues such as Ancient Ogre’s Infinite Combo and Kunimitsu’s Crouching Hitbox glitches (where she would be able to duck various mids). Also added was access to the Tekken Online World Arena (basically a regional common online lobby).

Also made available today were three new characters- Miharu Hirano, Slim Bob and Sebastian. Miharu is Ling Xiaoyu’s best friend and classmate (originally from Tekken 3) and previous palette swap; she shares most of Ling’s moveset but has her own unique animations and slightly altered moves. Slim Bob is a thin version of Bob Richards, and comes with altered move properties due to his reduced mass and strength. Finally, Sebastian is Lili Rochefort’s faithful butler who apparently fights with Lili’s moveset from earlier games (Lili Classic?). All three are already on-disc, but are only now unlocked for use once you connect to PSN today. Also new in the game are several stages- Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

Finally, Decal Customization has been added, which is similar to the feature in Soul Calibur V. I’ve yet to check this out myself, but I’m quite intrigued.

The 1.02 Patch is small- coming in at about 32 MB. You may find yourself accessing the new characters and stages even without the actual patch (they are apparently separate packages). So far, only the PS3 version has been updated- I assume the Xbox360 version will follow very soon.

This still leaves three more characters to be unlocked at some point, which may or may not come with additional other content and tweaks. For now though, enjoy your now-even-MORE-overstuffed Tekken Tag 2! Man, I can’t wait to get home…

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