Skyrim Dragonborn: Your Chums in Solstheim

Many a Skyrim player going into the latest DLC, Dragonborn (which coincidentally has just come out for PS3 if I’m not mistaken- congrats, PS3 Dovahkiin! Your wait has been rewarded) are going in quite fresh, like me. I know there are those vets who played Morrowind who will surely find visiting Solstheim a pleasant case of deja vu or maybe even a homecoming. But me- yeah, I played Morrowind a bit back on my original Xbox but I was never able to get into it. So now, as I find myself away from the familiar forests and hamlets of Nord country and in a place with giant mushrooms, alien-looking insects and a freakin’ VOLCANO, one can get a bit of culture shock. So when you find a friendly face in a strange land, it’s always a pleasure. Here are three NPCs whom you’ll probably find yourself dealing with a lot in your journeys on Solstheim.

A Telvanni Wizard who figures in a lot of quests in Solstheim.

A Dunmer (Dark Elf) Enchanter, ol’ Neloth is a Wizard Lord from the powerful House Telvanni. He’s pretty powerful but also quite conceited, arrogant and darn bossy- but he’s also quite hilarious with his very developed personality. Neloth’s first priorities are always his research, so things like an evil Dragonborn trying to take over the whole island are either a nuisance or somethig to be observed. He’ll be instrumental in some quests both in the main storyline and side missions, as well as his own bits which make him a pretty important part of the game. His unique mushroom manor, Tel Mithryn, is quite remarkable for it’s looks and nature, and the simple fact that it has an elevator that has KILLED me twice.

Neloth has several unique facets- his voice, which is quite funny and endearing in its irritating tones, and the fact that he possesses perhaps the only Staff Enchanter in this part of Nirn. The player can benefit a lot from Nel as long as they put up with his quirks and help him in various matters… I wouldn’t venture too much to call this guy a close friend, but I guess he can be trusted to a degree- and man, his house is a pretty cool place to visit.

Master blacksmith Glover here looks kinda familiar…

Another NPC you’ll be interacting a LOT with in Solstheim is Glover Mallory, the blacksmith of the town of Raven Rock. He’s a pretty refreshing sight, for starters simply because he’s a Breton instead of the usual Dunmer populating the town. He shares the same voice actor as many other male NPCs in the game (same as Farkas and Dirge) and seems to be very familiar. Well, those who have gotten into the Thieves’ Guild questline will recognize his name- Glover is the brother of good (or bad) ol’ Delvin Mallory back in Riften’s Ragged Flagon. He’s still a member of the guild, even this far away, and his doorway shows a shadowmark. After a few favors, he’ll give the Dovahkiin rewards that involve the guild, including some unique bits. Oh, and he’s got a pretty cool secret that players will surely want to follow-up when they get back to Skyrim.

The Best Spellsword in Morrowind!

And then there’s Teldryn Sero. You’ll find this somewhat shady-looking fellow in the inn/tavern The Retching Netch in Raven Rock. He styles himself as the best swordsman in Morrowind and will watch your back for a reasonable 500 septims- much like any other mercenary follower in the game. I say he’s well worth it. For starters, I LOVE his voice- it’s a new voice actor with the DLC, although he’s shared with some other characters like the Redoran Guards. Sero’s voice seems a bit aged, sly and pretty interesting overall. He’s also pretty kick-ass and uses both magic and his swordarm to beat down enemies.
Equipping this guy is a bit tricky- he’ll take really good Light Armor, but apparently will not take off his helm (a Chitin Light Helmet) for any reason- what secrets does he hold? Maybe you’ll find out in the course of your travels together. And travel you will, since Teldryn will be able to accompany your Dovah back to Skyrim after all your affairs in Solstheim are done.

I actually almost missed the pleasure of having this guy with me- throughout my entire playthrough of the main quest, I wasn’t able to hire Sero- for some reason, the option never came up. I eventually figured out it was an issue with the mod UFO (Universal Follower Overhaul), so I turned that off, dismissed my previous follower Marcurio (who suddenly appeared even though I left him back in Honeyside) and finally got the baddest Dunmer spellsword on my payroll. Sero has lots of things to say, so it will be cool to hear what his lines will be when we adventure in Nordland.

These three are just a few of the colorful characters you’ll meet in Solstheim. The Dragonborn DLC is already out on Xbox360, PC and PS3. If you ever needed a reason to get back (or get started) on Skyrim, there’s no better time.

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