Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Character File: Momiji

A (Kinda) New Challenger Appears!

When I do this Character Article sort of thing, it’s usually for Tekken if I recall correctly. But hey, The Iron Fist Crew is on break for now, so let’s concentrate on the fighting game getting ready for a new release (even if it’s still several months away). That game is of course Dead or Alive from Tecmo/KOEI, with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. One new character has already been shown off and has gamers wanting to get their grubby mitts all over her (man, that sounded wrong). She’s the winsome and enchanting Dragon Shrine Maiden, Momiji!

The Dragon Shrine Maiden

Momiji is a kunoichi (female ninja) from Hayabusa Village in Japan, and the last Dragon Shrine Maiden. She is beloved by the village children and acts as a big sister figure to them. Hayabusa began training Momiji in Ninjitsu when she was discovered to have a natural talent for fighting. She will be joining the tournament in order to try out hand-to-hand combat and to put what she’s learned to the test.

Fighting style: Hayabusa-style Aikijutsu
Momiji practices the Hayabusa style of hand-to-hand combat passed down since time untold, to which she has added her own techniques that take advantage of her natural speed, such as her signature double jump.

Momiji first appeared in the DS game Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. She is the sister of Kureha, the late shrine maiden who appeared in Ninja Gaiden. Her fighting style includes Aikijutsu, which some gamers may recognize as the way followed by Aoi Umenokouji in Virtua Fighter- which may or may not mean that Momiji may have a pair of hakama in her wardrobe. How distinct this defensive style will be in the already counter-heavy DOA remains to be seen. Funny though that Momiji has a special talent in the ‘Double Jump’- I never knew defying gravity was a skill you could obtain through practice. Heheh.

Anyways, Momiji certainly has the looks to qualify her for inclusion among the DOA Girls, but I need to see more of her unarmed fighting skills. Perhaps we’ll see more of her abilities in upcoming videos from Team Ninja, unless they decide to move on to introduce or reveal other new additions to the roster. We’ll see. DOA5 Ultimate is due out in the Fall 2013 for PS3 and Xbox360.

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    Enjoyable read.

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    The game will be published by Tecmo Koei Europe this fall as both retail packaged goods and digital download. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE heightens the signature DOA fighting style with the inclusion of all of the new modes from DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS, new stages and new fighters, including the first ever DOA appearance of Momiji and levels from the NINJA GAIDEN series to deliver the best in fighting entertainment.

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