Skyrim: Civil War Overhaul Mod

Good times in Skyrim once again…

Ron Perlman lied. War never changes, he said- well, that’s not the case if you can believe this new Skyrim mod, Civil War Overhaul, from modder Apollodown. Apollodown was also the modder responsible for the pretty cool mod Dragon Combat Overhaul, which made battling the gigantic wyrms in Skyrim quite a lot more interesting. Well, he’s done it again but this time with a huge aspect of the game- that of the Civil War questline. To be perfectly blunt the vanilla Civil War quest is pretty brain dead. You pick a side in the struggle- whether it be the Empire/Imperials or the Stormcloak Rebels. Both sides are flawed and not totally clean; Imperials kowtow with the evil Elven Thalmor, are open to violent repression, summary executions and leather skirts. Meanwhile, the Stormcloaks have racist tendencies and hardly bathe. Once you make your choice, you do a sidequest, capture a fort or two in battles you can’t really lose, and then a Hold is yours. Do that a few times and you’ll eventually be ordered to attack the final enemy stronghold and you’re a hero. Whoopee.

Civil War Overhaul apparently uncovers a ton of stuff that was intended to be in the game by Bethesda but was scrapped at the end for one reason or another- this includes tons of actual recorded dialogue and cutscenes plus a push-and-pull tug of battle between the two sides, where you can lose or win and you really have to fight to capture enemy strongholds and inch your way to taking back the land for your side. THIS is freakin’ awesome, and I really want to play this.

The only thing is that you will need to start an entirely new game for this, which I fully intend to do anyway. Man, this kind of content is what the actual DLC from Bethesda should have been… but well, we get it here for free, thanks to awesome modders and such. If you loved Skyrim and want a reason to go back, this may be one good one. Man, I love Skyrim on PC. Heheh.

UPDATE: Sadly, while this mod looks utterly awesome, I have had to push back trying it. It seems to be glitchy and buggy even at it’s most stable state, and if you want to try this out, it would be best to do it with a playthrough that is dedicated to the Civil War questline. Perhaps someday then, or if it proves to be totally stable. It’s on my tracked-mods list anyway.

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