Skyrim Bug: Eyes Wide Open (UPDATED)

They stare. They STARE.

Sigh. I guess as much fun as I am having PLAYING The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on my new gaming rig, there’s also the requisite heartache from bugs, glitches, crashes and other sadness. I got my game running quite nicely the other day, but now pops up this odd and kinda-creepy issue involving NPC corpses. Let’s not mince words- in Skyrim you kill people a lot. Or you kill a lot of people. Not former people like undead or kinda people like giants… people. NPCs. Most of the time they’re evil bandits who look normal but say bad things like ‘Can’t wait to count out your coin’ or ‘You picked the wrong place to get lost, friend’. But make no mistake- bandits are evil and they can and will try to kill you given the chance.

Well, the thing is with Skyrim is that death is kinda peaceful. When an NPC or human dies, they lie down with their eyes closed. The sleep of death (which you can rouse them from with a nice necromancy spell). That’s the way it’s always been as far as I can remember in all my past playthroughs (across three laptops). So imagine my surprise when I noticed the corpses I’ve been lately producing are turning up with their eyes wide open, even in death. They stare, glare and I can’t help but care.

Yeah, death stares aren’t unknown or uncommon, particularly in gritty movies and dramatic death scenes. But this isn’t a dramatic movie- it’s my fantasy game and I dislike littering the land with wide-awake dead bodies!
The odd thing is that this is apparently some weird glitch that has reversed or messed up the ‘open-close’ order of NPC eyes- when I try reanimating a corpse with a Raise Zombie spell, they’re standing but their eyes are closed. What’s going on here?

I’ve tried finding a solution by turning off various mods that have something to do with character models, but nothing worked. Not even turning off ALL my mods did anything. Still they STARE. Which brought me to the conclusion that perhaps this is a glitch brought about by the latest 1.9 update patch for the game.

I really hope this issue is made known to Bethesda and that they release a patch or fix for it asap. I really don’t like this ‘gritty’ touch to my game. STOP STARING. STOP STARING…

UPDATE: Finally confirmed that this problem wasn’t just for me, but for quite a few others- though some were complaining of seeing NPCs sleeping with open eyes, and other glitches in this vein. The problem has been fixed with the latest Beta patch (1.9.32) for Skyrim, which should be rolled out as a general patch soon. I’ve opted to try the Beta update and it thankfully indeed solves the problem. Corpses in my Skyrim are once again resting in peace. Whew! Thanks for the quick turnaround, Bethesda!

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