Beat ‘Em Up Bits: Another Handheld Tekken?

Harada posts a tease about Tekkens to come…

Ever since the release of Tekken Tag 2, we haven’t heard much from Namco-Bandai’s King of Iron Fist, Katsuhiro Harada, about any sequel in his mega-popular fighting franchise. Well, at least not in the usual sense- of course there’s the upcoming free-to-play mobile game, Tekken Card Tournament but I hardly consider that part of the family. But just today on Twitter, Harada posted this kinda-intriguing tweet:

‘I’m considering about new Tekken for handhelds’ -Harada_Tekken

Not really sure how to feel about this; the last Tekken on a portable, Tekken 3D Prime Edition on the 3DS was an adequate Tekken 6 port but as bare bones and unspectacular as you can get a Tekken title to be. But who knows what else the Tekken Team is considering? Of course I’m hoping they just get into a proper Tekken game instead- Tekken X Streetfighter, which we’ve again sadly haven’t heard much of, or even the next canon Tekken. Anyways, it’s good to see that Harada is tweeting regularly- all we can do is wait and see what he lets out of the bag in the next few weeks and months. More as we get it then!

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